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I’ve added the 2010 Draft Register at the top of the website, and you can get there by clicking here. This year, I’m going to try and go about assembling this page a bit differently. At the top, I’m still going to list the 50 picks, and when they sign, I’m going to put them in bold. Underneath the list of picks, I’m going to list each guy individually, in the order they were picked, and then also insert all of the scouting reports, articles, and anything else that I (and you) can find on the player. My hope is that page becomes the go to for all the information on the picks. So if you find scouting reports or information that hasn’t been posted, go ahead and post it on that page, not this post.

Also, a big thank you to Ryan, who helped update all of the lists during the last 2 days, and thank you to everyone else for posting information and creating a good discussion during the draft. Its going to take me a while to write my draft recap, but I hope to have as much information as possible, and I want to also write it from a bit more of a philosophical angle, not just regurgitating scouting reports. Check back for that maybe this weekend, or maybe sometime next week.

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  1. Thanks James. It was really nice to have a place to go chat during the draft, great stuff here as usual.

  2. James, I haven’t posted here yet, but come to the site regularly. I must say. You do a great job. Your passion is evident, and the way you keep peace with all of us is amazing. I applaud you. Well done.

  3. I have three questions: 1) How much do the Phillies spend on the draft, and how does this compare with other teams? 2) How much do the Phillies spend on their farm system, and how does this compare with other teams? and 3) The amount spent in the Phils’ farm system is equal to what percentage of the major league payroll, and how does this compare with other teams?

  4. I am pretty sure they were 25th last year in spending in the draft, and one of the bottom teams in spending in international players too.

  5. James…your draft recap is one of the best (at least in my opinion) pieces that you do every year and I’m looking forward to it.

    mikemike…for the 1 millionth time, they didn’t have a first round pick last year, so they were lower in spending because of that. In 2008 they spent almost 6 million on the draft because they had two first round picks. So, it really appears that they spend what they feel they need to in order to get the players they want.

  6. RE: Draft spending.

    PP did a break down of team spending from2007-2009 in a post here:


    The answer is ‘it varies’. Yes, they were low last year but they spend almost three times as much the prior year. I don’t disagree with the strategy. They had some guys that were worth spending on the in 2008 (Cosart, etc.) and in 2009 I think it was probably a combination of not having guys they felt deserved the money and some guys turned their offers down (Stewart, Susac).

  7. I tend to look at the money spent on a draft in business terms. i understand them and can relate. Let’s say I have an old timer (like myself) as a SVP of Finance. He’s going to retire in 2 to 3 years. I need to replace him but not right away. I have a couple of options:

    1) I could decide to pick up the best Finance guy there is when the time comes. It might cost me $10M, $15M, $20M or more per year. It’s hefty price to pay but if I want the best, that’s the best way.

    2) I could keep my eye out for a guy who might be 2nd tier but he comes from a successful organization. I could hire him now and have him work under my current guy. He might cost $1M or $2M. When my guy retires this guy will step in for a heck of lot less than that $20M price tag.

    3) Another way to go is to go out now to Wharton, Harvard Business School and any other top notch school and start hiring 3, 4 or 5 guys who have tremendous potential but they won’t even cost me $1M or $2M a year in total. They can fight it out for the top spot. There will be failures and other issues that will thin the crowd. You might even through in a few other guys in the competion who aren’t from big name schools. you also aren’t going to get every top guy you go after. He/She might find a better opportunity elsewhere.

    Free Agents picks ups would be #1. #2 could equate to a draft as well as #3. If you want #2 type guys they are going to cost you. Remember you have at least 15 key guys you need. If you went wild every draft to find and pay these guys would you be developing a great organization or one that just has a lot of ability and potential with a mighty price tag. If a bunch of these guys develop arm trouble or become head cases or they peaked at the time of the draft and they have nowhere to go but down. Then money was thrown out the window.

    #3 is how most clubs, the Phillies included, handle the draft. Get some high risk/high reward guys. Get some successful guys who have been battle worn who might just explode but are more likely to implode. They aren’t going to get every guy. Some guys will ask for the moon and you have to decide if their ceiling is the Milky Way or just Downingtown. You don’t want to pay for the moon and get 30th street.

    Paying a lot of money every draft doesn’t make sense. You only want to pay up for a significant potential value. If the Phils had a top 5 pick, they know they’d have to pay for him. But picking 27th you can only pay for a significant potential guy. You could pick someone asking for $3M but you better be sure that he’s worth that and not a Savery or a Jeff Jackson (could be bad examples).

    James often says, it’s not who you draft but who you can sign and what’s that pick worth. If they find a Cosart, Singleton, Shreve and can sign them, then that may be better than taking a shot at a $3M guy. You could pay $3M on 20 guys and if 2 or 3 of them were on the 25 man roster for years to come (in the future) then you’ve been successful.

    Just my take and sorry for the mixed metaphors.

  8. I liked the metaphors. Good way to summarize the choices. I have often compared talent in the baseball world and the business world. I think principals like that are universal and sports is no exception. You can say the same about development that you have about acquisition.

  9. GregA since they didn’t have a 1st rounder why shouldn’t they have busted slot on several guys including susac and stewart, essentialy treating them as 2nd or 3d round guys and would still be paying the combo less than many 1st rounders were asking. I don’t buy the they didn’t have a 1st rounder therefore they are off the hook for spending that money. The money saved from not having a 1st rounder will buy you a lot of over slot!

  10. Oh , you know what was offered? If they were not going to go over slot, they would not have drafted those guys. Those guys overpriced themselves beyond what the potential reward would be , so they moved on.

  11. I generally agree with Bellman’s analysis – the analogies are pretty good. I view # 2 to encompass very high round/costs draft picks and also young, major league calibur talent acquired from other teams – guys like Werth, Dobbs, Francisco. They will cost you more than the players who fit into #3, but, if you are careful and know what you are doing, these players are a great investment.

    Baseball is exactly like other businesses in many respects – you are always looking to get maximum value for your expenditures and are looking to obtain strategic advantages over the competition, if possible – looking, basically, to find undervalued assets. The Phillies have a few strategies in this regard that have worked well (one example is finding talented athletes that have injuries or have underperformed) – other teams take a somewhat different approach to obtaining value (Sox and Marlins are good examples – no, I don’t like or care about these other teams – but it’s interesting to see how other teams try to obtain a strategic advantage over the competition so we can evaluate whether our own team is doing a good job).

  12. @makry mark: It’s easy to look at things that way, but you can’t just give every high school kid out there everything he wants. That’s bad business. It wouldn’t work in any other industry and it wouldn’t work in baseball.

    If you work with a vendor and every time he comes around you buy what he’s pushing regardless of the price, it’s not going to take him long to figure out that you’re a sucker if he’s worth his salt.

  13. I also don’t think you can consistently be 25th or worse in amateur spending year in and year out and expect to continue to be a Top 5-6 team. Money doesn’t always equal success but it would be foolish to think our scouting department can make up for that inequity.

  14. Jak440: While I do agree with you for the most part, susac and stewart were just the 2 high profile examples and if they both wanted 1st round money you might have to pass on them but i guess I would have liked to see the phils draft a half dozen more flyers on guys like that, knowing tey didn’t have a first rounder and take the best guy or 2 willing two take a half mil over slot, so maybe in the 400-750k range.

  15. TJC, good point and the Phills do the exact same thing with the International guys that they do with the MLB draft. They ignore the all hype high priced kids unless they are truly worth going after and sign the 100-300K kids with the same risk and sometimes same potential.

  16. I think there is a happy middle ground between what you think a guy is worth and a draftee’s unreasonable demands (thinking himself a R1 when he is an R2, e.g.). So, for example, if you think a guy is worth $750K objectively, but you have a strategic reason to overpay incrementally (not outlandishly), then it’s a good investment to pay somewhere, for example, between $850K and $900K (just throwing out numbers to make a point, maybe more in some cases). One such situation, as mentioned above is when you have no R1 pick and should spend on other high ceiling guys, as was the case last year.

    Her is my take on Phils willingness to do this.

    1. They have let go of any residual shyness in busting slot in later rounds, maybe even R1 or R2 for the right guy.

    2. They like to stick to the perceived value when they can.

    3. They might make exceptions in certain cases.

    4. Here’s how I read last year: They were happy to go over slot for Cosart and Singleton and were rewarded by acquiring outstanding value, at least as far as we can tell today. They set a value on Stewart and Susac, and neither accepted. If they had not gotten Cosart or Singleton, I think they might have (read: been forced to) overpaid for the other two. But having gotten their main two, they were not willing to go over for either of the other two. In the case of Susac, there is some question about his hitting, so he had the higher risk. In the case of Stewart, there was some talk that he was better than Singleton in certain reports. Now he has underperformed in college. These two cases show how things can go topsy-turvy and how genuine good stuff in a pitcher (Cosart) and great fundamental in a hitter (Singleton) can reduce risk and be a better bet.

    5. I think everyone here thought Phils were going after only one of the other two–not both–but that’s not certain.

    Conclusion: Phils may have been doing very smart risk evaluation and management, but they might have been a little more aggressive with Susac, given that was a position of need. However, it was clear Susac really wanted to go to that school and only insane money would have gotten him.

  17. Cont’d:

    Therefore, if my read is correct, they could sign 3 or 4 of the current high-schoolers if the risk-reward picture is better. If it is not, expect to see only 1 or 2 overslots signed from the later rounds.

  18. Squire,

    AMEN to that.

    The Phillies had a freakish run of success with Rollins, JD Drew (even if not signed), Pat Burrell, Brett Myers, Utley, Gavin Floyd (even if given away), Hamels, Howard, Ruiz, etc. Add in Pat Gillick finding Jason Werth and Shane Victorino off other teams scrap heaps and that is alot of stars aligning perfectly. And mostly with the Top 20 picks of each draft as well.

    If the Phillies want to continue that kind of Pharm System production they need to invest in it. If anything it will be harder (due to picking lower) than easier.

    The Phillies don’t have to spend the most. But anything outside of the Top 15 in spending and they have no excuses.

  19. I generally agree with these posts – we all think they have the right idea, but should probably be doing more.

    Here’s how I think about this. I look at the overall economic costs of paying more to prospects as compared with the value of paying mature players at full value. Look at it this another way – if the Phillies paid another $2 million anually in in bonuses which allows you to go over slot for another 3-4 players, over a 5 year period, that’s the cost of one year’s salary for a good to very good (but not great) pitcher or position player. So, let’s say you spend that money and one of the guys you pick ends up becoming so good that he can replace a guy like Shane Victorino next year (this is hypothetical, I realize that Victorino’s likely replacements are already in the system). Think of the cost savings of having an entry level player versus a guy who will get $16 million – you’re talking about at least $14 million saved. You don’t need a lot of “hits” to make this a cost-effective strategy. And that’s not to mention the trade value that those additional players have. I hate to keep saying that I think other organizations have a better sense of the economics than the Phils do, but I think it’s true – there’s an aspect of the Phillies business culture that is very deferential and traditional. It’s not all encompassing as it once was, but it’s still there and it, I believe, holds them back to a certain extent.

  20. Catch I agree with you that the economic value is there for the taking and some teams try to take a better advantage of that. BUT, this is a small but, the Phills have done a pretty good job of finding HITS in the later rounds without having huge to pay a HUGE premium. If we didnt trade for Roy our minors would be near the best in the majors at the end of this year. (this is a we made a mistake comment by the way) Arguably with Drabek, Taylor, D’Arnaud, Brown, Cosart, Singleton and a few other hot prospects in our system it would be hard to find any other org with that much talent rising to the top.

    My point is this, we can armchair this all day long. We can hope and pray that the FO would give a a bigger budget to allow the Scouts and Wolever to draft a few more high profile kids. I just doubt that it will ever happen and we have to live and die with the late round busted slot hard to sign kids.

  21. There is another way to look at that Catch, and that is that for most fans (and by most, I mean those who do not frequent this site), they don’t give a rat’s behind about the next big thing to replace Shane Victorino. All they care about is having Shane Victorino manning centerfield until his legs fall off. The team has to be wary of offending its fan base by constantly replacing a popular player with the next big thing.

    Now, I’m sure that there are those who read that statement and say, “screw the fan, do what’s best for the team.” But in reality, if you tick off enough people, you’re going to lose revenue, and when that happens you can’t afford to do anything.

    There is obviously a fine line that needs to be walked, and I don’t think that any of us understands, having not worked in the industry, all of the variables at play. You simply cannot look at it and say that ‘they were 25th in bonus spending last year so they’re cheap.’ It doesn’t work that way. We have no idea what went on with Stewart and Susac. I’m sure the Phillies would’ve been glad to spend, say, $900,000 on one of them if he would’ve accepted it. But neither player would accept the offer the Phillies made, so the team moved on.

    That’s life. You don’t always get what you want.

  22. I don’t expect the Phillies to draft like the Red Sox. I expect them to sign the key guys they do draft. Not all 50 guys, but the guys that could be key due to ability and potential.

    From 2007 thru 2009 I see 6 players that weren’t signed that fit that definition in my book.

  23. Actually, my theory is that there are a very select few players that the fans want to see and will be devastated if they do not see. For the most part, however, while fans may often chafe, they ultimately follow performance (or lack thereof). If you perform and win, they’ll forget all about the last guy – this is why replacing Jim Thome was easy. And, by the way, none of this happens precipitously – you don’t have to rid yourself of high priced talent until you are relatively sure the lower paid player can perform. Ryan Howard wins ROY – goodbye Mr. Thome.

  24. I’d feel a lot better if they took a few more draft and follows. There’s really no harm in using every pick after the 30th round to take a draft and follow guy. Sure, pay what you think they’re worth – you’ll obviously have to bust slot, but a few of these guys are going to decide to play ball and they could turn into stars.

    How many 4th year college seniors taken after the 30th round ever end up contributing in the major leagues or even making it deep into the minors? Mike Cisco is the only guy we have in the Phillies system that fits that description.

    There are plenty of minor league free agents and Latin American guys to fill out the rosters. Why not stock up on draft and follow HS guys and see if they don’t change their minds (Cosart) or have other issues (Brown)?

  25. DPhrey, the draft and follow era has largely been eliminated by the earlier signing deadline.

    To say how many college seniors make it to the bigs after the 30th round. Well honestly, how much of anyone makes it to the bigs from that late in the draft? I’m looking at the 2000 draft now. You get some fringe guys who made the majors. Some out of high school, some out of college. Quite honestly, I’ve been to a ton of AAA games the last six years and I’ve never heard of a great deal of these players. (Frankly, I think there’s a more than reasonable argument that the MLB draft should be 10 rounds shorter.)

    I think at some point, the visible talent just doesn’t exist. You might have guys who will break through, but how the heck do you identify them from the mountains of amateur players?

  26. I keep hearing references to the RedSox as being the model for running a draft but if you look at the last few years, they don’t exactly sign their players either.

    For the last 5 years:
    09 – 24 players unsigned
    08 – 23 players unsigned
    07 – 20 players unsigned
    06 – 25 players unsigned
    05 – 21 players unsigned


    A few noticables they were too “cheap” to sign:

    2005 – Pedro Alverez – 14th round selection
    2006 – Matt Laporta – 14th round selection

    Think if you look around baseball a bit more, it puts the Phillies draft/sign strategy in a different context.

  27. DPhrey, the Phils took a few summer follows this year. Tomscha, Musser, and Ottosan are three where they have said or it has been said about them that they will be summer follows. Pointer is going to play for a high-profile summer league (he’s going to be on the Bend Elks), so I expect his process will be the same.

    I would bet that Palka, Walter, Harvill, Hodgskin, and Ross all play summer ball with select teams, so the Phils will likely get extended looks at them too.

  28. I’m not sure you can look at the total number of players picked and the number of players unsigned and get a true appreciation of what a team is doing. I think that, after you get to round 20 – teams have varying levels of interest and commitment to the players they draft, which makes sense. Look, if you’ve got an okay HS player who is drafted in round 32 and he asks for a high bonus, who cares if he doesn’t sign and goes to college? You may feel very different about the second round pick who gets away.

  29. 3up I think the Boston references are not for the MODEL way to draft but its the sexy way to draft per se. Everyone is very excited about who the Red Sox drafted and some of the fans here who are crying about the draft want to see more BIG names taken.

  30. Ok Catch, lets dig a little deeper:

    09 – 3 of top 20, including #6
    08 – 5 of top 20, including #16, #17, & #18
    07 – 5 of top 20, including #2, #13, #14, &#15
    06 – 4 of top 20, includiig #10,11, & 14
    05 – 4 of top 20, including #14 & #15

    My guess is that if the Phillies failed to sign this many players in their top-20 picks each season you would be joining the corus talking about how cheap the team is in not signing their picks…

  31. I agree bergeraj, too many people read a few ranking from BA or other organizations and suddenly become experts on HS players they’ve never seen.

    Teams like Boston take a few and suddenly they “know how to run a draft”

    My point is that they aren’t really any different than other teams. The only real difference I see is that they tend to draft more “signability” guys but end up signing less of them.

    Now one can argue that that approach is better than taking fewer of tough signs and instead signing more players overall but lets not pretend it’s about one organization being “cheap” vs. the other..

  32. 3up3kkk – actually, I think those numbers are pretty good and to be expected. What your statistics tell me is that, the Sox failed to sign only 2 of their top ten picks over a 5 year span? Wow! That backs my theory that they were aggressively tracking down and attempting to sign their top guys and then, after they had their key guys wrapped up, they understandably less desirous of overpaying for lesser talent down farther in the draft. This is pretty much exactly what I said.

    I am not part of the chorus saying the Phillies are cheap – you can scan the site for that – but I’ve never said that and I don’t think that. On the whole, I think they’ve done a very good job. I’m just saying that perhaps by spending more money they would do even better and, from a business standpoint, I think it would smart for them to do so. But if they continue with the current approach, they should continue to do pretty well developing players.

  33. The Phillies and all other organizations(including the Yankees) have a finite amount of money to spend each year. For fun, for the 2010 Phillies, let’s say they take in revenue of 200MM$ per year. Salaries for the major league are around 140 (a broad guess). Let’s say the cost of running the field operation top to bottom is 30mm$. Out of the other 30mm$ that is left over they must pay insurance, mortgages, publicity, profit (the Phillies are not a charity), championship rings and a bunch of other things.
    If you look, the biggest expense is major league salary. If you aren’t paying so much for players (like the Nationals) you can sink more into the draft and minor leagues. If you have huge cable TV revenue streams (Yankees, Red Sox) you can spend more.
    However, the Phillies big revenue stream is the quality of the team at CB Park. Lower the quality of the team and the sell outs stop, the beer taps flow less, the shirts stay on the shelves, you can’t charge as much for anything (including TV rights). It is all inter – connected.
    I’d rather have a great team (a championship team at that)that is smart about not dropping a lot of above market deals on unproven talent than a team that we can say, oh, we’re in the top 10 on dollars spent in the draft.

  34. Good point squire! I would take mayberry as my 5th outfielder and a better draft if it came down to it.

  35. Statement makes no sense. Difference between an OK draft and a good draft is how many picks help the big club. If any of these picks become a Ross Gload then they would be a successful pick.

    Why not just say that the difference between an ok draft and a great draft is Roy Halladay?

  36. I think Squire is saying that if, instead of signing Gload, the money saved was spent on the draft, the Phils could have a good draft instead of an OK draft.

  37. 3up3kkk: I read Squire’s above statement the same way. If you got an extra Ross Gload type of player (major league hitter) out a draft class that might swing it from average to successful.

    Like nearly all situations, more money does not equal better quality. HOW you spend the money is important. Obviously the more resources you have (money, players, scouts, fans, etc…) the more options you have at every level of the team.

    Maybe the Phillies should try the Nationals plan of being the worst in baseball two straight years, be lucky enough that an awesome prospect is available each year, pay them tons of money, and hope they save the big league club.

  38. I think what Squire is saying is that all it would take each year is for the Phillies to spend the equivalent of Ross Gload money to make sure they get all their draft picks signed.

    The Phillies scouts spend thousands of hours in a year driving from college to college and hickwater town to hickwater town to find prospects. I think that looking back on the last 6 years or so since Marti Wolever took over the main responsibility as Mike Arbuckle’s underboss, and then since Arbuckle left for KC, they mostly have done a good job.

    So the FO needs to do their job and get them all signed. Looking back over the last 3 years (2007-2009) all that would have averaged out to was around Ross Gload money each year invested additionally into the draft.

    That is not asking the bar to be set crazy higher than it is right now.

  39. I think the only way to call a draft “good” is if the Phillies sign all of their key guys.

    I am not ashamed to admit I have no clue on about 90% of the Phillies draftees. I have never even heard of them before their names were called. All I can do is trust the scouts to find the right players.

    I think the scouts are doing their job. I think the FO could do a little bit better getting them all signed. Yeah…it’s true that most of these guys will never sniff the majors. Heck, most of them might never sniff AA. However it is also true that never signing them at all represents a lower possible chance for success than signing them and hoping for the best.

    Let’s not use the most extreme examples of teams spending in the MLB draft. I haven’t heard anyone suggest that. We are talking about the Phillies ponying up an extra $1.5M or $2M per year for the draft. That’s it.

  40. What’s the deal with Zeutenhorst? Looks like he ran track this spring instead of baseball – and that’s why he doesn’t list a school. Weird.

  41. I understood the point of Squire’s post and it still makes no sense. The success/failure of the draft has nothing to do with how many guys they sign but rather how many help the big club.

    It doesn’t matter if the Phillies spend $50M per year drafting every “unsignable” pick out there if they ultimately don’t help the club.

    Seems too many people rate the draft based on money spent. In about 3-4 years we’ll know how success this draft class when we see how many of these guys are helping the team.

  42. Hello everyone,

    Who are the Cosart and Singleton type opportunities this year?
    I have a list, but I would love to hear other opinions before
    PP is able to post next week.

  43. I do not see any players that can be considered Colvin and Singleton types. Both those players were top 50 HS players coming into 2009. The closest player is Frazier.
    Eldemire Gauntlett seems like he has the potential to be a surprise star out of the class.

  44. The 43rd rounder , LHP James Hodgskin was highly regarded. Brenton Allen, OF, 9th round and Daniel Palka , 1B (both LH Hitters) look like good athletes and prospects from the clips. RHP’s from the 20 and 21st rounds, Kevin Walter and Jonathon Musser may be in that category as well, from reports. The rest I have heard little on.

    On ESPN2 there are a couple of games today, College World Series, maybe you can see Cameron Rupp of Texas again as yesterday, or Garrett Claypool of UCLA (don’t know who pitches for them or what Claypool’s role is). If their teams lose they will be eligible to sign right away, I think.

  45. I to watch College baseball. If they overpitch a prospect I go nuts. If it were to be one of ours(future) I throw things. It is not so much the coaches but the Ncaa for not protecting the pitchers from the greedy coaches.

  46. To me a good draft must have at least one “can’t miss” “CAN’T MISS ” prospect. In other words at least a shot at being a superstar. Does anyone see someone of that potential??

  47. There are few “can’t miss” prospects in baseball and those tend to go first overall. When you’re drafting as low as the Phillies you’re not getting a can’t miss prospect. At best you’ll find a player with a high ceiling who could be a superstar if everything goes right with them, but the odds of any one player becoming a superstar is low.

  48. Don’t understand 3up comments,it does matter what you spend and how many you sign. If you are committed to winning, if your scouts dont find talent then you find ones who can Like when we hired arbuckle to run out system. I know the more players you sign the better chance you have to succeed, everdraft you have to draft and sign high ceiling kids, 2.8 million isnt enough to sway a lot of kids to sign. right now we spent1.6 on biddle, that leaves us little room to sign any kids,

  49. Wrong again. They signed Biddle for 1.18 not 1.6m. They reportedly signed Garner for 470k. So they have already signed their top 2 picks for about 1.6m.

  50. thanky you mike, sorry for the mistake, still if there budject is 2.8 million leaves not much to sign others, if I am not wrong again its only 1.2 million to sign twenty eight players

  51. Wrong again. Where do you get 2.8 as their budget? Where do you get 28 other players? With the expert analysis you provide, I would think you knew how many players they drafted.

  52. There is nothing to suggest that the budget is 2.8 million. That was a completely facetious post which has now been passed from message board to message board. I repeat. There is no report that the draft budget is 2.8 million.

  53. Baseball America said they spent 3.2m last year with no 1st round pick.
    They spent 6.7m in2008, when they had two 1st round picks and an extra 2nd round comp pick.
    They spent 4.2m in 2007.
    They spent 4.8m in 2006.
    They spent 3.4m in 2005, again, with no 1st round pick.
    So in the last 5 years, they have spent no less than 4.2 in any year when they had a 1st round pick. I don’t know why mikemike insists on continuously coming on here and spouting incorrect nonsense.

  54. Am I wrong mike they were 25th in spending last year?? am I wrong they are at the bottom in the international market? tell me mike is that wrong. 4.2 million is what compared to what other teams spend thats my question. Am I wrong that they let gibson, workman, drew, nathan, johnson, saunders go and all are major league players. you are blinded by there budject nonsense.to sign 30 players and spend 4 million isnt a ton of money, if in 2007 they had a first round pick, and he got over a million slot, thats three million for 29 players ,maybe thats why they have no prospects at triple a and one at double a , Mike you think they spend enough on draft and international market find, but I dont and its proven by having to pay fat joe 30 million instead of having a prospect ready to contribute, or overpaying ibanez cause you cant develop a outfielder in your system.Four million to romaro is nuts a wild lefthanded pitcher, but we have nothing to replace him, but your always right mike77. So lets get the facts mike77 prove me wrong I challenge you were do they rank in spending in the draft compared to other teams, in the international market. to come on here and say they spent 4.2 million proves nothing, four largest market in baseball remember. You just throw out the money where does it rank . The day they let lee go for 9 million for one year ,proved to me they are bottom line and our loyalty means nothing

  55. mike77 the phillies rank 4 from the bottom in spending in the last 5 drafts, accoiding to baseball america, 4.14 million only the dodgers mets and forget the other are lower, the article says not spending in the draft is most times a sign of poor systems,

  56. While you researching, I see you still have no idea how many players were drafted.

  57. Mike.

    Please stop posting.

    Its been explained to you so many times, and you still don’t grasp it.

    The Nationals spent $15M on Strasburg alone. Comparing spending in the draft, based on overall totals, is pointless. You need to look at spending after the first round, and more specifically, after the 5th round, to get an idea of what teams are doing financially.

    You really don’t understand these basic concepts, so I suggest you just move on

    also, do not post entire articles here, that violates copyright laws.


  59. You can continue to post on the site. I hope you do. But you need to read what people are saying. You can’t just use overall spending. Because its not accurate, and the reasons its not accurate have already been outlined.

    Also, your Caps Lock button is on. Press it again to turn the CAPS off.

  60. I am not sure if there are any Jared Cosart’s or Jon Singleton’s per se in this draft class, but if you look at who they drafted in 2010 they have a very good chance of signing more Top 200 guys this year than in 2009.

    Top 200 guys drafted in the 2010 draft (by my estimate)…

    * (1st Rd)Jesse Biddle (Top 100-125 in most lists, but rising into the draft and targeted by the Phillies since 2009)

    * (2nd Rd)Perci Garner (Top 50-75 in most lists)

    * (3rd Rd) Cameron Rupp (Top 125-150 in most lists)

    * (5th Rd)Scott Frazier (Top 100 in most lists)

    * (6th Rd) Gauntlett Eldemire (Top 100 in most lists)

    * (20th Rd) Kevin Walter (Top 150 in most lists)

    Throw in potential Top 200 talent in (4th Rd) Bryan Morgado and some interesting HS kids (Brenton Allen, Daniel Palko, Jonathan Musser, Brian Pointer, and Tyler Ross)…and I am beginning to appreciate this draft class a little more than I did in the immediate aftermath last Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Now let’s just hope they get most of the guys I mentioned signed.

    P.S…For some reason the pick I am most thoroughly un-enthused about is 14th Rd pick Chace Numata. I don’t know why. I have no clue who this kid is. I guess it is because I considered Catcher such a big organizational need and I was hoping for bigger names after Cameron Rudd.

  61. I have been wondering why Bryan Morgado’s stock dropped so much during the season. In the BA pre season guide he was rated the #13 college pitcher. By May he was not in BA’s top 200. Anyone have any insight?

  62. Bryan Morgado:

    4-8 from: – htttp://www.baseballamerica.com/today/draft/draft-tracker/2010/269779.html – Bryan Morgado, lhp, Tennessee – Last year, Morgado struck out 75 batters over 52 innings on his way to being a third-round pick by the White Sox as a draft-eligible sophomore. This year hasn’t been as good. Last weekend against Ole Miss, Morgado gave up six runs on 10 hits over six innings. He did strike out seven but also walked four. The outing was right in line with his season performance thus far. Morgado is 2-3, 5.06 on the season with 49 strikeouts and 23 walks over 43 innings. Last season, Morgado pitched with more power after moving to a bullpen role, but he shined in the Cape Cod League, going 2-1, 3.06 with 47 strikeouts in 32 innings. He hasn’t maintained that performance this spring, due in part to a different approach on the mound.


  63. From Dec 1, 2009 on Bryan Morgado…

    Top 100 Countdown: Number 50 Bryan Morgado (Tennessee)
    Posted by Brian Foley, on December 1st, 2009 Category: 2010 Top Players, CBB Column, Cape Cod League, MLB Draft, SEC

    The CBB continues our countdown for the 2010 College Baseball season by checking in on the Top 100 Players in the country. We will be providing one player per day until we reach number 1.

    We continue the list today with number 50 in our countdown with junior LHP Bryan Morgado of Tennessee. He is from Miami Florida where he graduated from Florida Christian High School. His senior season saw him lead the team to a 29-2 overall record and win a state title. He went a competent 9-1 with a 0.76 ERA as a junior in 2005 with 117 strikeouts in 67.1 innings pitched. The Boston Red Sox selected him in the 2006 MLB Draft in the 34th round but he decided to head to Tennessee.

    Morgado sat out the 2007 season as he underwent arm surgery in the fall of 2006. His first action was during the 2008 season when he appeared in 14 games (13 starts) as he accumulated a 5-5 record with an ERA of 4.59 as he was the Saturday starter for the Vols. He was one of the top strikeout pitchers in the country as he struck out 104 batters in only 80.1 innings of work. He also held opponents to a .239 batting average against. He was a second-team selection on the Pro-Line Athletic/National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Freshman All-America Team.

    In the 2009 season, Bryan worked primarily out of the bullpen as he made 20 appearances and only five starts. He had a 4-2 record with a 6.36 ERA in 52.1 innings but continued to his high strikeout totals with 75 on the season. After the season, the Chicago White Sox selected him with the 101st overall pick in the 2009 MLB Draft. He spent the summer of 2009 in the Cape Cod Baseball League with the Bourne Braves as the White Sox negotiated with him. He went 2-1 with a 3.06 ERA in eight appearances including six starts. He also continued to strike out a ton of batters as he had 47 in only 32.1 innings of work. At the end of the summer, the White Sox and Morgado could not come to terms on a deal bringing him back for his redshirt junior season. His full 2009 MLB Draft profile from MLB Baseball is available by clicking here.

    You can check out our full Top 100 countdown by clicking here.


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