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2010 Draft Wrap-Up

As we inch closer to the midnight deadline, it appears the Phillies are done signing picks for the 2010 draft, which means I can write my final wrap-up piece. As you know, I’m a big draft fan, I love the process, I love the buildup, and then I love waiting to see who does and doesn’t sign. If you’re new to the site, you can find all of the stuff I’ve written about the 2010 by following this link. My long draft recap, written right after the draft in June, can be found here and the more philosophical piece I wrote about draft strategy can be found here. That should be a good primer. I’m going to try and not repeat myself too much from the links above, so lets get to it.

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2010 Draft Signing Deadline Day

The deadline to sign draft picks is midnight on Monday night, and the Phillies have some work to do. I figured it would be good to go over what the Phillies have done so far, and what I expect them to do on Monday in terms of tying up a few more signings. As you have probably heard, MLB tries its best to deter teams from spending more than the recommended bonus amount, especially after the first 5 rounds. The Commissioner urges teams to not give more than a $150K bonus to a player after the 5th round, and all bonuses over this amount must be approved by the Commissioner’s office before it is official. Because of this, teams generally wait until the last few days to announce overslot signings, because the Commish won’t approve them. Will the Phillies make any more plays in this draft class? Past history says its a good possibility. Check below for more.

Update 9:38 PM —> According to this article (which provides no source), the Phillies signed Brian Pointer and Jonathan Musser. The article mentions “high 3rd round money” for Pointer, which would be somewhere between $350-450K.

Update –> Jim Callis mentions on Twitter that Pointer got $350K. So if the $300K on Musser is correct, that means $650K so far. Solid.

Update –> 5:08 PM According to Phillies scribe Matt Gelb, Kevin Walter has signed. This is fantastic news. You can find a scouting report on Walter in the link below.

Update –> 9:50 PM Gelb now says the Phillies won’t sign Frazier. Kind of a shame, but with the other signings announced, it makes sense I suppose.

You can find scouting reports for Walter, Pointer and Musser in my Draft Review piece.
Video of Brian Pointer can be found here.

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Lakewood Weekly Report (8/9-8/15)

Recap: Lakewood went 5-1 this week, a combination of continued excellent starting pitching and some offensive outbursts (three games of 10+ runs including a 17-run explosion). They’re now 30-18 in the second half, 3.5 games ahead of Hickory. Overall, the ‘Claws are 72-46, the second best record in minor league baseball (Durham is 74-47).
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August 16 discussion

Today is draft pick signing deadline day, so that is where the majority of the heat will be. If there are signings, please post the links in that post, it will make it easier for everyone. Just use this spot to discuss last night’s games.

Williamsport lost 2-1.
Lakewood won 5-2.
Clearwater lost 6-0.
Reading PPD
Lehigh Valley won 5-4.

* Singleton with HR #13
* Shreve with 5 no hit innings; 5 IP – 0 H – 1 ER – 1 BB – 5 K
* Julio Rodriguez with 6 K in 3 innings of relief
* Mathieson with SV #21