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First off, thank you for stopping in. If this is your first visit, please read the following info then take a look around the site. My hope is that you’ll keep coming back and tell others who you think might be interested about the site.

About Me

My name is James, I’m an avid Phillies fan now living in Boston. I started this site in late December 2006 on a whim, and the site has grown slowly and steadily over the last 2 years. I’m not a scout, I don’t work for the Phillies, and I am in no way affiliated with the organization. What you’ll find on this site is simply an aggregation of information on the Phillies minor league system from top to bottom with my opinions and takes added in along the way. If you have any questions about the site, send me an email.

About the Site

This site is run through I’ve made the decision to keep the site ad-free, I receive no revenue from running this site, and all expenses (domain registration, media storage) are paid for by me and me only. The site features writings by me, as well as various contributors and authors. All work done here is done on a volunteer basis.

I’ve also added a free message board, which you can find here.


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Rules for Discussion

I’m not big on coming up with complex sets of rules, but I do have a few, and I’d ask that you please follow them.

1. No foul language. This one is self-explanatory. If you can’t say it on cable tv during the day, don’t type it here.
2. No spamming. If you have a web site that you think my readers would enjoy, please email me and we’ll talk about a link exchange. Posting your blog/site on my site over and over again won’t get you added.
3. Please be considerate of others. This one is really simple. Just treat others here as you’d like to be treated.
4. Please try to limit the discussion of the big league club. This has been discussed before, but the goal of this site is really to focus on the minor league aspect of the organization. If you’re looking for an outlet to discuss the big league club, I highly recommend The Good Phight and Beerleaguer.
5. You can’t edit your comments, so please take a moment to review what you’ve typed before you hit submit.
6. If you want to directly respond to something that someone typed, you can use this format in your comment;

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Replace the ( ) with a carrot bracket like this < on one side and the other carrot bracket to close it. I can’t type it out or it will be invisible on this page.

And the text will show up as quoted.

7. Do not post full articles from other sites here. I do not want to get in trouble for posting full copyrighted articles. If you find an article that you think is interesting, post a brief blurb and then give the link so others can check it out.
8. If you make a comment and it doesn’t show up, its probably because the post has been caught in the SPAM filter. WordPress has an automatic SPAM catcher, but it sometimes catches legit posts for no explainable reason. If you made a comment and it didn’t show up, send me an email and explain what you posted and then I’ll look for your comment in the queue.
9. Try your best to use a reasonable amount of punctuation and sentence structure. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a good point go overlooked because the message was unreadable. Just take a few extra seconds and make sure your message will be clear and easy to understand.
10. Do not compare current prospects to Hall of Famers.

That’s really it. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop me an email.