Colvin to attend Phillies workout

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The Phillies will hold a workout at Citizens Bank Park this morning for seven unsigned draft picks, including Brody Colvin, a highly regarded righthanded pitcher. Colvin was selected in the seventh round and has a commitment to play for Louisiana State.

Outfielder Wander Nunez, the team’s 48th-round pick, who played high school baseball at Frankford last season, also will be there. The deadline to sign draft picks is 11:59 p.m. Monday.

Maybe someone should try and find out who the other guys attending will be. But obviously Colvin is the big time name here. Keep your fingers crossed.

Update –> Scroll down to the comment left by “Ketch”….then rejoice.

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  1. This is a huge week for the Phils in terms of this year’s draft class. While none of their picks appear to be future “stars” yet, they did seem to get solid players with potential. In order to offset the lack of a number 1, signing the other big 3 guys (Colvin, Susac, and Stewart) would be a big boost. Just keep adding pieces to the system and see if they develop. It has been working the past few years and signing these guys would be amazing. How often do you see a team sign “ALL” of their top picks?
    It is fun to look at the minor league roundup each day to see which guy did well last night. These days, you see many guys stepping up due to depth and athleticism within the system. Sign these guys and keep it going.

  2. A lot of picks didn’t appear to be future stars, like wow MT. Sign them all,win the series,Ruben is the exec of the year.

  3. Of course no one could possibly be interested in a simple listing of all 7. The general reading public would only be interested in the most highly drafted guy and the local guy. This from Andy Martino, who has mastered the 2 sentence article. The “twitterization” of the news. On the other hand the “really general public” would not really be interested in any. Those interested in any would likely be interested in all. so why not use some of that ample blog space to list them all. Someone should contact Mr. Martino and complain about this. Since I have sworn off ever reading the comments on and would not post there, it would be helpful if they could report back there.

  4. 7 draft picks. Hmmmm.

    Colvin… check.

    Nunez… check.

    Stewart, mentioned by Wolever by name earlier this week, so assume he’s here. He and Colvin are here probably just for show anyways, not to actually “try out”. They know what they potentially have with these two.

    Susac didn’t play in last night’s playoff game for Corvalis, but that was most likely due to their regular catching rotation. If he doesn’t play tonight, then I think it would be safe to assume that he’s in Philly, too. I doubt it, though.

    Kleven has been rumored as a late signee since draft day, so he’s probably here.

    Lafreniere indicated that he’s a good bet to sign (if offered), so I have to assume he’s here, too.

    Kidd and Feekin were being closely watched by the Phillies this summer, so it’s a good bet at least one of them is here.

    Amaro almost definitely is in the tryout.

    So, that’s Colvin, Nunez, Stewart, Kleven, Frenchy, Amaro, Kidd, and Feekin… eight. Plus Susac makes nine.

    I say it’s Colvin, Nunez, Stewart, Kleven, Frenchy, Amaro, and …. Feekin, since he’s a lefty.

  5. To be honest – I really don’t think a prospect of Colvin’s profile would normally “work out” again for a team in August. My gut tells me he’s here to throw a couple of fastballs and then sign.

  6. I read an article where Marty did say he would like to sign Colvin by Thursday. So hopefully, that is the case.

  7. JE:

    Good analysis as usual. I am not sure about Robert Amaro. I would think that Andy Martino would have mentioned Robert Amaro by name for the obvious reasons if he was one of the seven. I may be overthinking this. I also think Sam Kidd will be there. He seemed really anxious to sign with the Phillies once he was drafted.

  8. JE – I think you have the 7 except replace Feekin with Kolscheen because of the Phillies connection. At least that’s my guess.

  9. By chance does anybody here own a camera with a telescopic lens… and a helicopter.. or is willing to rent a helicopter and hover over CBP taking photos? Just askin’.

  10. I agree with Squire. I can’t imagine Colvin being here for a workout if he is not ready to sign. Maybe the Phillies want one more look if they are about to commit money like the Pirates just did ($1.2M). Colvin is the most important player we drafted, so call me cautiously optimistic.

  11. If Kohlscheen is there, I wonder if Gosik is there, too. Isn’t he Wheeler’s nephew? It would be a shame if 3 of the 7 spots were taken up with kids with Phillies ties and little shot of signing.

  12. While it would be nice to think that guys like Stewart and Susac are also there, I imagine the 7 would include all locals and some of the lesser fliers (that want to sign but really are not worth big dollars).

    I think we sign 3 or 4 more players total, with the preference obviously being for Colvin and Stewart being two of them. If we can’t get Susac I would love to add another arm or two among the fliers. Lafreniere intrigues me. Projectible cold weather arms sometimes add a few mph and become better prospects.

  13. I don’t think Amaro would be there. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion he’s going to school.

  14. What time is the workout I LIVE three block from the stadium. can go to players entrance and see and report back

  15. Mikemike, would you mind packing a cooler, a lawn chair, and maybe an umbrella and just making it a day for you? 🙂

  16. Would what Squire said be viable? I don’t think it is that far fetched for the club to want to build a bit of hype for the player if he gets the bonus that all of us expect him to receive if he signs. It would seem like Colvin is likely to sign. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I doubt he, or his people, would actually think a “workout” is necessary. So here’s hoping it is a PR stunt!

    Good news, imo!

  17. mikemike, dress up as susac and go right into the workout, start shooting the bull with the prospects, get the real skinny.

  18. It may have just been for show, too, but I think Pettibone didn’t sign last year until after a workout at Dodger Stadium. I seem to recall Marti saying something about how Pettibone really impressed them and they upped their offer to meet his demands.

  19. Count me in as one of those who thinks this “workout” means that Colvin is going to sign. I don’t think someone of this high of a profile would stop by just for a workout. By the same token, I wonder if the fact that neither Stewart or Susac were mentioned means that they won’t be getting signed. Oh well, it should be an exciting couple of days around here.

    – Jeff

  20. mikemike
    Bring some cheesesteaks for any prospects who is tempted not to sign. And while you are at it stop by stop at Termini’s and pickup Full Dozen Cannoli Pack.


  21. this is a done deal. if he didn’t feel it would happen he would be setting up his dorm room. they have to be 95% of the way there. working on t’s and c’s.

  22. i,d have to agree that colvin would not be here to sightsee. does anyone actually know what colvin throws and how developed he is as far as number of pitches used, speed, etc. mikemike make sure you dont bring them pat,s or geno,s or they,ll never sign.

  23. Not a shocker, but scratch Susac from the list. He’s still in Corvalis. My new prediction would be:

  24. I they get Colvin, Stewart and 1 or 2 of the others out of this, close the book, throw a party!!!!!!!!!!

  25. One thing is for sure, even without the potential signing of Stewart, the system is stacked with high ceiling outfielders. I sure do wish a couple of them would transition to an infield position.

  26. i play summer baseball with robby amaro…hes going to school…i dont know anytthing of him going to a tryout tho

  27. I know you guys don’t really know me, but I’m a reporter in Austin and host an afternoon drive talk show on ESPN 1530 (

    I host a college team site called (UT site), but obviously I have pretty good connections all over.

    I just talked with a source close to the LSU program and he told me, “Yes, we lost him. He’s signing MLB.”

  28. Wheels,
    I agree with you. The more the merrier in terms of signings. Who really knows what any of the draft picks will be? But, if we get these last 7 guys in, the odds of some of them developing are greater. Let’s hope Colvin and Stewart join the fold. I would think Susac would be foolish to not sign since Marson is gone. Plus, these guys have an opportunity to joing the World Champions’ organization. Wait a few years, you could end up in KC!

  29. There’s no way Colvin would be here other than to sign. The other six are probably lower level guys that want to sign and the Phils are deciding whether to sign them like Nunez. I’m guessing they’re not going to sign Stewart. I hope they sign Nunez though because there was a good article on him in Sunday’s paper and the kid really has no other options and can’t speak any english. He really only knows baseball and could be a surprise talent.

  30. Why did someone post that the stanford coach told him stewart is signing. If its not true?

  31. Thanks for that Ketch. I went from moderately optimistic to very optimistic.

    If the Stewart news from a while back is to be believed, then the last prize on the table is Susac.

  32. I can’t remember who posted the Stewart news, but it was a common poster so I felt inclined to believe it…

  33. Yeah, I really didn’t know if my guy would tell me anything, but he said it very matter of factly. He’s a web and radio guy in Louisiana and has major Tiger ties.

    Granted he’s a glass half-empty type, but he left very little wiggle room for hope when we talked.

    I tried not to smile through the phone.

  34. Guys, I have a lot of contacts. I’ll try to become a more active poster mopving forward. There’s no reason for me not to dig around a little from time to time.

    Love the site.

  35. That is something this site could really use!!! Please dont take offense to use being a little gun shy in trusting you but you know how the internet works and people love pretending to be something their not.

  36. Hey Geoff Ketchum….GO HUSKERS!!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist, are you a Phillies fan in addition to being a UT guy?

  37. PP,

    Not questioning your source, but what could “not close” even mean at this point? We have the contracts for the guys ranked in the same area ($1.2 Million). So why would the Phillies even talk with the guy if they weren’t prepared to pay in this neighborhood? I doubt the Phillies think they are going to sign him for less then $1M. Unless Colvin’s camp is asking for something stupid like $1.5M or more?

  38. Harrisburg, I spent all my summers from 83-93 in Philly. Forst game was at the Vet in 83 – Carlton vs Fergie jenkins. Phils won 2-1.

    Love the Sixers and despise the Eagles. Y’all can’t hate me for that, though. haha.

    Two out of three makes me 2/3’s of a good guy.

    For those that don’t know me, here’s a link to my twitter page:

    FYI, I’m trying to track down info on Stewart and Susac. My Stanford connection is waiting to talk with Harbaugh, but was going to call me within the hour.

    Sorry for the name drop and let’s cross our fingers on Colvin because I’ll look like an jerkoff if I get my first tip wrong.

  39. Man I at the stadium thought i saw colvin, When I tried to talk to him, he said he is a ground crew worker, man disappointed

  40. Ketch, in addition to being a lifelong Phillies Phan, I lived in Pgh for 6 years as well…what can you tell us about the Pireates’ new signee Colton Cain – who was supposed to go to UT I beleive.

    Also, anyone know what kind of pitches Colvin features? (for MLB The Show as well as curiousity). Is he a fastball command guy or does he use breaking pitches for K’s?

  41. I also despite the Eagles, with the exception that they drafted a Pitt guy in McCoy.

    I go with The Phillies, Flyers, and Steelers. I just dont really like the Eagles at all. They will never hold the same standing as the Phillies or Flyers do with me.

  42. the way these things usually go is the negotiator says, “here we are. if you can’t get there, then there is no reason for us to get on the plane. if you think that you can get there, then Brody will be on the plane.”

    my analysis, if he shows up, he is ours. if he doesn’t get on the plane there is probably a 40/60 chance we still land him, but only if we cave.

  43. I talked to a national baseball guy and he said Colvin flying to Philly makes it a done deal. You don’t make the trip before the deadline and not sign.

    He said the A’s (I think that’s what he said) was doing the same thing and they were having a day in his honor at the stadium.

    Said everyone could read between the lines.

  44. I don’t want to upset at the Phillies in a thread were we are all just hoping and speculating, but considering how little they have spent so far on this draft class, I see no good reason why they couldn’t or wouldn’t sign Colvin for $1.2 Million. Stewart for $1M. And Susac for $800K. $3M total.

    Obviously it takes 2 to tango, but unless Colvin, Stewart, and Susac as getting bad advice I can’t imagine advising an 18-year old to forfeit the chance to get $1M each (on avg). They aren’t going to get much more then that unless they get past the bottom of Round 1.

  45. Talked to a Stanford contact and he didn’t know anything. The thing that he mentioned as that Stanford has a new pitching coach and although this guy has a sterling reputation, he was not the guy that recruited him. He didn’t know how big of a deal it was, but the new guy has been trying to lock Stewart down, but there’s a feeling that a final decision hadn’t been made.

    I hope the pitching coach deal is not old info.

  46. Wow, Colvin would be awesome! I’m hoping for Stewart as well, to really make this a strong draft. I have a feeling Susac is a lost cause.

  47. I’d be shocked if Colvin doesn’t sign. Guys don’t come all the way to Philly for something like this if they aren’t signing.

  48. Phuture, gosh that’s not good. Why do you think there’s such a big disconnect between info?

  49. Has it been verified that Colvin in fact did come to Philly today? I saw the news blurb that PP referenced…but do we have any official confirmation?

  50. Any news? I would imagine if Colvin leaves without a contract then he’s probably gone for good. Of course, he could sign but not be announced until Monday.

  51. From what I heard on draft day, Colvin throws a 90-95 mph fastball, high 70s curve that is supposed to be very good already, and a changeup. his stuff sounds like a myers #2 type maybe. Thats just what i remember from draft day, I could be wrong.

  52. also, to nobody-

    Susac isn’t signing for 800K. we would have already gotten the deal done if it were that low, its supposed to be a very high number, more than colvin even.

  53. JPD,

    I was just throwing the $800K number out there. You’re right, that number is probably too low. Susac was ranked 112th overall by BA. The Pirates signed Colton Cain for $1.13M and he was ranked 109th overall, so that might be more in-line with a projection.

    My main point is that any 18-yr old kid who won’t sign for between $1M and $1.25M is gambling that they will get 1st round money the following year. I think that is a foolish risk. Too many things can happen to not take the money.

  54. Nobody, What amazes me is I Argue the point that any kid who turns down million dollars at 18 is nuts, and then all I heard was how people say ,they wouldnt trade the college experience for that, Then they pointed out to me a couple of guys who got more after four years, but for ever one of them how many of these hot shot kids go to college and never get better, Do you think Zeid would take the money out of high school now or go to college and get thirty thousand , but he got the college experience. See how far that thirty thousand goes toward the biggest expense we have a mortrage, how nice never to have to worry about that bill, put the million in a account and take out the payments while it draws interest.

  55. Yes, Susac would be foolish to turn down $1.1 million. If he goes to college, he waits 3 years to go pro and hits with aluminum instead of wood. He is not just betting that he is a first rounder 3 years later, he is betting that he is top half of first round. The slots have been going down the past two seasons, and a fair number of first rounders have gone for slot. He is also gambling that in 3 years baseball doesn’t have a hard slot system agreed with player’s association, in which case he likely needs to be above top dozen players to get more than $1.2 mill plus the interest it earns over 3 years. It is an even worse bet for Colvin, since as a pitcher he has a huge injury risk, especially given the way major college coaches can abuse arms. If these guys have major league talent, signing out of high school gets them to majors at least a year earlier than going to college. If they are any good at all as major leaguers, that translates into an extra $6 – 10 million payday some year down the road.

  56. Geoff, here’s a mini scouting report on cain from a buddy of mine (big Pirates fan and our baseball reporter at OB):

    “A true two-way threat in high school. Cain is a big lefty on the mound with a heavy, sinking fastball that can touch the mid 90s. His secondary pitches are still developing, but a quality changeup could be developed shortly. Offensively, he’s a big power bat from the left side of the plate that can really drive the baseball. ”

    Here’s Dustin’s twitter page; He loves him some Pirates and always has good baseball info.

  57. I will admit to being profoundly disappointed that something was not announced today. I am sort of at the place where Colvin is the make or break player in this draft for me.

  58. This is oh-so reminiscent of how I felt during the Trade Deadline before Lee fully entered the picture. It really felt like Roy or bust.

    Just an analogy, but I agree with Squire, Colvin does seem to be the “guy”. I’d be happy with Jake Stewart and Andrew Susac, but Colvin looks to be that blue-chip guy.

  59. Talked to a buddy who talked to an Oregon State coach. Susac is 100% locked into Oregon State. They’ve promised him the starting catcher job.

    I asked, “Any chance?”

    I was told, “No chance.”

    “I asked, “Zero?”

    I ws told, “One percent.”

    I asked, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?,”

  60. what are the odds? id say one in a million. So your saying theres a chance!

    great movie. im disapointed to hear about susac being locked in, but im still hopeful with colvin and steward. Susac has always been overvalued to me. He wanted top round money, but he had alot of ?. Seemed like more of a 2nd or 3rd round guy to me.

  61. If you have a lot of great pitching, you can get any player you want or need. Pitching is the priority. The other players would be great to sign but I’m hoping they get Colvin first.

  62. A-Train,

    This really does seem to be true. If you have pitching you can trade for almost any other positional player (within reason)…or even veteran pitching (Knapp and Carasco being the keys to the Lee trade).

  63. Thanks for the info on Cain. The Pirates actually have a good farm system now. They may actually compete in a few years if they stop the firesales. I think this was the lst firesale for them.

  64. They have a LOT of good pitching prospects now, so a few of them will make it through and theyll have a solid rotation.

    For the Phillies, they need to get Colvin locked down.

  65. Per the Phillies website Pick 33 Colin Kleven RH High School pitcher has signed its under transactions, he must have been at the workout

  66. I like the Kleven signing. Can’t have too many big, projectible fresh HS arms that can already throw in the 90s. Sounds like he has all the tools for our coaches to work with. Still, the quality of this draft rests heavily on Colvin, since he is the best player, probably the only true blue chipper, we drafted with a reasonable likelihood of signing.

  67. what’s strange about the kamloop daily news article is the date. it states that kleven signed on 8/8. if this is true, then kleven would not have been one of the seven participating in yesterday’s workout.

    per the phils website (in the transactions section), it states kleven was signed on 8/12 (the day before the workout for unsigned players). i guess it’s possible that he was invited to philadelphia as one of the seven and signed before the workout.

  68. It make sno sense NOT to sign Colvin. Assuming we cannot sign Susac and Stewart, why not just sign this guy to $1.2, $1.4, heck $1.75 were are still massively under what the draft budget was last yr. I just don’t understand unless the amount is bigger then we all think.

    Also, if we don’t get Stewart and Colvin than we have had a piss poor draft. No offense to the other signees but it’s pretty bad.

  69. The Klevin date makes sense because the article said that he would be flying to Philly on Tuesday to take a physical. Likely, he passed his physical on Wed and that is when his contract became effective, thus 8/12 signing date. He probably was not one of the 7.

  70. bc, I think he wasn’t one of the seven going by the Kamloop’s article. The article was from last Saturday and says he signed on Thursday which would have been 8/6. It says he signed at the dining room table. Then it says he celebrated Friday (8/7) by tubing on the South Thompson River. So he was definitely in the British Columbia area when he signed.

  71. Just talked to a very good Texas A&M source and another national source.

    37th round draft pick Brodie Green (2nd baseman) of Texas A&M will sign tomorrow with the Phils.

    He was a junior for the Aggies last year and I was told by my national guy that he would have went much higher if not for his asking price.

  72. Greene is going to sign? Wow, shocker. Never saw that one coming. Tough kid, solid all around prospect.

  73. Well, if the Eagles can sign Michael Vick, anything is possible (come on, I know it’s not baseball, but was that not the most shocking local signing in memory?).

  74. Definitely Catch.

    Just last week I was joking with friends about which moron would take a chance on Vick (Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, or Al Davis)….

  75. Well then apparently the Phils have a Brody and a Clevin signing this week. Maybe put them together?

  76. Colvin did attend the workout!

    With Zach Von Rosenberg signing to play professionally, LSU’s attention and hope for augmenting its 2010 pitching staff has turned to right-handed pitcher Brody Colvin of St. Thomas More.

    Selected by the seventh round of the amateur baseball draft by Philadelphia, Colvin is a commitment to Paul Mainieri and LSU. That commitment looks a bit shaky today.

    Colvin was one of seven unsigned draft picks of the Phillies to work out for them at Citizens Bank Park Thursday. The deadline to sign professionally is 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) this coming Monday, August 17.

    The 6’3, 190 pound Colvin throws in the low 90’s. St. Thomas More in 2009. He was 7-2 with a 2.29 ERA with 76 strikeouts in 55 innings for Colvin is a fine hitter as well. He batted .465 with 11 home runs and 44 RBI for the Cougars.

  77. I’m sorry if this was already mentioned: Hudson was only the Phillies’ second pick in the draft, and he’s now being reported to have signed for a $475,000 bonus. That puts Hudson’s bonus just $10,000 below the Phillies’ first pick, second rounder Kelly Dugan.


    Andy, with ZVR signed, are you hearing anything about the Phillies and the other big-time LSU recruit, Brody Colvin?

    Comment by JE | August 9, 2009 | Reply

    ◦The only thing I’m hearing is that LSU is still holding Colvin’s spot, which means it really probably is up in the air at the moment. LSU wouldn’t do that if they thought there was no chance he’d land on campus. However, my gut instinct is that he’ll sign, as he constitutes the only real high-level player in the Phillies’ draft class. On a side note, LSU has revoked Slade Heathcott’s scholarship, so he’s going to sign with the Yankees.

  79. Nails comment “Colvin represents the only high level player” would you agree with that. That he is the only prospect sign with high level upside?

  80. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but Colvin is going to be a Tiger. Word is Mahtook (LSU FR OF) has talked some sense into him. Sorry guys.

  81. “Talking sense” equals forgoing likely 7 figures to risk injury and overuse at the hands of an SEC coach desperate to win a College WS?

    Someone has to explain that to me at some point.

  82. Ha, Colvin must have really hated that workout with the Phils! Odd that they’re far apart and he’s been convinced to attend LSU yet he paid his way to Philly to attend a workout. We’ll see what happens on Monday.

    Colvin is not the only high upside player the Phils drafted, but he is certainly the Phils draftee held in the highest regard.

  83. If the Phillies and Colvin aren’t even close is it possible they are low balling him because they slashed their draft budget? If they are offering him 7 figures I can’t imagine him turning that down to go to school.

    Sorry Lafayette Man, but I doubt he has made up his mind yet. He wouldn’t have went to the workout in Philly if he was set on going to school. They are still negotiating.

  84. Talking sense? Were in a depression that is about to get even worse in the fall. Um, anyone with half a brain will take the 1-1.5 million offer the Phillies give and run with it. Squirrell the bonus payments away while living off of your game checks to secure yourself.

    At this point, a college education (of which he will get like one year before getting drafted and facing the same situation again next year with another team) isnt getting a lot of young people anywere at all nowadays because of their lack of experience in the workplace.

    So the sensible thing to do would be to take the money and start your career. Where you get paid a lot of money to PLAY A GAME for a living. Thats common sense.

  85. Agent is just trying to get as much as he can, as he should. THere’s no reason to sign at this point. The final day is when both sides will truly be ready to close a deal. Until then, neither side is going to paint a positive picture.

    If momma made the trip yesterday, he’s a Phillie. If not, he’s not.

    Trust me, it’s as simple as that.

  86. U never lied Ketch. At least u havent for as long as Ive known u and that consist of ur last post. If Colvin made the trip to Philly hes now part of the Phillies. If waiting until monday to sign gets u an extra couple thousand then u wait. Not much difference will be made in his career if he signs on a friday or saturday rather then this monday.

  87. Latest from Andy Martino in the Inquirer:

    The deadline for signing 2009 draft picks is Monday at 11:59 p.m. The Phils continue to negotiate with a number of prospects. Scouting director Marti Wolever and front-office adviser Pat Gillick were scheduled to meet with outfielder Jacob Stewart at his Colorado home yesterday. Stewart is a highly regarded athlete that slipped to the 14th round because of a commitment to play at Stanford.

    Phillies officials sounded pessimistic about reaching agreements with seventh-rounder Brody Colvin, a Louisiana State-bound righthanded pitcher, and 16th-rounder Andrew Susac, a catcher headed to Oregon State. Assistant scout director Rob Holiday said the team would not sign 48th-round pick Wander Nunez, an outfielder from Frankford High School. Holiday said Nunez was expected to play junior college ball in Oklahoma.

  88. mikemike, no, I did not agree with that but I was just displaying what the post I read stated. I think we have a number of solid prospects, but it appears Colvin is the crown jewel. I am still not so sure they can’t work out an agreement… It all depends on the Phils and how much they are willing to offer. It does sem that the Phils are standing firm and not breaking the bank for any of the picks.

  89. Nails backed off, but I’ll say it. No, we have not signed a blue chipper yet. We have signed nobody who is the equivalent of a first rounder and Dugan seems more like a 3rd round than a second round talent. The only blue chippers we drafted were Colvin and Stewart, and they are more sandwich-round talent than first rounders. That doesn’t mean we didn’t draft some good players. Some like Duggan and Hudson have upside but only fair probability of success. I don’t think we’ve signed any hitters with as high a ceiling/probability rating as Collier or Gose from last year’s draft or as good a pitching prospect as Knapp from the last draft. Also don’t think we signed a position player with as good prospects as D’Arnaud from the 2007 draft. In all cases, I’m talking about how the guys looked when we signed them, not what they have or will turn into.

  90. Allentown this was a real strong draft going into it. by most scouts I read and the little I have read on colvin is that he is raw only been pitching a year, dont see him as a blue chipper. but what do I know

  91. allentown its funny you say we didnt sign anyone with the ceilings/probability as knapp and gose..If i remember correctly the whole site killed the phils(maybe not the whole site) on gose being picked as a hitter and knapp…so just like they are starting to pan out i have hopes for the same from this class

  92. 7 227 Phillies Brody Colvin, rhp Expected to attend Louisiana State

    From Baseball America today. Ouch.

  93. Just wait till Monday. I have no sources or anything, but a lot can happen when $$$ enters the fray. I don’t expect him to sign either but a lot can happen. We’ll know for sure Monday.

  94. I’m not saying most saw Gose as the second coming of Mickey Mantle or even Gary Maddox. I’m simply saying Dugan and Hudson don’t measure up to Collier and Gose. Not sure they even measure up to Hewitt, and I hated that pick along with most of us. Knapp wasn’t as unpopular as you remember. I’ll throw this out as a question — what pitcher do you think we signed who is a match for Knapp? What hitter is a match for Collier or Gose? I think Colvin and Stewart are the top talents we drafted, but they haven’t signed. Singleton may be the top talent we’ve signed.

  95. Without Colvin this draft is highly disappointing for me. It just feels like the Phillies went for a budget draft this year likely because their draft budget shrunk due to the increase in the major league payroll. Am I the only one who feels this way or am I just being a debbie downer?

  96. Singleton’s early returns are very promising, he could be a stud. No pitcher comes to close to Knapp or even May in this draft except Colvin. Maybe Inch could be decent down the road, but other than him there’s absolutely no high ceiling pitchers in this draft.

  97. I disagree. We added more pitching depth to the system already, signing a few guys with decent upside like Steven Inch, Austin Hyatt (profiles as a reliever, unless they actually do try and permanently convert him into a starter), and Matt Way (hard to read on him, he appears to “know how to pitch” in a psychological sense, but theyre going to have to increase his velocity range from 86 to 88-91 if they want to be more certain of him making it to the big leagues – as a back to mid rotation start as a ceiling).

    I like their draft because I like taking college pitchers (Inch was HS, but I meant the others). College pitchers have gone through that initial slew of arm troubles already if they are going to have them and are only one-two years away from the majors if they are ever going to make it without being converted one way or the other.

    I like the way that Singleton, Dugan, and Hudson project. Singleton should be targeted to be ready to step in at 1B when Howard leaves. Hes 19 now, so with his upside at age 21 its a lot to ask but they may have him ready. Of course thats projecting but thats why they drafted him.

    Hudson (due to the wealth of OF prospects they have) is someone I would try and turn into an INF if they can – same goes with Dugan. With Taylor, Brown, and Gose all coming through (likely) there wont be much room out there. They are going to need SOMEONE to play 3B and another good middle infielder to work on for a few years. I think Hudson should be converted and they should try and see if Dugan can play 3B because we dont know that Hewitt is going to make it or not. Im not sure about Collier either.

  98. I just think that after the great draft they had last year – and it was really a great draft – that the main thing they needed to do was add depth with some projectable upside.

    Now, I also think they should THROW MAD money at Colvin. If Stewart and Susac wont sign then Id offer a record bonus for that slot to Colvin. 2-2.5M. They have the money in the draft budget left to do it.

  99. lol @ giving Colvin 2-2.5 million dollars.

    That’s just being dumb, Colvin is far from a sure thing. He was a borderline supplemental pick. He’s far from a sure thing.

    Allentown, you’re kinda cherry picking that stuff. Gose/Knapp were both generally assumed to be pretty big overdrafts. They like most of the high school guys we got in the first 10 rounds have big upsides, but also had pretty big flaws or presumed flaws. d’Arnaud wasn’t a very popular pick as well, while Mattair & Savery were both universally accepted as great picks.

    You’re basically going off what they’ve done so far, and not what they were projected to be going into the draft.

  100. I don’t recall Savery being at all popular as a pick. Gose may have been a little bit of an overdraft, but still looked better at the time than Dugan and Hudson. The guy we really loved among the early picks last year was Collier. I recall Mattair being viewed as an ok pick but not much known about him and not a ton of enthusiasm other than the general preference for HS kids. Mattair still has a decent chance. The glove is there. Knapp was a pretty popular pick, mainly velocity and size and he was well known being fairly local.

    I like the Inch signing. Like the Kleven signing. They are goodto have in the system, but they are not Knapp quality. Kleven seems reminiscent of Mathieson and Sampson, which is half good, anyway.

  101. couldnt agree more B…the world ended when they announced Gose as an OF instead of a pitcher…and this site almost closed down when Knapp was selected(sorry PP i know u didnt like that pick, but ur emotion is why i love this site)…but now we are sayiing we didnt drafted anyone like “those” guys…not every draft will be 6 million in spending and quite frankly i wont be too upset if they tighten the wallet a bit…the Phils are now everything that we wanted them to be for so many years, if it means they had to skimp a bit on this draft(which was universally believed to be a weak draft) in order to add Lee or whatever their reasons, so beit…Altho i know im in a huhe minority with that last sentence

  102. Yeah. I remember everyone hoping that Gose would be sucky as soon as possible so he would go back to pitching.

  103. My point is they saved money this year, but I would throw a lot at Colvin. At least the same that Colton Cain got, probably a tad over.

  104. I still think he will sign. They may let Susac and Stewart walk. But if they signed Colvin on top of Hudson and their other signings then Id have to say that it was a decent draft. Last year may be one of the best drafts they have ever had, though its early still the results look promising. I mean I already consider one of the picks as a chip that was cashed in (Knapp) for Cliff Lee, who has taken over as our staff ace and has just been dominant since coming to the National League.

  105. If they sign Colvin, it would be a very good draft, given the picks we had and that we got Ibanez and Santana. Even today, it is a decent draft, considering the above. But I’m not going to kid myself. The only primo prospects we drafted were Colvin and Stewart, with Colvin being the top.

  106. If the only other big name is Colvin do you say that its a decent draft? (as in average, good for building organization depth while adding a few guys with upside).

  107. I mean if they sign Stewart, plus the bonus Inch got, that is a good consolation, but I cant understand not signing Colvin unless his demands are ridiculous. And after what the Pirates gave ZVR and Cain, its possible his demands are just that

  108. Who was our best pick in 07? Savery?

    I simply remember it being a very weak draft. Was d’Arnaud 07 or was he 06?

  109. d’Arnaud could make that a successful draft. I’ll always appreciate Dellucci as his comp pick gave us Mr. d’Arnaud.

  110. Call me crazy, but I’m hardly going to cry myself to sleep if the Phils fail to sign a high school pitcher. No matter how good they are, their attrition rate is very high.

  111. It would be nice to know what Colvin’s demands are…after all he ‘wants’ to sign otherwise he would have not showed up this week to parade himself in front of the Phillie brass at CBP. He would have informed Mainieri that he was attending LSU long ago… So he really wants to sign it is just that hardball negoiating that is going on right now…If the Phils up there offer just enough in the last hour he still might be a Phil… but if they are firm and low ball him he will probably end up back at LSU and either A) has arm trouble down the road and not the ‘potential’ pitcher he is today or worse or B) Hopes he stays healthy and improves his stock gets drafted and becomes a Philly killer in 5+ years for revenge…

  112. I have to agree with PP and others. If they don’t sign Colvin this seems like a below average draft (relative to opportunity). Stewart would make me feel better…but he is yet another outfielder. If they don’t sign either, then this draft sorta stinks in my mind. Dugan and Hudson were both overdrafted according to most experts.

    Again, we never know what the reality will be 3 years from now. They could sign both Colvin and Stewart and they might never make it out of the minors. I am talking about the grade based solely on who they drafted when, and who signed, versus who didn’t sign. You can’t spend draft picks on guys with bottom of Round 1 or Round 2 talent and not get them signed. That just represents missed opportunities.

    The only excuse for not signing Colvin is if he wants more then $1.2 Million.

  113. Nobody, I agree… They obviously drafted Colvin with the thought they could sign him (which they can with the right price ~ 1+ mil.) otherwise it was a wasted pick… Signing Colvin would drastically improve this drafts rating on getting players with big upside signed. Dugan & Hudson could be good down the road, but I think we have all seen this movie way to often “Toolsy outfielders”… fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…

    I know they can always use OF as trade bait, but with all the talent in the system in that area would you not think they would try and get some infielders in the system especially 3B?
    What are the chances that the Phils take Brodie Greene and his slick bat and try and make a third baseman out of him? Any chance they sign/ should they sign Amaro?

  114. I understand that Colvin is being heavily influenced by his older brother, who has zero experience in negotiating a big-time contract. My daughter attended high school with Colvin, and the word is that he wants ZVR money or better. Is that possible from the Phils?

  115. I don’t think they are willing to give him ZVR money going by Wolever’s comments on CSN Philly.

    At this point I don’t think he will sign. I don’t think the Phillies are willing to pay the price. It’s obvious they have a modest draft budget to work with. Which is a shame considering they didn’t have a first rounder so the money should be there.

  116. phuturephillies Says:
    August 13, 2009 at 3:33 PM

    I just followed up with my source.

    Much less optimistic on Colvin, though I’m not going into details. Still plenty of time left to get something done.



    Any new news from your source?

  117. Lafayette Man,

    Have your daughter call the kid and tell him to TAKE THE MONEY and PITCH FOR THE WFC!!!

  118. Just maybe the phillies aren’t being cheap , they just don’t feel he is worth the money based on what they saw. I am the first to critisize them but in this case I don’t think they are willing to overpay for the kind of talent they have seen.

  119. Ketch I thought you said Phillies would sign Brodie Greene yesterday, whats the update on that?

  120. mikemike,
    They had their choice of other talent or could have splurged internationally to make up for lack of a first rounder. In a year in which we trade 4 of our top prospects, a $2 million dollar draft without a compensatingly big international budget is really cheap. Even without losing 4 prospects, it is cheap. It is a big deal because this is the first draft in a long time without Arby and the first draft of the Amaro administration. Also, we need to keep refilling the talent pipeline to be able to afford to contend in the coming decade.

  121. I checked with the same guy yesterday and he told me Brodie was supposed to be done yesterday. I haven’t heard back from him, but he knows more about A&M baseball than anyone.

    I’m guessing it just hasn’t been announced.

  122. Allentown pretty much echoes my feelings. 10 years ago the Phillies never had the option of trading for a player like Cliff Lee because their farm system was devoid of talent. They just traded 4 of their top minor leaguers without giving up their top 3. That is serious depth.

    I understand and accept not signing Susac, everything written about him sounds like he is set on going to Oregon St. almost no matter what. But Colvin and Stewart sound like they are ready to sign if the price is right. The Phillies didn’t have a 1st or 2nd round pick, and even their 3rd round picks were considered 5th round material.

    If Stewart wants $1M the Phillies should give it to him or they should have never drafted him. His camp made it clear before the draft what they were looking for. And the Pirates deals should have locked in the parameters for Colvin. $1.2M is what the going rate is and the Phillies should be willing to pay it.

    Now if Stewart wants more then $1M or Colvin wants more then $1.2M then the Phillies might have some justification in walking away.

  123. I’d say the Colvin visit was part of the negotiation process. Bring the guy to an MLB park, try and sell him the experience.

    If this gets done, odds are we won’t hear about it until late tomorrow night. The whole MLB press is going to be on the Strasburg news in any case.

  124. I talked to one of my guys that’s connected to the LSU program and he’s still hearing that LSU has moved on. He was under the impression that Mainieri had washed his hands of the situation after a long negotiation process, which the LSU staff was not happy about.

    I hate to even post the info because it he doesn’t sign, I’ll be the biggest douche on the site, but that’s what I was told. I’m hoping to hear more later tonight.

  125. Don’t worry about it Ketch. I think I speak for everyone in any information is better than nothing.

  126. Is he in town? Are his parents here? Are the Phillies scouts sitting in the Colvin dining room? Does he like cheese steaks? Is there some other bit of info that would lead us one way or the other about this kid?

  127. Allentown,

    You’re right, Dugan was technically a 2nd, but he felt like a 3rd, 4th, or 5th rounder to me. Nothing against the kid personally, and I am rooting for him to succeed, but the biggest “Wow” player to me in this draft so far is Singleton and he barely cracked the Top 200 pre-draft lists. Hudson might have Gose level speed and defensive ability but he can’t hit (yet).

    The only Top 100 talents drafted were Colvin, Stewart, and Susac. To me what happens with those three guys will determine the success / failure of this draft. At least the initial judgement of it. Which could be proved wrong in time, but not immediately.

  128. Ketch,

    Keep the info coming. This is a confusing time and conflicting reports are expected. As long as they are posted honestly and are legit I sincerely appreciate them.

    I guess we really won’t know what contradictory reports are just negotiating tactics until midnight.

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