Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Back At It

After a bit of a break over the last few months, I feel reinvigorated and hope to be back writing substanitally more as we enter SPring Training. Matt and Brad have done a tremendous job keeping things moving with excellent, insightful pieces since we last spoke. I hope and pray they continue to contribute as the site continues to grow during the upcoming baseball season.

A problem that James ran into periodically when he was running the site was the actions of a few commenters ruining the conversation for the majority. Put simply, abuse will not be tolerated. Those who chose to be disrespectful will be banned from the site. Those who choose to attempt to bring down the site and try to manipulate their IP addresses will be investigated. Put simply, the site should be the forum that Phillies fans go to discuss and debate what is going on in the Phils minor league system. WHen it gets personal, you will be escorted out of the site.

Ok, enough of the lecture. Just re-introducing myself the the group as we soon hit our 10,000,000th page view. Not kidding. 10,000,000. Thank you all for supporting the site and looking forward to a very exciting 2013.