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Top 30 Accountability: Reader Top 30 and Community Lists

Of all the pieces in this series this is the least about looking back at the individual players and the most about looking at the community and the discussion generated here.  I think the community’s list is on of the best in recent years and shows the growing knowledge of Philadelphia prospect watchers as a whole.  Here is your 2013 Reader Top 30 prospects.

  1. Biddle
  2. Quinn
  3. Morgan
  4. Joseph
  5. Franco
  6. Ruf
  7. Asche
  8. Pettibone
  9. Martin
  10. Tocci Continue reading Top 30 Accountability: Reader Top 30 and Community Lists

2013 Breakout Prospects

Yesterday was about the prospects off of the radar who may get on to lists and gain attention.  Breakout prospects are players who are going to make a leap in value and projection.  They could be anywhere, if you think Biddle is going to start pitching 93-95 and make his changeup a plus pitch, then he might be a breakout prospect as he jumps in national rankings.

The process is almost as important as the result so please share what kind of adjustment or change is going to make this prospect really make a huge leap this year.

2013 Sleeper Prospects

Everyone has their guy that they think is not getting enough attention and will become a legitimate prospect in the coming year.  This is the chance to put that idea down for all to see.  Just as with the Top 30s we will likely come back to visit this later to see how we did.

For the purpose of this exercise a “sleeper” is a prospect outside of the consensus Top 30 who you think will make a leap onto the list next year or is someone that has a big league future that people are overlooking.  We will do “breakout” players tomorrow.

Reader Submitted Top 30s

Now that we have finished our collective list it is time for everyone to submit their own lists if they want to.  I will post them all up here so that they can be compared against each other.  I will try to remember to bring this post back up mid-season so that we can see how we all are doing even if it will be impossible to judge for another 5-10 years.

Please post your Top 30 along with what ever name you want me to post it up as in its own post rather than reply to a previous one.

Reader Top 30 – Complete List

The Reader Top 30 is finally completed and here is your list:

  1. Biddle
  2. Quinn
  3. Morgan
  4. Joseph
  5. Franco
  6. Ruf
  7. Asche
  8. Pettibone
  9. Martin
  10. Tocci
  11. Aumont
  12. Gillies
  13. Watson
  14. Greene
  15. Valle
  16. De Fratus
  17. Collier
  18. Wright
  19. Cozens
  20. Hernandez
  21. Gueller
  22. Walding
  23. Pullin
  24. Giles
  25. Colvin
  26. Rupp
  27. Dugan
  28. Lino
  29. Green
  30. Brady

What is everyone’s initial reaction? Continue reading Reader Top 30 – Complete List

Reader Top 30 #30 – Kevin Brady

You can keep going to tie-breaker and Zach Green barely takes the #29 spot.  Last and final spot up for grabs here.

Reader Top 30 #29 – Second Attempt – Zach Green

Simon and Green ended in too close a race to call, but I didn’t feel right ending in a strict run-off.  So I have taken the top 5 vote getters and they will be our poll for #29 today and #30 tomorrow.

Reader Top 30 #29

Gabriel Lino takes the #28 spot, two more to go and here is your poll.

Continue reading Reader Top 30 #29

Reader Top 30 #28 – Gabriel Lino

Rupp takes the #26 spot and Dugan #27, after review it appears that BA does not have Jake Diekman as rookie eligible so I have removed from the list.  Only three more spots to go.

Continue reading Reader Top 30 #28 – Gabriel Lino

Reader Top 30 #27 – Kelly Dugan

Cameron Rupp and Kelly Dugan ended in a complete tie so here is your run-off for #26