Reader Top 30 #29

Gabriel Lino takes the #28 spot, two more to go and here is your poll.

List so far:

  1. Biddle
  2. Quinn
  3. Morgan
  4. Joseph
  5. Franco
  6. Ruf
  7. Asche
  8. Pettibone
  9. Martin
  10. Tocci
  11. Aumont
  12. Gillies
  13. Watson
  14. Greene
  15. Valle
  16. De Fratus
  17. Collier
  18. Wright
  19. Cozens
  20. Hernandez
  21. Gueller
  22. Walding
  23. Pullin
  24. Giles
  25. Colvin
  26. Rupp
  27. Dugan
  28. Lino

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33 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #29

  1. I think you guys are sleeping on Simon. I know he only projects as a reliever but he is easily in my opinion a set up guy.

    1. No way. He has a career 6.5 K/9 in the minors. A reliever in AA does not belong on this list unless he has tremendous upside a la Giles.

      1. His K/9 did tick up when he moved into the bullpen, and he got a crazy amount of ground balls. I don’t know that he can be a setup man, but at this point I think it’s a possibility. Still, since I agree with your second sentence I don’t have him in my top 30.

  2. Kevin Brady #29- Injured college pitcher that fell during the draft. Solid pedigree with upside still untapped. Can hit mid 90’s when needed but pitches a couple mph lower. If rotation doesn’t work out, could be fast tracked through the bullpen. Expecting an Adam Morgan/ Austin Wright type jump this year.
    Jose Pujols #30- All solid reports from instructs. Huge power potential, still need to see hitting otherwise. Maybe the next Domingo Santana?

  3. Voted for Vargas here, projectable lefty with a good K rate, and the BB rate got better as the year went on. Him and Mecias will be interesting to watch next year

    1. I might have considered Milner, but the name “Hoby Milner” sounds fictional, so I voted for the the ultra-real Kevin Brady. Seriously, I like the reports on Brady. To me, he’s one of the year’s big potential breakout candidates.

  4. Cloyd! Does anybody remember the season Tyler Cloyd had last year? He continued his 2011 AA success in AAA in 2012, and may continue his AAA 2012 success in MLB in 2013.

    1. If Cloyd does in the show what he did in AAA, our list is going to be rather embarrassing, even if we get him in at 30.

  5. I went with Zach Green here. The splits aren’t pretty, but he did put the ball in play with consistency and showed the pop needed out of a 3B — all without the benefit of instructs. It’ll be interesting to see what the org’s coaches can do with him.

  6. Kevin Brady for #29. He is higher on my personal list. Kevin Brady’s debut was better across the board than both Adam Morgan and Austin Wright’s 2011.

    Ke Brady 2012 NYP : K 11.31%, BB 1.15%, Hr/9 0.23, ERA 1.85, FIP 1.94

    A Morgan 2011 NYP: K 07.21%, BB 2.35%, Hr/9 0.34, ERA 2.01, FIP 2.98
    A Wright 2011 NYP : K 11.42%, BB 3.38%, Hr/9 0.26, ERA 3.38, FIP 2.25

    1. innings pitched = 39. Don’t have a problem with Brady but comparing stats based on 39 innings is meaningless.

      1. Not to jump down your throat, since you are right to be mindful of sample size, but according to this, a pitcher’s K% stabilizes at around 150 batters faced. Kevin Brady faced 166 batters in those 39 innings, striking out 49 (29.5%) of them.

        I think it’s safe to say that he strikes out A- hitters at a very high rate.

        1. Not sure I accept one article from PizzaCutter as gospel. I’ll stick with the larger body of thought regarding sample sizes.

          1. What is the larger body of thought regarding when K-rates become meaningful?

            The data cited seem plausible to me. Strikeouts happen quite often, so you don’t need as many plate appearances to conclude something about a pitcher’s strikeout rate.

            1. Don’t know if there’s a specific number of innings, batters faced, etc. My point is that finding an article that puts the number at 150 for K% doesn’t automatically make that number correct. If you think its a good measure that fine, everyone, including those who get paid to do this stuff, have different evaluation methods.

              For me personally, I don’t think SS stats are of much use period because you have players coming from drastically different situations being thrown together. How a 21-year old college pitcher does against high schoolers tells very little about anyone’s future. Until they start putting up numbers in full season leagues, I tend to go with tools and scouting reports.

              I would also add that the original comparison I responded to included much more than K-rates.

  7. Anyone read anywhere when the minor league guys start their spring training? Anyone see a minor league spring training games schedule yet? I’m assuming its in about 2 weeks but I can’t find anything on it. Thanks

      1. I agree, always fun to review the work groups. If the games start March 12, practice probably starts March 3 or 4.

  8. IronPigs Spring Schedule (Games/Locations/Times subject to change):
    March 12 – Buffalo (Toronto) at the Carpenter Complex, 1 p.m.
    March 13 – at Indianapolis (Pittsburgh) at Bradenton, 1 p.m.
    March 14 – Camp
    March. 15 – at Buffalo (Toronto) at Dunedin, 1 p.m.
    March 16 – Camp
    March 17 – at Buffalo (Toronto) at Dunedin, 1 p.m.
    March 18 – Indianapolis (Pittsburgh) at the Carpenter Complex, 1 p.m.
    March 19 – at Indianapolis (Pittsburgh) at Bradenton, 1 p.m.
    March 20 – Scranton (NY Yankees) at the Carpenter Complex, 1 p.m.
    March 21 – at Scranton (NY Yankees) at Tampa, 1 p.m.
    March 22 – at Buffalo (Toronto) at Dunedin, 1 p.m.
    March 23 – Buffalo (Toronto) at the Carpenter Complex, 11 a.m.
    March 24 – Camp
    March 25 – Scranton (NY Yankees) at the Carpenter Complex, 1 p.m.
    March 26 – at Scranton (NY Yankees) at Tampa, 1 p.m.
    March 27 – Indianapolis (Pittsburgh) at the Carpenter Complex, 1 p.m.
    March 28 – at Indianapolis (Pittsburgh) at Bradenton, 1 p.m.
    March 29 – Buffalo (Toronto) at the Carpenter Complex, 1 p.m.
    March 30 – Break Camp

    1. Thanks. I’ll be there Sat Mar 23 so we’ll see the AAA and AA games. Most of the guys will have been sent down long before that so they’ll be playing there.

  9. I know the sample size for Brady isn’t very much, but 49 Ks and 5 BBs is just impressive. And there are some good scouting reports on him to back it up. He’s a guy who could move fast and has some decent upside, and for that reason he’s my pick here.

  10. Wow. I go and take a break for the offseason, and come back to see people on here continuing to rank relief pitchers high. Gueller at #21? OK.

    Give me Garner here by a nose ahead of Brady.

  11. Altherr. He is fast, athletic, and the Phils rarely miss with this type of player. Sarcasm aside, i actually did vote for Altherr. Just dreamin that the 3b experiment hurt him mentally(just an uneducated guess) and this year he is finally over that and explodes into prospectedness.

  12. Many acceptable choices here.
    Brady is becoming more intriguing to me. Reminds me some of Stutes and Rosenberg, who dominated younger competition in their first year. Brady does have more upside than the normal later round college picks due to his injury history.
    Simon was great when put in relief but the lack of K’s is usually a sign of regression.
    Altherr has possible above average tools, but has yet to display them all.
    Pujols has the great name and big bonus but is very far away. Power potential is also quite risky.
    Green had a good showing, but reports of a long swing are concerning. I like that he still played some SS but very likely he will go to 3B. He was a higher round pick so that speaks to his upside.

    I want Cloyd to make it but my choices are likely between Green and Brady, went with Green

    1. ‘Simon was great when put in relief but the lack of K’s is usually a sign of regression’….he is a ground-ball pitcher, check his stats, with the arsenal that produces those results.

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