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Down in Lakewood, the Phils 5th round draft pick, Matthew Way , will be called up to start Tuesday nights game.  Way has been fairly dominant for Williamsport with a 1.67 ERA and 43 strikeouts in 37.2 innings pitched.

Zach Collier hit his first professional homerun in the WIlliamsport win on Sunday evening.  Collier was 3-4 with 4 runs scored and the homer.  Sebastian Valle also had 4 RBI’s in the Crosscutter win.

Dominic Brown was 2-7 in his first couple of games for Reading while Mike Cisco gave up 3 ER over 6 innings in his first AA start. 

Quintin Berry continues doing all that is asked of him in Reading with his .279 average, 39 stolen bases and 69 runs scored.  Berry, 24, was the Phils 5th round draft choice in the 2006 draft.

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  1. This system really does have alot of depth and guys with high upside. Not only that, they have a number of useful one and two tool players like Berry with speed to burn. There is only one glaring need: INFIELDERS. I’m not sure how much potential Galvis and Mattair have.

  2. Btw, I’d like to see another top 30 update, especially after the trade deadline is now over. Great job with the site!

  3. I suspect PP’s “Re-racking the Top 15” post is all you’ll get until after the season ends. Not to say posters can’t provide their own. I imagine it would be more valuable to wait and see what the final draft signees are.

  4. Berry needs one more push to get the top steps. A few more hits and walks would help.

  5. Thanks for the post, gregg. Congrats to Matt Way! I’m assuming that for W’port Pettibone will step back into the rotation so it will be Pettibone/Zeid/Lebron/Noles/Hernandez. Anyone out there know better?

    Just thought I’d add that DeFratus seems to have straightened himself out over his last three starts: ERA of 2.08, WHIP of 0.88, BB/9 of 2.1, K/9 of 6.6. Let’s hope he keeps it going and the strikeout rate trends up.

  6. I’m glad to see Way get promoted – hopefully he can have similar results to Stutes, Worley and Cisco from last year.

    I’m with Garett – this system needs more middle infielders. Galvis seems fine, but I doubt that Mattair will make my offseason top 30. Considering how much of a Mattair booster I’ve been, he’s been a big disappointment to me this year

    Other than Galvis, do we have any “legit” 2b/ss/3b prospects? Overbeck hasn’t really hit much at Clearwater, I still think Hewitt will be an OF, it’s too early too tell with guys like Porter and Barnes. Is there anyone else in the system that I am missing?

    – Jeff

  7. Ok, here’s a question for everyone. Do you use up a 40-man roster spot on Berry this offseason? He’ll need to be added in order to be protected from the Rule 5 draft. There are currently six outfielders on the 40-man (Ibanez, Vic, Werth, Francisco, Mayberry, and Stairs) and five of them will be around next year. With Taylor and Brown waiting in the wings I don’t see how the Phils can use a roster spot on him. Wonder if a big league team would consider taking him in the draft as a 5th outfielder?

  8. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Berry is left unprotected. I think if the Phils thought highly of him, he would have been moved along quicker. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let Mayberry go as well – I think he’s pretty much a finished product at this point, and we’ve got a good idea what he brings to the table. I also think that Taylor will likely be added to the 40 man and be a September callup

    I still find it odd that Berry won the Paul Owens award a couple years ago. Which leads me to this question – Who wins this year? I think it’s pretty much a no-brainer – Taylor and Drabek, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the team threw Savery a bone and gave it to him.

    – Jeff

  9. Philly Jamaal – I was thinking the same thing about Q. He may have proved himself to be competent as a 5th OF this year but Mr. Francisco was just obtained and is a better player then Q projects to be, so what to do with him? I think you protect him if you can, but don’t worry about it if you can’t. He has the speed tool, fielding tool and his hitting tool is shown as comptent this year but from what I’ve read his arm isn’t strong enough to profile him truly as that 5th OF/pinch runner/OF defensive replacement.

  10. There seems to be about 10 openings on the 40 after the season. Who needs to be protected? Will Berry fit?

  11. It’s said Pedro is having trouble from the stretch. Is that just dandy and handy(no relief ???)

  12. Anyone think Berry could be a Roberson-type in the pros? Maybe slightly better (couldn’t be much worse though) but it’s always great having speed off the bench.

  13. Jeff, I don’t see any senario where the Phils would just drop Mayberry from the 40 man roster. He still has option years left and if they removed him from the 40-man he would be snatched up on waivers.

  14. Beyond Berry, I don’t think there are any other draftees who warrant consideration for being protected. I’m not sure about which international players will need to be protected (maybe Galvis, Edgar Garcia, Flande….)

  15. There is value to carrying a 5th OF who can inject speed late in the game….Bourn brought a lot to the table fulfilling that role in 2007.

    I don’t see Charlie carrying a guy like that on the 25 man roster moving forward, our OF depth chart for next year looks to be Ibanez, Victorino, Werth, Francisco, Taylor, Mayberry/Berry.

    Taylor won’t open the year as the 5th OF, he’d go to AAA for ABs. IMO, Berry would have to beat out Mayberry for a roster spot

  16. Tonights start is very important for the future of Joe Savery. If he gets hit hard at AAA how much longer can they stay with him as a pitcher? Or will they move him to first base in the Fall instructional league if he is ineffective as a pitcher at AAA?

  17. I guess we probably won’t see Happ and Knapp together but we still have May (Trevor) and Way (Matt) and now they will both be at Lakewood.

    Another interesting name is Singleton. I thought that he was supposed to be a power hitter (Ryan Howard comparisons of course a little unfair) but he is living up to his name: He has 12 hits in 23 ABs (.522 BA) and all but one are singles. He also has 5 walks for a ridiculous onbase percentage of .607. He hasn’t turned 18 yet either!

  18. @ Rickey Branch:

    I’d been wondering if Savery’s promotion to Triple-A was a “sink-or-swim” move to see if he has the stuff to make it as a pitcher. It seems like a bit of a rushed promotion — he wasn’t exactly dominating Double-A, and his previous few starts had been a something of a struggle. On one hand, the scouting reports on Joe’s stuff have been improved this year; on the other hand, his peripherals have lagged behind.

    I’m not sure if the organization would pull the plug on him as a pitcher after only 2 full seasons, but it’s certainly food for thought.

  19. Just back from a weeks vacation at the Jersey Shore, Liked the move to get Lee and keep Drabek. Wish we could have held onto to Knapp as power RH arms are at a premium for our Pharm however you had to give to get I guess.

    Excited about the D Brown Promotion I will now get to see him in Trenton in a week. If I really get lucky I’ll catch a Drabek start to.

  20. On Savery, there’s no way this is his last year as a pitcher. They wouldn’t promote him to AAA, watch him get hit around and then decide they’d been making the wrong decisions about his future all along. He’ll get more chances to show he can make it. If you doubt someone’s ability to make it, you don’t promote them. Say your company hired someone from an Ivy League school and then that person turned out to be not as good as you thought he was going to be. Would you promote him to see if he suddenly got better? I wouldn’t.

    Ryan Sasaki is pitching for the 7th time as a pro today, and four of those appearances have been against the GCL Yankees. He’s doing pretty well so far.

  21. “Tonights start is very important for the future of Joe Savery. If he gets hit hard at AAA how much longer can they stay with him as a pitcher? Or will they move him to first base in the Fall instructional league if he is ineffective as a pitcher at AAA?”

    So if he gets hit hard in hist first 3A start we give up on him? That seems a bit shortsighted.

  22. I could be an outfielder going in the winter for a kick… young third baseman. Can any of the young guys be converter to

  23. Really, Savery’s 1st start in AAA will determine if he should be converted to a position player. Where does this craziness come from?

    Regardless of what Savery does for the rest of this year, he will return in 2010 to the AAA roster as a starting pitcher.

    They are not going to try to convert him to a position player at any time in the forseeable future.

  24. What indication has ever been given that Savery would be converted to another position? Lehigh Valley needed starters after Corrasco and Kendrick left and Savery needed a challenge . It is absolutely foolhardy to intimate that he is on tenterhooks as a starter based on his “peripherals” He has received accolades this year for his pitchability, his competitive fire and the strides he has made in stamina/fitness and mental toughness. He is still a work in progress , without a dominant fastball; but he has value as a left handed pitcher( still coveted)

  25. I apologize if this is old news, but I read that Valle was converted to catcher. What was he before? His 5 triples shares the league lead, so it would seem he has a fair amount of athleticism. Could he be a candidate for conversion to 3B if D’arnaud clearly establishes himself as the main catching prospect as he moves through the system? Just thinking out loud.

  26. The multiple Type A contracts expiring in the next few years should net the Phillies a number of compensatory picks with which to restock the infield. At that point, with J-Roll, Chase and Ryno entering the tail end of their primes, drafting their successors should become a priority. I love how despite this franchise being in “win-now” mode, there’s a definite long-term plan in place.

    Can anyone comment on Matthew Way’s stuff? What makes him a good pitcher?

  27. Help me out here. Why do the Phils have Naughton and Nayler on the 40 man roster? I don’t see them pitching in the minors?

  28. “nowheels please Says:
    August 3, 2009 at 1:19 pm
    I could be an outfielder going in the winter for a kick… young third baseman. Can any of the young guys be converter to

    I wonder what kind of 3B Taylor would make? Not suggesting a position change, mind you. Just thinkin’ out loud.

  29. I think the 5th OF next year will be someone who can bat lefthanded with pop. This isn’t some sage advice from an internet poster but just my analysis based on what I’ve seen the team be their approach to roster construction. Berry is not that guy, and neither is Mayberry. Francisco is better then either of them and was a nice addition to that trade.

    I’d have to think Savery would go to the bullpen if he completely failed as a starter before the field, but he’s seriously at least a year, if not more, away from that becoming a necessary conversation.

  30. I don’t foresee any of the outfielders moving to 3b. More logically, they could be moved to a team with excess 3b prospects. There is no doubt the organization needs to gather some infield prospects and quickly. Maybe it is time to look elsewhere for infield help and draw from some of our minor league strengths to gather such talent.

    On another note, having seen Savery pitch, I cannot say I was enamored with his stuff, but the guy was 12-1 at one point this year at Reading. We are to say that one triple A start will determine his future? He is lefthanded, has guts, and has had some success. He is not going anywhere for a while. Who is to say he could not pitch like a Washburn or Buerhle after refining his off speed pitches? He is that type of competitor and athlete. But, again, his stuff does need work!

  31. Saunderson was released from extended spring and never played this year. Not sure if he hooked onto an independent team this summer, though it does not look like he signed with another affiliated orgranization.

  32. I always thought Ryan Howard would make a decent 3B due to his ridiculously quick reflexes…of course his arm sucks so its a non-starter.

    I see us keeping Feliz and hoping that the 2011 FA class is better. There’s nothing in the system that will be ready even by then.

  33. Savery will get every chance in the world to make it due to two key facts:

    1. He’s Left-Handed
    2. He’s a #1 Pick.

    That’s how it works. Besides his bat isn’t that great that he’d turn into a Rick Ankiel if we converted him. Ankiel is the exception, not the rule. Ankiel also only has value because he’s a pretty good CF. As a 1B, Ankiel wouldn’t be starting in the Majors.

  34. Boy, the runs really seem to follow Savery, maybe the Phillies can use him afterall this year 😉

  35. I remember Bill James writing about teams converting outfielders to third basemen. It almost never, ever works.

  36. NEPP: I always thought Ryan Howard would make a decent 3B

    A left-handed throwing third baseman?

  37. Those looking for Matthew Way on the Lakewood roster, he is listed as a catcher, as he was in the league transactions section. Hopefully they correct that faster than they did the recent correction of Sebastien Valle from a Left Throwing Catcher that bats right , to a Right Throwing Catcher that bats Left, and just a couple of days ago to the correct Right Throwing Catcher that Bats Right.

    Dominican- Another good performance from Felix Cespedes. Went 7 innings this time,

    Damaurri Saunderson was released in the offseason. Contrary to the beliefs of many on here, getting a couple of walks did not vault him to top prospect status.

    Howard at 3B, in addition to the arm thing , also a left throwing 3b in MLB would be almost impossible for many plays that need to be made.

    If they want an OF to convert to 3B , Werth would be the choice. He was a catcher, and catcher and 3B are similar.

  38. ****A left-handed throwing third baseman?****

    I meant simply from the reflex standpoint…he’s pretty quick when you get down to it. Hell, maybe’s he’d be more accurate if he threw RH…

  39. Pat, I saw that same article. Maybe I’m slow, but I didn’t know Jakub Sladek got released. That seems like an incredibly quick hook for someone who is 19, had a grand total of 16 GCL at bats, and was not signed for chump change.

    The blog is really quite good. With Gump and Schwim, we have some very polished minor leaguers in our system!

  40. Can you believe Felix Cespedes in his last two DSL starts; 16 IP, H1, ER 0, W1, SO 23. Not bad for an 18 year old. Soon time to bring him to the mainland for a look see.

  41. An interesting acquisition to watch for would be the phils picking up Adrian Beltre from the mariners if we do not sign him after the season we get a comp pick and at age 30 he can be pedro’s replacement. Conceivably his production could return to the 334 average and 48 hrs he hit in 04 thanks to the “Raul Ibanez” effect that moving from Seattle’s spacious stadium into the bandbox that is CBP has on hitters. His average this season might look low because it currently sits at .259 but he has a .294 average on the road this year. Coincidentally he has the ability to turn into a force from the right handed side of the plate a critical area for the phils to add depth in and if the phils acquire him they could be in store for a player that A. will be in the prime of his career and B might sign cheaply with performance escalators in his contract because he has already been PAID upwards of 64 million in the last five and would have the opportunity to resurrect his All-Star caliber performance by the next to last piece (slugging catcher) in the murders row. His defense is also comparable to Feliz”s and at the age of thirty he should have the range and definitely has the arm to spell J-Roll or Utley in the middle infield positions WORLD FINN CHAMPIONS baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Beltre has been fighting a shoulder injury all season…thus his horrible production.

    His agent is Scott Boras…do you see him signing cheaply? He might take a 1 year “audition” type deal though. Like what Abreu had to end up doing.

  43. Beltre on June 26th:

    “Asked when he first began to experience the problem this season, he said, “I never was 100 percent. I knew it would take time, but it was gradually coming and coming. I was just trying to not think about it. The last three weeks, it’s really gotten my attention.”

    The feeling, he said, “is like someone stabbed you in the shoulder,” and it happens every time he has to lift his shoulder. As a third baseman or a hitter, that’s pretty much unavoidable. Eventually, he’s going to need another operation, but right now Beltre wants to keep trying to play. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that his trade value is now severely compromised, with the prospect that he might not make it through the season. An operation would knock him out for a significant amount of time. But he’s going to do all he can to avoid surgery.”

  44. Jul 16
    Beltre (shoulder) played catch for the first time Thursday since undergoing shoulder surgery on June 30, the Seattle Times reports
    Jul 22
    Beltre (shoulder) took grounders Tuesday and is getting closer to a return, the Tacoma News Tribune reports.
    Jul 24
    Beltre (shoulder) plans to hit off a tee Saturday and says he’s two weeks away from returning to the Mariners, the Associated Press reports.
    Jul 29
    Beltre (shoulder) is expected to be activated next week when the Mariners are in Kansas City, the Everett Herald reports.
    Aug 4
    Beltre (Shoulder) was activated from the 15-day DL and will start on Tuesday, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reports.

    True he was hurt but in the next few weeks the phils brass will be able to asses whether or not he is healthy enough to play because in all likelihood the mariners will not attempt a waiver transaction without giving teams a chance to assess his play and health in the aftermath of the surgery. It would not take much to acquire him and he would probably be poised to go on a tear once acquired of course health pending. Under four million is a small price to pay when you run the chance of bringing balance to the heart of the order. Hell if we get lucky with him and get a Beltran-like performance from him (when he was traded to the Astros from the Royals for that stretch run let alone the mammoth numbers he put up in the post season that year (I still hate him for being a Met) just me hoping but he probably has the greatest upside for the phils unless we get a catcher (pudge maybe he could provide great tutelage for RUIZ in any event)).

  45. RUrob –

    Please try to keep the discussions to Phillies Minor League related stuff. House rules.

    Speaking of which, not a bad start for Matt Way at Lakewood 8 Ks and 1ER in five innings.

    And Williamsport is hitting triples like crazy tonight – 5 of them (3 by Carl Uhl) in 3 innings and they have a 13-0 lead so far. Hewitt hasn’t hit any of them, though. He did homer though.

    – Jeff

  46. My fault…I went along with the tangent.

    So is Matt Way a legit prospect?

    Good for Hewitt.

  47. Greg Giombarrese on Lakewood radio had Way’s fastball at 86-90, change up at 74 and compared him to Tom Glavine. With 9 strike outs and one walk he had good command and control. Of his 21 outs only 4 were fly outs. The double and triple off him were hit hard one hopping the wall. Way struggled fielding including an error.

  48. Hewitt has a triple. Double away from the cycle.

    Way is a prospect I think. BA ranked him as our 6th best prospect.

  49. JoeDE
    “Way is a prospect I think. BA ranked him as our 6th best prospect.”

    that was Jim Callis and he had Trevor May currently as our sixth best not Way

  50. I saw Way pitch tonight and it seemed to me like it was just fastball-changeup with maybe one or two breaking balls. He has good control and got a bunch of people Way (see what I did there?) out in front of his 74 MPH changeup. For the most part he was 86-88 but he pumped 90 once or twice. His delivery is pretty effortless and maybe with a few changes in his mechanics he can add a few ticks to his fastball. I came away very impressed with his first start at this level, I’d slot him around 20 in my top prospects, but that’s just off the top of my head. It’s important to keep in mind that he is 22, so even with the recent promotion, he’s old for his level. A Stutes-Worleyesque jump to Reading next year seems in order for the lefty from Alaska.

    Gose led off with a shot to the wall in left and stretched a no-question double into a triple on a play that 99% of players wouldn’t even think about third. The kid is unconsciously fast. He also broke Chris Roberson’s record of bags swiped at Lakewood with his 59th and 60th tonight. Also a great arm in center, his plate discipline isn’t awful either. I’m excited to watch his progression.

  51. Leading off seems to have improved Gose’s plate discipline. It is easy to forget he is so young.

    Good posting. I believe waivers are asked well before any trade and are good for a long period. They are usually asked
    when you think you can sneak them through and can be called back only once.

  52. Here’s a catching note: Tim Gradoville signed with Reading.(I didn’t read the whole thread first this time, so some of this stuff may be duplicated). I thought he was a minor league catching instructor, so maybe he was there and was signed in an emergency because Orlando Guevara broke his middle finger. But maybe they are going to work him into shape for a possible September call-up . He is someone who can provide good defense and knows the league and pitchers. So who says there is no one available for a September call-up.

    Williamsport scored 20 runs yesterday. Alot of the players have really upped their batting averages, Collier around .273, Valle around .353, Leandro Castro around .350 something like that. Hewitt 3 for 5 with HR and triple. 6 triples in game for team record. Led by Carl Uhl , who had 3 triples, including 2 in one inning.

    Reading- right now Dominc Brown around .200 and Kennelly at .180. Not yet up to Harman’s .210 / not as easy a level as some think. I’m expecting them to move up.

  53. Here’s a note. Pirates were able to trade former Phillies farmhand RHP Mike Koplove(local product released earlier this season from Lehigh Valley) to the Mariners for Class A Short Stop Deybis Benitez.

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