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Mental and Physical Thoughts Going into Spring Training

I have been asked by several family members, friends, and fans how I feel about being invited to Major League spring training and what my expectations and goals are regarding big league camp.  When the Baseball Ladies asked me via twitter (side note: my twitter handle is mschwimer, for those of you who are interested in following me) to write about these same topics I was excited to share my thoughts, and be able to reference this entry when people ask me these questions in the future.

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Evaluating Early Season Performance

First let me thank you for your patience.  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an article.  I have received many encouraging emails to share my insights pertaining to my performance this year.  As I write this entry, It is now Saturday May 22nd, and we are currently 40 games into the season.  Before the season started I made a promise to myself that I would not look at my cumulative stats until this point.  As you know, I believe in a relevant sample size and for me that is completion of at least 30% of my season workload.  I also evaluate my own performance differently than most other people.

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Catching Up… Part 2 (November 22nd- January 26th)

It turns out my 2 part column is turning into a trilogy…

November 22nd marked the start of my off season.  During the off season I like to set short term goals for myself because that is the most effective way for me to obtain long term results.  I broke down the off season into 4 sections, and had goals to achieve for each section.

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Why We Play the Game

If you have been a consistent reader of this blog you will recall my first entry in which I described the struggles and the grind that is minor league baseball.  Unless you have gone through it, you really can’t understand how grueling a 140 game season is on both your body and mind.  The best part about the journey is seeing your hard work pay off and on September 6th it did for me, when we beat the Connecticut Defenders to clinch a spot in the AA Eastern League playoffs. Continue reading Why We Play the Game

Between the Ears: The Mental Side of Pitching

Many of you have asked about pitch calling and the mental approach to the game. I have also been asked to put some film up on the site, so you can see what I am trying to describe. This article kills 2 birds with one stone. At the bottom of this paragraph you will find 2 links. The first is the 8th inning and the second is the 9th inning of my most recent outing, August 20, 2009, a 2 inning save vs Dunedin Blue Jays. I will explain to you what my thought process was behind each pitch I threw. My advice is to click on the video and go pitch by pitch with me. As in read my commentary on the pitch, watch the pitch, press pause, and then go to the next one. Obviously you can do whatever you want, but I think this would make the most sense.

8th inning:

9th inning:

THE SITUATION: I have just been called in to relieve Julian Sampson in the 8th inning. We are winning 1-0 and there are runners on first and second with no outs. At bat for the Jays is Manny Rodriguez, their left handed cleanup hitter. Keep in mind, I have pitched against the Blue Jays multiple times this season, so I know their hitters tendencies pretty well, and they know how I pitch.

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Jason Knapp Answers

As promised, this entry will respond to your questions about Jason Knapp.  However, before I get started, I would like to explain our relationship.  I met Jason during Instructional League last year.  Jason lives in New Jersey, and many of my relatives are from New York so we had an immediate connection. Ironically, when Jason was 17 he was looking into colleges and his dad called my dad to discuss the pros and cons of the University of Virginia.  Ultimately, Jason signed with the University of North Carolina before accepting the Phillies offer to be their 2nd round selection. Continue reading Jason Knapp Answers

Questions for Knapp

I was originally going to do a mailbag column today, but with the huge trade I thought it would be more appropriate to do a conversation/interview piece with arguably the most integral part in that trade.  Jason Knapp is a good friend of mine and he has agreed to answer any of my questions for this site.  That being said, I am interested in any input you have.  If you email me your questions for Jason, I could get a good sense of what I should put in the column.  This column will be ready a week from today.  My email is x

Also today, August 3, is one of my favorite days of the year.  It is the birthday of the most loving, attentive, and generous person I know.  All my friends call her “Cindy the Saint” for having to put up with me and my dad.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!