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My Top 30 Prospects for 2011: Part 1

Hello all. Welcome to my top 30 prospects writeup for the 2011 season. Unlike past seasons, I will be writing up my 30 prospects in multiple parts, in the hopes of promoting more discussion. Before I get to my rankings, I thought it would be helpful to give a brief overview of the system, and more importantly, a brief overview of how I put my rankings together. A list means nothing unless you know how it was put together, the criteria used, etc etc. Before we move on, I also want to point out that my top 30 list is available in the Maple Street Press 2011 Phillies Annual, which I recommend you pick up. The team over at thegoodphight.com put it together this year, and it figures to be the best edition yet.

So, lets kick start this party, check below the fold.

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