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As promised, this entry will respond to your questions about Jason Knapp.  However, before I get started, I would like to explain our relationship.  I met Jason during Instructional League last year.  Jason lives in New Jersey, and many of my relatives are from New York so we had an immediate connection. Ironically, when Jason was 17 he was looking into colleges and his dad called my dad to discuss the pros and cons of the University of Virginia.  Ultimately, Jason signed with the University of North Carolina before accepting the Phillies offer to be their 2nd round selection. It was also nice to talk to someone from my region of the country, as most of the minor leagues are from the South or Southern America.  Jason and I are very strong willed and opinionated people.  We would often get into intense discussions about life and baseball.  (Note: Southerners would call it arguments, but we were never mad, it is just the culture that we grew up in)  Jason and I ended up becoming good friends and business partners.  At the end of spring training we set up a joint account on Scottrade, and we are currently looking to co own a house in the Clearwater area for investment purposes.  (Note: Since we set up the Scottrade account we are up 35%. Who said baseball players couldn’t successfully manage money?)

With that said, here are some of the questions that I received via email.

Some players want to be traded because they feel like that increases their value to whatever club they get traded to.  Did u want to be traded?

It does not matter to me what uniform it is.  I am just going to continue to improve and learn to dominate hitters at every level.

That being said, what changes were made to your delivery since you were drafted by the Phillies? In the past week with the Cleveland organization have they altered anything mechanical?

Except for consistency of repeating my delivery, there is nothing to change. The Phillies knew that and so far, I think the Indians do too. From what I have seen so far, the pitching instructors with Cleveland are very knowledgeable and have produced some great pitchers.  I am just looking forward to retaining as much knowledge as possible and applying it to game situations.

If there is one knock on your brief career right now it is your consistency.  Do you agree and if yes, what do you believe is the cause?

They’re games when I am dominant and games when I disappoint myself with my performance. There is no excuse for those games and I plan on being able to prevent those outings by next year for sure.

What steps are u going to take to “prevent those outings?”

Well I will use this year of experience facing full season hitters and work in the offseason to make my delivery second nature. There is no issue with my stuff or mechanics in general. It is just a matter of consistently repeating them.

Did u feel at all insulted when all the “experts” said this trade was a steal for the Phillies?

No, not at all. I am not proven yet at any high level, and of course Cliff Lee is. Within a few years, all of those opinions will be changed.

There has been a debate, on this site especially, but it ranges through all of baseball, do u think it is important for young prospects to be on a innings or pitch limit, or do u think they should pitch every 5th day to gain experience?

I always want to stay in the game and I do get upset when I am pitching well and have to be taken out due to pitch count or inning count. Front offices know what they are doing though, and they are just trying to prevent injury so I will not argue with their decisions because it is based on lots of experience.

They’re 2 main philosophies on moving prospects through organizations. Theory 1 is to let the top prospects spend a year at each level, get innings under their belt, and make sure they dominate at each level. Theory 2 is to move top prospects quickly through the system to see if they are really ready or not? What do u prefer and y?

Obviously, as a player, I would not choose to stay back levels. My goal is to make it to the big leagues as fast as possible because I know that I can pitch at that level and succeed. I think there is no harm in moving players through the system quickly because if they fail and it domes (?) them up, (gets in their heads) they don’t have the mental makeup for the big leagues anyway.

With the move to the Indians, did you receive a bump in pay?

No bump, the pay is the same no matter how you get into another organization at this level.

I know I have talked about this with you briefly at Instructs, but one of the PP readers asked, what do you think about “Schwimlocity?”

I think it is a very good concept, but not an original one.  Everyone knows it is better to hide the ball and to release it close to the plate.  The fact that you have put it into a formula to calculate it is nice, but I do not think it is revolutionary or anything like that.

Finally, how does it feel being the centerpiece in a trade for a Cy Young winner?

I guess if I am going to get traded, I would hope it is for someone of that caliber.  I am excited to help out Cleveland for many years to come.

Next week I will post a mailbag, and I anticipate it to be very long as I have received over 100 questions via email.  But if you have any other questions please feel free to email me at x

17 thoughts on “Jason Knapp Answers

  1. great job as always schwim!

    I’ve said before that i think in the long run Knapp will be better than Drabek and I still hold to that. I know you have to give up value to get value but when we see Jason in the majors dominating in 3 years we had better have another WS win to remind us of what we gave up!

  2. i have said many times on this blog that i think that jason knapp is special. a very rare prospect and i agree with his assessment. i know that he will dominate in the majors and be one of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball in 2 years. that being said, it was a trade we had to do. a win-win for both sides.

    best of luck Jason! i am still rooting for you.

  3. I kind of wish we had that mailbag session while Knapp was still in our pharm– then it would be an exciting glimpse into one of our prospects rather than an exercize in closure.

    Either way, I’m glad to hear that the trade hasn’t impacted him in any way but changing the color of his hat. I wish you the best of luck, Jason, but keep refining those secondary pitches and you won’t need it.

  4. skunky: before the season ends i will do a mailbag for a top prospect that is currently in our organization

  5. Schwim: I’m happy for your success so far in the stock market as well as on the mound for Clearwater. As a former stockbroker, though, I can tell you that some of the worst managers of money were doctors. Baseball players have the luxury of time to research and think about investment options when their jobs require peak focus for less than 3 hours a day.

  6. Thanks Schwim, sounds like you guys are doing a little better than Dykstra. Good luck and thanks for all the info.

  7. What’s up Schwimer, Pat O from high school here. Didn’t realize you got sent to CLE in the Lee trade. As a die hard Tribe fan I’ve got to tell you you are going to one of the best organizations in sports as far as developing their talent and getting them to the top fo their game. You’ll love this organization top to bottom. Stay in touch man! Best of luck.

  8. He doesn’t lack for confidence, that’s for sure. 🙂

    I’ll be following his career with interest, and rooting for him (as long as he stays out of the NL East).

  9. Pat O- Schwimer didn’t get sent o cleveland, Jason Knapp did. Schwim and Knapp were just cool enough to collaborate and give us a Q&A.

  10. Gotcha. I was under the impression Schwimer came over as well from the context. I was thrilled with the trade personally bcause Knapp has unlimited potential and we were not signing Lee after next season. Look Forward to seeing Jason in the rotation in a couple years, maybe we can pry Schwimer away too at some point.

  11. I have to agree to with PP Fan. When I can I find myself looking through Cleveland and Oakland minor league box scores. I still root for all of those guys 100%. As long as the trade seeemed fair at the time, and the Lee trade definitely was, I don’t see there being anything wrong with continuing to root for guys that have moved on to new organizatons. I think Jason has a good view of the whole process as well.

    Hey Schwim – way to leave us wanting more with that comment. You really know how to build the antcipation!

  12. I’m looking forward to seeing Knapp hopefully as he progresses. The Eastern and International leagues play games locally yet.

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