2010 Draft Day 3 Selections

Today concludes the draft. Use this posting to discuss all of the picks taken. I will be completely off the grid and will not be able to comment/update the picks. I’m hoping that Ryan will be able to update the list, but if not, I’ll update it when I get home from work tomorrow. If you have comments, articles, or scouting reports on any of the guys taken on Day 2, please post it in the Day 2 list so it will be easier for me to find when I begin to write up the draft.

Check below for the picks….

951- Klocke, James C- Southeast Missouri State
981- Alonso, Carlos 3B- Delaware University
1011- Stumpo, Robert C- West Chester University
1041- Murray, Pat 1B- Lewis and Clark State
1071- Pettis, Eric RHP- UC Irvine
1101- Davis, Neal LHP- Virgina University
1131- Shuler, Marshall RHP- Colorado School of the Mines
1161- Walker, Keenyn OF- Central Arizona College
1191- Cummings, Justin OF- Santa Fe Community College
1221- Harvill, Jeffrey LHP- Evangel Christian Academy, LA
1251- Zeutenhorst, Taylor OF- Sheldon HS, IA
1281- Chadd, Timothy1B- Bishop Carroll Catholic HS, Kansas
1311- Hodgskin, James LHP- Bishop Moore HS, FL
1341- Meaux, Jesse RHP- UC Santa Barbara
1371- Fransisco, Michael LHP- Villanova University
1401- Ross, Tyler C- Baron Collier HS, FL
1431- Stewart, Ethan LHP- New Mexico Junior College
1461- Ottoson, Kyle LHP- South Mountain Community College, CO
1491- Hallock, Kyle LHP- Kent State University

1521- Tomscha, Damek 3B- Sioux City North HS, IA

176 thoughts on “2010 Draft Day 3 Selections

  1. I’m fine withe the Phils selecting a player who will sign for slot. Heard him interviewed yesterday and he sounds like a very bright kid who just wants to play ball.

    What will make that better is using that saved money to bust slot with a few late round kids who could turn into high profile prospects. I guess we won’t really know until mid-August and beyond.

  2. James- are there any Cosart/Colvin-type guys that you are keeping an eye out for?

  3. I’d like to see us draft a passel of HS Shortstops and HS catchers today just for kicks. Andrew Knapp is still available I think.

  4. One interesting HS RHP is John Simms out of TX. Committed to the pre-med program at Rice, but may be worth taking a shot at. I don’t belive he was drafted yet

  5. Wolever said he’d like to find the next Dom Brown/Jarred Cosart on day 3 so I think we will see some interesting picks.

  6. How did the Phillies manage to avoid drafting a kid named Austin. It seems like 10% of those kids were named Austin.

  7. The late rounds are the most facinating—that’s when a team can take the “tough signs”, bust slots and end up with a gem (like Dom Brown)

  8. MLB also does the annoying thing where they will not announce any over slot signings until right around signing day. So any of these later round guys that accept offers in the round 2-3 range may have deals in place in the coming weeks but will not be announced until the very end.

  9. Bill, unless they have no college eligibility left, the deadline is August 16 to sign.

    Section 205, Biddle has to graduate Friday before he can sign. But yes there is an agreement.

  10. Where do you guys get this info about these agreements and who’s about to sign?

  11. I kind of like this Klocke pick. Ohio Valley Conference player of the year as a senior after hitting .370/.439/.635 as a senior, with 23 walks to only 12 strikeouts. Could be an intriguing senior sign if he can stick behind the plate.

  12. Another catcher, this time a local guy from West Chester — Robert Stumpo

  13. Another local guy! Are any of these college picks gonna be tough signs or are they seniors?

  14. Looked at the stats for Alonso. Looks like a pure hitter. Led NCAA Div 1 in hitting (April stats) with a .466 average.

  15. If you’re a high school pitcher with hopes of being a big league pitcher how do you go to a program like Rice who has a history of killing pitchers arms. I imagine we won’t be seeing many Rice pitchers drafted in the first round anymore.

  16. I am not sure it is a rule of MLB to hold off on the over slot players. I think teams wait until the last minute to keep MLB from giving them grief and having agents use it against other teams.

    The draft tracker on MLB shows if they are college (and grade), jc or hs players and can be sorted by team to see the Phillies players. Obviously many of us are following it, but clearly some are not aware of it.

  17. Two selections from Lewis & Clark State in Idaho – just a guess but I’m thinking the Washington scout they trust so much also covers neighboring Idaho.

  18. Well, my dream of 20 straight HS flier picks has been crushed. We are busy drafting guys so that when the first signing announcement has 25 names on it, it looks like we’ve accomplished something.

  19. Or they’re actually trying to fill out the short season rosters…. you know like they kind of need to do.

  20. Didn’t Dom Brown sign because he didn’t qualify for college?

    not sure he’s the best example of an “unsignable” player then

  21. Believe me the short seasons rosters are plenty filled. We’ve got like 50 guys in extended. Stumpo’s going to be Williamsport’s 4th catcher at least.

  22. Okay, color me officially confused by today so far. Where are the darkhorse HS prospects that need to get bought out of their college committments?

  23. I believe Dom Brown wasn’t drafter higher because all teams believed he was more interested in playing football at U of Miami (?) than playing baseball as a pro, so no one believed he would sign.

  24. Pettis was a preseason all-American closer at Irvine before getting moved back into the rotation this year. Apparently Irvine was using him to start AND close this year. Seems like a possible fast-track bullpen arm.

  25. Murray is another re-draft. Phils took him in the 45th round in ’06. Lewis and Clark is the 3rd college he’s played for …

  26. Some info on Davis:
    SR LHP Neal Davis (2010) goes into his senior season as Virginia’s top lefthanded relief pitcher, a player able to skillfully mix and match fastballs, sliders, and changeups to get hitters out. His most recent season was arguably his least successful – certainly his least dominating – so he heads into 2010 with plenty to prove. His big league frame (6-6, 210) and past success in a highly competitive conference (he struck out nearly a batter an inning [39 in 40] while only allowing 7 earned runs in 40 relief innings [1.58 ERA] in 2008) combined with intriguing stuff (sits in the high-80s to low-90s with the fastball and has an above-average mid-70s slider) make him another second half of the draft option for a team looking for a warm A-ball body on the cheap. I know I do this a lot, but I’d be remiss to write this much about Davis without mentioning the possibility that his stuff and frame would actually play well as a starting pitcher professionally.

  27. More info on Davis: In 19 relief appearances in 2010, he has a 7.79 ERA with 25 hits, 9 Ks and 8 BBs in 17.1 IP.

  28. Good BA quote on Marshall Schuler:

    “Marshall Schuler is a 6-foot, 170-pound senior righthander with a career 9.29 ERA. “

  29. The Colorado School of Mines Orediggers had a team ERA of 7.87 this season … must play in thin air.

  30. Came in late here. Is the report of Wolever saying the draft budget is $2.8M true?

    That would preclude much overslot signing in later rounds, would it not?

  31. I don’t understand criticizing choices based purely on high school vs. college. At this stage in the draft any player that makes the bigs is a complete surprise. And that player could just as easily be a senior from college as an overlooked high school player. Anyone who thinks they are going to see a player at this stage with star potential is seriously delusional.

  32. I’m staying by the phone this afternoon. If they’re down to the Marshall Schuler’s of the world, the 47-year-old Cat Stoker’s can’t be far behind.

  33. Diamond Derby, that was someong joking, he even said as much in the same post over on PhilliesPhans

  34. JoeM says:

    “MLB also does the annoying thing where they will not announce any over slot signings until right around signing day. So any of these later round guys that accept offers in the round 2-3 range may have deals in place in the coming weeks but will not be announced until the very end.”

    That’s to the individual team’s advantage, including Phils. It precludes one overslot attempt from going south if another is announced and the second guy thinks he should get more.

  35. Thanks, Peter, I am in and out of here and PhilliesPhans during the day, and can easily miss some stuff when I am extra busy.

  36. I forgot about him Pat. But he’s the ONLY one. (And he hasn’t made the majors, yet.)

  37. Alan, in general I understand what you are saying, but I’ll have to disagree with you to an extent. College players are closer to their ceiling as 22 and 23 year olds. HS kids might have a higher bust rate, but they also may have more untapped potential to develop.

    Sometimes HS kids with high upside fall into this range because they got hurt or because teams think there is no way to buy them out of college committments.

  38. I think we’ll see the HS picks start rolling in soon…I hope. I’m sure they’ll draft at least a few guys with strong college commitments. It can’t hurt to talk.

  39. Other than Alonso, Pettis and Klocke, I am completely ambivalent about signing anybody we’ve drafted so far today. Even though it will end up being completely irrelevant, I still can’t believe we haven’t drafted a single HS player today yet.

  40. Squire, the reason for that is because there is no talent outside of a few up in tripple a and double a

  41. can someone give me a link for the Phillies extended spring training roster or site if there is one …much appreciated

  42. Perfect Game on Walker from 2008:

    “Keenyn Walker is a 2009 OF/P with a 6’1”, 185 lb. frame from Salt Lake City, UT who attends Judge Memorial. Keenyn is a lean well put together very athletic player with fluid actions in the outfield. His throws carry well in the outfield with arm strenth. He is a switch hitter at the plate with a line drive swing plane. He showed a bit better from the left side and has good extension in his swing. He stays inside the baseball and uses all fields. He projects very large with added strength and is a very good, 6.53 sixty. Walker is extremely athletic and he could skyrocket up the charts by next year”

    And in 2009 (I guess he didn’t skyrocket):

    “Good athletic body, Plus run, nice arm, tools are there, looked good at PG National, good at AC, bat needs to come on”

  43. I can see why the Phils like him. He was a top-notch football player too out of high school. He’s probably one of those “next Domonic Browns” Wolever was thinking of.

  44. just checked out jeff harvill from Evangel Christian Academy. his myspace page was up haha so i went to it, and he has the METS as his background! Get this guy out of here!

  45. Justin Cummings from Perfect Game in January 2009 (I bet you can guess what this is going to say):

    “Justin Cummings is a 2009 OF/P with a 6’2”, 175 lb. frame from Lawtey, FL who attends P K Yonge. Justin has a very athletic build, long easy strides in the outfield with some arm strength. Outstanding speed, switch hits at the plate, showed some bat speed, gets down line very well, interesting as bat continues to develop.”

  46. Perfect Game on Harvill from May 2009:

    Jeff Harvill is a 2010 LHP/OF with a 6’2”, 180 lb. frame from Keithville, LA who attends Evangel Christian HS. Nice athletic build, projects. Big leg raise delivery, H 3/4’s release, good plane, FB 86-88, cuts FB at times with nasty late movement, CB sharp at times, tight spin, flat at other times. Advanced change up for age. Best rhythm when mixing pitches, tends to overthrow on FB counts. Quality athlete, very good defensive OF tools, some bat speed, sub 7.0 runner. Good student.”

    His most recent update showed his fastball at 91.

  47. Looks like a bullpen draft.

    Guess the Phillies don’t think there is a lot of future stars in this years crop. Let’s just hope they take the money saved and invest it in Latin America, or on next years draft.

    The guys that they have picked seem to have some upside potential. Guys coming off injury, disappointing years, etc. I love that approach as it allows them to potentially get value deep in the draft. Unfortunately that value is mostly limited to the bullpen and or 4/5 starter.

  48. Jeff Harvill P / OF 6-2 180 L / L
    Keithville, LA (Evangel Christian Academy Eagles)

    Also plays football.

    2007: Batted .200 (2-10) with 2 runs, 4 RBI, 3 walks and 5 strikeouts. 2-1 with a 2.58 ERA, 21.2 innings, 21 walks and 28 strikeouts in 11 games (2 starts) on the mound.

    2008: Batted .250 (2-8) with 5 runs, 1 triple, 3 RBI, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and 2-2 stolen bases. 4-2 with a 2.66 ERA, 44.2 innings, 29 walks and 46 strikeouts in 13 games (8 started, 1 complete) on the mound.

    Attended the Perfect Game National Underclass Showcase in 2008. {Rated an 8.5}

    PG REPORT: Slender athletic body, projects well. Quick compact arm action, accelerates delivery to the plate, good arm speed, hides ball well, high release point. FB touched 85 mph, mostly straight, occ cuts. CB has good velo, big 2 plane break, good pitch, developing change up. Good athlete, runs 6.95, has bat speed and solid hitting approach. Good student.

    #454 in the PGCrossChecker rankings of the Top 500 High School Prospects for 2010 on February 20, 2009.

    Got a save (1.2 innings, 4 K’s) on 5/12/09.

    Won the 2A State Championship in ’09.

    Honorable Mention 2A All-State in 2009.


  49. Well all anybody has been saying about this draft coming in is how little talent this crop has. The nice thing is that next year is supposed to be jam packed with talent, so maybe saving for next year is the strategy.

  50. Harvill’s whole motion is a lot like Hamels’, except he keeps his upper body straighter. Tweaking that may allow him to unlock a bit more velocity.

  51. Another prep outfielder! Pretty big kid out of Iowa. Good stuff in round 41.

  52. We just doubled the college graduate population for the city of Williamsport!

  53. Another Iowa kid – that’s three this draft. I see a trend…

    He’s also another kid with a Univ. of Iowa schollie:

    Zeutenhorst, a native of Sheldon, IA, is an athletic utility player. He has the ability to play on the left side of the field, as well as be a power arm on the mound. In 2009, he batted .560 with a 1.095 slugging percentage for his Sheldon HS. He is a two-time all-conference, all-district and all Northwest Iowa short stop. Zeutenhorst has earned three letters in football, three letters in basketball and three in track.

  54. In Taylor’s video I didn’t love his swing at all. Hoping they can mess with it a bit. It also seems like he’s got a pretty strong commit to U-Iowa

    Free from Perfect Game:

    Taylor Zeutenhorst is a 2010 OF/IF,RHP with a 6’4”, 205 lb. frame from Sheldon, IA who attends Sheldon HS. Excellent athletic body, very good strength potential. Spread open to closed hitting approach, rotational upper half hitting style, has quick hands, shows big power potential when pulling, hitting tools to develop with repetitions. Good runner for size, very good arm strength, compact arm action, extra steps in release, shows some potential as third baseman, arm strength plays well in IF with release. Also pitched, FB to 88 mph from cross body release, good running life, threw strikes. High ceiling athlete. Signed with University of Iowa.

  55. Perfect Game on Zeutenhorst. I like it:

    “Taylor Zeutenhorst is a 2010 OF/IF,RHP with a 6’4”, 205 lb. frame from Sheldon, IA who attends Sheldon HS. Excellent athletic body, very good strength potential. Spread open to closed hitting approach, rotational upper half hitting style, has quick hands, shows big power potential when pulling, hitting tools to develop with repetitions. Good runner for size, very good arm strength, compact arm action, extra steps in release, shows some potential as third baseman, arm strength plays well in IF with release. Also pitched, FB to 88 mph from cross body release, good running life, threw strikes. High ceiling athlete. Signed with University of Iowa. “

  56. Info on chadd:

    “I’m kind of from a baseball family. My uncle (David) played baseball at Barton (County) and at K-State. He’s the president of scouting for the Detroit Tigers…. He’s always there for good advice. He has a barn; I can go and hit or whatever in his shed. I get crap from people who say, since David Chadd’s your uncle, does that mean you’re going to get drafted in the first round? My grandpa, he was a living legend, Rolly Chadd. He’s in the hall of fame for umpiring in Wichita.”

  57. video on hodgeskin looks like he is around 90 with the fb with a decent looking change that tails in on hitters. Plenty of movement on everything

  58. Jimmy Hodgskin, LHP, Bishop Moore HS 6-0, 185
    A lanky lefty who lives in the mid-high-80s with a big league change-up, Hodgskin will be a force as a freshman if he ends up at Troy University because his pitchability is so advanced. With an easy arm-action and projectable body, Hodgskin has a chance to develop into an average big league velo guy as well. His curve is in the developmental stage. Hodgskin’s delivery is unique in that he swivels his head, sort of like Fernando Valenzuela short of looking to the sky. Despite the head movement, Hodgskin hits the target with his pitches and displays some of the best command in the country.

    From BA back in May:
    Jimmy Hodgskin, lhp, Bishop Moore HS, Orlando
    Earlier this spring, the 6-foot-2, 210-pound Hodgskin sat 89-92 mph and reportedly touched 94, but he was 86-88 in today’s outing with a 75-77 mph breaking ball that needs some work.

  59. For a lanky lefty, he looks like kind of a max effort pitcher. Don’t know if he’s signable, but that may not play out well over a full season.

  60. Another big guy. 6-4 210, no stats for 2010 though on the UCSB site though.

  61. Those reports on Hodgskin do not even seem like they are talking about the same person.

  62. Perfect Game report was from 2009, BA was from this past May…might explain the difference in size/velocity.

  63. Meaux’s ’10 stats at UC Santa Barbara: 8-3, 4.41, 98 IP, 123 hits, 39K, 18 BB.

  64. Oh thanks for clarification. The first report talks about his upcoming freshman year in college so I assumed it was a senior year report. It just seemed impossible that he could put on 2 ” and 35 pounds in half a year.

  65. Looks like Hodgskin might have been the last in a run of six straight high ceiling guys (beginning with Walker).

  66. Francisco is a 6’4″ lefthander (also bats left) who will be 22 in August.

  67. Ok, guess I was wrong…Ross has a schollie from LSU.

    “Right now I’m looking forward to going to LSU,” the 6-foot-3, 220-pound catcher said. “You never really know what’s going to happen with the draft. You never know until the day comes and you get that call.”

    From Perfect Game:
    Tyler Ross is a 2010 C with a 6’3”, 210 lb. frame from Naples, FL who attends Barron Collier HS. Very strong, mature build, has maintained his looseness well. Still start hitting, quiet approach, good balance, strong swing with plus bat speed, very good extension out front, should hit with power, easy and tension free swing. Stays compact defensively for his size, good arm strength, consistent clean game release, receives ball easily, slight pause in release keeps pop time up a bit. Quality all around tools. Very good student. Signed with Louisiana State.

  68. This is a January report on Ross:
    Tyler Ross (Barron Collier HS, Fla.), like Allen, has a large frame and lots of potential with the bat. He showed a solid approach at the plate, working the count well and driving a double to the left-center gap towards the end of the day. His swing is short to the ball with good extension through contact, and could produce serious power as he continues to develop. He also had a strong arm on display, posting a sub-2.0 pop and showed good footwork and side-to-side actions while handling one of the livelier arms of the day, Bryan Brickhouse (more on Brickhouse below). Ross ended his day logging some time at 1B and looked comfortable there. Committed to LSU, the Florida prepster, like Allen, should garner serious attention on draft day.

  69. Francisco went to Malvern Prep before Villanova. That means two picks from prep schools in the burbs. Think that’s ever happened before?

  70. By my count we have selected about 30 college players and about 14 high school players so far. I suppose that this is in line with our norms.

  71. BA on Stewark:

    Canadian lefthander Ethan Stewart has a projectable body at 6-foot-6 with a clean arm action. Early in the year he worked at 81-83 mph, but he was up to 87-89 later in the year and has been clocked as high as 91 mph. He also has experience pitching against international competition as a member of Canada’s junior national team. As a freshman, Stewart could be a tough sign.

  72. Between the 5 high school kids and 4 JUCO kids selected today, we may have some tough signs. I like it.

  73. Ottoson was a 39th round pick of the Rockies in ’08 . He went 31 picks after the Phils took Cosart.

  74. From the live PG chat…

    David Rawnsley:
    At this point in the draft it’s always worth noting when a player like Scott Frazier gets drafted. It usually means that a particular team that has some special insight into a signability of a player. Frazier was a top 2 round talent for many scouts. I think the Phillies probably know something about Frazier that gives them confidence.

  75. Damek Tomscha – 3b – HS – another Iowa guy… scout must have really lobbied this year

  76. C’est fini!

    Time to relaqx.

    Now…on to signing!

    Sign about 36 draftees…?

    P.S. IMO they are busy developing their middle infielders from the VSL and DSL. And, Villar, so far their likeliest post-Rollins SS. Etc.

    Good that #1 and #2 have already agreed to deals.

  77. From PG:
    Damek Tomscha is a 2010 3B/SS with a 6’2”, 200 lb. frame from Sioux City, IA who attends Sioux City North HS. Square shouldered build, good present strength. Outstanding arm strength at 3B, good athletic actions, needs improvement on footwork/balance, 6.93 runner. Very good raw bat speed, calm balanced stance, lacks ideal hitting rhythm now, line drive swing plane, ball jumps off bat well. Also pitched, different arm stroke than at 3B, upper 80’s fastball, some sharpness to slider. Very interesting unrecognized talent with a high ceiling. Signed with Iowa Western CC.


    “Very interesting unrecognized talent with a high ceiling.” That’s a nice way to end the draft.

  78. C’est fini!

    Time to relax.

    Now…on to signing!

    Sign about 36 draftees…?

    P.S. IMO they are busy developing their middle infielders from the VSL and DSL. And, Villar, so far their likeliest post-Rollins SS. Etc.

    Good that #1 and #2 have already agreed to deals.

  79. PhillyFriar

    “I kind of like this Klocke pick. Ohio Valley Conference player of the year as a senior after hitting .370/.439/.635 as a senior, with 23 walks to only 12 strikeouts. Could be an intriguing senior sign if he can stick behind the plate.”

    Agree. Ant decent defensive catcher with a good bat has considerable value.

  80. Ross seems like the big ticket item of today’s group. Although I also like the two IA prep guys and the JuCo lefties

  81. Harvill reminds me of Hamels a little also. A few mph less in velocity, not sure the change is Hamelsesque, but, he looks as if he has a good feel for pitching and his command of breaking stuff looks Moyer-like in just the few moments of footage there is. (Hamels had that command of curve and change before 2009.) I am intrigued.

  82. Rando facts of my internet research:

    Ottoson, the skinny JuCo lefty (non-Canuck one) had about a 13 K/9, low walks, and a sub 2 ERA in 90 innings this year

    Perfect Game had Ross’ pop time at 1.87 (sick if true)

    Perfect Game had Cummings’ 60 time at sub 6.4 (elite)

    Perfect Game had Tomscha’s IF arm strength at 91 mph (top in area)

    Chadd is the nephew of the Detroit Tigers’ scouting director

    Canuck JuCo lefty was BA’s 5th ranked prospect in NM

  83. Phillies scouts were REALLY digging in this draft. We took a kid from Sheldon IA! From what I’ve heard there are only 300 people in the whole town. Lots of other kids from boondock towns and cities. Hopefully they pull a diamond out of the rough…

  84. Iowa, Canada, and Washington scouts seem to have clout. Personally, I’m not as confident in the WA scout any longer now that Sampson and Mattair have done so poorly and May has slipped as well. Didn’t Worley come from that area also?
    Like every year, there are lots of picks with promise if they can get them signed and lots of picks where you scratch your head. Interesting stuff..

  85. Squire: did you get your fill of high-ceiling HS guys? Just wondering, with your knowledge and interest, how you rated the run of HS guys. Meager? OK? Pretty good? Several looked intriguing to me, and others it seems.

    Your view?

  86. Finally, some talented high school players. Sign a few of these guys and we might have something.

    Really feels like “the bullpen draft”, although we already added a bunch of future bullpen arms in recent years.(Rosenberg, Schwim, Worely, Stutes) I guess since we trade away so many prospects to add relievers, may as well cut out the middle-man.

    I really like Tyler Ross. Signing him would be huge.

    Anyone else feel like Frazier’s delivery is all over the place? He might be the rawest highly rated pitching prospect I’ve seen. Maybe his delivery and thin frame led to his slide. Could be a lot of potential there, but he makes Aumount look like Greg Maddux. I guess the fact that he manages to throw 91-93 with that body and windup is encouraging to scouts, and adds to his “projectibility”. There has to be 5-6 mph left in that body alone, so add a consistent delivery and you’re talking about a real power pitcher.

    Then again, you could probably say the same about half the pitchers taken by the Phillies this year, based on their height alone.

  87. One problem I see with clustering all of our promising HS and JuCo picks toward the very end of the draft is that unless they just really want to get going in pro ball, and are willing to pretty much take whatever’s offered, then — even if they have fairly reasonable contract demands (relative to their average pre-draft rankings/strength of college commitment) — they’re all going to require a substantially over-slot bonus. Thus, even if we do a pretty good job in reeling-in a handful of these guys, the chances are fairly slim that any of them will be able to get any Rookie league work in this year.

    That being said, I’m quite pleased with the overall breakdown of draft picks this year. Now we just need to sign them.

  88. Ottoson has committed to Arizona State and was also recruited by USC and Auburn.

  89. “I could live with a slugging 3B named Zeutenhorst.”

    He is an impressive looking athlete from the MLB vid. 6’4 but athletic. Also a QB, basketball and track guy I think. That would be a really good sign IMO

  90. I wouldn’t mind, or maybe even actually like some of these senior picks if they would put them in Lakewood or Clearwater right away and not make they start at the bottom rung like everyone else. They must sign Fraizier, and hopefully will sign Walter and one of the flyer picks from today to make this a quality draft.

  91. Does anyone think that Musser will be a difficult signing? I personally think that he is this years version of Cosart even though he was taken a little earlier.

  92. I think the Phillies are going to have to sign the majority of their HS picks for me to consider this a successful draft.

    I am kind of okay with the Phillies passing on guys like Nick Castellanos and Austin Wilson because they won’t pay a $2M+ signing bonus to either of them.

    But I only buy that excuse if they actually do spread that money around versus not spending it at all. They now have the opportunity to do that, so how I feel about this draft will have to wait until signing day.

  93. This is one of the things that I love most about this site. The discussions that we have about the motion of a pitcher’s delivery, or the the speed of a hitter’s stroke, or even better the projectability of a player’s body 3 years from now as a player matures. Guys you all make this site so much fun and add so much sharing opinions and thoughts. It makes following these kids and rooting for their success so exciting. I just hope that, as these new Phils sign and join the squad, we remain positive and root them on to the big club. Then we can enjoy their growth as they turn into stars (hopefully). Good job guys. Keep it up!!

  94. Jim Klocke, the catcher from Southeast Missouri State, seems like a solid pick. He’s known for his defense and patience at the plate. If he didn’t struggle in the Cape Cod league, he’d probably have been taken much higher. Had 1140 OPS his junior year and was named conference player of the year. Perfect Game says he’s the best defender at any position in the OVC.

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