Scott Mathieson designated for assignment

According to Todd Zolecki. Who doesn’t normally make up nonsense.

Unless the Phillies have a trade lined up for him, and the team just wanted to make sure he was healthy (hence, him pitching last night), this move makes absolutely no sense at all.

Thanks for the memories Scott, we wish you well.

Update —>; If this is truly a 40 man roster issue, wouldnt you rather risk losing Drew Carpenter, at best a fringe swingman, instead of a guy who throws 96? And why not move Ryan Madson to the 60 day DL?

This makes no sense at all.

Update #2 –> Here is the explanation. Weird.

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  1. Obviously, Ruiz can’t play today and they felt they needed a back up catcher and since Matheson wasn’t going to pitch today anyway, I guess this is what they had to do. How do the rules work? Can they just resign Matheson tomorrow and send the catcher back down or do they have to hope he goes through waivers, which he won’t do?

  2. To be honest, this is what Scott has wanted (trade). I know the guy personally and he expressed this when he was ending spring training. Its been an uphill, contant battle for him. I hope he does well elsewhere. He’s the best comeback kid story I’ve known.

  3. According to Matt Gelb, there is some kind of loophole that prevents the Phillies from losing him, which he will explain a little bit later today.

  4. Curious what this loophole is. I thought when you designate someone for assignment, you either had to trade them, release them or put them through waivers. If they clear waivers, you could then send to the minors

  5. Madson is already on the 60-day DL, but they had a spot on the 40-man for Sarhdina, so they could have just optioned Mathieson. This is just weird.

  6. We’ll have to see what the loophole is, but I wonder if this was done out of respect for Scott? They know how hard he’s worked to get back, and the Phils knew after one game (really crazy) that he wouldn’t work out here, and they wanted him to get a shot in the bigs with someone else.

    I know, it’s a crazy scenario for a team that not in first place, but just throwing it out there.

  7. This should clearfy the status of Pitcher Scott Mathieson. He has 3 years of options (06, 08 & 10) THe key is year in which you can send the player up and down as long as he is on the 40 man roster as many times as they want to without having to place him on waivers. The Phillies will not loss his rights for the remaining 2010 seasons.

  8. that makes sense now that its been explained. I didnt know optional waivers existed but i guess its in place to protect the player from relegation to the minors consistantly. Hopefully they keep him. Even though he gave up 2 runs last night, he wasnt terrible. I was throwing in the high ninety’s and snapped off a good changeup or two. He got unluck on a few slaps through the infield and then a wild pitch that chooch probably would have blocked.

  9. Mathieson was very unimpressive last night. If he continues to pitch down the middle, he’ll get killed. Just because he throws ’96’, in MLB, a 96 mph fastball down the middle, hitters will sit on that pitch all the time. You can get away with that stuff in AAA, but not up here.

  10. Mathieson was all andrenaline last night. First night jitters. Relax. He will be good.

  11. I first saw of this on my wife’s cell phone and was pissed off as all hell. Now that I seen it explained better, I understand it a bit more. He will help the Phils, yes, he did struggle last night, but as does a lot of guys. Once he gets his shiz together, he is gonna be a very valuable guy at the end of the bullpen.

    And DD hit the nail on the head. I mentioned in another post, it was all jitters, hell, if I was in his shoes, I’d be the same exact way.

  12. Is the reason the phils did this is that they can take Scott off the 40 man if he clears waivers, but if he gets claimed they can pull him back?

  13. He has to stay on the 40 man roster if he is recalled from waivers. This move buys them 48 hours to figure out who to take off the 40 man or whether or not to place Ruiz on the DL

  14. Just DFA Quintin Berry…honestly, would anyone pick him up anyway? And if he was picked up, would we really miss him?

  15. Now between this and the bullpen meltdown, I have to go to bed with a headache.

    Is H. Garcia regarded as a prospect of any importance.

  16. We’ll see on Mathieson. Just because he is a feel good story, and did a great job to come back, you can’t let your emotions get in the way of what was seen. I didn’t see any secondary pitches that would confuse or keep a hitter from sitting on that fastball. He’ll have to go back to LV and work on some things.

  17. Rule says that (Gelb says) because of the length of time between when Mathieson was first put on the 40 man roster and now, he must be placed on waivers to send to minors. The waivers are optional and Mathieson can be recalled from waivers if another team makes a claim. Proefrock says that is their intention, but they could all the other things a team could do in a DFA situation.

  18. Cody Overbeck struggling out of the box at Reading. Already made 3 errors. Slow start with the bat, .105.

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