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Jason Knapp Answers

As promised, this entry will respond to your questions about Jason Knapp.  However, before I get started, I would like to explain our relationship.  I met Jason during Instructional League last year.  Jason lives in New Jersey, and many of my relatives are from New York so we had an immediate connection. Ironically, when Jason was 17 he was looking into colleges and his dad called my dad to discuss the pros and cons of the University of Virginia.  Ultimately, Jason signed with the University of North Carolina before accepting the Phillies offer to be their 2nd round selection. Continue reading Jason Knapp Answers

‘Pigs Weekend Update

8/07/09–Terry Tiffee had a huge night going 4-4 with a double in the ‘Pigs 4-0 win over Scranton.  Gustavo Chacin (7-3) continued pitching well in his quest for a major league rotation spot next year, going six shutout innings, giving up just 5 hits.  He walked 3 and struck out 5.  A Paul Hoover RBI double got Lehigh Valley on the board in the 4th and a sacrifice fly by Hoover tacked on another run for the ‘Pigs in the 6th.  A two run 7th featuring RBI singles by Tiffee and John Mayberry put the game away for Lehigh Valley.  Both Mike Cervenak and Rich Thompson added two hits apiece. Continue reading ‘Pigs Weekend Update

Box Score Roundup, 8/9

This is something I wanted to start doing at the beginning of the season, but one thing led to another, and its now August and the season is almost over. gregg has been kind enough to try and start discussion threads, but as I mentioned in my site note, even those threads are out of control. So to help focus the discussion, I figured that I’d put a post up every night when all of the games have concluded with links to the box scores and then notes from each game. That will give everyone some talking points to focus on, and hopefully we can remove some of the noise from the site. So check below for our first installment

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A quick site note

A number of people have mentioned it in other posts and in emails to me, so I guess it needs to be formally addressed. I’ve stated before in the site guidelines and in numerous posts, that I’d like to try and limit the discussion of the big league club here on this site. I know everyone wants to talk about Jamie Moyer, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard and everyone else, but that’s not why this site was created. It was understandable that people were speculating on Roy Halladay, everyone in the country was, but that time has passed. There are only a few weeks left in the minor league seasons, so I’d like to focus on that. I created a message board for the purpose of giving people a place to discuss Phillies prospects every day, but it seems that it was forgotten this winter. I’d urge those of you who like to post quite frequently in the comments to discuss actively there. The people who contribute and write content for this site spend a lot of their time doing so, they’re owed respect, and that means not derailing their posts with whatever random thought pops into your head. Thanks.