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Lehigh Valley Report–End of Season Edition

Put another year in the books for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs who finished the year in 3rd place of the Northern Division of the International League at 75-68, 9 games back of division leading Scranton.  The season was a challenging one for Lehigh Valley. From the get go they were faced with a myriad of call ups and injuries that left the team in a state of total flux, literally all year. With the Phillies bullpen decimated by both injury and ineffectiveness, just about every pitcher in the bullpen on the IronPigs opening day  roster received  a shot with the big club. My perspective is that even with a record that stood well below the level of success of the 2011 team, the job done by Manager Ryne Sandberg was far better, getting alot more with less talent.  On paper, this was no more than a .500 team that Sandberg took into the final weekend of the wild card hunt. Continue reading Lehigh Valley Report–End of Season Edition

Box Score Recap 9-2-2012

I’m going to go ahead and start calling Kenny Giles “KG”. Has a nice ring to it, right? KG struck out the side in his 1 IP today. Ethan “EM” Martin with a big game today, 2H/0BB/8K in 7 scoreless. Larry “LG2” Greene Jr. finished with a 14.3% BB rate and a 26.0% K rate. If he’s going to hit a mess of homers, (he only managed 2 this year but 23 doubles), that K rate is totally fine by me, and that BB rate is awesome. Maikel Franco finished with a .775 OPS, .925 after the ASB. You can make up a clever 2 letter nickname for him all on your own.

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