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Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

With the season reaching its final three weeks, Lehigh Valley went through another mediocre week going 3-4, and have watched their chances for a playoff berth continue to dwindle with their 57-61 record.  They are 9.5 games behind dvision leading Scranton, and are 8.5 games out of a wild card spot.  Taking this weeks look at ‘Pigs among league leaders, Andy Tracy is 4th in homers (19), 3rd in RBI’s (72), and 2nd in walks (54), Mike Cervenak is 9th in RBI’s (59), Rich Thompson is 9th in stolen bases (20).  On the mound, Drew Carpenter is 4th in wins (9), 5th in ERA (2.86), 7th in IP(126) and 6th in homers allowed (14).

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Fixing the MLB Draft

As I alluded to in a previous post, I have some pretty big ideas for fixing the Major League Baseball draft. Before I get into the details (of which there will be plenty), just a few disclosures. I’ve never worked inside baseball, I have very few contacts inside the game, my college degree isn’t in Economics (its Political Science), and I’ve never played pro baseball. These ideas are largely mine, with some influence from other articles I’ve read about the shortcomings of the draft. I’m in no position to change things, but as you regular readers know, the draft is one of my favorite aspects of baseball, and I’m a bit of a baseball nut (obviously), so I figured it wouldn’t hurt for me to lay out my ideas for fixing something that I have a great deal of interest in. Of course, if you don’t think the draft needs fixing, then you can probably just skip this piece. If not, enter below the fold…

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Box Score Roundup; 8/13

Before we dig into tonight’s games, just a quick note. The signing deadline is Monday night at 11:59 PM. I normally take the weekend off from adding new content, but if any news develops on signings, I’ll get to a computer and write it up. The farm lost a lot of depth in the Lee trade (which still looks absolutely fantastic, btw) and we know that the Phillies have a chance to instantly re-stock with three elite prospects still there for the signing. Susac looks unlikely, but never say never, at least until Tuesday. Anyway, upward and onward…

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