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Some elite names still left on the board

I am going to put up a post for the remaining picks later, and we’ll use that spot to discuss Day 2. Until tomorrow, here are a bunch of guys I find interesting that haven’t been picked yet.

Stetson Allie, RHP, AJ Cole, RHP, Austin Wilson, OF, Micah Gibbs, C, Brett Eibner, RHP, Chad Bettis, RHP, Yordy Cabrera, SS, Marcus Littlewood, SS, Kevin Gausman, RHP, Jordan Swagerty, RHP, Adam Plutko, RHP and many others. Should be an interesting day.

Check out PNR Scouting’s Top 100 and look at some of the names on there.

Check below for a position breakdown on PNR’s rankings

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Phillies select Jesse Biddle, LHP at #27

Biddle was a fast riser up draft boards in the last month, and with the local connection, it wasn’t a huge surprise that the Phillies took him. You’ll hear the Phillies braintrust talk about how they “have to take the best player available”, but that wasn’t the case here. They took a guy they knew they could sign, with a bunch of premium talent still on the board. Biddle isn’t a reach of Anthony Hewitt proportions, but he wasn’t the best player available, and there were 4 or 5 premium prep prospects still on the board at this pick. Still, this isn’t a big reach, and he wouldn’t have gotten to the Phillies at #77

You can read his scouting report here and here is an older report from Summer 2009
You can see his scouting bureau video here and an older video of him here.

He’s a big, tall LHP with plus velocity and the chance for two average secondary pitches. He is projectable, and LHP is something the Phillies lack in their system, at least the high ceiling variety. This is certainly a good pick, but there were much better players on the board. As is the case every year, what the Phillies do later in the draft will determine the ultimate grade. I view this pick as a little above average, maybe a B? The real action starts tomorrow.

Update —> Something else to consider. Biddle, on raw talent, was probably in the 30-50 range. The Phillies next pick wasn’t until 77. If they’d waited, he’d have been gone by then. This might have been a reach, but it wasn’t a huge reach. He was getting consideration at #14 overall, he’d have definitely gone in the sandwich round. This isn’t an Anthony Hewitt or Kelly Dugan-esque reach. This is a solid pick, even if its not the guy I really wanted.

2010 Draft Round 1

This post will serve as the master list for all the draft picks. I’m going to update THIS post (along with the help of reader “Ryan”) as the picks are made today/tomorrow. I’m going to do the entire 1st round, and then after Round 1 just the Phillies selections. You can use this posting to discuss anything related to the draft. All the details are below the fold..

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It’s draft day

Draft day is one of the highlights of the year for me, and with the Phillies actually having a first round pick this year, its all the more exciting. The draft will kick off around 7PM tonight on MLB Network. I will attempt to post updates as they are available this evening leading up to the pick. After the pick is made, Ill create a separate posting to discuss the player taken. Check below for more, and all updates will come below the fold

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Lakewood Weekly Report (5/31-6/6)

Recap: The ‘Claws took it up several notches and had their best week of the year, going 6-2 (including the completion of a suspended game) and winning several games in improbable, comeback fashion, including a walkoff home run by Leandro Castro to end the suspended game in the bottom of the 14th.  The ‘Claws pulled to within 2 games of first place Hickory in the SAL North.

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