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The Phils annouced four additonal roster moves this morning, none especially surprising.  Optioned were RP Michael Schwimer along with RP Phillipe Aumont.  Re-Assigned were pitchers Jeremy Horst and David Purcey.  All should play pivotal roles in Lehigh Valley this year and I would expect major league time this year from at least two of the four above.

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    1. Diekman was equally solid his last outing 3 up 3 down. Gonna be a fun race. Both have a bright future.

  1. At the minor league complex Valle had a great day, a three run homer and a rbi single. Gillies walked and bunted for hit, and stole a base. If you’re interested in seeing video, i’ve posted on you-tube(go to TheGKita for all of them, the ones from this SP are dated or search by player’s name) video of Colvin, JRod, May, Bonilla and a few other pitchers. Also have ABs by Valle(including his HR), Pointer, Quinn, T. Greene, Eldimire, Walding and a few others. For those who were asking about Albert Cartwright, he does exist, played yesterday with the AAA team and singled and it’s on video. I’ll be here thru April so there will be more video during SP and some of the Threshers in April.

    1. Great videos…..thanks for those updates. Julio Rod’s mechs and mannerisms remind me of a young Freddy Garcia.

  2. If you really want an idea of what is going to happen to Phillies’ pitchers, just read what Rich Dubee says because what he says goes. Dubee was hissed off at Willis and within a few days, he was gone (not that he did anything to help his case). Dubee was annoyed by Aumont and, low and behld, Aumont is back in the minors. Dubee does nothing but sing the praises of Diekman (I have never heard him speak so highly of a young pitcher), so expect Diekman to, at the very least, stick until the end of ST and it would not surprise me if he made the team. He also has to like what he sees from Savery.

    As for Aumont, I saw him three times I believe this spring and what Dubee said is absolutely correct. He has a great arm, he has great stuff but he is inconsistent with his approach and mechanics. Aumont could use at least the next three months in the minors to refine his game but when he puts it all together (it may be a few years before he starts to hit his peak), he is going to be nasty with a capital N. For now, however, he needs regular, low stress work.

    As for Herndon and Schwimer and perhaps Savery and DeFratus, they are going to get caught in a game of musical chairs. They could all pitch in the big leagues right now, but there is no room. By the way, I expect that room in the minors or majors will be made in the near future. I expect a pretty big trade for a capable middle infielder – some of the relief pitchers will probably be sacrificed in that trade including, perhaps, Stutes or Bastardo (probably not both) and some of the young guns (probably not Aumont, unless the player has front line ability). Really, in order to realize value on some of these players, one or more of them will almost have to be traded.

    You know, a few things have really gone wrong this ST, but many things have gone quite well. The young guns in the bullpen look like they are ready to go, Vance Worley continues to evolve and look more like a future 2/3 than a 4/5, Freddy Galvis looks like a wonderful little player and Dom Brown, for all his fielding frustrations, looks ready to become an absolute first tier beast at the plate. They are going to need his hitting in a big way and I expect him to find his way back to the big leagues in a hurry. Basically, as soon as his fielding appears to be adequate, he will (or should) be back with the Phillies because, right now, he is looking like a .270/.370/.500 guy – in other words, the type of guy they cannot live without.

    1. I saw Aumont’s outing on the MLB network on the 17th and Dubee was correct. Very little control and command. He can actually get away with lapses in command because of his stuff, but he can’t throw enough strikes now. He also has a very hittable curve when he misses, though that might just be him working on it in spring training. Add to that the fact that he can’t hold runners on and you have a pitcher that needs a few more months of development if not more.

    2. While I don’t doubt that some of our near-ready relief prospects will used as trade bait, the unfortunate reality is the only prospect asset less valuable than a middle relief prospect, is a DH prospect. On the flip side, capable middle infielders are just about the most valued prospect asset. So we don’t match up there.

      At this juncture, our only viable asset valuable enough to pick up a capable middle infielder is DBrown, and trading him now would be selling low (largely due to Rube’s own mouth, in my opinion).

      I look for the phillies to find a stopgap (probably Galvis for a few weeks until we ‘re sick of the .190/.230/.200 batting line, than a veteran FA/waiver pick up) and than come June, see where we’re at with Utley. At that point, our some of our pitching prospects will hopefully have performed at CLW and RDG, and may be enough to land a capable MI if Utley situation doesn’t improve

    1. Yes. An option is a way to send someone down to the minors who is on the 40-man roster. Players generally have 3 years of options though they can be sent down as much as they want within that year. If they have no options left (older minor leaguers) then they must pass through waivers to get sent down.

      Younger minor leaguers (with less than 6 years in the minors) can get sent down to the minors without an option. This is probably the source of the re-assign language in many of the stories. These players do not need to be on the 40-man roster if they have less than 6 years in the system and have made it through the rule 5 draft the previous fall for those with 4 or 5 years in the minors.

  3. I like Schwimer as the 13th man on the pitching staff. He’s a useful player since the Phillies can rotate him up and down as they need. Unlike Qualls and Willis who need or would’ve needed to go through waivers.

  4. I know that we’ve talked before on this site that Madson’s effectiveness against LH’s meant the Phils didn’t need a second lefty. I also know that Diekmann is a specialist LOOGY type reliever. My question is about Savery – is he a guy that can get both LH and RH hitters out or is he more dedicated to being a LOOGY also?

    1. He showed a strong platoon split last year as a reliever but it was too small a sample. Despite the split he still did well against RH (2.12 ERA, 19K 4BB in 17IP).

      I didn’t look up his splits as a starter, but I remember the talk was that he did not have a huge split.

    2. I think Savery has the possibility of being more than a LOOGY but I’m not sure about the splits.

    3. Given that Savery came up largely as a starter, I think he can be effective against hitters from both sides of the plate. I’ve seen nothing of him that would indicate otherwise.

  5. MM breaks his foot. I would be afraid to blog but I am not an infielder.
    I fear another trash truck delivery.
    Is there any chance of Mitchell back to the infield???

  6. Tuesday in the Lakewood game Austin Wright gave up 5 runs and 5 hits in the 2 innings I saw. He left game with runners on 2nd and 3rd for Kenny Giles who gave up a SF and got a GO to end inning. His next inning he had 1 baserunner and 2 Ks. Then his 3rd inning went GO,W,K,W,W,W, GO. Appeared to be throwing pretty hard and was getting a lot of swing and misses even with his breaking ball. By having him go 2 2/3 inn. I guess he’s being looked at as starter, for some reason I expected him to be a reliever. Regardless I was impressed. Offensively for Lakewood: Quinn GO,FO; Walding K, E6; L. Greene FO, GO (both on 1st pitches). In the Clearwater game Blanton pitched so nothing to report there but offensively: Pointer K, rbi Triple(seen him a few times looks promising) Altherr single, W; Eldimire K, FO; T. Greene K GO(may be over his head playing with this group) Dugan singled. If interested I posted Video of Wright and Giles at you-tube(TheGKita) as well as L. Greene and K. Dugan.

    1. Thanks gkit, this is awesome. Too bad about my main man Wright. Giles should definitely be given a chance as a starter, but I think most people assume he ends up in the BP.

  7. Also posted this under the Week of March 19 ST review: (from Blueclaws Blog)
    Here are the minor league spring training game results from Tuesday afternoon

    (All games vs Tigers affiliates)

    Lehigh Valley (won 5-1)

    David Bush threw four shutout innings before giving way to Mike Cisco (two innings, one run) and Garett Claypool (two shutout). Hector Neris, who, like Claypool, was a 2011 BlueClaw, threw a 1-2-3 ninth inning.
    Mike Spidale, Matt Rizzotti, Derrick Mitchell, and Albert Cartwright all had two hits for the IronPigs while Cartwright added two RBIs.

    Reading (lost 4-2)

    2010 BlueClaw Jonathan Pettibone got the start and allowed four runs on five hits over four innings of work, two in the third and two more in the fourth.
    Tyler Knigge followed and gave up just one hit over two shutout innings.
    Offensively, the R-Phils had just five hits, one of which was a home run by Leandro Castro.
    Edgar Duran and Jeff Lanning each had doubles.

    Clearwater (lost 4-3)

    Joe Blanton (that Joe Blanton) made a start here today and allowed three runs, only one earned, on five hits across six innings.
    Phillippe Aumont and Michael Schwimer, both of whom had been in big league camp, got some work here, throwing an inning of relief each (Aumont allowed one run).
    Trey Ford led the offense, going 3-3 with a double. Brian Pointer had a triple, RBI, and a walk.
    Positionally: Kelly Dugan played first (for I believe the first time this spring), Stephen Malcolm second, Tyler Greene short, Trey Ford third. The outfield (left to right): Aaron Altherr, Diego Gonzalez, and Brian Pointer.

    Lakewood (lost 8-5)

    Tough outing for Austin Wright, who gave up six runs in 2.2 innings. He gave up 10 runs in 33.2 innings with Lakewood last year.
    Kenneth Giles (2.2 innings, one run) and Austin Brough (two shutout) were the next two pitchers.
    On offense, Luis Amaro and Nolan Clark each had doubles while Roman Quinn, Peter Lavin, Larry Greene, and Chris Duffy added hits.
    Positionally: Chris Duffy played first, Jairo Cardozo second, Roman Quinn short, Mitchell Walding short, Peter Lavin left, Jaindido Tromp center, and Luis Amaro right.

    1. Thanks BillB. It’s interesting that Pointer is playing with the A+ guys and Kyrell is playing with the A- guys. Perhaps the CF logjam (Gillies, James, potentially Altherr) is impacting Hudson?

      1. I still view about 2/3rds of the A+ guys as most likely headed to Lakewood. I think the Lakewood Outfield is likely Hudson, Altherr and Pointer with Dugan at 1B. I think the infield is Asche at 3B (Harold Martinez is presumably dinged because I haven’t seen him in any writeup). Tyler Greene is your starting SS, Trey Ford probably starting at 2B with Steve Malcom as a utility guy spelling both Greene and Ford.

          1. Agreed on Eldemire in Lakewood in a 3OF+DH rotation. In my scenario, I had Franco at Clearwater.

            1. IMO, age has more of a determination in that decison…Ache is two years older and they probably want to see what he can do in handling the higher competition.

  8. Harold Martinez has a wrist injury…I saw him in spring training the first week of march and he didnt have a timetable yet on when he would return, but thought it could be a few weeks at least.

  9. On Wednesday in the AA game Tyler Cloyd went 3 innings and gave up just 1 run and Colby Shreve followed with 2 shutout innings (4 GO, 1W and 1 single). In the AAA game Austin Hyatt went 4 innings giving up 1 run on a HR.

  10. Below, the recap of the minor league games from Wednesday in Clearwater and Tampa.

    (All games against Yankees affiliates)

    Lehigh Valley (tied 5-5)

    Austin Hyatt gave up a run in four innings and Tyson Brummett a run in two innings.
    2011 BlueClaw Jay Johnson allowed one run in his only inning and JC Ramirez gave up two in two.
    John Suomi led the offense going 3-3 with a home run.
    Rich Thompson, Tim Kennelly, Brandon Tripp and Miguel Abreu all had doubles with Abreu and Kennelly driving in two runs each.

    Reading (won 2-1)

    Tyler Cloyd started and gave up a run over four innings.
    The bullpen combined for five shutout innings: Colby Shreve (two), Gabriel Arias (two) and Jordan Whatcott (one)
    Anthony Hewitt went 1-2 with a triple and a run while Carlos Perdomo doubled in his lone at bat and scored the other R-Phils run.

    Clearwater (lost 12-4)

    Clearwater and Lakewood each had tough days on adjacent fields in Tampa behind Raymond James Stadium (where the NFL’s Bucs play).
    Jesse Biddle gave up six runs, including a grand slam (per Tony Graham of the Asbury Park Press who was down there – more from Tony later). He ended up throwing 3.1 innings and giving up eight runs on eight hits.
    Eric Pettis gave up two runs in 1.2 innings behidn Biddle. Bryan Morgado gave up two hits and no runs getting five outs.
    Offensively, Maikel Franco played third base, where he figures to play this year with Lakewood, and hit two home runs, driving in three runs.
    Cameron Rupp got a half-day off, DHing instead of catching, and he went 2-3. Brian Pointer had the only other hit.
    Positionally: Kelly Dugan played first base, Alejandro Villalobos second, Gustavo Gonzalez short, Franco played third.

    Lakewood (lost 12-0)

    A day to forget and move past for the Lakewood club. Ethan Stewart gave up seven runs, five earned, in three innings and Joshua Warner allowed five runs in three innings behind him.
    Offensively, Roman Quinn went 2-4 with a double.
    Jairo Cardozo, Mitchell Walding, Tyler Greene, and Jiandido Tromp had the other hits.
    Positionally: Chris Duffy played first, Cardozo second, Quinn short (Green DH), and Walding played third.
    Geancarlo Mendez played left, Tromp center, and Luis Amaro right.

    1. Ahh, a Hewitt sighting. Anyone know about this Tromp guy? I saw he was invited to instructionals. Is he another LA signee? Or Japanese or what? When I Googled him, I found references to Aruba and the Indians. Don’t know what to make of those things.

      1. I googled him too and came up with a Jiandido Tromp who played for an Aruban team in Little League Baseball’s Senior League Baseball World Series in August 2010. It says the league is for 14- to 16-year-olds. So assuming he was 16 in August 2010, he will probably be 18 for most of 2012. An 18-year-old from overseas playing here in the states is usually someone with upside. He’s my new sleeper!

      2. I googled him and found a Jiandido Tromp playing for an Aruban team in Little League Baseball’s Senior League Baseball World Series from 2010. It is for 14- to 16-year-olds. So if he was 16 in August 2010, he’s probably 18 this year. An 18-year-old from overseas who is playing here in the US is usually a player with upside. He’s my new sleeper!

        1. I saw this and found a boxscore where he went 3-4 with 2 RBIs against a US Little League team. I don’t remember seeing a signing, and the fact that he was listed in the fall instructionals, had me thinking this was a guy with upside. He played 2B in LL and he’s listed as an OF’er now.

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