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2010 Phillies Draft In Review

Hi everyone. I want to thank JKearse for putting this together, its taken me too long to remember to publish it, so a few of the stat lines might be out of date, but this should be a cool look at some of the guys who didn’t sign out of the 2010 draft and how they’ve done at college so far. Thanks to JKearse for putting this together.

Check below the fold for all of the stats/links

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2010 Draft Wrap-Up

As we inch closer to the midnight deadline, it appears the Phillies are done signing picks for the 2010 draft, which means I can write my final wrap-up piece. As you know, I’m a big draft fan, I love the process, I love the buildup, and then I love waiting to see who does and doesn’t sign. If you’re new to the site, you can find all of the stuff I’ve written about the 2010 by following this link. My long draft recap, written right after the draft in June, can be found here and the more philosophical piece I wrote about draft strategy can be found here. That should be a good primer. I’m going to try and not repeat myself too much from the links above, so lets get to it.

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2010 Draft Signing Deadline Day

The deadline to sign draft picks is midnight on Monday night, and the Phillies have some work to do. I figured it would be good to go over what the Phillies have done so far, and what I expect them to do on Monday in terms of tying up a few more signings. As you have probably heard, MLB tries its best to deter teams from spending more than the recommended bonus amount, especially after the first 5 rounds. The Commissioner urges teams to not give more than a $150K bonus to a player after the 5th round, and all bonuses over this amount must be approved by the Commissioner’s office before it is official. Because of this, teams generally wait until the last few days to announce overslot signings, because the Commish won’t approve them. Will the Phillies make any more plays in this draft class? Past history says its a good possibility. Check below for more.

Update 9:38 PM —> According to this article (which provides no source), the Phillies signed Brian Pointer and Jonathan Musser. The article mentions “high 3rd round money” for Pointer, which would be somewhere between $350-450K.

Update –> Jim Callis mentions on Twitter that Pointer got $350K. So if the $300K on Musser is correct, that means $650K so far. Solid.

Update –> 5:08 PM According to Phillies scribe Matt Gelb, Kevin Walter has signed. This is fantastic news. You can find a scouting report on Walter in the link below.

Update –> 9:50 PM Gelb now says the Phillies won’t sign Frazier. Kind of a shame, but with the other signings announced, it makes sense I suppose.

You can find scouting reports for Walter, Pointer and Musser in my Draft Review piece.
Video of Brian Pointer can be found here.

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2010 Draft Review

I’m going to start off my annual 2010 draft review with a quick note. I’m not one for self-editing. When I sit down to write something, I normally do it in one shot. I’ve written some very very long pieces in the history of this site, and off the top of my head, I think all of them were written in one sitting. Its the way I work. When I want to write something, I generally sit down and either it happens or it doesn’t. I have ideas, I want to talk about them, then I move on. But in writing this draft recap, I did a lot of self-editing. I started writing last night and ended up writing 5,500 words which I’ve since scrapped, or more accurately put, shelved until a later date. I started writing and realized my draft recap barely even talked about the 2010 draft, it was more of a philosophical writeup on the draft mechanics as a whole. Which I want to save for a later date, because I think they are still valid, but they’ll require me doing more work. And right now, all it seems anyone wants is my take on the draft. I’m going to pull a few small parts from that previous writeup, and its still going to be somewhat philosophical, but I’m going to focus more on the 2010 picks, and I’ll polish up that other piece for a rainy day while we wait for the signing deadline in August. So, for what is sure to still be a really long piece, check below…

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2010 Draft Picks Register

I’ve added the 2010 Draft Register at the top of the website, and you can get there by clicking here. This year, I’m going to try and go about assembling this page a bit differently. At the top, I’m still going to list the 50 picks, and when they sign, I’m going to put them in bold. Underneath the list of picks, I’m going to list each guy individually, in the order they were picked, and then also insert all of the scouting reports, articles, and anything else that I (and you) can find on the player. My hope is that page becomes the go to for all the information on the picks. So if you find scouting reports or information that hasn’t been posted, go ahead and post it on that page, not this post.

Also, a big thank you to Ryan, who helped update all of the lists during the last 2 days, and thank you to everyone else for posting information and creating a good discussion during the draft. Its going to take me a while to write my draft recap, but I hope to have as much information as possible, and I want to also write it from a bit more of a philosophical angle, not just regurgitating scouting reports. Check back for that maybe this weekend, or maybe sometime next week.

2010 Draft Day 3 Selections

Today concludes the draft. Use this posting to discuss all of the picks taken. I will be completely off the grid and will not be able to comment/update the picks. I’m hoping that Ryan will be able to update the list, but if not, I’ll update it when I get home from work tomorrow. If you have comments, articles, or scouting reports on any of the guys taken on Day 2, please post it in the Day 2 list so it will be easier for me to find when I begin to write up the draft.

Check below for the picks….

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Some quick day 2 thoughts

This is going to be a fairly short posting. The draft is a little over half way complete, and there are still 20 picks to come tomorrow. I was away from the computer for much of the afternoon, so I wasn’t able to update the list, but a big thanks to Ryan for helping to add the players. I posted a few scouting reports of some of the early picks, and when I do my full recap, I will try and scrape together information on every pick made. My draft writeup will probably be done over the weekend, as I don’t envision having time to do it this week, but we’ll see. I’m not going to dissect every pick here, but I’ll give you a few of my general thoughts below the cutoff…

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2010 Draft Day 2 selections

I was going to use one post for all of the comments, but with 350+ comments, its going to really take forever to load and reload, so I’ll just split things up and put the rest of the selections here. Some really interesting guys still on the board, including Stetson Allie, Austin Wilson, Brandon Workman, AJ Cole and Micah Gibbs. It should be an interesting day. Check below the fold for all of the picks.

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Some elite names still left on the board

I am going to put up a post for the remaining picks later, and we’ll use that spot to discuss Day 2. Until tomorrow, here are a bunch of guys I find interesting that haven’t been picked yet.

Stetson Allie, RHP, AJ Cole, RHP, Austin Wilson, OF, Micah Gibbs, C, Brett Eibner, RHP, Chad Bettis, RHP, Yordy Cabrera, SS, Marcus Littlewood, SS, Kevin Gausman, RHP, Jordan Swagerty, RHP, Adam Plutko, RHP and many others. Should be an interesting day.

Check out PNR Scouting’s Top 100 and look at some of the names on there.

Check below for a position breakdown on PNR’s rankings

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Phillies select Jesse Biddle, LHP at #27

Biddle was a fast riser up draft boards in the last month, and with the local connection, it wasn’t a huge surprise that the Phillies took him. You’ll hear the Phillies braintrust talk about how they “have to take the best player available”, but that wasn’t the case here. They took a guy they knew they could sign, with a bunch of premium talent still on the board. Biddle isn’t a reach of Anthony Hewitt proportions, but he wasn’t the best player available, and there were 4 or 5 premium prep prospects still on the board at this pick. Still, this isn’t a big reach, and he wouldn’t have gotten to the Phillies at #77

You can read his scouting report here and here is an older report from Summer 2009
You can see his scouting bureau video here and an older video of him here.

He’s a big, tall LHP with plus velocity and the chance for two average secondary pitches. He is projectable, and LHP is something the Phillies lack in their system, at least the high ceiling variety. This is certainly a good pick, but there were much better players on the board. As is the case every year, what the Phillies do later in the draft will determine the ultimate grade. I view this pick as a little above average, maybe a B? The real action starts tomorrow.

Update —> Something else to consider. Biddle, on raw talent, was probably in the 30-50 range. The Phillies next pick wasn’t until 77. If they’d waited, he’d have been gone by then. This might have been a reach, but it wasn’t a huge reach. He was getting consideration at #14 overall, he’d have definitely gone in the sandwich round. This isn’t an Anthony Hewitt or Kelly Dugan-esque reach. This is a solid pick, even if its not the guy I really wanted.