17 thoughts on “Quick box score recap for June 8th

  1. After a rough start this year by Colvin he is starting to put together a nice string of starts in may and june. Hopefully, May can get back on track now.

  2. May pitched well too, after Happ left.

    Colvin has a nice streak of good starts going now. Glad to see him figuring it out.

  3. A couple of notes:

    Brown has 10 Ks and 0 BBs in his last 10 games. He’s hitting at .364 clip. Do you think he’s more aggressive at the plate or are pitchers trying to come after him? The Ks don’t matter but the zero walks is interesting.

    Who has the most steals in the Philly minor leagues? If you thought Gose or James or Thompson or Tavares (not yet) or Berry, you’d be wrong. It’s Jonathon Villar. He has 2 more than Gose and 9 CS less.

    Nice performance by Colvin. May also had a good outing. He picked up for the rehabbing Happ. He had 5 IP, 3 H and a R. He had 3 Ks and 3 BBs. He’s still walking too many people but he’s getting people out too.

  4. I think Brown might be pressing just a bit in an effort to get to AAA. I think he’ll turn it around.

    Disappointing that Reading is forced to start Josh Fogg, much like how they had to start JD Durbin 2 years ago. I guess LHV is already stacked with AAAA guys and there’s no room for him there.

  5. I think Fogg is rehabbing off an injury, so they want to bring him along slowly. He’s most likely on a pitch count to build back up arm strength.

  6. Here’s a transaction note that may have a future effect shortly. Brian Stavisky retired and his roster spot was filled by the activation from the DL of Kevin Nelson. So Reading is down to 3 1B and up to 3 Catchers. With the new players coming to organization when draftees sign, maybe they will add an infielder , and maybe Tyson Gillies can get off the DL, and they can move a catcher and and a 1B.

  7. Thanks for the update on Stavisky. Thanks to Brian for all his contributions to the system. I wish him the best!

  8. Gillies is due back any day (as is Zack Collier). I’m always amazed at how the 30ish yr old guys with little to no chance of making the show play on in the minors. Finally quitting like Stavisky is doing must be very difficult.
    May did better but he has to improve his control and cut the walks down if he wants to get back on the fast track. Colvin is doing terrific and looks to be a real prospect. I wonder if Colvin, not Cosart, is a better comparison to Knapp (from a conversation the other day). Cosart has a higher ceiling than either but Colvin is doing great considering his age and that he was in high school last year at this time. It also may be time to start getting more excited about Villar who is an improved glove away from being a legit prospect.

  9. Some interesting tidbits from BA hotsheet:


    Phillies RF Domonic Brown is reaching monster status. The 22-year-old went 11-for-30 with two home runs this week for Double-A Reading, giving him a .317/.392/.610 line through 47 games. It’s only June, but those are Minor League Player of the Year type of numbers


    • Carlos Carrasco, rhp, Indians. As one of the key pieces netted in the trade of Cliff Lee, the 23-year-old Carrasco already is well accustomed to high expectations. So life was swell for Carrasco after his first four starts for Triple-A Columbus, when his record stood at 2-1, 2.59 with 23 whiffs in 24 1/3 innings. But his fast track to Cleveland has been derailed by the six starts that followed. In that time, Carrasco has run up a 6.11 ERA to go with his 23-to-13 strikeout-to-walk ratio over 35 1/3 innings. This week, he won twice despite allowing 12 runs on 19 hits (four of them home runs) in 13 innings of work.

    • Trevor May, rhp, Phillies: Good news: May has 68 strikeouts in 46 1/3 innings for high Class A Clearwater. Bad news: he has 39 walks and a 6.02 ERA. May, 20, has quality stuff, but you’re not going to find any successful pitchers who walk eight batters per nine innings. May will probably never be known for pinpoint control, but he should see his walk rate go down with more experience.

  10. I was surprised when Brody Colvin was started in Lakewood and not surprised by his early struggles. I’m greatly impressed with his progress, think it’s been quite amazing actually.

    Last 5 starts: 1-1, 1.74 ERA, 31.1 IP, 20 Hits, 0 HR, 31/9 K/BB ratio

    Pretty damn impressive for a 19 YO who was in high school last year.

  11. At what point does Villar move up the prospect lists? A 19-year old SS hitting .300/.368/.371 with 23 steals is a nice prospect. The strikeouts are too high (as they are for every player on Lakewood), and there’s no power there to speak of, but the average, OBP, and speed look solid.

  12. May was always prone to walking batters, but this is kind of crazy. Last season he walked .56 per inning, and this year that has jumped to .86. Obviously this is a small sample size, but does anyone know of anything else that could have caused this jump? A mechanical change of any kind? Is he throwing more breaking pitches?

  13. Can Villar stay at SS defensively? If he can, he’s looks like a very nice prospect. If he has to move, even to 2B, his stock drops a bit.

  14. That Guy, I was pretty high on Villar prior to the season. As things stand now, I think he’s got a good shot at cracking our top 10 this offseason.

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