46 thoughts on “Michael Schwimer plugs this site, cements his legendary prospect status

  1. Schwimer just seems like a great baseball guy. It really does make me hope he has a nice career both on and off the field.

  2. The only people that gave him crap on the autograph comment were idiots anyway. I always felt that was one of his best posts.

    1. I agree. That piece was my absolute favorite– it really gave an interesting perspective that I otherwise never could have comprehended. People’s reaction to it really ticked me off. Stupid people tick me off.

    2. I wonder if he got crap from the organization, public relations or what not, because he surely shouldn’t stop writing here because it ticked off some of the readers.

  3. I don’t remember his exact write up on autographs, but i do remember agreeing with about 95% of it. I also remember the 5% i did not agree with was not so major that someone needed to talk to him about it. I hate the fact the Schwim has to censor himself because of a truthful, well intentioned blog. Was he promoting alcohol use or steroids? No, he just tried to point out that people should be less rude. That sounds like more of a public service message to me.

    1. Agree. There are a few callous players, but most, like Schwim, simply require from the fans a minimum level of politeness and sensitivity to the player’s situation. I like Schwim’s comment. There is too much PC bullcrap, players walking on eggs in interviews. If the guy’s head is in the right place, as Schwim’s seems to be, just answer honestly and directly.

    2. Yeah I never got the whole autograph thing. I tried to teach my sons that these guys are ordinary people just like you and me but I always got that they would look up to ball players as their heroes (naturally).

      But I know what the players are talking about. I was lucky enough to get front row seats in Trenton by the Reading Phillies bullpen 2 seasons ago and witness the ridiculous way in which both adults and kids act to get something signed.

      But then society in general has become rude. I’m 41 and my parents were all about please and thank you hence I was the same with my children.

      1. If you’re an adult and you come to every game/practice with an entire book of cards and memorabilia for the players to sign, you’re a disgusting leach who deserves any derision the players decide to heap on you. If you get annoyed when a player refuses to sign your stuff after you yell at him and are clearly intending to profit off of his name, you’re are also a loser.

    3. I think people are missing the forest for the trees – nothing Schwim said was truly unreasonable (with maybe, yes, 5% of so a little over the line), but even if it was 100% reasonable, his employer certainly has a legitimate interest in not having players broadcast those sorts of opinions. The organization was absolutely justified talking to him about it.

      By and large I’m not a huge fans of employers telling employees what to say and not say to the public, but in a profession like baseball where the performers are so much in the spot light …

      1. I admire him for having the guts to write that piece. His feelings on the subject were more than understandable.

        I am surprised that he didn’t anticipate getting “talk to” by the organization though. The organization can’t have players alienating any ticket buyers, no matter how ridiculous these autograph seekers have become.

  4. Schwim getting lit up today against the Yankees. He’s throwing mostly breaking pitches? Not sure what that is about.

  5. dom brown looks awful… 3 k’s in 3 at bats so far and i think justin defratus may have missed his slim chance to break camp with the big club after his outing.

    1. chill its the 2nd game of the grape fruit league. None the less Francisco is not going to lose at least a platoon right now.

      1. Prediction: Ben Francisco will get at least 400 PA this year between all 3 OF positions. Honestly, I think that’s on the low end.

  6. It is still very earlier and I suspect that Brown might be trying too hard. But it would not be the worst thing if he spent another two or three months in AAA. Ben Francisco doing well could take an awful lot of pressure off Dom Brown.

    1. I think Brownie looks uncomfortable with his hands lower, in his batting stance. I agree with the change, but it doesn’t appear natural for him yet. More time? Go back to higher hands?


    1. First heard that in the The Big Lebowski, but I thought they were saying “Sometimes you HIT the bar, and sometimes the bar HITs you” which made more sense than eating the bar. Later I found out that some Texans pronounce bear so it sounds like bar.

  7. Brown’s timing is way off right now and he is not catching up to the fastball or any other pitch for that matter.

    This morning Joe Savery with a black bat along with him and Jeremy Slayden were seen arriving at the Complex to get ready for the minor league camp. They should provide the Reading lineup with some lefthanded pop.

    Charlie Manuel spent all morning behind the batting cage on Ashburn watching the likely AAA and AA players in major league camp take BP. Still can’t decide where Harold Garcia who was taking ground balls both at third and second and Carlos Rivero who was also taking ground balls at third this morning and played a couple of innings against the Yanks at third this afternoon will end up when the season starts. Like to watch Rivero take BP. The ball just jumps off his bat. In fact he crushes the ball in BP. Erik Kratz was the only one I saw hit one out of Ashburn to left with the wind blowing in. Like his swing and he made a nice throw to get a runner at second in the Yanks game. Andrew Carpenter who lost some time from being on the waiver wire was the only one to pitch live batting practice from the mound this morning throwing to Joel Naughton with Harold Garcia in the batter’s box alternating from both sides taking an occasional swing against his pitches.

  8. Was on mlb trade rumors. A scout thinks that not one of the kids we got for cliff lee will ever make it. think he was talking to jon heyman.everything I read on aumont seems to be negative, hope he is wrong.

    1. You could take any 3 A ball prospects in baseball and make that prediction with a relatively high amount of confidence.

  9. I don’t think DeFratus really has a legitimate chance to make the big club just yet. His command was spotty on his breaking pitches. Worth noting though that he was in against the big bats, not the late inning scrubs. Granderson’s HR was a routine fly ball that caught the wind going out.

    1. That is the tough thing with Spring Training games (especially day games). The wind sometimes blows those routine fly balls out. It is even worse in AZ. I think DeFratus will be fine. I think the only time we see him during the season before Sept is if there are injuries.

    2. You know, I didn’t originally think DeFratus or Schwimer had a chance to make this team out of ST either but, Charlie’s use of them early in the games makes me wonder. They were used early against good hitters on purpose, to see how they’d do. Unfortunately, both pitchers showed nerves and couldn’t throw strikes although DeFratus threw better in his 2nd inning. Charlie keeps saying that Baez has the team made, and maybe he does, but his rope will be short especially if they only carry 11 pitchers as I expect.

      1. I don’t read anything into it. The Yankees used Betances in the 5th yesterday. I think teams prefer to use late inning relievers in the late innings (Lidge pitched the ninth yesterday), somewhere close to their regular roles.

  10. With DeFratus I saw nerves, I saw a live Fastball with good movement but not much of secondary pitch or at least any command of the secondary pitch.

    With DBROWN I saw everything you guys saw he doesn’t look comfortable, I don’t like where his hands are in relation to his body. Height wise I like them there a lot better then above the head but he creates to much air under his arms making it hard for him to get his hands inside the baseball.

    He needs to get them closer to his body this shortening his swing even more. My opinion of course.

  11. I won’t sweat one hat trick. Jayson Werth had twelve of them last year. What I look for with a prospect like Domonic Brown is plate discipline. Is he flailing away at pitches outside of the strike zone? The Yankees were also throwing some wicked heat yesterday. Dellin Betances is a beast, and I’m looking forward to seeing him pitch in Scranton.

    1. I agree with you Alan but I think/worry he might be losing confidence. Given what he experienced last season and the DR I really thought he needed to get off to a fast start and have some early success.

      Jayson has swagger he was a proven big league player last year so he can over come those type of days and not let them snow ball.

  12. Had a short conversation with Schwimer on twitter. Really engaging and personable. It makes it really easy to root for him.

  13. Nobody is making a team or not making a team based on one outing on feb 27th, come on guys. For young relievers or any relievers, you can’t judge on one outing.

    As for Dom, he really does look lost up there but again its just two games. The ideal scenario for the Phils remains to see Francisco blossom into a near everyday player that can hit 270 with 15-20HR and 80-90 RBI, with Gload playing once or twice a week, and Dom to plkay most of the year in AAA. When Ibanez leaves next year, then Brown replaces him and there is better lineup balance.

  14. “The ideal scenario for the Phils remains to see Francisco blossom into a near everyday player that can hit 270 with 15-20HR and 80-90 RBI”

    Francisco was exactly that player 2 or 3 years ago. There’s no reason to think he won’t be at least that good or better this year.

  15. Francisco over the last two seasons has 656 PAs, 584 at bats. Basically a full batting season.

    .260/.330/.445, 43 2Bs, 21 HRs, 74 RBIs, 22 SBs, 52 BBs, 118 K’s.

    202 PAs vs. lefties so he’s not getting an unusual amount of at bats in platoon spots. He was used three times as a pinch runner and stole two bases. Francisco shakes out as a slightly above average hitter, drives in runs at an average rate and has a little speed. Don’t get me wrong though. An average player is a good thing to have for a team that is getting star power elsewhere. Francisco can hit capably and give the Phillies a stopgap if they need for this season. His rate stats indicate a good hitter.

    1. Good assessment. The hope with him is that he improves incrementally on those stats when he feels more comfortable playing every day or close to it.

      I’m thinking Dom goes down for two months to get locked in–lots of pressure on him now, despite anything he says to the contrary. To me, anything we get from Dom is a bonus this year and it’s important not to derail him by putting him in a situation where he gets buried. Of course, after a few more games he could start hitting and have a Dick Allen-level first full spring training.

      In a reasonable career progression, love to see this from Ben for a full year:

      .275/.340/.475 (.815 OPS), 40 2Bs, 25 HRs, 90 RBIs, 20 SBs, 60 BBs, 120 Ks

      To me, that’s doable for a guy with his ability getting a full shot after paying his dues as a part-timer and getting the experience he needs.

      I see him as unspectacular but steady player who at the end of the season produces for you. In the long run, a RH Ibanez, who continues to improve his game and is a better fielder, might also be a decent ceiling comp for him.

      Bottom line: That level of production from Ben and having Lee is better than Werth and Worley/Kendrick.

  16. Ben has tools and who is to stay with a full time opportunity he doesn’t blossum the same way Werth did. Would be nice to see Brown make some contact today.

  17. I think D. Brown starts the year in AAA and J. Mayberry Jr. goes north with the Phils as a backup 1B/OF. It’s a make or break year for Mayberry and Brown still needs time to work on his hitting and defense.
    Mayberry also fills a need for a RH pinch hitter with some power and defensive outfield replacement for Ibanez.
    Where they both finish is another question altogether.

  18. Can we be named the Schwim-wits?

    You figure they had the Wolfpack, Sal’s Pals, now a new era has begun!

  19. Yikes another tough day for DBROWN. Young is making a case I wish he had more speed. Tough to gauge any of the pitching that went on today but it looks like Bonine was lit up.

  20. Quinlan, Larish, and Martinez have struggled both offensively and defensively so far in the early games. Tagg need to start making some contact at the plate to win a AAA first base/DH job . Bonine has been roughed up on the mound in the first week of the spring. I’d like to see what a AAA infield of Rivero at third, Bocock at SS, Barfield and Orr at second/utility and Rizzotti at first. Moss and Miller have looked OK at the corners in the outfield. Hope to see more of Rivero at third in the B game tomorrow with Drew Naylor starting against the Jays.

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