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Spring Training: What to watch for?

Let me start off this post by saying that we have a month of spring training left so there is a lot of change to come and all spring training events are small sample size due to the variability of each encounter because the primary objective is to ready oneself for the season.

Spring Training is the time for snap judgments and irrationality, but here are some tips to think about as we go through another month of Spring Training

Context Matters:

Looking at pure stat lines tells you very little.  For example Joseph and Brown hit home runs off a pitcher who has never pitched above hi-A and Asche’s opposite field double should have been caught.  That being said, don’t discount any event, everything is information, the context is an important part of that, don’t leave it out.  To gather the most context, watch/listen to the game (if possible), read play-by-play, read the recaps, and when in doubt just ask, someone probably caught it. Continue reading Spring Training: What to watch for?