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I was originally going to do a mailbag column today, but with the huge trade I thought it would be more appropriate to do a conversation/interview piece with arguably the most integral part in that trade.  Jason Knapp is a good friend of mine and he has agreed to answer any of my questions for this site.  That being said, I am interested in any input you have.  If you email me your questions for Jason, I could get a good sense of what I should put in the column.  This column will be ready a week from today.  My email is x

Also today, August 3, is one of my favorite days of the year.  It is the birthday of the most loving, attentive, and generous person I know.  All my friends call her “Cindy the Saint” for having to put up with me and my dad.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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  1. schwim,

    Wow that’s great. I’ve seen Jason several times at Lakewood and have always been impressed with his stuff. I would’ve rather given up Drabek but understand why the big club did what they did.

    If you could ask him what his initial reaction was to being traded and how much discussion he’s had to this point with the Cleveland organization.

    Also let him know that many of us will still be following him and hope he gets to the big leagues.

    oh and happy birthday to mom!!

  2. I’m gonna miss Jason…he was one of my “Must check out the boxscore” guys on my morning routine.

    I wish him the best of luck in Cleveland and I hope he pans out. Considering how critical some were of the pick at the time, he really proved people wrong so far…I hope that trend continues…and I’m happy he didn’t go to a team I hate.

  3. Here is my question….rate the level of Low A groupies. Are the groupies Low A level too?

  4. Knapp huh…I still have more questions for Schwimer though.

    Have you been able to harness your obvious mental/intellectual powers (demonstrated by Schwimlocity) into telekinetic abilities on the mound, a la the 1981 movie Scanners? If not, how soon can we expect that?

  5. @ That dude,he said send q’s to his email,and he already answered that question a couple weeks ago
    ps happy b-day Cindy the saint!!

  6. Ah geez Michael – you are the BEST son a mother could have! Thanks for all of your well wishes!! 🙂

  7. This site has become a fascinating read lately. I don’t have a question for Knapp but I do wonder how long a new organization lets you “do your thing” before the new pitching coaches try to adjust your mechanics, change your routines, inforce new pitchining philosophies, etc… I guess that is a question for later.

  8. I emailed a couple of questions…I hope one of them gets asked as I thought they were at least decent.

    Basically, one of them was a variation of LV Matt’s question above.

    Welcome to Schwim’s Mom.

  9. Question for Jason Knapp:

    What was your positive takeaway from the Phils organization? What did you learn?

  10. Good luck Jason, sorry to see you go, from the guys in West Virginia who told you, you had pitched a bad game when you were eating at Quaker Steak and Lube.

  11. I would like to know in general how much you guys know about other organizations.
    Do you hear rumors like, “Oh, you don’t want to get traded to that team because their minor league development or minor league facilities are crap”? Likewise, are there any organizations that you only hear positive things about?
    Also, how does he feel about being the centerpiece of a trade for a Cy Young winner?

  12. Question: I have a friend who’s an Indians fan. He’s fairly suicidal right now. I’ve been trying to make him feel better, telling him, “Jason Knapp is going to make you forget all about Cliff Lee someday.” Knowing that there are probably lots of Indians fans out there hoping the same thing, do you feel a little nervous?

  13. Cleveland, if they get the realized potential of Jason Knapp and Nick Hagadone to start a rotation, they’ll be in good shape.

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