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September Call Ups

With September 1 quickly approaching, decision time comes once again for the Phillies, this time to decide who from the minor league system warrants a September recall.  As we know, there are a number of factors in addition to minor league performance that are considered in the decision making process.  The current 40 man roster, along with the cost of $67,000 per player in salary are probably the considerations on the forefront of managements mind.  In order to recall someone who is not on the 40 man, space must be cleared, by removing a player, subjecting them to waivers.  The other alternative is moving someone from the 15 day to the 60 day disabled list (i.e. Bastardo), which means that even though they are on the 40 man, their spot doesnt’t count against the 40 man. 

Looking at the 40 man roster, I would anticipate a first move of moving Bastardo from the 15 day DL to the 60 day DL, effectively creating one spot.  The 40 man roster spots of Joe Bisenius, Brad Harmon, Joel Naughton, and maybe even Drew Naylor appear to be in some jeopardy depending upon how much help the Phils decide they need.  All four have been disappointing, Bisenius and Harmon certainly much more so than Naughton and Naylor. Continue reading September Call Ups

Box Score Roundup; August 17th

Oh, so there were minor league games played, even on deadline day, I guess we should talk about those as well. Invariably the question of where Colvin goes and when will come up. I wouldn’t expect to see him in the box scores the rest of this week, and maybe not next week either. He’ll surely report to the GCL squad sometime next week, and the Phillies could give him an inning or two before the season ends, so the GCL box scores are the ones to watch. My guess is that he’ll start in Lakewood next year, which is where he belongs. Now, onto the games…

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2009 Draft Recap

I think at this writing its safe to assume there are no more announcements coming. The Phillies big move of the day was, as previously discussed, signing RHP Brody Colvin, the team’s 7th round pick, and this turned out to be the only move of the day. The Phillies ended up signing 34 of their 49 picks, and based on the calculations I discussed earlier, they spent about $2.745M on their reported bonuses. Colvin’s bonus, $900K, was the largest bonus the team gave out, and was one of the more sizable bonuses given by any team after the 5th round. Check below for more…

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