Three Phillies in the FSL Top 20

Yesterday BA put their Top 20 in the Florida State League up, and the Phillies are again well represented. Domonic Brown (3rd), Kyle Drabek (5th) and Freddy Galvis (19th) all made the top 20. In a 12 team league, having 3 guys is pretty solid. Brown was the 2nd outfielder behind Mike Stanton (Marlins), Drabek was the top pitching prospect, and Galvis was one of only 2 shortstops on the list of 20. As I said before, please do not post the full scouting reports.

13 thoughts on “Three Phillies in the FSL Top 20

  1. great to c galvis made it he is so talented so r the other 2 what year do u think brown and drabek wil debut in phillie

  2. Drabek has to be sometime next season. Especially if they take PP’s advice and place him in the BP from the start. Brown still has a year, imo…especially with Taylor and Francisco already ahead of him.

  3. We are doing very well on the top 20 lists this season. I think both Hewitt and Galvis are stretches, but Galvis is the more legit of the two, based on age and excellent D. The most encouraging part of the Galvis report is that he is actually very good at making solid contact with the ball as a hitter and his problem is primarily lack of strength. I think that is more easily fixed or grown out of than poor pitch recognition or less than great eye-hand coordination causing infrequent solid contact or even infrequent content of any sort, as evidenced in Hewitt’s Ks. Galvis should walk more, but he also does not strike out a lot.

  4. I’m excited about Galvis. Seems like he’s working hard to improve his offense, and it appears the Phillies are pushing the right buttons along the development track with him. I do hope the Phils put Drabek in the BP next season. I like PP’s thought process behind this idea, and it will certainly be a need. Brown is a joy to keep track of as he continues to move onward and upward.

  5. Briefly summarizing and properly referencing copyrighted material isn’t illegal or even unethical. I should know, I’m in grad school for literature. I’m basically a professional plagiarist.

  6. when u look up drew naylor’s stats on the phillies minor league page conected to the phillies homepage he is on no roster anymore he is listed as assigned to new team/ level whats that mean

  7. Skunky – you are right about references or brief summaries. The concern is that people will cut and paste significant portions of the reviews into this website which certainly could create copyright legal problems, or at least unwanted legal issues. Although I’m not a copyright or intellectual property attorney, I am an attorney and know that these are sensitive and often complicated legal issues. If it were my website, I’d have the same concerns as our sponsor has and would be saying the same things to discourage people from posting things that should not be on the site.

  8. I certainly didn’t mean that people should copy and paste scouting reports– thats a headache the site doesn’t need and obviously goes to great pains to avoid. But on the other hand, condensing a paragraph-long scouting report into one sentence isn’t going to create legal issues.

  9. It’s probably more of a professional courtesy.

    Anyway, interesting to see Brown ahead of Drabek. Is there any way that BA doesn’t have Brown as the Phil’s top prospect now?

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