Box Score Roundup; 8/12

Before we dig into tonight’s box score, we may as well start with the highlight of the night. Michael Taylor hit for the cycle, going 5/5 with 2 doubles, a triple, and a home run, his 4th in 98 AAA AB’s. The huge game jumps his AAA average up to .286, he’s now at .325 over his last 10, and for the season (AA+AAA), he’s at .322/.398/.550 with 28 2B, 5 3B, 19 HR, 20 SB (20/25), 47 BB and 68 K. A truly awesome season to date, and the scary thing is that he might not even be the best outfield prospect in the system. Now, onto the box scores in more detail…

AAA: Lehigh Valley won 10-9.

* I covered Taylor’s huge night above, but I’ll just say it again. Duder hit for the cycle.
* Pat Overholt went 1.2 scoreless, allowing 1 hit and K’ing 1. In 9 games (14 IP) at AAA he’s sporting a 3.21 ERA with 10 H, 13 BB and 9 K, but an eye popping 5.2 FB/GB ratio. He was 1.65 at AA. Way too many walks though
* Our old friend Matt Maloney started for Louisville, giving up 6 ER in 5 IP.

AA: Reading lost 3-2.

* Domonic Brown goes 2/4 with another double and his 3rd SB
* Steve Susdorf hit his first AA home run and now has 1 hit in each of his first 4 AA games
* Vance Worley was the tough luck loser, giving up 2 ER in 7 IP, allowing only 4 H and striking out 4, and maybe most importantly, walking 0. His ERA in April, May and August; 3.19 in 76.1 IP. His ERA in June and July; 7.38 in 56.1 IP.
* Scott Mathieson allowed a run on 2 hits in relief

A+: Clearwater lost 7-1 and won 6-5.

* Game 1 was the completion of the 7/7 game. Im not even going to bother with the notes from that game
* Freddy Galvis went 3/5 with a 2B (6)
* Cody Overbeck went 3/5 with a HR (9)
* phuturephillies favorite Michael Schwimer gave up 2 ER in 1 IP, his first earned runs in forever.

A: Lakewood was postponed due to rain

SS: Williamsport lost 6-2.

* Adam Buschini went 2/3 and now has 3 straight multi hit games. Hes hitting .344 in August after an unbelievably bad first 6 weeks
* Anthony Hewitt went 2/4 and added 2 strikeouts. Thats now 20 K and 0 BB in his last 10 games
* Sebastian Valle was 0/4 and allowed his 7th passed ball
* Austin Hyatt, who had been untouchable, allowed 1 ER in 3.2 IP, walking 4 and striking out 5
* Sean Grieve, who for some reason is repeating the NYPL despite being 24, allowed 3 ER in 1 IP, and is now sporting a 6.75 ERA in 16 IP

RK: GCL Phillies lost 3-2.

* Jon Singleton was 1/4 with a 2B (4)
* Marlon Mitchell was 1/2. An 18 year old catching prospect no one is really talking about, he has a .256/.362/.359 line in limited action (39 AB)
* Kelly Dugan was 0/4 with a BB and a golden sombrero

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. Ruben keeps looking better and better. I hope MT is in route to his usual .370.

  2. what a way to end the night with a game tying homer in the 9th to finish off the cycle, the highlight of his homer is on, it was an absolute bomb

  3. GCL- though Mitchell may seem lightly used, he actually has more at bats than any other catcher. He got into alot of games after not starting for an at bat or two. Luis Paulino 3B stiill hitting well for August. Maybe a 6’2 3B prospect can move up some .

    Hewitt is picking up lately in the aspect of getting more hits and some power potential. Buschini starting to hit and they may get more from that 4th round draft choice.

    Galvis picking up on the hitting lately , maybe the injuries were a factor in the previous lack of production. Overbeck hit his 10th HR and the batting average is somewhat respectable , so maybe him and Yonderman Rodriguez can assume the role in Reading next season.

    Speaking of Yonderman Rodriguez, does anyone know why he replaced Michael Durant before the start of the game at 1B?

    Taylor- maybe not out of the realm of possibility he could start to be worked in in MLB in some capacity next season.

  4. Real question with Sean Grieve is why he is still on any roster. At 24, he’s sporting an ERA approaching 7 in a rookie league.

    Granted he was just drafted last year and is left-handed but he was a college senior who didn’t exactly dominate the Colonial Athletic League.

    Time to put that W&M degree to work…

  5. @Jamie

    Thanks! I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to figure out what’s wrong with Mattair that would keep at 6’4″ hitter from showing any power whatsoever. I mean he’s a BIG kid.

    He doesn’t have great bat speed, and his deep crouch likely takes away from his ability to drive through the baseball. I’m not sure why they haven’t revamped his approach in an effort to shorten his swing. If I was a minor league instructor for the Phillies, I’d be begging the org. to let Mattair be a pet project. There’s no way a kid of his size and athletic ability should make NO offensive progress over the course of two full seasons.

    with his defensive ability though, if he can just be a .275, 15 HR player, he will have significant value at the big league level. He’s a true plus, plus defender.

  6. With two high ceiling outfield prospects, it’s an exciting time to be a phillies fan. Wow!

  7. Prior to lasts nights game Taylor had recorded 13 line outs in the 93 at bats. With the exception of the first 2 games he has hit the ball well and if 4-5 of those 13 had been placed better his average would easily be over 300. Reading box scores is usually all most of us have as a tool for these prospects, but seeing a player in person reveals what text on paper cannot. Last night his infield hit to second was poorly struck, but his foot speed down the line was exceptional and resulted in a single. An average runner would have been out. The night before his second throw was unbelievably difficult because of the transition he had to make with his body before launching to the plate. Over the course of this year he has committed 1 error and has double digit assists. Watch the homerun at the ironpigs site and take in the excitement he generates. One last note, last night he used the entire field while producing his 5 hits.

  8. I am going to the Cutters game @ Aberdeen tonight, is there any way to see who the starter is going to be (do they list it on

    Anybody in particular you guys want to pay particular attention to? I am looking forward to seeing:

    Buschini (sp)

    Not necessarily in that order…I’ll try to write up a report and provide it tomorrow as long as the rain holds off this evening here.

  9. Going back on the Williamsport schedule past box scores I say Jonathon Petitbon. The other starters have been in the last 4 games.

  10. That’s what I found to be the case as well. It looks like its going to be either Noles or Hernandez (hopefully) if you follow the games going backwards…

  11. Taylor named best hitting prospect and most exciting player in the eastern league by the eastern league managers.
    Baseball America

  12. That’s quite the TV coverage for the ‘pigs. Hand camera walking back to the dugout?

  13. Taylor looked great last night. He cleared the bases with a misplayed liner that he turned into a triple. He legged out a single with his speed. His double and HR later in the game were real nice. Unfortunately he ended up getting himself caught in no man’s land between first and second and got picked off. He also couldn’t get to a ball in LF and ended up running into the foul wall.

  14. Jamie (or others) can you provide the link where you saw the Taylor home run? And very excited about Taylor’s ranking on BA’s Double A list – be interesting to see where Drabek and Brown are on their High A list.

  15. Look at me! Asking and answering:) Just saw it on YouTube – link below. One word – wow…

  16. P.S. Just posted the link and the video is showing. Sorry PP – don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…

  17. This just in: Michael Taylor and Dom Brown are REALLY good! I wonder if the Phils would ever consider promoting both this September so they could just absorb it all for the future??? Schwimmer, Hyatt, and Matheison all gave up runs on the same day? What’s up with that?? Next, you’ll tell me that BJ gave up a run…Nope!

  18. Okay, I’ll break my self-imposed silence to say this – with Taylor, Howard and Way, maybe, from now on, we should only make 5th round draft picks. That’s quite a haul from the 5th round.

    What’s most interesting to me is whether those players all going in the 5th round (or, more accurately, low-middle rounds), is entirely accidental. By this I mean that it is possible that teams change their drafting approach as they move through the drafting rounds. Early rounds (1 through 2) may be defined by picks for players with the highest ceilings. In rounds after that (say 3-4 or 3-6)), teams may make more “sure thing” picks – guys who they know can play, but have a more limited upside. After that, teams may then go back to players that seem to be flawed and could fail miserably, but who also may have a high upside (rounds 4 or 5 through 15 or so). Howard, Taylor and Way seem to fit into this latter category. The chess game and psychology of the draft is so interesting.

  19. Believe they would have to be added to the 40-man roster before they could be called up in Sept.

  20. One odd thing with the Clearwater doubleheader: Velasquez started both games! The first was really just a completed previous game but the stats officially will show he started both games.

  21. Let me be the first to anoint Taylor and Brown as the “New Bash Brothers”. It is either that or “Generation BOMB”.

  22. The dramatic game tying homer is on the ironpigs website.

    The announcers sounded pretty excited. I will admit leaving in the 8th inning. Also they did not have very many JA Happ bobbleheads at the gate. I missed out. booo.

  23. Video of Michael Taylor’s entire cycle and all five ABs are now up at
    Click on ironpigstv

    Quite impressive speed down the line.

  24. Hey guys FYI Mike Newham is tweeting from the Lakewood game tonight from and May is pitching. Unfortunately they’re in a rain delay right now, hopefully it’s not long and May comes back out.

  25. what impresses me the most about watching Taylor’s cycle is that both doubles and the triple went to right field and his homer was a bomb to left. he really showed pop to both fields last night. one of his doubles almost went out to right field.

  26. Was able to see the Cutters game tonite through 5 innings (3 year old son had reached his saturation point).

    Valle looks to be playing above everyone else as far as a talent level at this point. Not a suprise considering he started the year in Lakewood. Obviously management thinks highly of him and he had a nice RBI single for one of the 2 runs tonight.
    Hewitt and Collier certainly have the build to succeed…its just a matter of putting it together baseball wise. Hewitt had a nice RBI single for the other run, then got thrown out trying to steal second. Collier, nothing really happened there, although he had a nice catch on a ball coming in that he mis-judged by going back first and had a single then stole second.
    Castro looked to be pressing and this brings me to my next point:
    Dallas Green was in attendance (have a picture to prove it!), and I introduced myself…he said he was there watching the team, so I asked who specifically he was there to watch but he didn’t say…oh well seemed like a good guy, talked up my son for a few moments.

    Other observations:
    Buschini didn’t start noting to say there…
    Barnes has a busy setup at the plate…he actually sets by leaning toward the pitcher…almost looked like a left-handed batter standing in the wrong box facing the catcher! He did have a nice 3b off the wall in left, nicely struck ball.
    Noles pitched out of trouble in the 1st and settled down quite a bit after that. I know he’s 24 already, but lefties are lefties. 7ip and 7ks with only 1 run allowed is a good line anywhere.
    Not sure exactly who it was (Jiwan James?) but there was a guy on the bench with his right arm up to the elbow in a soft cast. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen his name in box scores recently.

    Other than that, not much. Took some pics (sat right behind the Cutters dugout). I may email the good one’s to PP, not sure how else to get them out to everybody.

    I know its always hard to judge guys on seeing only one game, but you can definitely see the guys that we talk about quite often on that team are certainly talked about for a reason. Nobody that I didn’t already have an opinion on from this site stuck out to me.

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