Three Phillies in the Eastern League Top 20

A central theme is developing here; top prospect list, three Phillies will be named. This time its the Eastern League, and the Phillies are represented by Kyle Drabek (3rd overall, 2nd pitcher), Domonic Brown (6th, top OF), and Michael Taylor (9th, 2nd highest OF). So, the second best pitching prospect and the top two OF prospects. Not a bad haul. For those of you who ask for snippets from the scouting reports. Drabek = 3 above average pitches, needs to work on command. Brown = great all around profile, only question is eventual power production, and needs to work on route running, his arm is good. Taylor = good all around athlete, might be limited to LF, needs to continue to rake.

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  1. Our luck probably runs out in AAA. I suppose Taylor might make it again, though the only other players that might have made it all got traded to Cleveland. Carrasco and Marson should be possibles on the list, though if I had to guess they would both be towards the back end (15-20) if they made it. Donald’s lost year probably means he would not make it.

  2. This is the most impressive list, thus far. Very close to the majors, 3 guys in the top half of the list, and 3 guys who each promise to be impact players at the major league level. Three guys with the tools, but unlike the prior lists, almost no projection required; the performance is already there.

  3. Definitely not here to throw water on things, but PP’s mentioning of three prosects on the EL list and the FSL list are slightly off. I am still excited but let’s keep in mind that two of these are do-overs. Both Drabek and Brown were listed in the FSL top twenty. So of our total of 6 placements in the FSL and EL there are only four unique. Again – still take the four, but I think someone mentioned that AAA won’t be pretty (I am thinking none?) so at the upper levels, meaning High A and above, we’ve got the 4. And one was Freddy Galvis:-)

    The other thing I find ineteresting is different scouts takes on players. I know somewhere I saw a write-up on Taylor that said “he doesn’t have a right arm, he has a cannon” but in this BA listing says his arm and defense are “average”. It’s interesting as there is a big gap between “cannon” and “average”.

  4. Ok, just reread my post – I am NOT saying PP was “wrong” as technically we did have three prospects on each list, just think it’s important to point out it’s 4 players and not 6.

  5. I’m really excited about these three. Can’t wait for Drabek to get the call. He did throw a lot of innings this year though didn’t he?

    I remember there was a post about all the pitching prospects and the number of innings they should throw this year. How many of them just blew right by it?

  6. I’m thinking Wade Davis will be #1 on the IL list. John Mayberry and Drew Carpenter might have a shot. It’s not a deep league for prospects this year.

  7. Savery might have a shot towards bottom of list. From one of the chat discussions (EL?) I got the impression BA likes him and the IL doesn’t have as many top-notch prospects as EL.

  8. Taylor has a cannon. If his arm is average than I wonder why no teams ran on him AT ALL when he was at Reading.

  9. Be nice to see Savery make it but not too sure. I’m not nearly as good as all the detailed stats as many on this site but he just seems to have a really hard time consistently throwing strikes. That’s scary to me.

    And Viking, re: Taylor’s cannon arm, that’s what I’ve read in a few different places. That’s why it was so odd to read BA call it “average”. Doesn’t seem like one of those “eye of the beholder” kind of traits. Seems like a weak/average arm would be pretty apparent and a “cannon” would be apparent.

  10. . Said Senators manager John Stearns about Michael Taylor’s throwing arm: “He has the best arm I’ve seen since Ellis Valentine.” . . . Marvin Lowrance had three of the Senators’ 10 hits. . . . Reading leads the season series 9-8.

    PLAY OF THE GAME: In the third inning of the second game, the Senators’ Edgardo Baez flied out to right field for the second out. Ian Desmond made the tag at third. Michael Taylor fired a one-hop tracer to the plate, where Kevin Nelson held on after being steamrolled by Desmond. It likely would rank as the Web Gem of the day on a certain sports network.
    John Stearns has been in the game a very long time and his comparison of Taylor and Valentine carries some measured wieght.

  11. I take everything I read from BA with a huge grain of salt.

    I trust the opinions of people on this site more than BA rankings and write-ups.

  12. No Phillies on the IL Top 20. Carlos Carrasco was chosen at #17. They kept a few guys on the list not eligible for a prospect list under normal circumstances, like Matt Wieters and Andrew McCutchen. Lou Marson and Jason Donald did NOT make the cut.

    The Independent League list comes out Friday. Might see a player or two from Camden, Lancaster, etc. pop up.

  13. Being in the game a long time means little to me(ole boy thing)
    Being John Stearns however means a lot.
    Personally I would start with Taylor on the roster to spell Raul
    that would mean two real outfield reserves next year (Dobbs
    out on a money thing).

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