Q and A with Cosart and Colvin

I know most of you are wrapped up in draft mania right now so I thought I would distract you with another column idea.  I will be the middle man in a Q and A with Jarred Cosart and Brody Colvin.  I read a lot of posts and comments regarding both of these players, so I thought it would be interesting for them to answer your questions.   All questions MUST come to me via email at mschwimer@yahoo.com.  If you ask a question in the comments section I can promise you that it will not be answered by them.

7 thoughts on “Q and A with Cosart and Colvin

  1. Schwim- You are the most awesome Phillies prospect ever. I mean that. I love that you take the time to connect with the fans on this site. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Can’t thank you enough for this Mike (or do you prefer Michael?). Taking time out of your, I am sure, busy schedule is truly appreciated.

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