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Andrew Susac #13 on Keith Law’s Cape Cod Top 30

2009 draftee Andrew Susac makes the list. You can see the whole list here.

13. Andrew Susac, C, Oregon State/Falmouth. Susac is age-eligible as a sophomore in 2011 and seems to be the consensus pick among scouts as the Cape’s best catcher. He has arm strength behind the plate and raw power at the dish, but he needs to demonstrate he can handle better quality stuff — which he’ll see often in the Pac-10 next year.

Draft Report Card notes from BA

The full draft report card is subscriber only info, which you can see here if you’re a subscriber. Some of the highlights;

* Hyatt’s slider is excellent and he’ll be on the fast track if he’s kept in the bullpen
* Singleton has great all around offensive profile, Phillies liked him back in 2008 and have followed him for a while
* Altherr has big upside but is really raw and has very little baseball experience
* Dugan has average to plus power from both sides of the plate

There ya go.

2009 Draft Recap

I think at this writing its safe to assume there are no more announcements coming. The Phillies big move of the day was, as previously discussed, signing RHP Brody Colvin, the team’s 7th round pick, and this turned out to be the only move of the day. The Phillies ended up signing 34 of their 49 picks, and based on the calculations I discussed earlier, they spent about $2.745M on their reported bonuses. Colvin’s bonus, $900K, was the largest bonus the team gave out, and was one of the more sizable bonuses given by any team after the 5th round. Check below for more…

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Phillies sign 7th round pick Brody Colvin

The Phillies agreed to terms with 7th rounder Brody Colvin, a RHP from St Thomas More HS in Louisiana. As I wrote up during my draft review, Colvin was like a first round pick, and signing him was going to be vital to the overall success of this draft. Well, kudos to the Phillies for getting it done, despite things not looking promising over the last few days. His $900K bonus is the slot recommendation for the 35th overall pick. He’s got a very projectable pitcher’s frame, he already sits in the low 90’s, and he possesses a hammer curveball and an idea of what he’s doing on the mound. The Phillies will no doubt want to clean up his mechanics (as they worked on with Jason Knapp), but there’s nothing in there that really makes you worry, so you are refining an already solid delivery. BA had Colvin ranked #3 in a banner Louisiana draft crop, and #43 in the entire country. #41 (and #2 in LA) ranked Zach Van Rosenberg received a $1.2M bonus from Pittsburgh, so you have to say the Phillies got a minor bargain here. Welcome aboard Brody.

Update –> Apparently its not done yet. But I’m still confident.

Its signing deadline day

For me, Draft Day is the most exciting day of the season with regard to the minors aspect of the Phillies organization, and a close second is deadline day. Teams have until 11:59 tonight to finish signing their draft picks. College seniors with no remaining eligibility do not apply, they have until 1 week prior to the 2010 draft to sign. But the Phillies don’t have anything to worry about on that front. Its going to be a crazy day with all of the signings, especially the high profile Scott Boras clients, but the Phillies have some decisions to make as well. Check below for more..

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Colvin to attend Phillies workout

Scroll to the bottom of Andy Martino’s latest offering for this nugget

The Phillies will hold a workout at Citizens Bank Park this morning for seven unsigned draft picks, including Brody Colvin, a highly regarded righthanded pitcher. Colvin was selected in the seventh round and has a commitment to play for Louisiana State.

Outfielder Wander Nunez, the team’s 48th-round pick, who played high school baseball at Frankford last season, also will be there. The deadline to sign draft picks is 11:59 p.m. Monday.

Maybe someone should try and find out who the other guys attending will be. But obviously Colvin is the big time name here. Keep your fingers crossed.

Update –> Scroll down to the comment left by “Ketch”….then rejoice.

Pirates sign Colton Cain; Colvin implications

As reported by Baseball America today, the Pirates signed 8th rounder Colton Cain for $1.13M. Cain was ranked the 14th best prospect in Texas, #109 in the entire country. By comparison, Brody Colvin was ranked #3 in Louisiana, and #43 in the entire country. Cain’s bonus could provide the Colvin camp with some extra leverage, and this could basically confirm my suspicion that it was going take seven figures to keep Colvin away from LSU. I’d say now that we’re looking at $1.2M at least to get a deal done. The signing deadline is 9 days away, so there’s still time, and deals should start trickling in this coming week.

Day 3/Final draft thoughts

Its time to put a bow on the 2009 Draft. As is the case with every draft, you won’t know how good the draft was until the smoke clears at the deadline and you see who was signed and who went to school. The Phillies, as was pretty predictable, took a lot of college seniors today and also a bunch of high school kids. The college guys are picked to make up the numbers, if any of them get a cup of coffee in the bigs in the future, then that was a success. If the Phillies sign 1 of the high school kids, its a big bonus. So lets have a look at who was taken today and then wrap up all of the selections with a game plan for getting these guys signed.

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