Midseason Review: My Top 30 prospects

As we’ve just crossed the mid way point of June, we’re about 10 weeks into the season, with another 10 weeks to go. Position players who have been in a full season league all season have around 200+ AB, pitchers have 65+ innings, so we can start to draw some preliminary conclusions. As I’ve pointed out a number of times this season, when looking at prospects, you really have to be careful of making judgments based on small sample sizes, both positive and negative. While the developmental curve is just that, a curve, and serves a general purpose, there are always guys who will develop more quickly or more slowly than the “average” guy, so its foolish to write a guy off early, and also foolish to assume Player X is the next stud based on 50 AB or 20 IP. That said, we’re halfway through the season, so I figured I’d share some thoughts on my top 30, and how my opinion may have shifted based on a half season of data. Check below…

I’m going to give my thoughts on each guy, and then one of three classifications

Stock Up = If I was doing a re-ranking of my Top 30, he’d probably move up from his current spot
Stock Down = If I was doing a re-ranking of my Top 30, he’d probably move down from his current spot
Stock Unchanged = If I was doing a re-ranking of my Top 30, he’d probably be at the same spot or one spot higher/lower

For this exercise, I will only give a guy a stock down/up if there is some kind of new information that leads me to believe that the player’s prospect status has been moderately altered.

01 – Domonic Brown, OF

AA: 217 AB – .309/.382/.567

Not sure you could have asked for much more than what he’s done this season. 29 extra base hits, 12 SB, hitting for average. He’s almost underrated at this point, if only because it seems everyone is focused on other prospects in the system who are emerging or disappointing. Brown is what he is, and that’s one of the best prospects in baseball who is close to MLB ready. He was a no brainer for #1, and will be again next winter. There will not be a complete re-ranking of my top 30 mid season, so keep that in mind.

Stock = Unchanged

02 – Tyson Gillies, OF

AA: 105 AB – .238/.286/.333

Gillies opened some eyes in spring training, with some scouts saying there wasn’t a whole separating Gillies from Domonic Brown in terms of potential upside and ability. Well, he came out of the gates slow, and he’s dealt with various injuries during the campaign. He struggled mightily in April, and was starting to get on track before heading back to the DL in early/mid May. He’s back now, hopefully healthy, and hopefully we’ll see what he’s capable of for the last 2 months.

Stock = Stock Down.

03 – Trevor May, RHP

A+: 56.2 IP – 5.24 ERA – 46 H – 47 BB – 78 K – 5 HR

May fills up a box score like no other, and is invoking images of Ricky Vaughn from the movie Major League. The 78 strikeouts in 56 innings is outstanding, really outstanding, but the 47 walks are a major issue, obviously. The other somewhat shocking number is 5 HR allowed. Then again, if his control is poor, his command is obviously going to be poor, and when he makes the mistake over the middle, it will get hit. He’s just 20, young for A+, but he’s obviously still quite raw. The tools are there, his fastball is still a plus pitch, he just has a lot of work to do.

Stock = Down slightly because of the increasing wildness, but it just means his timetable has been slowed a bit

04 – Domingo Santana, OF

A: 165 AB – .182/.322/.297

The youngest player in the SAL by a full year, Santana struggled to make contact, but flashed an excellent eye at the plate, drawing 29 walks in his stint at Lakewood before being demoted. The demotion to Williamsport was merited, but the experience he gained at Lakewood should do him well next season when he gives it another shot. Last season Sebastian Valle followed a similar path, starting at Lakewood before being demoted to Williamsport, and after a slow start this year he’s turning it on. Santana got to see what the competition was like, he got to see a lot of quality pitching, and he knows the adjustments he has to make. I’m still wildly optimistic about his long term future.

Stock = unchanged

05 – Anthony Gose, OF

A+: .268/.334/.404

After a really tough April, Gose has been raking for the better part of 6 weeks, and more impressively, he’s drawing more walks. Last year he drew 35 walks in 510 AB at Low A. So far this year, he’s drawn 22 walks in 272 AB. He’s also shown more power this season, though he’s still more of a gap to gap guy. The most perplexing aspect of his season has to be the 19 caught stealings. He’ll learn. The speed is unquestioned.

Stock = Up

06 – Jarred Cosart, RHP

A: 70.2 IP – 3.44 ERA – 1.03 WHIP – 77 K – 15 BB – 3 HR – 1.89 GB/FB

Cosart has essentially been as advertised. He’s missed bats, limited the walks, and kept the ball on the ground. The scouting report matches the numbers (if not overshadows them), as he’s consistently pitched at 93-95 while often hitting 96-97 and holding the velocity late in outings. His secondary pitches still need refinement, but that is common for all 20 year old pitchers.

Stock = Up

07 – Brody Colvin, RHP

A: 69.1 IP – 4.54 ERA – 1.32 WHIP – 61 K – 24 BB – 1.12 GB/FB

Colvin got off to a terrible start in April, posting an 11.15 ERA in 15 IP. Since then, he’s been much better, as his combined May/June numbers look like this; 54 IP – 2.67 ERA – 52 K – 15 BB. Cosart has a touch more arm strength, but Colvin has also been 92-94 for much of the season, dotting 96 mph on occasion. His secondary offerings, like Cosart, need work, but he’s on the right path.

Stock = Up

08 – Phillippe Aumont, RHP

A+/AA: 53.1 IP – 7.76 ERA – 1.94 WHIP – 44 BB – 39 K – 1.09 GB/FB

Its been a brutal season for Aumont, who posted a dominant no-hit start, and then proceeded to get his brains beat in for the rest of his time at AA. I was under the impression that the Phillies had made an attempt to revamp and tweak his mechanics, but I was informed that really wasn’t the case. Now he finds himself in A+. I’ve given a number of possible explanations for his struggles, and one that I still believe is a factor is the transition to the rotation and the workload, as he’s already thrown half as many innings this year as he did the previous two seasons. But at some point, you have to show me something. His fastball has been down in the 88-91 range, down from the 93-96 he sat at last year as a reliever. He’s made 2 relief appearances at Clearwater, so who knows what the Phillies have planned for him.

Stock = Down

09 – Jon Singleton, 1B

A: 130 AB – .369/.459/.631

What else is there to say? He’s been fantastic since arriving at Lakewood. He’s shown power, he’s shown patience, and he’s racked up 20 extra base hits in just 130 AB, including 7 HR. Will he eventually be athletic enough to play LF? We’ll see.

Stock = Up

10 – Sebastian Valle, C

A: 221 AB – .253/.300/.430

Valle got off to a crummy start, struggling badly in April (.623 OPS) and not much better in May (.653 OPS), but he’s turned it on in June, going .283/.323/.650 in 60 AB. The two big question marks I had surrounding Valle coming into this season involved his plate discipline and his ability to be at least an average defensive C. The plate discipline is still an issue, and I think there’s a good chance he will always be a free swinger who doesn’t walk much, and I haven’t read many reports on his defense either way. The raw power continues to emerge, and at just 19 (turns 20 in July), he’s plenty young enough to improve. The Phillies have shown that they value defense above all else behind the plate, so if Valle does not make strong and steady improvements defensively, he’s likely going to find himself either at 3B or in an OF corner. But the bat still looks promising either way.

Stock = Unchanged

11 – JC Ramirez, RHP

A+/AA: 70.1 IP – 4.22 ERA – 1.27 WHIP – 19 BB – 57 K – 0.65 GB/FB

Ramirez has been fairly solid for much of the season, sprinkling in average starts with a few very nice outings. The stats still don’t really seem to match up with his pure raw arm, as he’s recorded just 57 K in 70 innings. He’s limited the walks, which helps, but he’s given up tons of flyballs, and outside of the very pitcher friendly FSL, those may come back to burn him, as he gave up 2 HR in his first AA start. He’s been solid enough, and he’ll now face a stern test in Reading.

Stock = Unchanged

12 – Antonio Bastardo, LHP

AAA/MLB: 16 IP – 3.94 ERA – 1.20 WHIP – 21 K – 12 BB

Bastardo has been used very sparingly this season, mostly in the majors, and to this guy’s non-surprise, he’s back on the disabled list. A solid arm, a chance to be a great late inning reliever, but his arm appears to be not cut out for pitching. Shame really.

Stock = Down

13 – Jiwan James, OF

A: 286 AB – .248/.295/.353

James, like his fellow raw athletes at Lakewood, got off to a rough start offensively, posting an OPS of just .595 in April and .615 in May. But as the weather heats up, so does James, as he’s at .301/.321/.452 in 73 June AB’s. Small sample size disclaimer, of course, but this is positive. You want to see him draw more walks, but more importantly, you just want him getting his reps, as he’s still very raw, and this is still his first full year as a position player.

Stock = Unchanged

14 – Freddy Galvis, SS

AA: 242 AB – .236/.279/.277

I guess this is kind of what you expected to see from a 20 year old in AA who has never shown much ability with the bat. His defense continues to draw absolutely rave reviews. But will he hit? That was my question last winter, I’m no closer to finding the answer now, but his performance this season surely isn’t raising the offensive bar. Because he’s so young, he still has time. But yeah.

Stock = Unchanged….maybe down a tad.

15 – Justin De Fratus, RHP

A+: 31.1 IP – 2.30 ERA – 1.06 WHIP – 11 BB – 37 K – 1.52 GB/FB

Installed as the closer at Clearwater, De Fratus has been solid, and in my opinion, is our best relief pitching prospect at the moment. He’s still holding lefties in check, with an OPP BA of .214, and righties have even less hope, hitting just .188 against him. He’s allowed only 1 HR this season, which means he’s now allowed just 6 HR in 270.2 minor league innings. Outstanding. The scouting reports back up his numbers, as reports have him sitting 92-94 this season, hitting 95 and maybe even 96 a time or two. Solid stuff really.

Stock = Unchanged

One liners for the rest of the guys

16 – Kyrell Hudson, OF – We’ll find out soon enough!
17 – Michael Schwimer, RHP – A few bad outings, but for the most part has continued to rack up great numbers.
18 – Jonathan Villar, SS – If anything I was light on him last winter, I’d say he’s pushing for a spot in the top 10 next season
19 – Leandro Castro, OF – Kind of what we expected, lots of free swinging with varying success, doing a bit of everything. Looks the part of a great 4th OF
20 – Kelly Dugan, OF – We’ll find out soon enough! According to a report from reader JE, he has given up switch hitting, so that will be interesting to follow
21 – Quintin Berry, OF – He’s been hurt, and when he’s been healthy, he’s struggled. This was a big year for him, too
22 – Matt Way, LHP – Got off to a poor start, but pulling things together now against guys he should be dominating.
23 – Yohan Flande, LHP – Its been a smoke and mirrors act, but he might just be crafty enough to grab a few spot starts over the next few seasons
24 – Scott Mathieson, RHP – Arm strength is back, command still could be an issue, and now he’s part of a crazy roster transaction. Exciting!
25 – Austin Hyatt, RHP – Came out of the gate in style, but has struggled since. A move to the pen could come sooner rather than later.
26 – BJ Rosenberg, RHP – He’s been hurt, and when he’s pitched, it hasn’t been good.
27 – Zach Collier, OF – Hand injury derailed his season before it got started, and now its ended his season. A lost year developmentally
28 – Anthony Hewitt, OF – He’s teased us with his raw ability, but he’s still very raw. Like piece of meat in a butcher shop raw.
29 – Colby Shreve, RHP – He’s a real person and does in fact exist. Mixed results, but I’m encouraged.
30 – Julio Rodriguez, RHP – Got a brief glimpse in Lakewood, now back in Williamsport for some reason. Fastball still only 87-90, but he appears to have a decent plan

As a bonus, if I was doing a ranking of our top 15, at the moment, I think it would look like this

01 – Domonic Brown, OF
02 – Jarred Cosart, RHP
03 – Brody Colvin, RHP
04 – Jon Singleton, 1B
05 – Anthony Gose, OF
06 – Domingo Santana, OF
07 – Trevor May, RHP
08 – Sebastian Valle, C
09 – Tyson Gillies, OF
10 – Jesse Biddle, LHP
11 – JC Ramirez, RHP
12 – Jiwan James, OF
13 – Jonathan Villar, SS
14 – Justin De Fratus, RHP
15 – Phillippe Aumont, RHP

There you go.

121 thoughts on “Midseason Review: My Top 30 prospects

  1. I don’t totally get the logic here. Tyson Gillies gets an “unchanged” at #2, but then on the top 15, he’s listed as #9. That seems like “stock down” to me. Domingo Santana is unchanged at #4, but then he’s listed as #6. Those are just two examples.

    What am I missing?

  2. If Gillies were to go from #2 to #9 on your list, that would certainly merit “stock down.”

    Do you see any of the new draftees besides Biddle in our top 30, looking ahead to the offseason?

  3. Burt, a guy can drop a few spots if he holds steady, if other prospects pass him. It’s not poor performance from Santana as much as great performances from others.

    I did write that Gillies comment separately. Funny I’m not the only one who noticed that.

  4. The other guys that got extreme “Stock Ups” is my guess. Like, PP probably still likes Gillies just the same, but those other guys have just jumped him.

  5. And honestly, Gillies ranked lower on the top 15 because the guys in front of him have raised their stock for me. Gillies has been hurt, so I might bump him down, even though I don’t think his skill set is any different

  6. Les we forget the massive previous season and talent from Gillies due to a bad first half of 1 season…

  7. Kyrell Hudson- I have seen nothing on him being injured and if he is not, then the Williamsport boxscores seem to indicate that Miguel Alvarez has won the CF job. The other OF’s are Dugan and D. Santana (who is hitting well in the 2 games, and Alvarez slightly lesser so) The DH’s used in their 2 games have been Michael Dabbs and David Doss. So I would put a question mark behind Hudson.

  8. Overall, I think with the performances we’ve seen, I feel So much better about these top fifteen then I did at the beginning of the season.

  9. Just out of curiosity, what does Rizzotti have to do to be taken seriously as a prospect. He has arguably been as good a hitter as Brown, the number 1 prospect, in the same league.

  10. Lenny, Rizzotti is what 26!?! So hes a little old to just jump to PROSPECT status. There is no ignoring what hes doing but he needs to rake all year move up and continue then you will see him take a spot on the MLB roster for Dobbs or Gload.

  11. It’s not just about current performance. You need to look some at the past and also project out to the future. Rizotti showed NO power for half this year. He doesn’t really play the field. Looks to me that he maxes out as a bench player type, so really not a major prospect in my mind. His current performance is pretty impressive though.

  12. Rizzotti is 24 not 26. He hit 13 homers last year and has 9 so far this year. I’m not talking about putting him on the Phillies. I’m just talking about considering him a PROSPECT. Seriously, what is required of him to achieve that lofty status. If he outhits Brown all year, would that be enough?

  13. Lenny: Ever hear of projection? Rizzotti’s ceiling is probably Dobbs. Brown is Willie Mays. Their names probably should not be combined in the same post.

  14. My midseason top 15.

    01. Dom Brown
    02. J Cosart
    03. Singleton
    04. B Colvin
    05. A Gose
    06. T May
    07. S Valle
    08. Santana
    09. Gillies

  15. Brown is two years younger than Rizzotti, has some speeds, and plays the OF. Rizzotti is slow, plays 1B, and plays it so poorly that he DHs at Reading most DH games. His ceiling seems to be as a good last guy on the bench, PH only, not a position spare. If the Phillies thought he could play 1B, they wouldn’t DH him to play Bozied.

  16. Projection is invoked when a player is not currently doing well but you believe he will do well in the future. The most important P word is performance. I believe in what I see not what others think. When Rizzotti’s PERFORMANCE indicates that he is not as good as he currently seems to be, I’ll drop him like a hot potato. Till then, he’s on my prospect list.

  17. To me, Rizzotti is an exciting story, you want him to keep hitting and root for him. But if upside is limited by his defense, he does not belong in top 15, maybe not in top 25 or 30. His upside today is limited to 24th player on some MLB who can afford a non-fielding guy, right behind the defensive specialist to make up for him.

    If he is as bad a fielder as indicated, he will have to be a 30 HR guy to be a solid prospect.

    Let’s just enjoy the performance and a potential pinch hitter next September. Then maybe the A’s will take him in trade.

  18. Here is my top 15:

    JC Ramirez
    N. Hernandez

    Additionally I have a sack of potatoes at 16 followed by Aumont. He is terrible and I believe that he doesn ot have the mental toughness to push forward. He will be out of baseball in three years or less.

  19. Key point:

    What reduces Rizzotti’s prospect status for a National League team is the expansion of pitching staffs and no DH. You have a 12-13 man staff and 8 regulars. That’s 20-21 roster spots taken. In the NL, you better believe the last 4 or 5 guys have to do more than just one thing. Bench hitters MUST be able to fill in at a few positions as needed for a game or 2 without embarassing.

    Rizzotti seems to have the potential to embarass. He is a DH/AL type. As I say, maybe we see him pinch hit one September or get called up when hot in interleague play if he is hitting .350.

  20. Allentown:

    Rizzotti has one error at 1st in 34 AA games. Bozied has had 7 errors in 62 games. How is Bozied better at 1st then Rizzotti? Bozied’s error rate is pretty high. Rizzotti has looked pretty good at 1st for the games I’ve seen. Did you ever see Rizzotti play first or are you just speculating as to how he plays the field?

  21. My top 15:

    JC Ramirez

    Dark horse not mentioned here: Garcia, as a good-hitting IF/LF utility.

  22. I think our prospect lists tend to look at ceiling. Guys who are younger and can play more positions have a higher ceiling. Older players who are DHs typically have lower ceilings relative to those players who can get on the field. It’s the same things when we compare Singleton to Heyward at the same age… Singleton is a great hitting prospect, but because he doesn’t play OF at this point, his prospect status may be lower than Heyward’s was when at the same level.

    Rizzotti’s numbers I find intriguing. But if you look at his past few seasons, this season is a bit out of bounds. Because in this season he’s so far outside of what he’s produced in previous years, it makes you take notice, but it doesn’t push up his ceiling yet. I think he’d have to do it for the rest of the year and into next season for me to see him differently.

    There are plenty of guys in the minors who have one great year… but when they get to higher levels for extended periods, they are exposed. Give it time to see what happens and see how he adjusts.

  23. Stop putting Biddle on ur lists. He has done nothing yet and being drafted in the first round isnt enough. Singleton is thought to not get his full respect because he wasnt a first round pick. Were doing the same thing with Biddle. Let all players earn their spot and not just the 2nd round on down.

  24. At this point, I think Harold Garcia deserves more consideration for the top 15 than Rizzotti. Garcia is a year younger and plays 3 positions. If he moves up to AA and hits a little this year, he should definitely get top 15 consideration.
    DD hit the nail on the head about Rizzotti. Hope he keeps hitting, so we can trade him to Oakland. They collect guys like that.

  25. It’s funny: the “feel” of the first half of the minor league season has been slight disappointment, perhaps because Aumont has struggled so much. But I see four to five potential impact players in Brown, Cosart, Singleton, Colvin and (albeit way, way off) Santana, with two more guys who project as likely big-league regulars in Gose and Gillies and some other intriguing talents in Valle, May, Ramirez and Villar.

    While I have little sense of how this stacks up to other systems around the league, I don’t find it discouraging. Add in that James has more “ups” than “downs”–an assessment with which I agree–and I think we can feel pretty good about the Phils’ system.

  26. I know a list like this is always a debatable topic, but I always like your take on things. So I am not going to nitpick.

  27. Southpaw. I am going by the reports I have seen here and other knowledgeable sites. I hope he is better than we think.

  28. Would the Phillies want to package one of Gose or Gillies over the next year or two knowing they both project as Centerfield regulars?

  29. DD:

    Can you tell me the other sites? I’m curious about Rizzotti’s scouting reports. Thanks.

  30. As the first half comes to a close was able to watch in person Lakewood, Reading and Clearwater play so far this season. We all know who the top prospects are and they have not disappointed. But without a doubt Harold Garcia has impressed me the most as the one player this season who has raised his prospect status the most in the organization. Harold has shown he has all 5 tools to be a major league second baseman. He is hitting the long ball, making the plays in the field, stealing bases and has hit in all but two games he has played in since coming off the DL. Glad to see he is getting some playing time at third too. If he is not placed on the 40 man roster at the end of the season he should be a definite candidate for the Rule 5 draft this time.

    The jury is still out on Matt Rizzotti who would have the second most improved prospect status if he would play first base every day. For whatever reason this does not appear to be in the cards.

    The biggest disappointment has been the slow start at the bat and in the field of Cody Overbeck at third for Reading. He has not hit and has committed three errors already after his first week in AA. From the Lee deal I expected more from Tyson Gillies based on what I saw in the spring camp but not surprised by the below average performances of Aumont or Ramirez.

    If Brody Colvin pitches well today and helps Lakewood clinch the first half North he would get my vote as the most improved pitcher from the start of the season. Saw him pitch in the minor league camp back in March and he was hit hard. But was mostly working on fastball location and building up arm strenght back then it appeared.

    The area that has shown the most increase in depth has been the middle infield positions With Garcia at second and Cesar Hernandez getting off to a strong start at second for the the Cutters. His line drive single last night drove in what turned out to be the winning run. At short Galvis and Villar are coming along well and proving they are ML prospects.

    Valle has recently calmed fears of lack of young depth behind the plate and Santana still gives hope of a power hitting right handed outfield bat. But third base still remains a black hole. It turns out so far that Overbeck appears to have been a tease.

  31. I couldnt agree more than I do with the statements of DIamond Derby and Mike77. Rizzotti is significantly limited by his inability to play even an average first base. I also believe he will have significant problems getting aroundon the inside fastball having seen his swing a number of times. While Im not quite ready to put Garcia in the top 15, he is really showing me something.

  32. the past few games I’ve went to at Reading, Rizzoti has started 1st and Bozied was DH, with Overbeck on 3rd (who so far sucks)

  33. And in regards to Overbeck I’m not refering to batting, cause there is an adjustment going to AA (eastern league especially), I’m talking about his fielding, Overbeck has had 3 or 4 errors in the past week since coming up to Reading

  34. That’s now 4 games in a row with a Homerun. That boy can hit and obviously for power. He is what only 4 homeruns behind Brown now?

  35. I understand that Overbeck has not been good in the field – not sure if that’s just nerves or if he’s just not a good defender. Putting the legitimate fielding comments aside, man oh man, I’m glad I don’t work for you guys. Overbeck has been up for what, a week, a week and a half and he’s not hitting. Yup, it’s a full-blown disaster. Folks, give the kid a chance.

  36. Yes Rizzotti is now only 4 Home Runs behind Brown in half the games! What’s it going to take for people to see that boy can flat out hit. That’s 4 in the past 4 games! Maybe if he hits 10 in 10 games, maybe just maybe ONE of you will actually call him a prospect? And if he does continue to hit the way he been doing all year, instead of praise you’ll probably say he’s stealing signs or something to discredit him…

  37. On Brown, PP, I think you’ve said it best. We kind of take him for granted, don’t we? I know even I fall into that category at time and shame on me. This guy is a fabulous prospect. It’s easy to get into the “well, he’s not Jason Heyward or Mike Stanton” frame of mind, but, really, that’s just plain stupid. If we had 8 other position prospects like Domonic Brown, we’d be talking about a dynasty. What I like best about Brown is that he’s an embodiment of the team’s fondest wishes for its player development program. Draft a young, coachable kid who is a great athlete and has unlimited physical skills, give him great instruction, bring him along slowly and bring him up only when it’s clear he is absolutely ready for the major leagues and there’s a position for him to play. I say let Dom Brown do his stuff until late July and then let’s bring him and keep him around as a secret weapon for a late season run and the postseason. I don’t see why he can’t start at least 2-3 games a week.

  38. Of course Rizzotti’s a prospect, how could he not be? The numbers are compelling. The problem is, what do you do with him? He seems like a big, lumbering first baseman who cannot play another position. We’ve got one of those. Now, if the NL gets a DH, then we can have a different conversation.

  39. I agree with the other posters here who believe that Rizzotti is a prospect, but he really doesn’t fit in (to his full value) on our ballclub, since he’s limited to 1B/LH bat off the bench.

    We have to realize that not every prospect (even good ones), will end up playing for the big club because of roadblocks in Philadelphia. To me, if Rizzotti help lands an important chip for the stretch run, then he’s served his purpose.

  40. Actually, Rizz is only 1 HR behind Brown. He now has 10 on the year, 9 in Reading and 1 in Clearwater. Brown has 13 so far.

  41. thanks PP. I was really curious to see where you would put Valle as I know you’ve had reservations. Pretty good top 15. Interesting that you have Colvin ahead of Singleton….

    Folks, PP doesn’t have Rizzotti in his top 15 – but he’s given him props in the past even going so far as to say that he regretted not having him in his top 30 last year. But the fact is, while he’s a good player and may find a roll in the majors – he’s really limited by his lack of possition and the fact that he’s old for a prospect. Still, I would bet that PP has him in his top 30 – maybe his top 20.

  42. Southpaw: I’n not an advanced amateur player or prospect hobbyist per se, so my info comes second hand. No subscriptions to scouting services. I get everything here or at PhuturePhillies.com. Many posters on these two sites can be trusted to report valid info, and I have seen commentary that Rizzotti is defensively challenged, seem to remember bad hands, don’t know about general range, agility, throwing fundamentals, footwork around the bag, etc.

    He seems to be strong like an Italian dockworker, if you will, but not lithe and athletic, like a Joe Dimaggio. Classic thick-bicepped masher, maybe, but that’s just off-the-cuff speculation.

    The use of him as a DH is also consistent with this view of him as a maybe hopeless fielder. Bozied has played 1B ahead of him and he is supposed to be bad.

    All this is unreliable info and a good scouting report of his athletic ability and recent progress as a fielder, if any, would give us a much clearer view of his prospecthood.

    Hope that serves as a decent summary.

  43. Peco, that’s ‘cuz we have this master plan to make Rizzotti fail. It’s our fault he’s not on the NL All-Star team already.

    Enough about him already. If he can play, he will. We will praise him and appropriately admit to being fools. You can be proud that you knew this all along. But until then, let’s concentrate on players that truly bring excitement. Players that seem to be just a whisker away from making us proud for rooting for them over the long minor-league journey as “prospects”.

  44. Catch: Agree we have to be patient with Overbeck, for lots of reasons:

    –A+ to AA is the biggest jump, therefore the biggest adjustment.

    –The guy is getting used to new teammates, new coaches, new fans, new town, new living quarters.

    –Most players have a lull at a new level, only a few who are hot or big-time prospects don’t skip a beat. Don’t forget, Overbeck had cooled off a bit in Florida.

    By August we should have an idea if he has come out of his slump and made adjustments. The fielding could be simply a small sample and new surroundings issue. He may or may not be an acceptable fielder, independent of one week’s play.

  45. When I first went to see Rizzotti play in Harrisburg right after he was called up from A+ ball he was riding the pines to let a six year free agent play first base. Matt did get a pinch hit double late in that game. The six year free agent finally retired and they have since let Matt DH most of the time when a DH can be used. Now for the second game in a row today they are letting Matt play first base and not DH him. All he has done today is hit his fourth homer in four straight games. So far no errors in the field. You gotta give it to the Minor League department. They eventually get it right!

  46. i am also wondering why hudson hasnt got any at bats in the first two games, especially when guys like dabbs and doss are being used as DH in those games

  47. Rizzotti replaced at 1B by a defensive replacement after Reading took the lead today. How often is 1B replaced in the 9th?

  48. If Gillies were to go from #2 to #9 on your list, that would certainly merit “stock down.”

  49. Question on Trevor May. when it say’s he shocking has allowed 5 homeruns. couldn’t tell from the text if that is a good thing or bad. i would think to only have let up 5 homeruns this far in the season isn’t bad, right????

  50. p.s. to my question bout may, i am not tryin to take a shot at the write up you do… i love this site and visit this site atleast once a day most times multiple times you are the man and ur team of writers/contributers our great….

  51. Went on to baseballreference.com, and if you compare the defensive numbers, Rizzotti’s numbers at first are comparable to Bozied’s. Higher range factor in his career and a slightly lower fielding percentages. That said, Bozied doesn’t seem to be terrible as a 1st baseman, and the fact that he’s played in the outfield (as recently as last year) and at third suggests he’s more than adequate at first. While he’s made a decent number of errors this year, they’re at third. He’s yet to make an error at first.
    Who knows, maybe the Phillies think DH is better preparation for being a bench bat, which is Rizzotti’s best shot at the majors.

  52. Agree with Mike77, though. Replacing your 1B in 9th for defense is pretty rare and speaks to degree of poor skills. Who would do that to a mediocre or even an inconsistent fielder?

  53. Still no respect for Rizzoti, the fact is I go to the games, he’s always in the line up DH or 1B, and now they’ve been starting him at 1st even if they can use the DH. I’ve never seen an error by Rizzoti yet in fact I’ve seen a couple good plays with his glove. That said I’m guessing in practice he’s probably sucked. Maybe he’s the dreaded “gamer” type. I just seem to remember people on here saying he was on pace for a whole 4 homeuns and that he had no power. Instead he’s hit 10 homeruns in what a month or just over? No adjustment was needed moving up to AA here, instead he’s been more succesfull. Most impressive for me though is his being clutch, walk off homerun, game tying homeruns 2 out bottom of the 9th. You have to respect that. He’s not that slow either, I’ve even seen him steal bases. I’d invite anyone on here to get in you car come up to Reading and see the guy actually play. I don’t care what some website says watch him play and you will see why the people that have are so excited.

    As for Overbeck, like I said I’m willing to overlook that batting for now, A+ to AA is a big jump, especially as the Eastern League is the “pitching” league. My issue is the glove, last nite saw a weak grounder get by him. And the fact he had 3 errors earlier this week makes him seem dissapointing so far, in the end he will likely resolve this. But the lack of fundementals on the field is dissapointing to watch.

    And that’s what this is really all about, not some prospect list, not some scouting report. Come out and see the men play and then make judgments off of that. You play baseball well, you get moved up. Projections are just that, and a good percentage of the time projections are just wrong. Tyler Greene ring a bell?

  54. I’ve seen him play one game at 1B at Reading and 2 games as DH. His game at 1B was not pretty. He’s been DHed in 13 games at Reading and lifted for a defensive replacement as a first baseman. You have both Tag Bozied and Rizzotti in your lineup and the manager decides whose glove he wants at first base. If the team sees Rizzotti as a serious prospect, then he has to start every game at 1B. He is not going to improve defensively appearing as the DH. I agree he has a very nice bat. His hitting has impressed me each time I have seen him. I still don’t see him as a top 15 prospect. I think he has a good shot to be a bench guy in the majors.

  55. Before you condemn the RIZ ,remember Utley was once a defensive underachiever when drafted.
    Singleton does it again.

  56. I’m not going to take a side on this, but I really don’t see how you can gauge a first baseman’s defense on the raw numbers.

  57. PP thanks for answer the homerun question on T.May. i wasn’t sure sometimes when u read something it is hard to tell if the person means that as a compliment. im new to the baseball prospect game

  58. “Still no respect for Rizzotti”
    By saying Rizzotti is not a top 15 prospect in the organization, that is showing disrespect. I do not think he is a top 15 prospect, but I respect what he is doing this season. He is hitting, but the guy does not have a position and he is old for someone just promoted to AA. I just don’t know how valuable he is as a commodity.
    For all of the anger towards the people who do not consider him a top prospect, I have yet to see one person complaining, say who is in their top 15. People take these lists too personal.

  59. PhuturePhillies: How about I just put the guys on my list that I think deserve to be there?

    Keep that up and you might get banned from this site. Thanks for the update James.

    Singleton seems to be warming back up…He seems scary good.

  60. If Singleton is a top 25 prospect in baseball, I don’t see how he isn’t a top 2 prospect on the Phillies. He is the youngest player on Lakewood and leads the league in OPS by about 100 points. Any player, at any level, who is destroying a league way under age, has to be considered a top 25 prospect in baseball. He has 134 ABs. If his next 134 go anything like the first 34, he will probably get a shot at Clearwater.

  61. “He isn’t a top 25 prospect in baseball.”

    Perhaps not, but his time is coming and coming quickly.

  62. Jared – you hit the nail on the head. 134 ABs. Let’s wait and see before we declare Singleton the second coming.

  63. Agree on waiting a bit more on Singleton, but even if he is top 25, Cosart may be top 25 as well, so no sl dunk having Singleton at number 2

  64. If a guy like Gillies can drop from 2 to 9 because of an 8 week slump and injury who knows wheres Singleton or any of these Lakewood guys will be at years end.

  65. I dont think either Cosart or Singleton are “Top 25”. We’d be lucky if they’re both Top 100 by the end of the year.

    Both are having strong breakout years in the low minors…lets just enjoy it for now before arbitrarily giving that type of elite status. There are plenty of other great prospects in the other 29 minor league systems.

  66. Hudson update: Hudson lead off and played CF for Williamsport, maybe just some minor reason. (Miguel Alvarez to LF, and Santana stays in RF) Kelly Dugan sat out so maybe he moves to DH soon , or he’s the guy to look at (DH filled by Carlos Alonzo as Jake Smith starts at 3B) (Williamsport notes : Domingo Santana, Cesar Hernandez, and Alvarez appear to be off to good hitting starts, Eric Pettis Is one of the starters used so far, and 1st game 5IP, 0R, 4H, 0BB, 4K)

    Rizzotti, I say you look at upside, and there are at least 15 guys with a higher ceiling , maybe even 30. But even that , given performance, I could see (since he is eligible for the Rule 5 Draft after season) it would not hurt to recall him September 1, maybe with Andy Tracy also ,to be a LH Pinch Hitter.

  67. Singleton in the top 25 is a big reach but I believe K Law said Cosart had the best minor league arm next to Strasburg. With him now with the Nationals, why can Cosart list in the top 25.

  68. Well, I’m no expert, that’s for damn sure. I do have a question though. If Singleton isn’t the best hitting prospect in single A, who is?

  69. ****Singleton in the top 25 is a big reach but I believe K Law said Cosart had the best minor league arm next to Strasburg. With him now with the Nationals, why can Cosart list in the top 25.****

    Honestly? Becausing having the best arm and being the best prospect are two different things. And its also just one guy’s opinion.

    Singleton might be the best hitter in Low A ball (over 134 ABs at least) but there are plenty of guys in A+, AA and AAA that are better prospects than him. He also plays 1B so the bar for him as a hitter is very high (higher than any other position basically). Its also possible, albeit very unlikely, that Singleton goes 3 for his next 50 and looks a lot less impressive. We’re talking about a sample size of just 6-7 weeks in Low A. That’s the problem with tossing out such a high status on a guy.

    I’m not trying to rip either guy but its very important to maintain some level of objectivity when looking at both of them as a fan of the organization.

    ****Well, I’m no expert, that’s for damn sure. I do have a question though. If Singleton isn’t the best hitting prospect in single A, who is?****

    Some would tell you Mike Trout is by virtue of playing CF, not 1B and still posting very impressive numbers. He has a 1.002 OPS at Age 18 in double the PAs that Singleton has in Low A.

  70. One has to believe Singleton is in the outfield next year.
    He also seems to be having an influence on Hewitt who had a very decent June. If he could of switched some Ks for BBs, he
    would of been more than decent.

  71. ****One has to believe Singleton is in the outfield next year.****

    Switching him to LF doesn’t really increase his prospect status all that much. Yeah, the bar is a tad lower for LF but its not as if LF is a defense first position. He’d probably be in the mold of an Adam Dunn/Pat Burrell/Manny Ramirez type of LF where his bat makes up for his defense and then some.

  72. I quess it depends on how he grows. He at least looks athletic now. Last year 1st looked like a wasteland. Now its Ruben’s garden.

  73. Makes sense Nepp. Ur on fire this morning lol. It doesnt matter to me where either player is ranked. We know their potential value to the big club and thats all that matters here. Im up to 25 refreshes this morning already. keep it coming ppl

  74. If Singleton continues to out hit/slug Flores I’d have to think he’ll show up in the top 50. Flores may play a premium position now but he’ll probably end up somewhere in the OF at some point. I’d have to think that’s his biggest comp in the SALLY. Both are the same age and don’t offer much in fielding or speed.

  75. I had a dream last night . Gose and Brown and Singleton all in
    the same outfield. hmmmm . Nice top of the order.

  76. Four years from now: Gose, Gillies, Brown in the OF with Singleton at 1B. The rest of the IF is a whole different story. Perhaps Galvis at SS and Villar at 2B. Where is Howard? NL has the DH by then.

  77. Aumont # 15 in your revised top 15 ???
    if his era tops 10.00 will you then come to the conclusion that this guy is not a top prospect. Would Seattle take him back with Gillies and Ramirez and give us Lee back ?

    I don’t think so

  78. Thanks for the midseason update! Just like Singleton’s approach at the plate some patience is needed. There are many factors related to a prospect evaluation.
    Just like Utley cannot be ‘bad’, he must be hurt, any change in performance could have a number of causes.
    Gillies was hurt, is that why he is struggling? How does that hurt his prospect status? Bastardo is hurt yet again and tumbles down the discussion.
    Rizzotti looks awesome right now (I care little that his is a poor defender, hitting counts!) but he has a history of lower prospect status to erase, and that will take time. If he dominates, gets called up, and wins a couple games with pinch hits he will be a top prospect no doubt.

    Anyway, great update and thanks. Here’s my current top15:
    Brown, Cosart, Singleton, Colvin, May, Santana, Gose, Valle, Gillies, Ramirez. Top10 seems solid.
    After that I really have no idea, so I went to guys with more history but can see more guys worthy:
    Mathieson, Bastardo, Aumont, Galvis, DeFratus.

  79. Bastardo’s not a prospect, he’s on the Phillies (even if he is on the DL). Graduation day has come and gone.

  80. I’m gonna be extremely aggressive and look toward the future here.

    My mid-season top 15:
    1) Singleton – truly rare, elite offensive potential. He’s breaking records against older players. Natural instincts are apparent in his advanced hitting approach and ability to make adjustments. Singleton could be a once in a generation talent like Utley or Howard, who is a perennial MVP candidate and the foundation of the future Phillies core. If Scouts need to use future HOFers, like Manny, A-Rod and Pujols to make an age appropriate comparison, then its time to take notice. Lets just try not to put too much pressure on the kid.
    2) Brown – Keeps getting better and looks ready for the show. Isn’t his fault that he’s not there yet.
    3) Cosart – Slightly stronger arm than Colvin, but Colvin could add velocity due to his larger frame. I’m very tempted to switch the two, but Cosart takes a slight edge with great intangibles that should allow him to keep improving and sustain future success.
    4) Colvin – Learning to command his fastball’s great natural sink and lateral movement. Of the big 3, Colvin might be the best athlete and have the best breaking ball.
    5) May – Awesome strikeout numbers, scary walk totals and i’m a little concerned about how often he’s been hit.
    6) Gose – For a speedy, lead-off hitting, sparkplug CFer, patience at the plate can mean the difference between a useful 4th outfielder and an all-star.
    7) Valle – Starting to look like he can stay behind the plate, where his bat would truly stand out.
    8) Santana – 7 for 10 weekend a reminder of what this kid can do.

    ———–Not sure what to do at this point. I really like some relievers, but don’t know how to compare them to raw outfield prospects. I also have no idea what to make of the Lee trio, 2010 draft picks and players who have been injured. Barring injury, trade or collapse, the 8 names above will remain in our top 10. The rest is yet to be determined.

    9) De Fratus – Consistently clocked around 95-98 mph at FSL All-Star game. Needs to work on his secondary pitches, but should be fast-tracked, because he throws strikes and is our hardest throwing relief prospect. Mathieson doesn’t count, because he’ll finish the season in Philadelphia.
    10) Villar – Much like the other V-guy Blueclaw on this list, he’s young, athletic, can hit and plays a premium position. The error numbers are shocking but he’s hitting .285 with a .351 OBP and 26 steals.(more than Anthony Gose)
    11) Gillies – Not sure what to make of him yet. Hopefully we’ll get a much better sense by the end of the year. He’s often compared to Victorino, but that always struck me as an awfully lazy comparison, because Gillies about six inches taller.
    12) N. Hernandez – Best numbers of any pitcher in our system until his (minor) injury.
    13) Schwimer – Killer slider, deceptive delivery and obvious intelligence should lead to a nice long career in the bullpen.
    14) Stutes, Wertz, Zagurski, Rosenberg (tie) The rest of our future bullpen, not including the hard throwing lefties we just drafted.
    15) Biddle – Based on potential alone. He could struggle at first, but I’m anxious to see him against better hitters.

    honorable mention:
    Aumont – Still young enough to someday become a special pitcher. Hewitt-level ceiling 🙂 If ever he regains his amazing stuff and throws it for strikes, he’ll jump back into the top 10, maybe top 5.
    Hewitt – Proved his harshest critics wrong by actually improving, right after everyone just about wrote him off. If he keeps hitting the ball hard for the next few months, we might have to start taking him seriously.

  81. nowheels, gotta agree with you there. Gose in Center, Brown in Right, and Singleton in Left. Long ways away but could be the perfect complement to the older players in Utley, Rollins, and Howard. Still need a 3B, but the potential value in having those three in the OF at the price they will be at makes the Phillies future exciting. It makes keeping Dom Brown in the minors til June next year worth it as to keep his expensive years another season away.

  82. Agree on Brown (right) and Singleton (left). I think, however, that we are selling Gillies very much short. I still think he’s going to be a whale of a player – he hasn’t had a chance to shine yet due to injuries and adjustment time. My guess is that he comes out next year looking like a rock star. I also like his plate discipline.

    As for waiting on Brown, I honestly don’t think, with the type of team and payroll we have now, that it makes sense to wait on bringing up a player of his calibur if he is truly ready. If he can help them win now (and I believe he can), he should be up and making a contribution.

  83. So Dom. Let’s say a pitcher puts up an ERA of 10.64 in 67 innings or so. Is it safe to say he’ll never amount to anything?

  84. With the possibility of Santana knocking on the door shortly after Singleton we’ll have a quite a group to choose from. Big league club is going to need that power RH bat.

  85. As per Dom brown does anybody really think the phils are planning to use him in place of werth next year without any MLB expierance? The phils will bring up brown by the end of the year.

  86. Slabs —
    No, I don’t think he is seen as Werth’s replacement for next season, but I expect he will be replacing Ibanez by about this time next year.

    I like PP’s top 15. I don’t think you can list a guy before he has played, so I’ll delete Biddle and add Schwimer at #15. Can’t give up on Gillies due to injury. I think Aumont may also be hurt and that could be problematic.

  87. Bringing Brown up now for Ibanez, while it isn’t going to happen, is a defensible opinion. Heck, if Ibanez doesn’t start hitting (he was, sort of, for a while, but I mean a real hot streak) I may even be convinced.

    But I really wish people who hang out here on a regular basis would stop with the ill informed “bring him up to platoon and PH” kind of comment. It won’t happen, and shouldn’t happen. for very very good reasons that we should all be aware of.

  88. The phils will attempt to sign werth at their price but if they don’t their #1 RF prospect will get a shot at replacing him. Brown will be up this year and get some ab’s in LF. The phil’s have been in the world series two years in a row they know what they’re doing. Brown won’t be in the minors for the next year and a half. There’s no problem in giving brown some time in the big’s this year and having him a phone call away in AAA next year.

  89. Larry, thanks for the succinct comment about Brown’s chances of platooning this year. If they have a roster spot he’ll get the call in Sept but I’d rather see Tavares as a pinch runner for the playoffs (assuming they make it).

    I understand not ranking an amateur player but…
    Not including someone like Strasburg as the Nationals best prospect last year just because he was a signed draft pick does not give the list much credibility. Did he need to throw a 100mph professional pitch first to be ranked?

    Biddle is does not have Strasburg’s pedigree (or stuff) but he is part of the organization now.

  90. Besides the fact that Domonic Brown is NOT on the 40 man roster, I don’t think he’ll come up this year. Phillies do not have a history of promoting hitters from AA. I think he’ll get a much deserved promotion to AAA and he should make the team in 2011, likely in a RF platoon with Francisco to ease him in.

  91. Brown not being on the 40 man roster isn’t an assessment of his position. They don’t need to put him on the 40 man now, so why would they?

  92. I think people need to start thinking rationally and not jump to quick decisions like “we need to bring up Brown now” or “we need to trade for (fill in the blank)”.

    Yes, Brown would be a better option than Ibanez right now, but it would not be cost effective to do so. As much as ppl refuse to believe it, baseball is a business. Nobody is going to give anything of value for Ibanez and we’re not going to sit Ibanez who is making $10M per year. He’s not performing well right now but he wasn’t .209 Pat Burrell either.

    And the Phillies do not promote hitters straight from AA. They didn’t do it with Howard, Utley, Rollins, Burrell.

    This team needs to right the ship on their own. The Phillies are too good not to.

  93. Howard played 102 games in reading and 20 some games in swb in 04, and made his MLB debut on 9/1/04. The phils didn’t need him that year with a productive thome. Brown will likely be promoted to LV. The phils aren’t pulling the plug on Raul in June. If he’s still struggling late in the summer brown is playing well, they’ll call him up. Moyer was put in the bullpen last year and he made pretty good wompum. I hate to hit you with another dose of reality guru, but the phils flat out cut Jenkins and eaton before the 09 season. They paid over 15 mill for those guys to sit home. They traded thome with $ to open up a spot for Howard. Brown is the best hitter since Howard.

  94. Alan … not saying that anyone with an ERA over 10.00 will NEVER become a player . I just don’t see what Aumont has accomplished to earn top 15 consideration . His numbers are terrible . In fact most people who posted their revised top 15 don’t have him listed either . Where is he on your revised top 15 ?

  95. AS far as a September call-up is concerned, it doesn’t matter that Brown is not on the 40 man roster right now. He will be placed on it this offseason, unless they plan to expose him to the rule 5 draft. He will be on it this offseason, so it would not hurt to put him on this year.

    As far as replacing Ibanez goes, no. The only factor in whether Brown is called up is whether he is ready or not. Team needs are not a factor. Only if Brown is deemed ready to contribute at the MLB level, without a setback to his developmental advancement, then he can go to MLB. There is no guarantee this is the case as of right now.

  96. Re – I just don’t see what Aumont has accomplished to earn top 15 consideration . His numbers are terrible

    Short term numbers are not everything. Aumont had a 2.75 ERA his first season and then a 3.24 ERA last season in High Desert which is perhaps the best hitting stadium in the minors (remember Tyson Gillies’ inflated stats).

    Aumont when healthy has probably the 2nd best raw stuff in the system behind Cosart now. He may have dropped out of the top 10, but somewhere in the 11-15 range seems appropriate for him at this stage. The bad news is the most recent. But the previous performance and scouting reports prior to this season would put him in the top 5. If he is hurt, of course, all bets are off regarding his prospect status.

  97. That’s a fair question Dom. I’m not certain exactly where I would rank Aumont because there is a likelihood that he may be pitching hurt. I will say that I got burned a couple years ago for thinking Daniel Bard was a bust after his 2007 campaign. If Aumont gets straightened out he could zoom back up quickly. After all, he has already produced on a national stage as seen in the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

  98. Slabs, I know they cut Eaton and Jenkins in the offseason. Eaton was downright terrible. Jenkins was already platooning with Werth, and he was going to the bench anyways. Not to mention that Jenkins was thinking about retiring.

    Raul is not performing well, but he isn’t stinking it up to the point where he needs to be replaced ASAP. And if Raul needed to be a platoon situation, the Phils still have Francisco, who really needs more at-bats.

    Brown should be going to AAA. If for some reason, the Phillies seriously tank and trade Werth, then Brown will come up. Otherwise, he’ll get his reps in the minors and work on his defense (which is still raw from what I’m hearing). Add to that, Brown has played almost exclusively RF in the minors.

  99. Ibanez has been coming on in the last few weeks…Brown won’t be up any time soon. He’ll probably go to Lehigh in the next few weeks to get some AAA experience before Sept.

  100. Guru, if you read my posts I never suggest that the phils should promote brown asap. Raul struggles for the next six weeks to two months and brown will be in Philly. Brown won’t be In AA all year you know. He’ll prob be going up soon to AAA. Dobbs makes more than valdez and Castro combined and he got dfa’d.

  101. Just a note on a lefty that I hear is moving from Lakewood to Clearwater – Matt Way got off to a slow start at Lakewood but he was pitching injured. If you look at his stats for May/June, he’s earned his way up another level after good runs at Williamsport and Lakewood. A solid lefty.

  102. Before we replace Raul could we use him a little more wisely,
    Cheese the man is near 40 and it is hot as hell on the field.
    It’s either Charlie or someone telling him what to do and it make NO sense. Its certainly not a (good) baseball decision.Whatever the motivation lets fix it before we turn Brown loose.

  103. Midseason Top 30

    01. Brown
    02. Cosart
    03. Singleton
    04. Colvin
    05. Gose
    06. Valle
    07. JC Ramirez
    08. Santana
    09. Gillies
    10. Villar
    11. May
    12. Aumont
    13. James
    14. Defratus
    15. Schwimer
    16. H Garcia
    17. Rizzotti
    18. L Castro
    19. J Biddle
    20. Worley
    21. J Sanchez
    22. M Franco
    23. M Alvarez
    24. Mathieson
    25. J Rodriguez
    26. N Hernandez
    27. M Way
    28. Altherr
    29. Stutes
    30. Carpenter

  104. I would appreciate your opinion of the following players:
    Matt Rizzotti
    Harold Garcia
    Cody Overbeck

  105. I am seeing Rizzotti put up some big numbers since being called up to AA. We put up with Burrell stumbling around left field and hitting .235 for a long time, so let’s give this kid a chance.

  106. With Brown up, Cosart hurt, and Colvin pitching so well I am saying we have a new number 1, thus:

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