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‘Pigs Weekend Update

A good weekend for the IronPigs, a statement that has not been made often.  See below for game reviews, notes and transactions.

Thursday–Brian Mazone (4-6), Oscar Villarreal, and Mike Zagurski combined on a 3 hit shutout as Lehigh Valley blanked Scranton 2-0, opening a four game series Thursday evening.  Mazone went six very strong innings, giving up just two hits, and Zagurski earned his first save of the year, pitching a scoreless ninth, striking out 2. The ‘Pigs runs came in the third when the red hot Andy Tracy (10) smashed a 2 run homer. John Mayberry was 3-4 with a run scored, while Melvin Dorta added 2 hits and a stolen base. Continue reading ‘Pigs Weekend Update

Midseason Review: My Top 30 prospects

As we’ve just crossed the mid way point of June, we’re about 10 weeks into the season, with another 10 weeks to go. Position players who have been in a full season league all season have around 200+ AB, pitchers have 65+ innings, so we can start to draw some preliminary conclusions. As I’ve pointed out a number of times this season, when looking at prospects, you really have to be careful of making judgments based on small sample sizes, both positive and negative. While the developmental curve is just that, a curve, and serves a general purpose, there are always guys who will develop more quickly or more slowly than the “average” guy, so its foolish to write a guy off early, and also foolish to assume Player X is the next stud based on 50 AB or 20 IP. That said, we’re halfway through the season, so I figured I’d share some thoughts on my top 30, and how my opinion may have shifted based on a half season of data. Check below…

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