Freddy Galvis to start at 2B on Opening Day

Well, this is some way to start your Monday, eh? The news on Chase Utley isn’t good, and it appears the team is ready to turn to Galvis at 2B, a position he hasn’t played much at all outside of a few spring training appearances. So what should we expect from him? It’s hard to say. As I covered in my Top 30 writeup on Galvis, his 2011 offensive performance essentially came out of nowhere, as he made big gains in all areas. Normally when you see steady growth, you expect bumps along the way, but the grow Galvis experienced in 2011 was sudden. Could he continue to grow rapidly, even at the major league level? It’s possible. There will certainly be a learning curve here, and he’ll go through rough stretches as he adjusts. But we know he’s one of the best defenders in the minor leagues, and his reactions, soft hands, and solid arm should play well at 2B. I think it’s likely that he’s nothing more than a .240-.250 hitter early on, but capable of driving the ball in the gaps and as he adjusts, his numbers should tick up. More importantly, for a team that will need to save runs, his glove could be a difference maker.

For those of you new to the site looking for info on Galvis, you can see his profile page here and also my writeup on him in my Top 30 prospects list.

125 thoughts on “Freddy Galvis to start at 2B on Opening Day

  1. Wow!!! Good luck Freddy. He’ll never be Chase but the glove is special and let’s hope his development as a hitter is still on the up-swing.

      1. And Lee. Maybe Blanton. Possibly Worley. Hey, he’ll be better than Halladay at the dish.

        Really, though, good luck to him. I won’t be expecting much in terms of offense, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised before and stranger things have happened.

      2. Halladay is actually getting pretty good at the plate. He almost hit an opposite field HR a game I went to last summer. It went off the wall for a double instead.

        1. I don’t deny that he is improving, and I am not criticizing him for his hitting (he hadn’t had to hit his entire MLB career until coming to the Phils and he wasn’t exactly a new guy on the scene). But one AB does not mean he is getting pretty good, with all due respect. Improving I’ll give you (his BB% was double what it was the year before, 2.2 to 1.1 respectively, and his K% went down as well, from 44.2% to 38%), but he has a career line of .123/.135/.133. Even by pitcher standards that’s bad, and Galvis should easily surpass that.

          Fortunately, Halladay makes up the difference by making the other team’s hitters look as futile at the plate as he does.

          1. LOL I know all that. I’m just saying Halladay has improved a lot with the bat and is becoming pretty passable. He makes a lot of contact, can drive the ball on occasion and is very good at laying down the sac bunt.

  2. bat 8th, Cooch 7th. Rube may shop for another IF as well for competition for Martinez and a 2B backup. Utley could be out for awhile.

  3. If he bats 8th, that will help his OB% a bit.

    A guy like Mike Aviles, who can play SS, 2B and 3B would be a great addition, especially considering Polanco is as sturdy as a wet paper bag.

      1. That would not even be anywhere near fair value for Brown. Considering the loss of offense this Galvis/Utley swap presents, I think the Phils need Brown in left more than ever.

          1. Guys – it’s John. I doubt he was joking. He really likes Donald more than Brown.

    1. I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find out that gambling going on here!
      What a surprise that a 36-year-old with a history of physically broken down, has physically broken down. That we were relying on Polanco for even 100 games was probably a stretch. Hope Wigginton can step in and provide some production.

      I agree with Boston Phan – I think this scenario really opens up the door for D Brown to step in and provide some offensive help.

      1. Yeah, lets just ask Victorino to cover both center and left fields. Or, we could have Brown learn how to play first base. Of course, he would have to stay healthy. Its a little scary that he gets injured sleeping on the team bus.

  4. Galvis should hit 8th.If Utley and Howard are both going to be out long term we need to replace that offense so Brown should be LFer.


    You might possibly move Ruiz up ahead of Brown or Mayberry because the man has a spectacular OBP.

    1. While this offensive lineup isn’t amazing I think it’s pretty passable especially with the pitching we figure to get. Any more injuries before returns, though, and things start to get dicey

    2. This is the perfect excuse for Cholly to pencil Brown in the #1 hole and move JRoll back in the lineup. I realize that its a pipe dream but….


      1. Why is Polanco not in your lineup at this point. He’s not seriously injured YET. I’ll take Polly over Wiggy and look what Polly has been doing this spring. I get Rollins isn’t the highest OBP guy but the 5th spot seems like a waste of his base-stealing ability. Shane has proven that he isn’t a good enough basestealer to replace that production and Brown while relatively fast doesn’t strike me as much of a base stealer either. Mayberry hitting 4th is too big of a responsibility for him I think. Who knows what we’re going to get from him.

        1. My lineup is based on Polanco being out for injured. Sorry, I thought I was clear about that – my bad.

        2. Base stealing ability isn’t even a consideration for a leadoff hitter. Either you can get on base and run @ an above average clip or you can’t. Being able to steal bases while only getting on base 30% of the time is a useless skill.

      2. I really like Brown in the #1 hole. One skill where he seems to be extremely advanced for any ML-er is OBP and taking pitches, which we will really need now.

        1. Barry Bonds hit leadoff I believe for a number of years early in his career. I think there are some similiarities in approach between the two. Would be nice if going forward there were some more similarities between the two, attitude not being one of them.

          1. Speaking of Bonds – think he’d be willing to make a comeback as a 1st baseman for the Phills? And no, I’m not really suggesting that….

        2. Agreed. He’s got a good OBP and BB%. He has obvious speed which works at the top of the order. His potential power is a plus.

          His defense and trust from his manager are an entirely different story.

  5. ZIPS projects Galvis this season at .261/.299/.359. PECOTA has him at .231/.257/.313. I like Galvis long term, but I think penciling him in at second base is sacrificing too much offense for the sake of defense right now.

    1. I would probably guess something more along the PECOTA line. Last year was a good year for Galvis but it might have been fueled by a higher than normal BABIP (.308 in AA, .350 in AAA). His career BABIP is .281 which is a little low but not out of line for someone who is a light hitter with only average speed.

      I worry that Freddy needs a year and could easily find himself hitting .190 in May. Philly newspapers will not be talking about his UZR and fielding at that point.

      Realistically the team needs to make a medical assessment of what they can get out of Utley this year. If he can’t start they might need to make a move sooner rather than later. Perhaps Blanton could be traded for a fill-in that might be overpriced but might also play a passable 2B or 3B (assuming Polanco could play 2B if necessary).

      1. Tiger’s Brandon Inge’s injury/condition a few years back is similar….he elected surgery and says it takes a year or more.

    2. How did ZIPS projections work out last year? I’d be interested to see what it projected for Mayberry and Worley, considering neither of them had much more experience at the MLB level before last season than Galvis does this year? How well did they do to predict their performances?

      1. Even if those projections were off it doesn’t invalidate the whole system. There are always going to be outliers in any projection system. That being said, I don’t take those that seriously. I use them as a guide to give me an idea and then am not at all surprised if they under/over perform those projections.

        1. Agreed. Generally the projections are good. But they are an average with lots of variance. Looking at Mayberry and Worley is probably an example of extreme upside. I bet that others like M. Martinez disappointed last year. Galvis has a pretty good track record. It is possible that his improvement last year suggests real improvement in his skill set. But there is also the possibility that the years before that are closer to what we would see in the majors. Galvis has usually had a relatively long adjustment period at each level and we do need to remember that the majors is not just a AAAA level advancement.

          So it there is a sense that Utley will be back this year I am fine with Galvis playing for a month or two. But if Utley is gone for the year I think we need to make a move.

    1. He can pull his pants down to his ankles now that he will be going north with the Phillies.

  6. I think its really tough to know what to expect from Galvis offensively. He’s been so young every step along the way and hasn’t hit much. But last year, he made big gains in power and a modest gain in contact rate. If a guy is slowly growing and then plateaus, you have to wonder. But he was the opposite. Very little growth, then a big step forward. Because hes still young, its not unheard of that he could again take a big step forward this year, even if hes facing MLB pitching instead of AA/AAA pitching.

    1. I am impressed with what I have seen from Galvis so far this Spring. He has struck out only 3 times in 39 AB, while walking twice. 4 of his 11 hits have been for extra bases. He leads the team this Spring with 10 RBI. Of course, his production is not going to make us forget Chase Utley, but his hitting appears adequate. He makes contact and his fielding could be an improvement over what Utley was able to do last year at 2B.

      1. SIFPA, nice post about Freddie Galvis and his potential. The Phillies could do much worse than having Galvis at 2B as he seems a better option over Michael Martinez and Pete Orr.

    2. I’m optimistic that over a full season we will see Galvis solidify his gains from last season and incrementally improve upon them. I could see a 280/330/420 AAA season out of him for sure. I am not optimistic about “big step” because the scouting reports have been so skeptical, particularly with regard to his physicality.

      That said, I also think starting Galvis in the bigs has a good chance to end badly. We are seeing his ZIPS and Pecota projections and saying “That wouldn’t be soooo bad”, but they are certainly pretty modest. And what if he starts in a “valley” as opposed to a peak, and is hitting 160/190/190 over his first 50 abs? The pitchforks would be out and it could be a real setback for him. I don’t normally give much heed to the mental side, but I do think the manner of a player’s intro to MLB can be a heightened emotional experience (and would comfortably argue it has affected DBrown in a tangible way).

  7. I have 2 line-ups I’m at least going to try and start the season with. Facing Righties
    Nix 1B


    Yes Brown plays everyday for me unless its a really nasty lefty then I use Wiggy at 1B and play Mayberry in LF. Brown comes out late in games for defensive sub.

    I’m sending MM to AAA and I’m keeping Scotty Pods and this Montanez kid on my bench. Thome is PH and give me Tuffy as the back-up catcher.

    1. No utility infielder? There’s just too many corner outfielders in that scenario. Regardless of how you evaluate Mayberry, Nix, Wigginton, Montanez, Brown, there’s only two lineup spots you can use on LF/DH and only so many RH at bats off the bench.

      1. Alan I didnt go so far as to count how many spots I had left. I’m assuming they take 11 Pitchers north.

        And to Andy Reids a bad coach its just how see the pieces of this mess of a puzzle fitting together. Brown and Pence are the only 2 players in this group that have the OPS to hit 4. And his split against LHP is pretty good.

        I don’t have Polanco batting 4 I have him 3 or 5 depending and when he needs a blow Wiggs would fill the 5 hole. As for Nix at 1B he has a real small sample size there but he could do it.

    2. I’m going to analyze this not based on my opiinions but what I think the Phils’ opinions are.

      For the lineup vs RHP, do you honestly think they Phils are going to go from sending Dom to AAA and trying to take all the pressure off of him, to batting him cleanup? Hardly. Next, Polanco batting 5th? I can’t see that. And does Nix even play 1B?

      For the lineup vs LHP, Polanco cleanup? I also don’t see Brown facing lefties much early on. I think they will groom him for success if he’s on the roster by facing RHP only for a while, and play Wigginton and 1B and Mayberry in LF most games vs LHP.

  8. At this point I dont think Dom Brown has done anything to show he should make this team. I think the 13 position players will be Ruiz, Schneider (or another catcher if we trade for one), Mayberry, Thome, Wigginton, Galvis, Rollins, Polanco, Mini-Mart, Nix, Victorino, Pence, Podsednik…That last outfield spot is still up for grabs but at this point I like scotty pods to win that spot. Unfortunately NIx will probably start the season in left.

    1. I think you’re dead wrong with all do respect. Over 2000 Minor league PA’s he has the following line .294 BA .374 OBP .834 OPS

      What else at age 24 is there for him to do in the minors. Don’t listen to what RAJ says look with your own eyes and make an argument.

      And so far this spring he is .300 .333 and .983 thats not to shabby. If you want to say he is horrible defensively I get it. I replace him late in a game for defense.

      1. The problem is that an error early in the game can hurt you just as much as one late in the game And by the way, just who is this defensive replacement going to be?

        1. If defense keeps Brown out of the lineup, what’s the justification for keeping Wigginton around? He’s worse at third and second than Brown in the outfield. A butcher.

        2. I can’t see Domonic Brown being much worse defensively in left than Burrell/Ibanez and Ryan Howard was at 1st early in his career.

      2. At this point depending on how long Utley is going to be out I say we need some extra offense. So if it means putting up with bad D from Brown then fine. As long as he’s hitting it’ll be ok and the defense should still be good enough overall. The infield D is really the most important thing for the Phillies.

  9. The one thing Freddy needs to do is swing down on the ball a tiny bit. Once those ball lose some of their height ,he is in. How bad is Mitchell in the infield? If only he could play a passable 3rd in
    AAA he would become a valuable sub.

  10. Someone made a point when I was “suggesting” that Nix was less than advertized because he is useless against a left hand pitcher. They said with merit ” teams will save their leftie relievers for Utley and Howard:”
    That no longer applies further weakening the lineup.
    Vet players with hole create holes ,bad pickup.

    1. I’m not sure I understand your logic. Getting a left-handed outfielder with power and good fielding is a bad pickup because teams will use lefty relievers against him? Worst case if that you forced the opposing manager to choose whether you want a righty facing Nix or a lefty facing whatever right-handed batter is on your bench.

      It’s not like Nix was a big money acquisition and he wouldn’t even be starting if the team was healthy. There is a value to having platoon players.

      1. Exactly.

        I would rather my 4th/5th outfielder types to have Heavy Splits where they are good against a righty/lefty and poor against the other than so-so vs both. This way as a manager I have the ability to set good matchups vs the starters instead of just so-so matchups.

        1. Do you call .260 against righties a good split. Only if your benchmark is .173 against lefties.Hopefully the team needed postseason help.In other words a player who will develop through the season not fade like the other bench help that has been here.

          1. I have to agree with Nix let’s not get to excited about his splits they aren’t that good. Last year against RHP he was only .306 OBP and .781 OPS not what you would expect.

            1. Probably why he’s a bench player and not a starter. His numbers from last year are bad because he was overexposed by playing too much. The guy started 79 games for the Nationals.

              Too many people have unrealistic expectations in regards to guys who are paid to come off the bench. There’s a reason they can’t get a starting job and aren’t making starter’s money.

    2. My biggest issue with Nix is the two year contract. Look at what Montanez is showing in Spring Training. There are a dozen guys you can find floating around AAA who can handle being a 4th/platoon outfielder. It was a drastic overpay.

      1. I can’t argue too much about that. The plus that Nix gives you is that he can pinch hit for a righty outfielder and then come in the game and field his position well. It sounds minor, but when you have a pure pinch hitter pinching hitting for a position player, you have to sacrifice two players (the pinch hitter and the outfield replacement). Nix also can start against righties. They overpaid him a little bit, but if he forms an effective platoon with Mayberry and gets his share of pinch hits, all will be forgiven. It’s not that crazy of a move.

      2. Can’t get too excited about a guy hitting off of other minor leaguers in ST.

        Montanez has a career ML OPS of .586 in just over 300 at-bats but people are complaining about Nix and his career .718 number.

  11. I’ve been a Freddy guy for a while and have him higher than most, even going into last season, but I’m about ready to jump off a building.

  12. speaking of infield prospects why is everyone down playing Maikel Franco he seems like a pretty legit prospect to me

    1. I haven’t seen too many down-play Maikel. He’s in the top 10 of this site’s top 30. He was only 18 years old last year and he already had a taste of A ball. But he won’t be playing 3rd base for the Phils for nearly 4 years and that’s if all works out. If we had a 3rd baseman ready to go, it would be easy to move Polanco to 2B and put a prospect at 3rd. Galvis could get his additional year of development. I’ll go on record, and I’ve said this before, I have no problem with Galvis making the trip north as long as he plays every day. If he has a bad week and Charlie sits his butt on the bench, send him down to AAA. The kid has got to play… every day. Same with Brown. If he makes the team out of training camp then make sure he starts against every pitcher except some nasty lefties.

  13. also Tyler Greene does he have some glaring issue that i’m missing because there was so much hype around him when we first drafted him and then it was like no one cared much about him and considered him average.

    1. I can’t say I follow every single baseball draft site, but a number of them had Tyler Green in the top100/150 players heading into the draft. When the Phillies drafted him it as thought he would be a tough sign. He signed somewhat quickly (I think it was like mid-july) and for 375k.

      So basically right now he’s getting the “well, if he wasn’t a high six figure signing bonus he’s probably not as good as someone who did get one.” treatment.

  14. And Carlos Tocci and Herlis Rodriguez what do you guys think they will amount to or develop in to the same can go for Harold Martinez.

  15. I hope you weren’t thinking Harold Martinez was a Latin American signee. Harold was born in Miami 22 years ago and was a 2nd round draft choice from University of Miami. Carlos and Herlis are really young LA guys. Carlos was given a very large bonus for signing with the Phils. He has tools but he’s also so young that the future is clouded by a fog. Get him a year in the GCL and we’ll be able to see if he’s a star. Herlis is more of a question mark. He’s 17 and he played pretty darn well in the VSL. He was unbelievable early in his season and then tailed off a bit but he finished strong. He has the chance to be good but he’s another guy who will need a year in the GCL to decide if he’s a true prospect or a pretender. Also, Herlis will not get the long look that Tocci and Martinez will get. A top LA prospect and a #2 draft choice can fail for a few years like Hewitt has but Herlis won’t be around if he doesn’t produce. Personally, I’d rate Tocci’s chances highest of the three. Martinez is second and Rodriguez would be a distant 3rd. I’m a big fan of Herlis and hope he surprises everyone and even me.

    1. I watched Herlis take BP yesterday. He’s smaller than I expected but line drives come off his bat, he looked good but without any power. Btw, Cesar looked very good in BP, hitting the ball much harder than I remember from last year. Gillies is still rusty but he’s such a great athlete. Eldemire is the guy that I liked he most though. He’s older but he’s going to have a good season in LWood and or CWater. Hudson was sent to play with the younger guys yesterday, that can’t be good for him. Also, Lavin and Rice are very similar players, hitting lefty, and both spray line drives at well. If not for Franco playing at LWood, they would give Walding a look there. CWater infield- Murphy, Alonso, Duran, Asche. LWood- Duffy, Villalobos, Greene, Franco. Malcolm will play 2b somewhere also. Reading- Ruf, Cesar, Hanzawa, Barnes.

      1. I don’t think Asche will double-jump to Clearwater after hitting .192 in Williamsport

        1. I thought it was odd also but he’s a college guy and he’s a full time third baseman now. He’s a pretty good looking hitter despite his struggles last year. Franco will be at LWood obviously, that’s in stone, so I think Asche gets CWater. He has been playing up in st so far.

      2. I shouldn’t even ask but have you seen Hewitt at all? I’d like to know how he’s doing. He was in Wrkgrp #2 but I haven’t heard a peep about him.

        1. Hewitt oddly didn’t play two days in a row. He’s still super strong and hits balls hard in BP but it would be ne heck of a story if he became a prospect again this year. Collier is hitting nicely, it’s a shame he has to sit down for 50 games. Supposedly, Myers has those 50 games to show his worth.

      3. Wait, Herlis is in the US?? Now I don’t feel so bad having him at #25 on my list…

      4. Thanks for this post by the way, Murray.

        A Villalobos/Greene/Maikel infield sets my prospect-loving heart all aflutter.

        1. It will be very interesting to see if they send Walding to LWood before starting him at WPort. The kid looks like he can flat out play. Im guessing they hold Quinn for GCL but maybe not. The best pure swings I saw were Walding, Pointer, Lavin, and Rice. Just real sweet swings.

    2. I know that Harold Martinez was a prospect drafted from Miami i was just wondering what you guys thought they would amount to

  16. Strategically, Ruben should break the bank on signing Jorge Soler and then dangle Dom Brown for immediate help.

    1. Let’s see if I understand the logic here ….

      (1) the phillies former top prospect, not that long ago regarded as a top 5 prospect in all of baseball, comes to spring training & is everything the team ever hoped for as a hitter – arguably the team’s best hitter this spring.
      (2) the team has injury issues at 3 positions, causing huge concerns in terms of team offense.
      (3) the former top prospect can fill one of those holes indirectly, by shifting Mayberry to first.

      And the conclusion is …

      (4) let’s trade the former top prospect for a stop gap infielder!!!

      Sorry, that does not seem to follow.

      The level of irrational hatred for brown simply boggles the mind.

      1. I don’t think anyone has irrational hatred for Brown.

        I think they realize, just as the Phillies front office realizes, that Brown is not ML ready defensively, and is still unproven offensively at the big league level. I think the org’s goal this year was to reduce the burden of expectation from him, allow him to go to AAA and get back in to good habits offensively while also improving his defense, so he the next time he comes up and is counted on, he is ready in all facets of the game.

        You can argue the merits of it as long as you’d like. The front office obviously doesn’t think Brown is ready. Charlie Manuel was his biggest supporter the last few years, and even Charlie has backed off a bit. I’ll defer to the Phillies on Brown’s readiness at this point.

        I don’t think anyone is realistically advocating trading Brown for a backup utility infielder.

        1. PP, serious question, do you read your comments section? Did you read the comment I was responding to? Your response here, and your response above to someone commenting upon a silly trade suggestion by John, suggests the answer is no.

          It may well be that the irrational brown hatred is limited to a few frequent commenters. But there are some as you can see. Maybe you are charitably assuming that people are just kidding; I can assure you that many are not.

          It’s one thing to debate about whether brown should go north with the club; reasonable minds may differ. It’s quite another to suggest that brown should be traded. And it was that silly suggestion that I was responding to. And it wasn’t the first time; there are trade brown comments on here on a daily basis.

      2. Not to mention that the GM and FO constantly try to hammer home the need for the team to get younger – yet we should trade away our best young prospect in order to get [considerably] older, and completely wipe all ML ready (or near ready) prospects from the system and hope this team has it in them for one more run at a title. Got it.

      3. No, no, no, LarryM……in a brief nutshell…trade Dom Brown, not for any’ stop gap infielder’ but for a third basemen, if you want, with a 5/10 yr future… Ranger’s Olt, or a SOx MIdlebrooks or a Tiger Castellanos….players ready to make the jump. No hatred for Domo…..but like I said if Soler is obtainable he will be the future corner OF and Domo becomes expendable. I thought, I really prefaced that in my one-liner above.

        1. I agree, pretty much wholeheartedly, with what Larry is saying. As for replacing Domonic with Soler – this just does not make any sense. Soler is a 19 year old who could be 2-5 years away from the majors, if he even makes it at all. He does not in any way address the needs of a team that requires hitters right now, which is what Dom Brown will provide. I am not saying that signing Soler is a bad idea – I am all for that. But it does not in any way make up for a deficit that would be created if Dom Brown is traded. It’s apples/oranges comparison.

          Why do people not see that the team needs young position players, it needs young position players who can hit and one of the very best hitting young position players in all of baseball is Dom Brown. We have that guy and while, yes, we understand his fielding issues, it is very, very hard to believe that, with just a little bit of time, those issues won’t resolve themselves enough so that he is adequate in the field (not good, adequate) so they can get his bat in the line up. This isn’t rocket science folks.

          1. From all accts…Soler is AAA/AA level talent now. Callis, Goldstein, Badler et al say the same thing about his abilities. It is more like a 3 yr max wait.

            1. Even if you are right (I doubt it – very few 19 year olds are AA ready), go tell Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, and Jimmy Rollins that they will have to wait 3 years for the hitting they need. When Soler arrives, they will be on the way out. Even 3 years is way, way too late. They need hitting this year and next.

            2. I checked the Google and failed to find any accounts from Goldstein, Callis, Badler et al describing Soler as “AAA/AA level talent now.” In fact, all three describe him as a raw but full of potential. Can you point me to a link?

            3. Everything I’ve read is “High A”. I think he’s thinking of Cepeadis(or whatever his name is).

          2. Further, Soler has an above-average glove. Poor Domo has a few liabilities when it comes to the field.

            1. Badler: “Depending on how much bigger he gets, there’s a chance he could end up at first base down the road, but he should be able to handle right field for the near future. Scouts are mixed on his outfield instincts but he does have an above-average arm.” I guess you and Badler talk to different scouts.

            2. More…..
              “Soler is inevitably compared to his countryman Yoenis Cespedes, who signed a four-year, $36-million pact with the A’s earlier this offseason, but there’s one key difference: age. At 26, Cespedes is more major-league ready than the 19-year-old Soler. However, Soler, obviously, will have the opportunity to spend his formative baseball years under the aegis of a major-league organization, and he also boasts the higher ceiling. It’s generally acknowledged that Soler is ready for High-A right now, so it’s conceivable he could reach the highest level for good by late 2013. As for Soler’s baseball skills, Baseball America’s Jim Callis likens him to Royals uber-prospect Bubba Starling and suggests that, had he been eligible, Soler may have gone in the top five of last year’s draft.

              More from Callis: “Six-foot-3 and 205 pounds, Soler has explosive bat speed and power potential. He also has plus speed and arm strength and profiles as a classic right fielder, though he runs well enough to play center. Because of his youth, he’ll need some time to develop, but he should be worth the wait.”

              After signing left-hander Gerardo Concepcion earlier this winter, Theo Epstein and the Cubs are obviously undaunted by the difficulties in vetting and projecting Cuban talent. Indeed, if the Soler rumors come to be realized, then this would amount to Epstein’s boldest move since assuming control of the Cubs’ baseball operations.

            3. You’re contradicting yourself. You said that Soler was ready for AA or AAA, but all of your cited sources say A or A+. Maybe you’re confused by “high A.” That doesn’t mean upper minors. A ball is divided into A-, A, and A+. “High A” is A+. After that comes AA, then AAA.

              I don’t think it’s fair of you to say Phifer needs to do more research.

        2. Gotcha. Still disagree, for a number of reasons (no time to get into them now; see in part catch22 below), but at least we are in the realm of “reasonable minds may differ.”

  17. Philly phil, I think we’re just light on lower prospect news right now. They’re working out and playing in low level simulation games, but there’s not much we can gleam unless someone watches them with a scout’s eye. We’ll get more information on those guys when the season starts.

  18. According to my calculation, Collier should be available to play on or about May 28. Does a 50 game suspension have to be actual games played or is it based on scheduled games. i.e. If there are 7 rainouts, does the suspension delay a week?

    1. Believe the suspension is for 50 played games, not just the first 50 scheduled games.

  19. Saw him as a BlueClaw in FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood NJ, he was an assest to the BlueClaws that season, really hoping that he makes the big league roster and gets to play some games, unfortunately that means a more serious injury for Utley.

  20. also do any of you guys think Sebastian Valle will be able to hit of average in the big leagues

  21. I think he’ll be able to hit for catcher average with above average power and below average OBP. I’ll take it.

    1. Right now, if pressed, I’d have to say he is doubtful to make the majors. However, I’m hoping for him to improve his play this year. Last year he was coming off an injury. Let’s see what happens.

    2. I like Dugan’s bat. A 20 year old posting above average hitting numbers in the NY-Penn League is a legit prospect. (And his BA, OBP and SLG were all above average. The league is a very tough league for hitters.) The problem though is that as soon as he breaks through, he’ll be Rule 5 eligible.

    3. Kelly Dugan’s progression has been steady but positive. If he continues to improve, I think he’s an under the radar player that may have been overly discounted. If he plateaus this year, I think it’s doubtful he’ll become an mlb player. Check back in July and we’ll know more.

  22. galvis spring line 12 for 44 2 doubles 2 triples 1 hr 777 ops
    brown spring line 6 for 20 2 triples 1 hr 983
    i know its a small sample size but for a team with no prospects left, not to shabby

  23. What would a Phillies team look like with ONLY homegrown talent? No trade acquisitions, no free agents, all of our prospects still with the organization. With the goal to win THIS YEAR still.

    C- Carlos Ruiz
    1B- Ryan Howard (Matt Rizzotti injury replacement)
    2B- Chase Utley (Jason Donald injury replacement)
    SS- Jimmy Rollins
    3B- Scott Rolen
    LF- Domonic Brown
    CF- Michael Bourn
    RF- Michael Taylor

    C- Lou Marson
    IF- Nick Punto
    IF- Freddy Galvis
    OF- Jason Michaels
    OF- Marlon Byrd

    SP- Cole Hamels
    SP- Gavin Floyd
    SP- Randy Wolf
    SP- Vance Worley
    SP- Brett Myers

    CL- Ryan Madson
    SU- Antonio Bastardo
    RP- Justin DeFratus
    RP- Michael Stutes
    RP- Taylor Buchholz
    Long Relief- Kyle Kendrick
    LOOGY- Brad Ziegler

    Strong on lefty relievers, utility infielders, 3rd/4th starters. Weak on power. If Rolen were (inevitably) hurt that would be a problem. And corner outfield is weak if Brown couldn’t handle the position. It’s an old team on offense.

    Could this team win a division? World Series?

    1. No. Not only would they not be the world beaters they used to be on offense they wouldn’t have very good pitching either. Now I suppose you could argue they are better suited for what they have going forward because they’d have D’arnaud, Gose, Singleton, plus a number of other serviceable players. Even then I’m not sure a lineup centered around D’arnaud, Gose, Singleton and Brown with weaker pitching is enough to get it done. They’d probably be in contention for a wild card spot.

    2. Rotation is horrible and the offense isn’t better than the one they currently have. Looks like a sub .500 team to me.

    3. It looks an awful lot like a 76-86 (or worse) team to me. It makes you realize just how important free agent signings, trades and other acquisitions are to a team’s success. I imagine that if you ran the same hypothetical for the Rays, Braves, Diamondbacks and Blue Jays you would get some strikingly better results.

  24. Erik Kratz cannot catch a break. All he does is hit, hit, hit and he cannot get to the majors. Is he that bad on defense or calling a game that he could not be the back up catcher for this team?

    1. Unfortunately Eric is not a good defensive catcher or he would have been a MLB backup a long time ago.

  25. The Pirates named Eric Bedard as their opening day starter. Significant in that as a lefty, the Phillies will use the right side of their platoons. So I think the opening day lineup barring trades looks like Halladay, Ruiz, Wigginton, Galvez, Rollins, Polanco, Mayberry, Victorino, Pence.

    1. Galvez=Galvis? Or am I completely lost and overlooking a player who appears to be making the opening day roster? I don’t think that’s the case, but you never know, I guess.

        1. Gal’-viss

          Freddy pronounced his name on the TV star of the game interview after his game-tying home run last week. He pronounced it with the accent on the first syllable, a short i, and and a soft s. Galvis rhymes with “Pal miss”.

  26. Amazing spring transformation.
    FROM Freddy isn’t a prospect and will never make the majors
    TO OMG Freddy is hurt.

    1. Truly is amazing…since 13 months (Feb2011) ago the metric rexperts did not even have Freddy Galvis in the Top 30.

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