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Guide to following the Phillies minor leagues

Consider this your one stop guide to getting all of the information you need to keep up to date on the Phillies minor league system.

1. RSS news

What is RSS? For those who aren’t familiar with this not new, but very helpful tool, check out this guide on RSS readers, which details what they are and why they are important. My recommendation is

Google Reader

But there are tons of readers out there, you can find the one that suits you best.

For those of you with an iPhone, if you choose to go with Google Reader I highly recommend the “Feeds” iPhone app, which allows you to access your Reader account on your phone. The layout is very clean and easy to figure out.

Once you have a Reader, you need to subscribe to feeds. Here is my list of recommended feeds geared toward the minor leagues

Phuture Phillies feed (duh!)

Lakewood BlueClaws news
Clearwater Threshers news
Reading Phillies news
Lehigh Valley IronPigs news

minorleaguesplits Phillies daily recap

Scouting the Sally (covers SAL league prospects)

2. Daily Scoreboards

South Atlantic League Daily Scoreboard
Florida State League Daily Scoreboard
Eastern League Daily Scoreboard
International League Daily Scoreboard

3. Listening to minor league games

You can find links to the radio affiliates here

Lakewood – Shoresportsnetwork.com
Clearwater – Does not have a dedicated station. You can sometimes find audio from the Threshers’ opponents, so a quick google search would possibly yield results there.
Reading – ESPN 1240
Lehigh Valley – Official Website plus ESPN 1320

Another incredibly useful application if you have an iPhone is Wunder Radio. At $6.99 its a tad pricey, but its well worth it. You can stream thousands of radio stations from across the world, and it now has a feature to play in the background so you can browse the web in Safari while listening.

In the Search box, type in “WOBM 1160” for the Lakewood feed. If you type in “WNPV 1440” you should get the IronPigs feed. I’m still working on finding a working stream for Reading.

4. Other resources

Firstinning.com has a feature called the player tracker, which allows you to bookmark players and view their stats up a daily basis. Sign up for a free account, log in, and then search for a player’s name. When you get to that player’s page, click the link at the top that says “Add player X to your player tracker now”. This feature allows you to add a collection of players you want to follow without having to browse through the stats of guys you’re not interested in. First inning also offers a daily report of Phillies prospects which you can see here.

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