Daily Archives: June 15, 2010

Site Design Changes/Help

Quick update here.

Over the next couple days/weeks, you’re going to see some changes to the site. I’ve started to grow unhappy with the way the site looks. I get lots of compliments (and I appreciate all of them) on the content of the site, but I want the site to be more visually inviting. While I’m not ready to splash out $500+ on a custom designed WordPress theme, which will involve even more than just the money, I am going to go about cleaning up the display here. That means that the layout of the site is going to change, some stuff will be moved, some stuff won’t be displayed anymore, and things might just look all out of sorts. But hang with me, it will be worth the hassle. If you are looking for anything specific and can’t find it when stuff starts to get moved around, you can always use the SEARCH box at the top right of the site, I’ll make sure to leave that there.

I’m also going to ask for help on two fronts.

1. If you’d like to help (well, you’ll have to do most of it) design the new header for the site, and you have experience with photoshop, please send me an email at phuturephillies at gmail dot com.

2. I’m also looking for someone to help me with a simpler (but more time consuming) task in terms of getting some of the content here properly organized. Again, if you’d like to help, send me an email to the same address right above.