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Carlos Tocci #18 on BA’s SAL Top 20

The SAL this year was loaded with breakout talent and the two names that topped the list in Tyler Glasnow and Eddie Butler are the minors two biggest examples.  Additionally the stacked Hickory team helped infuse the list with high upside talent.

Tocci came in at #17 sanwhiched between Yankees RHP Rafael De Paula and 2011 first round pick Bubba Starling.  The scouting report on Tocci is a lot of what we have heard before, skinny as a rail with a line drive swing that should look much better once he games on strength.  The defense is advanced for his age and he was one of the best CFs in the league.  The disappointing thing is a year after pegging the speed as plus plus scouts think it is more average (certainly has not been a detriment to the defensive profile).

Why Carlos Tocci is Amazing

The Phillies made a very aggressive move when they sent 17 year old Carlos Tocci to full season Lakewood.  There were some that assumed it came with a ticket to Williamsport midseason, but so far the team as shown no indication of moving Tocci back.

To this point Tocci is only hitting .236/.300/.288 with 12 2Bs, 4 SB, 4 CS, 18BB, 33K, but there are many reason to find his year a huge success.

He is incredibly young but has advanced instincts now.  Tocci should be either finishing up his junior or senior year of high school right now.  He has more advanced baseball instincts than any high school player in the 2013 draft.  He may not be as physcially mature as his counterparts, but he is still younger than most draftees, and with a year of full season ball. Continue reading Why Carlos Tocci is Amazing

Baseball Prospectus Phillies Top 10

I have to run to work so I will fill in some details later, but BP released their Phillies Top 10 today, you can read it here,  For now I will leave the names and projection (OFP and what it means) and tools (if there is a * it is a potential not an actualized tool)

1. Jesse Biddle (6, #3 starter, moderate risk)

Tools: 5+ FB, 6* CB, 5+ CH

2. Maikel Franco (6, first division player, high risk)

Tools: 5+* hit, 6 raw power, 6+ arm

3. Adam Morgan (6, #3 starter, moderate risk)

Tools: 5+ FB, 6 SL, 5+* CH, 5* CB

4. Roman Quinn (6, first division player, high risk)

Tools: 8 speed, 5+* hit, 5+ arm

5. Tommy Joseph (hi 5, solid-average regular, moderate risk)

Tools: 6 power, 6+ arm Continue reading Baseball Prospectus Phillies Top 10

Head To Head – Low-Level Outfielders

In the run up to the Reader Top 30 Poll, I’m going to start a couple conversations about similar players who appear in clusters on my personal, (and still not settled) Top 50.  I hope this will help get everyone geared up for voting in the first full week of January.

In the next couple weeks, I’ll take a look at some recent college draftees who’ve stayed as starting pitchers, a couple upper-level outfielders, and lower-level infielders and starting pitchers.  But first up: low-level outfielders.  Carlos Tocci, Larry Greene Jr., and Dylan Cozens. 

Continue reading Head To Head – Low-Level Outfielders

Baseball America Phillies Top 10 Prospects

Today Baseball America released their Top 10 prospects in the Phillies System.  Since the scouting reports are behind the pay wall I will keep the scouting reports to quick paraphrases of Baseball America’s reports.

If you have further questions and are a BA subscriber please go to the chat later today or submit your questions now.

1.  Jesse Biddle – LHP – Age 21 -Biddle has drawn comparisons to Andy Pettitte for his strong left handed frame.  Biddle’s fastball sits 88-93, he follows it up with a curveball which profiles as plus, an average change up, and a added a two-seamer and slider in 2012.    Biddle has a great work ethic and he physically profiles as a workhorse with a clean smooth delivery.  Biddle has a very good chance to be a #3 starter but there is a chance that he could profile better if one of his pitches takes a step forward. Continue reading Baseball America Phillies Top 10 Prospects

What to Expect in 2013: Center Field

Up the middle talent is always at a premium and center field is no exception.  Center field has not been a weakness for the Phillies up until the trade of Shane Victorino in July, this offseason the Phillies traded for a young center fielder in Ben Revere.  In the system there are some interesting toolsy players who have questions ranging from their hitting, to fielding, to their injury history.  Revere should give time for one of these players to unseat him as the center fielder of the future.

Like shortstop, it is not good enough to average defensively in center field and a player must be either plus defensively or plus at the plate.  If a player cannot stick in center field there hope is that they have enough bat that they can stick as a fourth or fifth outfielder that can play occasionally in center.

As always if you have not read gregg’s end of year recaps for would like the refresher here is the upper half and the lower half of all outfielders in the system.

Tyson Gillies (24) – Gillies was acquired in 2009 for Cliff Lee and his career with the Phillies has never really gotten off to a good start, having played only 129 games in those three years.  Gillies before the injuries had easy 80 speed and above average raw power, but his injuries have diminished both of those skills.  Gillies is still a plus defensive center fielder defensively, and he has a good approach at the plate.  Gillies still can drive the ball and has ok power for a center fielder (mostly gap and not home run power).  All of the tools add up to a major league regular but the injury history has hindered him from reaching his ceiling.  Gillies will likely be the CF in Leigh Valley to start 2013. Continue reading What to Expect in 2013: Center Field