Sleeper Alert; Leandro Castro

As I mentioned in the box score roundup, I’m intrigued by Leandro Castro. I don’t know much about his backstory, I just know he was signed as an undrafted free agent out of the Dominican Republic. He made his US debut last year in the GCL at age 19, a year or two later than most big time Latin American prospects. His line for the season didn’t look particularly impressive; .298/.317/.422 with 9 2B, 3 HR and 9 SB, but only 4 BB and 25 K in 161 AB. He struggled at Lakewood before being placed back in the NYPL where he’s compiled an impressive batting line; .357/.395/.585 with 14 2B, 5 HR, and 12 SB, with a 25/9 K to BB ratio in 171 AB thus far. The power spike is notable, and though he’s been caught stealing 9 times, he obviously does have some speed. So seeing an intriguing guy who I didn’t know much about, I got in touch with a good friend of this website, Kevin Goldstein over at Baseball Prospectus and asked him if he had any good info on Castro. Check below the fold for his brief report

Here’s Kevin’s quick hit report

He’s semi-real — Phillies like him. Real good athlete, can do a lot of good things, true plus runner (not a burner, but plus), should be able to play CF once he gets the instincts and reps down. Quick bat, surprising pop (not big, below average, but not punch and judy) for size, VERY out of control player at the plate, on the basepaths and in the field.

Sounds kind of promising, yeah? Based on his season and this scouting report, I might just drop him in the back of my Top 30 this winter and see what happens.

Also, while I have your attention, I highly recommend reading Kevin’s piece about fixing the draft which is up on BP today.

20 thoughts on “Sleeper Alert; Leandro Castro

  1. Also a great guy…We had Leandro in Lakewood and he flat out just loves the game and was a pleasure to deal with…A little info beyond the numbers.

  2. If you watched him and Castro play together, I don’t know if people could choose the high draft pick. They look and play similar to me. Gose as well. And it sounds like the 3rd round pick they just signed is another carbon copy.

  3. Goldstein’s report seems pretty accurate based on the one game on saw him at last week. His arm seems to be plus also. The ball seems to rocket off his bat, but he does remind me a little of Juan Samuel with the wild swings.

  4. When we did our ratings back in February, I had Castro #20 on my prospect list. I suppose that was a little aggressive but I just had a feeling about this guy.

    It sure would be nice to see him progress to the “unanimous” prospect list.

  5. That Dude- I gave you a thumbs Up because I was thinking the same thing. I truly have moved on from PEDs/Roids and what not but to think people still ain’t juicing is foolish.

    I thought it was funny.

  6. I generally frown on insinuating a guy isn’t his stated age or he’s on PEDs unless there is some kind of real evidence. There’s no real evidence here.

  7. I had Castro at #27 last year and honorable mention the year before. I was disappointed that he didn’t do well in Lakewood. Let’s see if he can come back next year and “Rake at the Lake.” I think more of him than Hewitt… much more.

  8. The minor league testing is much more stringent then the ML testing, so I just don’t see it. The era has changed already, the testing is in place, the players are now innocent until proven guilty.

    It’d be nice if Castro could turn into a 4th OF type. The team hasn’t been producing the fringey bench guys very well recently.

  9. If he is productive and his actions on field are seen as out of control, that’s a good thing. You would expect even more improvement when he improves his bat, running, throwing, and fielding control and starts avoiding crazy moves on the field.

  10. I’ve been following his numbers through the box scores on for the season. Interesting to get Kevin’s knowledge on him. But he does sound like a lot like other young, semi-promising outfielders we have in the lower depths of the system.

  11. Castro also showed plus power in his one DSL year. I think the Goldstein comments are right on. He has tools, but they are merely good and not great. Without a little more discipline he will be taken apart by better pitchers in the upper levels. That being said, he has shown enough to at least be an intriguing name to watch.

  12. I like Castro cause he sounds like victorino, another short wild guy they thought was a fringy fourth.. They need to find a way to measure that muscle in your chest. Might change the ratings slightly.

  13. Castro sounds interesting, could turn into something special or just be like some have said a 4 th outfielder, my question is about the instructional league, how many usually go and is it for mostly high school players and high drafted players?

  14. Castro almost certainly merits top 30 inclusion with his season. He’s posted as much power as anyone in the system.

  15. I’m not sure that he’s in my top 30. He’s 20 years old, and there’s some impressive names that I’d have to move out of my 30. Still, he’s right there, and might creep in the back half if he keeps hitting through the end of the year.

    That ratings tool=one more thing for some people to abuse.

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