Phillies sign 7th round pick Brody Colvin

The Phillies agreed to terms with 7th rounder Brody Colvin, a RHP from St Thomas More HS in Louisiana. As I wrote up during my draft review, Colvin was like a first round pick, and signing him was going to be vital to the overall success of this draft. Well, kudos to the Phillies for getting it done, despite things not looking promising over the last few days. His $900K bonus is the slot recommendation for the 35th overall pick. He’s got a very projectable pitcher’s frame, he already sits in the low 90’s, and he possesses a hammer curveball and an idea of what he’s doing on the mound. The Phillies will no doubt want to clean up his mechanics (as they worked on with Jason Knapp), but there’s nothing in there that really makes you worry, so you are refining an already solid delivery. BA had Colvin ranked #3 in a banner Louisiana draft crop, and #43 in the entire country. #41 (and #2 in LA) ranked Zach Van Rosenberg received a $1.2M bonus from Pittsburgh, so you have to say the Phillies got a minor bargain here. Welcome aboard Brody.

Update –> Apparently its not done yet. But I’m still confident.

54 thoughts on “Phillies sign 7th round pick Brody Colvin

  1. If this is indeed true, it’s a great sign. You can never have too many good arms and this young man seems to have a great one. In his write-up, he reminds me of the way Kyle Drabek was described.

    This signing helps to make the 2009 draft a pretty good one. I’ll be looking forward to watching these kids work their way through the minor leagues and hopefully catch them in a few games.

    Best of luck to Brody and all the other signees.

  2. From ESPN Insider regarding a question from Chroms57 in regard to confirming the signing … I don’t think we are home yet!

    K_Law (8/17/2009 at 4:52 PM) Sounds like the Colvin article jumped the gun – making some confirmation calls and I was told it’s “not done.”

  3. John Manuel says BA is confident in their information.
    This would really suck if it turns out he doesn’t sign.

  4. Come on, 15 minutes and no “Keith Law hates the Phillies” comments? What has happened to the board? TIC

  5. @ bob,

    Haha, I was just going to say that it’s always something with Law! Great, news, hopefully! Come on Stewart!

  6. it sucks because i actually like Klaw and his chats and his blogs….the guy knows his stuff, but he clearly hates the phils for some reason its absurd.

    he used to work for JP Riccardi, and it wouldnt surprise me at all if he was still contacting JP about the Halladay deal. Law stated in his chats that in his opinion, Brown, Taylor Happ and Drabek shouldnt even be enough for a guy like Halladay. I bet he had some input for his former employer.

    that being said, that coulda been the best thing Law ever did for the Phils! Just a theory I have, but I do enjoy his intelligence on most things baseball related, just don’t get the Philly hating

  7. dantheman – Law and Riccardi did not part ways amicably and he’s been pretty anti-JP so I doubt that.

  8. Keith Law does not hate the Phillies you weirdos! hahaha. It’s just a running joke.

    In any case I just want to say thank you so much for this blog. This would be another boring Thursday b/w series spent reading about Myers’s eye if I never stumbled on this place.

    Three years ago I didn’t even pay attention to the draft and now I’m so fired upf or this Colvin signing.

    Hope the kid has great success

  9. This is big for the Phillies. Its great to have depth in teh farm, which this draft – I believe – helped reestablish. But its really great when you bring in guys with great upside and you have a depth of those types of guys.

  10. Keith Law’s update at 6.30:

    “Not done. I don’t know who BA talked to but my source was clear. At this moment it is not done.”

  11. From the previous post:

    A Train Says:
    August 17, 2009 at 4:35 PM


    Great work with the link. Thanks for posting it. It’s a good signing IMO. I’ll feel better, though when I see it on the Phillies website as a press release.
    This still stands…

  12. Too much buzz around this to not get done…I hope. Sure makes the Lee deal look that much better when you can sub Colvin et al in for the lost talent! Proud to be a Phillies fan!

  13. After it’s a done deal (assuming it is) how long will it take for the Phillies to answer the phone and admit it?

  14. My source says Colvin is the last one. I’m not as certain on this, as I think that Wolever might be playing word games (did they sign Stewart earlier and keep it quiet?).

    But I wouldn’t bet on anyone else.

  15. Phinnally confirmed

    From Keith Law (9:29 p.m. ET): Brody Colvin to the Phillies for $900,000 is now confirmed.

  16. Ignore that last one…hit the wrong button…

    So, what’s the better bargain?

    1 year of Bruntlett at $800K or 6 years control of Colvin at $900K?

  17. And Zolecki just stated Colvin signed on Twitter. So there is the official Phillies source.

  18. Profile on Brody Colvin from MLB Draft Tracker

    Summary: Colvin is a loose-armed, right-handed pitcher. He has a great frame at 6-foot-4 and just under 200 pounds, and pitches primarily with an 89-93 mph fastball with very good life up in the zone, enough life that he has a little trouble commanding it. His curveball is an upper-70s slurve that’s very inconsistent and breaks early out of his hand, making it easier for a good hitter to track. He’s got a slight hook in the back of his delivery and drifts off the mound rather than striding hard toward the plate. His arm’s path is long, although getting him to separate his hands higher would help. Good projection makes him a top 100 prospect, but the lack of a good second pitch keeps him out of the class of first-round prep arms this year. He’s committed to LSU.

  19. So the top picks from this draft are:
    1. Colvin
    2. Singleton
    3. Dugan
    4. Hudson
    5. Inch
    6. Way
    7. Hyatt
    8. Altherr
    9. Buschini
    10. Barnes/ Zeid?

    What do you guys think? Slightly above average draft, coulda been better but we 2 high ceiling arms, a potential stud 1B, the lotto ticket OF’s, and the potential relievers make it a decent haul.

  20. Heard Colvin got done at last minute…smart move for Phils…he wouldn’t make or break LSU’s club, but I think he will be great for PHILS!

  21. Dugan is gonna be a bust like Hewitt, but I like the other picks, Colvin was a great signing…

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