Andrew Susac #13 on Keith Law’s Cape Cod Top 30

2009 draftee Andrew Susac makes the list. You can see the whole list here.

13. Andrew Susac, C, Oregon State/Falmouth. Susac is age-eligible as a sophomore in 2011 and seems to be the consensus pick among scouts as the Cape’s best catcher. He has arm strength behind the plate and raw power at the dish, but he needs to demonstrate he can handle better quality stuff — which he’ll see often in the Pac-10 next year.

11 thoughts on “Andrew Susac #13 on Keith Law’s Cape Cod Top 30

  1. Ouch! Had to bring this one up, didn’t you? I was watching his stats a little this spring and he was having a tough time early. He was spliitting time with another catcher. He seemed to come into his own at tournament time. He flashed power down the stretch.

    I was really hoping we would sign him last year but alas…

  2. Does anyone remember how far apart we supposedly were? Would have been nice to have signed both he and Workman the year before, but you can’t get them all. Even the Yankees can’t.

  3. Yeah, it’s tough to criticize recent draft policy given the success of the farm system, but I think increasing the budget to make one or two more tough signs a year would be nice. It’s obviously tough because as an organization you don’t want to pay someone more than you think they’re worth, but at the same time sometimes you do have to overpay for the top talent and in the long run overpaying in the draft will save you money. The Phils have done very well identifying good talent at the medium bonus level but can we reasonably expect that to continue? I don’t know, I just know that if I’m going to pick nits, the draft budget would be one of the only things.

  4. i can’t blame the phillies on this one. from every report i saw, it seems that they gave it a good shot. gave him a good number and tried hard. this happens to every organization. heck they yankees couldn’t sign their first round pick a few years ago. the kid that went to UCLA. and he looks like he could be a #1 overall pick. some times a kid just wants to go to college.

  5. I actually preferred Susac to both Colvin and Stewart last August, but the Phils clearly made the right decision assuming a set budget. Susac is still more projectable than anything else, as his bat will continue to be a work-in-progress.

  6. Just came back from the Cape!! Saw Susac play in a doubleheader!! He went 4 fer 8 hit 2 home runs and back picked 2 people!! He is a Stud, with a cannon for a arm!! You should have seen the pregame B.P.!! WOW!!! This kid has alot of power and upside!! He lead the cape in slugging and 2nd in H.R.s with half the A.B.s!! I wish we would have signed him!! His price tag will probably go up!! Maybe a first or sandwich round pick!!

  7. I don’t know exactly what Stewart or Susac were asking for, but I would love to find out someday. We did have the pre-draft rumors that Stewart’s camp was asking for a minimum of $1M to back out of Stanford.

    Like I said previously, if I was in charge of the money I would have went as high with Susac as I did with Colvin…roughly $1M. Because of the specific position (C) and specific circumstances (Jaramillo and Marson gone). This became an even bigger issue when d’Arnaud was traded to Toronto. It would be nice to have Susac in the system right now.

  8. He already looks like a Big Leaguer!! I saw him play on t.v. for the Cape Cod All Star game at Fenway!! He blocks a ball an throws out a guy by 10 feet!! Big solid kid!!

  9. Have been scanning the mock drafts for 2011. It seems Susac will most likely be available when the Phillies pick in the compensation round. I wonder if they like him enough to take him again with their top pick and pay 1 million plus, for a draft eligible sophomore.

    1. I’d love it if they took another run at him. I wonder where he is on asking price this time around.

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