2010 Draft Day 2 selections

I was going to use one post for all of the comments, but with 350+ comments, its going to really take forever to load and reload, so I’ll just split things up and put the rest of the selections here. Some really interesting guys still on the board, including Stetson Allie, Austin Wilson, Brandon Workman, AJ Cole and Micah Gibbs. It should be an interesting day. Check below the fold for all of the picks.

077- Garner, Perci, RHP – Ball State University
107- Rupp, Cameron C- Texas University
141- Morgado, Bryan LHP- Tennessee University
171- Frazier, Scott RHP- Upland HS, California
201- Gauntlett, Eldmire OF- Ohio University
231- Buchanan, David RHP- Georgia State
261- Malcolm, Stephen SS- San Joaquin Delta College, CA
291- Brenton, Allen OF- Gahr HS, CA
321- Hollands, Mario LHP- UC Santa Barbara
351- Claypool, Garett RHP- UCLA
381- Knigge, Tyler RHP- Lewis and Clark State
411- Hinson, John 3B- Clemson
441- Numata, Chace C- Pearl City HS, Hawaii

471- Smith, Jake 3B- University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

501- Fritsch, Craig RHP- Baylor
531- Nesseth, Michael RHP- Nebraska
561- Cusick, Jeffrey 1B- UC Irvine
591- Palka, Daniel 1B- Greer HS, South Carolina
621- Walter, Kevin RHP- Legacy HS, Colorado
651- Musser, Jonathan RHP- Dowling Catholic HS, Iowa
681- Paquet, Jonathan RHP- Champlain St. Lawrence College
711- Borup, Jacob RHP- Arizona State
741- Thompson, Chad RHP- Orange Coast College
771- Hutchinson, Matt RHP- University of Nevada Las Vegas
801- Duffy, Christopher LF- University of Central Florida
831- Payton, Matthew 2B- Western Kentucky University
861- Pointer, Brian CF- Galena HS, Nevada
891- Lala, Patrick RHP- Kirkwood Community College
921- Gonzalez, Nicholas LHP- Leto HS, Florida


Perci Garner is a power-armed right-handed starting pitcher from Ball State University. Garner originally attended Dover High School in Dover, Ohio, a small town about 25 miles south of Canton, home to the football hall of fame. He was actually recruited more as a football player than a baseball player, though
he ended up not getting any playing time over two years as a quarterback for the Ball State football
team. He redshirted his entire 2008 season away as a result of playing football, but he gave up football
entering the 2009 season, and even though he was understandably raw, he showed incredible potential.
That potential has really shown itself this spring, as he’s installed himself as a starter over the last half of
the year, and he’s showing true number two starter potential. His fastball is an easy plus pitch, sitting
92-94, touching 96, and his curveball also rates out as a potential plus pitch, giving him two plus pitches
to work with before even getting in to any of his other pitches. His slider is a potential average pitch, as
well, and when you add in a fringe-average changeup, he makes for a solid prospect package. His
command is still lacking, and that’s his biggest weakness right now, but scouts are all drooling over
getting him into their system. He could go as high as the supplemental first round, and he won’t get out
of the third round, as he should be signable, even as an eligible sophomore.

– MLB Bonus Baby


Bryan Morgado is a hard-throwing left-handed starting pitcher from the University of Tennessee.
Morgado originally came to Tennessee from Florida Christian High School in Miami, Florida, where he
was a teammate of 2009 fifth round pick Ryan Jackson from the University of Miami. He was an
excellent prospect coming out of high school, but he dropped due to the thirty-fourth round due to
mechanical and signability issues, and the Red Sox were unable to sign him that late. He went to school,
but he quickly blew out his elbow, resulting in Tommy John surgery and a lost freshman year. He came
back strong for his redshirt freshman year, though, showing excellent stuff with good results in a starting
role. His stock dipped as a sophomore due to major command issues as he slipped mainly into a relief
role, but the White Sox liked enough of what they saw to take him in the third round last June as an
eligible sophomore. He didn’t like their first offer, so he went to pitch on the Cape, where he had a very
successful summer. The sides were unable to come to an agreement, and he returned for his junior year,
which has been a disaster. Scouts believe that he’s a future setup man, and they evaluate him with that
lens on. His fastball is an easy plus to plus-plus pitch from the left side, sitting 92-95, touching 97 last
spring. He can’t command it, but if he harnesses its power, he could be dominant. He adds in a potential
plus slider and a fringe-average changeup, but he’s likely to drop the changeup. With his high ceiling,
he’s a candidate to go somewhere in the fourth to eighth round range, where he’s likely to sign as a 22
year old junior.

– MLB Bonus Baby


Scott Frazier is a tall, lanky right-handed pitcher from Upland, California, a town roughly 35 miles east of Los Angeles. Frazier burst onto the national prospect scene with a no-hitter early in the season, and he hasn’t left there since. He features a solid pitch mix that projects him as a number two starter at the
next level, though he will need some mechanical adjustments and pro instruction. Starting with his
fastball, he features a plus heater that bumped up to the 92-94 range this spring, touching 95, an
improvement over the 89-91 range he had been clocked at as late as the earliest portion of his senior
season. His secondary pitch is a curveball that has shown above-average potential, getting a plus future
rating from some sources. It usually sits in the 73-75 mph range, which is also up from previous outings,
and its shape has been much better and more consistent. He still doesn’t command it at even an
average level most of the time, so there’s work to be done. With a pair of potential plus pitches, some
could argue that he doesn’t need a changeup, but he’s flashed an average changeup at times, giving
hope that the 79-81 mph pitch could be a solid weapon for him against left-handed hitters.
Mechanically, though, he’s a fairly max-effort type of pitcher, without any sort of chance to repeat his
delivery every time. He’ll need a more lengthy re-work than most high-level prep pitchers, though that
doesn’t dissuade many scouts from thinking of him as a second or third round prospect, where he could
be signed away from Pepperdine.

– MLB Bonus Baby

583 thoughts on “2010 Draft Day 2 selections

  1. PP, do you think the differences in day 1 picks vs projections speak towards the depth in this draft…or did the “experts” simply get it wrong…or maybe it’s all about signability. Also, is it crazy to think workman could actually slide to us at 77?

  2. Rick, I would say that for some of the players rated higher that are still there, it’s definately about signability. for some others, its just a sign that ranking high-school prospects from all over the country is widely open to interpretation based on who’s doing the evaluation.

  3. from mlb fanhouse

    So where was Stetson Allie on Day 1? Nowhere to be found, that’s where. Allie might have the best pure arm in the prep class, but his demands have caused him to slip. He is reportedly asking for upward of $3 million. At this point, he may slide into the later picks on Day 2 and could be picked by a big-market club that is willing to pay him what he wants.

  4. “At this point, he may slide into the later picks on Day 2 and could be picked by a big-market club that is willing to pay him what he wants.”

    That doesn’t really sound like the phils. Too bad, kid has a live arm.

  5. The Nats aren’t taking Allie. Harper’s price tag prevents that. I doubt the Phillies do. They will look to get 3 or 4 guys in at the 250-900K range which isn’t a bad strategy to be honest.

  6. I’m loathe to bring it up, but is anyone scared off by the Allie roid rumors?

  7. By grabbing Biddle (probably wont cost an arm & leg), who may have gone 10 picks later, the Phils could pick a player who may be a bit pricier such as Allie at #77 if he is around. Paying overslot is not beyond the Phils. However, it could affect how they draft in the later rounds if they do that. With the system depleted from trades the last 3-4 years they need to have a solid draft.

  8. Not to be a bugger but the numbering of our selections is incorrect. Our 4th round pick is 141 (not 138) and then each round thereafter is 30 higher (171, 201, 231, etc.).

  9. I agree with Pat Burrell – it’ll be business as usual today. The Phils will draft a few guys they can overpay but nothing like Allie.

  10. they are not taking allie. that is not there strategy. and i agree with it. it really doesn’t make sense to dump that much money into a high school arm. they like the portfolio approach and i think that it makes sense given the risk/reward trade-offs we have seen play out with the bonus baby arms.

  11. Phils were smart in taking Biddle. There will be no signability issues, he will get paid around slot, and they will have more money to spend on later picks. Agree with Pat the Bat that they will try to sign players for 250-900k which I also believe is a good strategy.

  12. Who do we think could be “Colvin-esque” players this year that we might grab in the 5-10 round range that were expected to go much higher?

  13. Jslasher – this might be overly general, but I don’t think anyone knows but the Phillies. If everyone knew someone like Singleton would sign for what he did he would have been picked higher. It takes the scouts on the ground knowing what guys they can get and which they can’t. If everyone knew Colvin could be had for 900K he would have been gone by the 3rd round at the latest. He was easily a top 100 talent in the draft last year. Sometimes it works (Colvin) and sometimes it doesn’t (Susac, Stewart).

  14. We really should have paid Susac what he wanted…considering the complete lack of catchers in our system now. Hindsight being 20/20 that is. I doubt anyone expected us to trade both Marson and D’Arnaud last year.

  15. Potentials for this year’s Colvin:

    AJ Vanegas, RHP, Stanford commit
    Ty Linton, OF, UNC commit
    Jacoby Jones, SS, LSU commit
    Jason Adam, RHP, Missouri commit
    Garin Cecchini, 3B/OF, LSU commit coming off ACL surgery
    Scott Frazier, RHP, Pepperdine commit

    Pure guesses based on guys with semi-strong commitments but top 100 talent.

  16. ****Marson was traded prior to the signing deadline.****

    Yeah, I know…I was referring to trading BOTH prospects at a premium position. I think had Rube known that he would end up trading D’Arnaud that winter after already losing Marson, he would have made a harder push to get Susac. Of course, that might have meant losing out on a guy like Singleton or Colvin instead. So, damned if you do, damned if you dont I guess.

  17. I have family in town, I won’t be around much today, but Ryan is going to update the picks.

    I’ll try and write something up later tonight based on what I can find quickly.

    I fixed the draft order, as well

  18. With the Phils going LHP in the first, obviously our biggest needs are 3B, middle infielders, and catchers. With that, I was curious as the thoughts on Yordy Cabrera . I personally am high on Cabrera and would like to see the Phils take him. I really don’t think he’s as risky as people are making him out to be.

  19. …and the Red Sox aren’t going to have to go over slot to sign these guys I don’t think because they are all college guys.

  20. If you can’t trade picks and the extra picks for free agents are in the sandwich round, how do the Red Sox end up 20 picks ahead of us in the second round?

  21. Extra picks can also be in the rounds themselves, no?

    P.S. – PP – It is so cool that you actually know who is on their board. If it were anyone else telling me this, I’d think it was nonsense – but I know better. Do you have any other names on their hit list or just the first guy they are trying to get on day 2?

  22. Reggie Golden just screams a Phillies pick. He’s just sitting there waiting for us to take him…

  23. I love how fast this is going. Cubs with two suspect picks in Simpson and Golden thus far.

  24. Squire, Ranaudo and Workman are both going to be overslot signs, ranaudo probably by a lot. They are college juniors and can return for their senior years if they don’t sign.

  25. I think this long hitting slump by the big club has cleared up some things for me regarding next year’s draft. By letting Werth walk, the Phils will likely be getting two very good players in next year’s draft. So in that vein, were I the big club, I’d let everyone walk instead of tying them up with big dollar, overpaying contracts so . . . . . oh darn.

    I’m actually more interested to know if PP has the right guy and if he actually makes it to the pick, than I am in the pick itself. Seems like a light of talent is draining off the board early in the second round.

  26. when there are 2 picks before the Phillies, I’ll post who I was told the pick was. It might have changed depending on who was picked ahead of #77

  27. ****when there are 2 picks before the Phillies, I’ll post who I was told the pick was. It might have changed depending on who was picked ahead of #77****

    But what if one of those teams is monitoring the site…it could blow the whole draft?!?!


  28. Oh thank god. Parker had a terrible year and was the classic Phillies Tools-but-no-results pick.

  29. So, another speedy CF with hitting issues? I’m not “devastated” by the loss…depending on who we take here.

  30. PP are you glad they didn’t take parker? Without knowing who they’re gonna take now?

  31. Boy Garner looks good. No idea how fast he throws but the delivery is smooth and easy and repeatable.

  32. Percy Garner – is he related to Charlie Garner?

    I assume he wasn’t highly rated since MLB.Com doesn’t have a scouting report on him.

  33. I like the delivery too, but I’m not liking the 88 mph on the radar gun. I hope he has some good off-speed stuff…

  34. PP, don’t get youself in any trouble with sources. We can wait just like anyone else.

  35. Percy, welcome to Philadelphia. We don’t know who you are, so you must suck.

  36. At least he’s not a Canadian or a no-hit speedy CF. Sorry, we already have a ton of no-hit speed/defense guys in the OF in the lower minors.

  37. We’ve got two classic projection guys at the top of the draft. I’d like to see us start to pick some over-slot guys now. Jesse Hahn would make me VERY happy regardless of the recent arm problem. Time to start rolling the dice…

  38. Well, even though his name is Percy, if he is as good as his scouting report, then welcome to P-Town.

    Would have been nice to concentrate on getting a SS or third baseman, catcher or even a second baseman in the first couple rounds, it’s never the wrong move to load up on pitching.

    Let’s hope the Phils continue to mine the higher single digit rounds for some tough signs with high round talent.

  39. Nooooo this guy is starter all the way from what i can see. He’ll just need time. I don’t see bullpen at all.

  40. Good delivery power armed kid? Cool. Hopefully another guy we can sign for slot.

    Let’s get a couple more Colvin, Brown, and Cosarts in the 5-25 area! I’d like them to pull the trigger on 4-5 of those guys with hopes of signing at least two of them.

  41. ****Should be a NYPL guy this summer****

    I’ll be at 2 of the 3 (maybe all 3 but definitely 2 of the 3) games in VT…hopefully he pitches in one of them. I’m looking forward to seeing Domingo Santana right now.

  42. it cant be a good pick when there is no scouting report on your 2nd round pick….phils draft =F so far

  43. ****it cant be a good pick when there is no scouting report on your 2nd round pick****

    The last 3 picks of the draft (by TOR, LAA, and NYY) didn’t have reports either…your reasoning is a bit faulty.

  44. Talk about an impressive writeup.

    I was slightly bummed when I first his name, but I didn’t know much about him. He seems to have a high ceiling and not too low of an floor in that he could be used in relief.

  45. Looks like he spells his nickname Perci, not Percy. In the scouting video he didn’t break 90, but it was a short video and looked like he was throwing a lot of breaking balls.

  46. amarogothosed – couldn’t disagree with you more… mlb is more of a crap shoot then most drafts, this isn’t the NBA where everyone knows everything about every prospect. Solid draft so far, both the first two picks look to be signed, and were not significant reaches.

    The real value as always is going to be in which “over-slot” guys they’re able to snag in the later rounds.

    We shall see.

  47. i live in williamsport so Im looking forward this up coming New York Penn league season

  48. excellent analysis, amarogothosed. the first question any good scouts asks is, Does mlb.com have a report on this kid?

  49. Could somebody please identify the scouting report for Garner? I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find it.

  50. PGCrosschecker had Garner at #105 overall. Baseball America had Garner at #49 Overall (at least before their day before update).

  51. spera these kids are followed for years…if there is no scouting report it is not a good sign….they could have gotten that guy in the 10th round…hes a reliever at best, thats not what you go for in a second round pick…NEPP they are having bad drafts too

  52. Catch, hit refresh on this post – it’s the last thing before the comments begin.

  53. If BA had him at 49 and he’s signable then that’s a great value pick. They seem to be taking a lot of signable ceiling players. I wonder who their big money splash pick is going to be…

  54. i’m just hoping they land a couple quality middle IF prospects the farm desperately needs

  55. Well, not “A lot”. They’ve only made two picks. But those picks seem like signable picks, haha.

  56. ****spera these kids are followed for years…if there is no scouting report it is not a good sign….they could have gotten that guy in the 10th round…hes a reliever at best, thats not what you go for in a second round pick…NEPP they are having bad drafts too****

    Clearly you know more than the FO/Scouting Dept of 4 MLB franchises. Good to know. You know nothing whatsoever about probably 99% of the players being drafted…just like the rest of us.

  57. Big, tall, strong, projectable right-handed power pitcher with tons of raw ability and upside. A guy who, had he pitched more, could easily have been a mid-first round guy. My kind of pick. Love it.

  58. And was a quarterback, meaning he’s more likely to have leadership skills and should have no problem taking directions. If the scouting reports are indeed accurate, I love this pick.

  59. Guys who have been here a while you will know what to guess. What position and type of school will the Phillies take in the 4th round?

  60. “they are having bad drafts too”

    Angels and Toronto are having quality drafts. How can a team with about a half dozen picks before we get our 2nd have a bad draft?

  61. Didn’t realize how raw the Ball State guy was – could have some upside.

  62. I could see Wilson knowing if they don’t sign him they get the comp pick next yr.

  63. One prediction. We will be the only team not to take a player from Georgia today.

  64. Second basemen from College that can hit sort of ala T. Mach (remember that debate) and Adam Buschini.

  65. That write up on Percy has almost everything you want to see as a fan. It throws in some plausible cause for optimism, some reasonable (non-injury) causes for him being ranked lower than expected etc. Also that 1st year in college has value even if he was not getting the best instruction. We at least know he threw a full year out of high school without his arm flying to pieces. Seems like a nice pick for us.

  66. amarogothosed –

    just quickly went back and looked at the 2007 draft as a example.

    you know who didn’t have a scouting report either?

    Mike Stanton, the #3 prospect in the game who has hit 21 HR as a 20-year old in AA. He’s making his debut tonight. Heard of him?

    How about you keep quiet for a bit…

  67. I’m just shocked/disappointed it wasn’t a C or middle INF – given the lack of depth in this draft at those positions

  68. 6’2 junior catcher out of Texas Cameron Rupp — Powerful bat, powerful arm — I dig it.

  69. Cameron Rupp. Ranked #123 by Baseball America before the draft. They also say “He’s Ryan Garko with more power and defensive ability.”

  70. Providing these three sign, I’m very happy with this draft so far.

  71. You guys are going to like Rupp. Calls a great game behind the plate and he can handle the bat well.

    He’s one of the glue guys for the Longhorns.

    I’ve covered his career since high school.

  72. apparently the reason he wasnt taken earlier is because he has a hitch in his swing load that will prevent him from having great bat speed and and hitting for average… I guess the phils think they can iron that out… hes already got the power

  73. Word on Garner is that if he played at a major program, he would have gone much earlier.

  74. I’d like to see a better plant with his lead foot, but if he’s already got the power in his hips like that, he’s got some strength.

  75. Sounds like teams are not waiting until 10th Round to take the ‘tough to sign’ players. I guess it makes sense if you are going to pay overslot just do it. It may be cheaper than Major League free agency.

    Plus if you pick a ‘risk’ guy in first 3 rounds you cannot sign then you get a makeup pick next year. Sounds like a good strategy if you could care less about the ‘slot’ punishments.

  76. Garner’s 2010 Stats –

    As a junior this season, Garner was 5-3 with a 4.62 earned run average in 17 games, including 11 starts. In 74 innings, he allowed 74 hits, with 37 walks and 83 strikeouts. Opponents his .270 off him.

    A 4.62 ERA pitching in the MAAC – I don’t see how this kid was a second round pick!

  77. That kinda screws the Phillies on their usual strategy of waiting…hopefully they adjust as the draft continues.

  78. Like Rupp – I assume he can handle a staff if he caught at Texas. He might end up as a backup with the bat concerns but that’s a good thing to have too.

  79. For those that don’t know or are new to the site, kketch covers baseball in the Texas area and knows those guys well.

  80. i like that he went the other way for a single in the scouting video. very nice for a young kid

  81. On Garner, he’ll be 22 next year. Should be interesting if he starts the year at Clearwater with all the Lakewood talent graduating. I just hope he doesn’t spell Percy with an “i”.

  82. On Rupp – watched the video – I really liked what I saw. I just generally like his size, strength and frame and I like the way he carries himself. Good body language, among other things. Could be a guy that goes quickly through the system. Another need addressed, which is also good.

  83. damn chad lewis sounded like a pretty nice california prospect at 3rd… i would have loved to see them pop him

  84. Here’s our profile on him from a pre-draft story:

    Profile – A 6-2, 235 pound catcher that has started a ton of games for the Longhorns.

    Report – Known mostly for his power bat, Rupp has emerged as one of the best college catchers in the entire country. He was selected out of high school, but it was a late selection because of his strong commitment to Texas. There have been some questions if he can catch at the next level, but Rupp has done a great job of erasing most of those concerns this season. No one has ever questioned the junior’s plus arm behind the plate, but his defensive mechanics and quickness were an issue. However, in 2010 Rupp has made a point to become more consistent defensively, and has improved his mechanics under the instruction of former first round pick and fellow catcher Tommy Harmon. At the plate, his raw power is better than anyone in a Longhorn uniform. However, Rupp’s swing can get a tad long at times, and that’s because the right-hander has a tendency to get his right arm too stiff during his load. Because of this, hard inside fastballs give Rupp issues. At the next level, professional instruction should really help fine tune his swing.

    Projection – I don’t expect Rupp to last long, and I don’t think scouts do either. Expect the power hitter to go somewhere in the third or fourth round with a chance to earn a quality signing bonus.

  85. It won’t matter how he spells it if he can’t pitch better than he did in college.

  86. those are some impressive junior stats for Garner considering he’s a redshirt sophomore!!

    His 2010 bio from the Ball State web site:

    Earned First Team All-Mid-American Conference accolades in his first season as a weekend starter … Posted a 5-3 record with a 4.62 ERA as the Cardinals’ primary Friday starter … Made 17 appearances, including 11 starts all coming in MAC play … Tossed 74.0 innings of work in just his second season with the team and posted a team-high 83 strikeouts while walking 37 batters … Led the MAC with 9.22 strikeouts per nine innings … Limited opponents to a .270 batting average against … In MAC play, he owned a 4-2 record with a 3.86 ERA in 10 starts … His 10 starts led the MAC while he tossed 49.0 innings of work … He struck out 50 batters in league action … Named the second best prospect in the Great Lakes Summer League by Baseball America … Named to the Collegebaseball360.com Primetime Honor Roll (March 22) for his efforts against No. 7 Louisville … He tossed 4.0 innings of one-run relief against Louisville as he allowed just two hits and struck out six … Named Mid-American Conference West Division Pitcher of the Week (April 19) … Tossed 6.0 innings of four-hit baseball against Buffalo and did not allow an earned run, while striking out nine batters.

  87. Thanks ketch, good stuff from you as always. I expect them to go for a few org. filler seniors in the next few rounds, then make some noise with a signability guy in between.

  88. any way to open a new post for the next few picks. taking forever to refresh page

  89. Dan K, Percy was originally a football player and only recently switched to baseball. It’s about projectability more than college stats at this point.

  90. Can someone list out their BPA at this point? We are getting close to the next pick.

  91. I am extremely disappointed at those college numbers… christ, a second round pick? I don’t get it. Ironically biddle wasn’t ranked as high by BA.

  92. Ay-yi-yi… People. It’s not about college numbers. Know who had awesome college numbers? Joe Savery.

  93. James fixed the numbers earlier and forgot to delete #137 when doing so…the rest are accurate now.

  94. Very surprised Austin Wilson is still around — he must want an insane bonus.

  95. “At least he’s not a Canadian or a no-hit speedy CF. Sorry, we already have a ton of no-hit speed/defense guys in the OF in the lower minors.”

    Very nice NEPP… I am Canadian and I take offense to your remark. Think a little before you speak.

  96. 3up3kkk – he’s been at Ball State 3 years – so from a physical maturity perspective, he’s a junior. Being a redshirt sophomore only gives him more leverage in trying to get paid over slot.

    Drew – he played baseball and football in H.S. He only missed one year of playing college baseball – 2008. Those stats are not impressive at all for a second round pick – particularly since he is going against lesser competition.

  97. We all know Canadians are bad people and worse baseball players. I’m sorry if the truth hurts.

  98. ****Very nice NEPP… I am Canadian and I take offense to your remark. Think a little before you speak.****

    I was poking fun at our tendency last year to take very raw Canadian prospects…not bashing Canada or Canadians in general. Sorry if that offended you.

  99. Another projectable lefty! This is okay if he’s fast tracked. Smells like a bullpen arm.

  100. “At least he’s not a Canadian or a no-hit speedy CF. Sorry, we already have a ton of no-hit speed/defense guys in the OF in the lower minors.”

    Very nice NEPP… I am toolsy OF and I take offense to your remark. Think a little before you speak.

  101. So far its PA, Ohio, Texas, and Florida in terms of draft states. Where’s our West Coast boys at? Washington’s gotta be soon.

  102. @ Dan K and G$
    I’ll take bad numbers and a plus fastball with a ceiling over a middling pitchability guy who put up gaudy stats in college. I don’t understand why you care about college numbers period. He’s going to come into the system and get solid coaching for the first time in his life. His delivery is gorgeous and repeatable. I don’t get what there is not to like.

  103. Catch, don’t trust the write-up on mlb.com. PP’s characterization is right.

  104. PP…you really love pick…mlb didnt look great…why was he bad in college?

  105. Seems like a lot of the late round type tough sign guys are gone. Phils have done nothing to distinguish themselves at this point. They’ve played it safe or worse with every pick. So unless they can find some late gems and overpay them, this draft has been totally meh.

    Outta here. Enjoy the day.

  106. So far a pretty decent draft with a good mix of upside and college talent. Would lke to see them pop a HS upside Arm or IF next.

  107. Damn these projectable picks…give me RHPs that are low ceiling 5th year seniors that throw 86-87 mph.

  108. But amarogothosed, Morgado had a scouting report, so he’s a great pick, right?

  109. I just hope Biddle isn’t our defining pick of the draft. Last year, before Singleton ascended to Godhood, Colvin was the center of it. I just hope the Phills nab someone significant. These names don’t have that impact yet, at least not for me.

  110. interesting that you loved the morgado pick. he seemed to me to be a pick they can sign for below slot and thus catch lightening in a bottle with the 5th round again for an above slot guy. but glad you liked him

  111. Yep Dan and he played baseball for 2 of those years. (which is why he was a sophomore). No doubt the initial focus on football slowed his development a bit.

    Also not sure why anyone would be much emphasis into college stats, especially 70 innings for a pitcher facing metal bats.

    But then again, I’ve never seen him pitch so who knows, maybe he really does stink.

  112. @NEPP Ooh! Ooh! Maybe we can we get some college seasoned corner outfielders too. Maybe a high-average, low power guy with good fundamentals?

  113. Morgano looks interesting. There’s something to work with there with some solid coaching. The only negative I see is that he’s already had Tommy John surgery in his freshman year. Still, he will probably sign for slot and is a decent talent to gamble with.

  114. Morgado makes Garner look like a 1st rounder –

    68.1 Innings, 2-7 record, 7.90 ERA, 73 H, 74K, 36 W.

    He did pitch well in the Cape league last year.

    JAK440 – I agree with you to a point – but it would be nice to see our early round picks with a little bit of track record of having success.

  115. I really want them to take Yordy Cabrera. I love this draft so far. But Yordy Cabrera would top this off. Hopefully he could be signed, but I love Yordy Cabrera. Please pick him.

  116. I’m a no-hit speed/defense guys in the OF and I take offense at your comment

  117. My draft pipe dream is that the Phillies not take a single organizational filler guy. Not one. Not one “no upside” college position player. And not one high 80s, no movement on the “fastball” pitcher. That would make my day.

    But it seems that the baseball draft is unlike any other in that scouts “sit” on guys for up to a couple of years and become enamored of them even when they get no results on the field. That’s fine if your minor leagues are renowned for their superior instruction. But the Phillies are known for no such thing. Pitchers, especially, come to the system with what they tend to leave it with, either to the majors or the street.

  118. That’s good – it looked like another Matt Way, Nick Hernandez, Matt Maloney pick. Don’t get me wrong, those guys aren’t horrible, but I’d prefer picking up that type of player in rounds 12-20.

  119. jak440- the only point I was trying to make re: Savery is that we’ll never know what he could have been had he not gotten hurt (although he probably would have been drafted higher) or had he fully recovered. He was a power pitcher in college, and now his FB tops of at 88 mph.

  120. I’m fine with not going with any organizational filler. Make picks 30-60 the proverbial “lottery picks” – if one guy becomes a big leaguer, the strategy has succeeded.

  121. here’s hoping the Morgado pick turns out as well as our last underperforming Volunteer left-hander.

  122. If he really does spell it Perci, I hope he dots the “i” with a little heart.

    And I agree on the Canadians, “Like maple syrup, Canada’s evil oozes over the United States.”

  123. Looks like Austin Wilson still on the board? Is it because he’s unsignable and heading to Stanford? Could be an interesting 5th rounder – signature player of the draft.

  124. The Red Sox really are killing this draft. At least the big name players who had the recognition going into this draft. Their selections are just sick…on paper. Of course who knows how it works out for them on the field.

  125. Gotta be honest, i’m a little disappointed by the early picks, but they ‘re all slot signs and there are still a lot of picks left. I don’t love Perci Garner, but his velocity is tremendous and the secondary stuff is encouraging. Rupp is the kind of catcher I wanted; major college player with a big arm and bat that can be useful at another position. He seems like he can call a game, which is huge, because he won’t need as much time before he can help the big club. Perhaps most impressive was making the cape league all-star team. I wish we added an infielder, but at least we got 3 potential impact players who will probably sign for slot with our first 3 picks.

  126. JBird: Love the Canadien Bacon reference, don’t think anyone else picked it up hahahaa.

  127. Per Callis: Every Boston pick is asking for seven figures.


    On the other hand, maybe that was Boston’s methodology, i.e. saying to these kids, “We’ve got a certain budget, and we can’t pay all of you. If you really think you’re getting more money by going back to school, Bryce and Brandon, you’re smoking something.”

  128. Apparently teh Sawx plan to put the money they saved signing Cameron over Bay to good use.

  129. @Bedrosian’s Beard:
    We might have already covered this, if so, I apologize, but I’m sure you must have been devastated when we passed on Cam Bedrosian. My condolences.

  130. Okay, I see that he’s a high ceiling guy. To me, high ceiling hitters who don’t make regular contact are rarely worth a damn because this generally means that they cannot properly time and square up to hit a baseball. By contrast, high ceiling pitchers just need it all to click to become effective, so I’m good with taking them.

    In many ways, this is starting to look like a classic Marti Woelover draft. A few sure things and practical picks surrounded by a whole bunch of gambles. But the major league draft rewards the smart gambler (so many rounds means odds change in your favor) so I’m fine with the philosophy AND I’m glad that, for this draft, we’re leaving the tool shed outfielders for later picks. Makes sense to me.

  131. From reading the scouting report, I’d be terrified to step into the box against Morgado…one could very well lose their life.

  132. Can someone explain to me why the Phillies would take a guy they’re down on in the 2nd or 3rd round to save for a guy they really like in the 4th, 5th or 6th round who they’ll have to overpay?

    Doesn’t that seem too risky? I just don’t understand. Take the BPA, always… right?

  133. Scott Frazier! A high schooler who has been shooting up the boards. BA had him ranked 85th before the draft and said “Funky mechanics make him inconsistent, but mid-90s velocity gets scouts’ attention.”

  134. James – I kinda agree, but it’s so that if the player doesn’t sign, it doesn’t destroy your draft.

  135. A 6’8 righty from California with a FB touching 95 with a decent change and a curve that could be great. I love this pick.

  136. I should add, I like Frazier and Rupp best relative to where they were drafted.

  137. loading up on hard throwing pitchers!

    i don’t remember a draft where every scouting report had plus fastballs

  138. I like Biddle, Frazier and Rupp so far. Don’t know much about Garner and Machado.

  139. Here’s the problem with taking safe pick in the first few rounds – They are going to sign.

    If you take your risky sign guys in the 5th round, and then they don’t sign, you’re out of luck. No compensatory pick next year. And next year is the Big Enchilada of talent.

    Would have made more sense to take Frazier in the third and maybe one of the guys Boston got and if they didn’t sign, then next year is a bonanza.

    But if they can sign Frazier, that’s a really good pick.

  140. Curious to hear the bonus figures that Frazier’s camp will float. I’m sure it will come down to the wire, but it’d obviously be great to get something done.

  141. Ha, Frazier was one of my “this year’s Colvin” picks. Glad to see the Phils went for him. Law says he’s 90-93 and can touch 94, needs help with his delivery but looks like he will be able to throw a curve.

  142. “James – I kinda agree, but it’s so that if the player doesn’t sign, it doesn’t destroy your draft.”

    I know, I know… It just seems to me you should take the most-talented players in the first rounds and worry about getting bodies later.

    However, the Phillies do have good scouting and seem to get good guys in the late rounds. I just wish we could see some more of the higher picks pan out for the Phillies…

  143. He’s the complete package — huge frame, mid-90s heat and a scouting report on mlb.com!

  144. I would take the chance of drafting a player that might not sign. What’s the worst that can happen? He doesn’t sign and you get an extra pick in next years draft. Which is supposed to be deeper in talent, from what I hear.

  145. I also like that I keep seeing “plus fastball”. Maybe i’m wrong, but it feels like signing/drafting guys who bring heat has becoming a priority as of late. I like that.

  146. Frazier . . . God, the ball just explodes out of his hand.

    The Phillies have finally figured this out with right-handed pitchers. Imagine the guy that you think the Marlins would take, then pick him.

  147. I would love for the Phils to take one of these guys in the next couple of rounds… (Noted I haven’t been here, some may be taken)

    Garin Cecchini, SS, Barbe HS (LA)
    Kris Bryant, 3B, Bonanza HS (NV)
    Tony Wolters, SS, Rancho Buena Vista HS (CA)
    Marcus Littlewood, SS, Pineview HS (UT)
    Austin Wilson, OF, Harvard-Westlake HS (CA)

  148. If that kid only throws 93, it’s the damn hardest 93 I’ve ever seen and the ball moves like crazy, which is a curse now, but will be a blessing if he can ever harness his command. He really looks a lot like Josh Johnson.

    So . . . . when do we get a middle infielder?

  149. JBird – I’m thrilled with the Biddle pick. I was referring more to these college guys who don’t seem to have much upside, and even if they do, were certainly not the best available (to me, anyway). I hope the Phillies scouts really do think those guys were the BPA, as opposed to just avoiding a tough sign in the early rounds. Go for the tough signs early on – you can get compensated if you don’t sign them then. After the 3rd round, you get nothing.

  150. Pete,

    The Red Sox already drafted Garin Cecchini. I thought Marcus Littlewood and Tony Wolters got drafted too.

  151. The Cubs got Ivan DeJesus! Maybe this means we get Ryne Sandberg back from them?

  152. I don’t think teams, especially the Phillies, go with BPA. Get that out of your head. There are a lot more moving parts in this draft than the NBA, for example.

  153. James wrote, “I was referring more to these college guys who don’t seem to have much upside.””

    The scouts don’t seem to think they lack upsdide.

    Garner: “even though he was understandably raw, he showed incredible potential. … scouts are all drooling over
    getting him into their system.”

    Morgado: “His fastball is an easy plus to plus-plus pitch from the left side, sitting 92-95, touching 97 last
    spring. He can’t command it, but if he harnesses its power, he could be dominant.”

  154. Gauntlett?? These baseball names are getting rediculous. If you aren’t a professional athlete and have the name Gauntlett, besides a punchline, what are you?

  155. The Red Sox have drafted a bunch of guys who seem to have the right stuff as it relates to baseball ability and acumen. A bunch of seemingly great locker room guys too…

    – Kolbrin Vitek
    – Bryce Brentz
    – Anthony Ranaudo
    – Brandon Workman
    – Garin Cecchini

    That is five guys with 1st round talent and projectability. And they also got another borderline Top 100 guy in Sean Coyle.


  156. WILD CARD: Gauntlett Eldemire, of, Ohio. Unmistakeable athleticism and high-end tools, but scouts aren’t totally sold on the bat. Classic high-reward/high-risk talent

  157. BA ranked Gauntlett number #93 saying “He’s loaded with tools but still figuring out how to get the most out of them.”

  158. of course we took Gauntlett… we were one of the only teams not to draft a georgia kid.. we had to get on the bandwagon

  159. Morgado was previously drafted by the white sox in the 3rd round, but went to school hoping to be a 1st round pick. Its nice to pick up two lefties with mid 90s fastballs, especially since we’ve previously drafted lefties who couldn’t break 90 on their best days. Morgado could be a hard-throwing, lefty late-inning reliever in a few years. Not bad.

    All signable prospects, but I really wanted some infielders…

  160. I’d wait to see how many of those 5 guys Boston signs before getting too excited. I’m guessing 3 of 5.

  161. ****WILD CARD: Gauntlett Eldemire, of, Ohio. Unmistakeable athleticism and high-end tools, but scouts aren’t totally sold on the bat. Classic high-reward/high-risk talent****

    I can’t wait to see him strike out 150 times in 300 ABs in Lakewood.

  162. and from the people who brought you Michael Bourn, Quintin Berry, and Javon Moran, I introduce Gauntlett Eldemire. I see this guy’s frame and I wonder what the heck he brings us that Gose or Gillies do not have. You knew this was coming.

  163. My guess is they took signable players this year to avoid comp picks. They know Werth is going to be tough to resign, which will give them an extra 1st and a sandwich next year in a better draft. They will be spending big money next year.

  164. **** I see this guy’s frame and I wonder what the heck he brings us that Gose or Gillies do not have. ****

    Or Hewitt or Collier or James, etc etc etc.

  165. If Eldemire makes it to AAA, I’m buying everybody who visits this site regularly an ice cream cone. I’m way down on this pick.

  166. As far as college guys go, that’s not a bad pick. High risk but the potential for a very big reward apparently.

  167. At least Eldemire seems to have some power projectability. We have enough OF’s in the system that aren’t longball threats.

  168. No, Hewitt, Collier and James are big time built athletes – this guy looks like a “dink and dunk” type of hitter. Maybe I’m wrong, but he looks so slight to me.

  169. Hey Catch — I’ll take a large vanilla/chocolate twist please.

  170. Please take Bourn out of the above list. If Eldemire turns out like Bourn, our scouts should be given a bottle of champagne.

  171. @ Catch 22 f/k/a H Man: I would argue that Michael Bourn proved to be pretty damn valuable in the long run, didn’t he?

  172. @Catch 22 f/k/a H Man: He does have power potential. Wood bat power potential? We’ll see.

  173. The Red Sox draft really well all the way through the single rounds of the draft. Even a guy like Ryan Lavarnway (catcher – 6th round 2008) is going to be a big time player.

  174. With all these college picks looks like they are looking to get talent to the upper levels of the system in a hurry.

  175. In my opinion, the art of the draft (if you even attempt to sign for slot) is to determine the talent you like at the slot level you are choosing.
    Remember that anyone other than a 4th yr senior has some leverage to return to school. Therefore, any pick could decide not to sign no matter what money is offerred.
    I would try to use the slot recommendation as a negotiating tactic to control cost and get guys signed early. I would ask each potential pick “If we picked you in Rd X, would you sign for that slot value”.
    The first 4 guys should all sign for slot. Maybe that is why we took Morgado at 141 instead of 441 where he could just ask for what he wants. He has already been drafted twice and said no before.

    After you pass the ‘slot’ values then you pick ‘org filler’ or potential upside and however many H.S. risk guys you want. Then you offer ~$500K or so to all the H.S. guys and say whoever takes it first gets signed.

    Or you do what the RedSox do and take best player available every time you pick and plan to sign them all for $1M or more and get comps if they don’t sign.

  176. Two things.

    First, yeah, Michael Bourn was valuable, but with our outfield situation in the minors, that has to be about our lowest priority.

    Second, others tell me he does have power potential – if so, I’m not as down on the pick. He didn’t look like that type of frame to me, but there’s that old Ted Williams/Alfonso Soriano/Ernie Banks skinny home run body – so there is some precedent for generating power with that type of frame.

  177. K Law had a 2nd or 3rd round projection for Eldemire.
    Someone asked about him in a chat.
    He gets high marks for power and contact but not so much for speed.

  178. 16 homers in 201 ABs this year, and 21 in 198 ABs last year … I’d guess he has some pop in his bat

  179. I stand corrected guys – he looked like a little twig in the video I saw. If he has power, it’s fine by me. thanks for the info.

  180. no one here cares who the red sox picked. hate the red sox and their 5 million fake fans. they are the dallas cowboys of baseball.

    sweet caroline is dumb too

  181. @mego: Awwww, that had “crickets” tags around it. Stupid comments box editing out my html jokes.

  182. I don’t think people are giving Gauntlett enough credit. He hit 37 homers overs the past 2 seasons and had an ops of 1.222 last season. It seems he’s got the physical tools to be good.

  183. I bet the Phils pick Wilson….soon. But as NEPP said, he’s not an IFer.

  184. its round 8 i think its worth taking the signability risk and getting a top 30 talent like wilson

  185. I always get annoyed when I read all the complaining. Would we all want the highest ranked and highest rated players in the draft as told by these so called expects?? Of course we would, but we go through this EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Go back and look at those highly rated players from the first, second and third rounds. Then tell me how many of those actually made it to the show or even close to it.

    The Phillies have a draft strategy that is what it is. They apparently have a set budget and they will take players that they feel they can work with. Do I enjoy all of the tool shed players who probably won’t pan out, not really, but there are a billion rounds in this draft process and just remember what the National’s new phenom was out of high school. He wasn’t even drafted I believe. Now just think about how much darn complaining we would have heard if they took a chubby kid with no potential in the last round. “Oh the Phillies love wasting picks”

    You can’t judge these players yet. Even those that look to have little upside. The MLB draft is a crap shoot and getting lucky is the name of the game.

  186. I care who the Red Sox pick because they are the enemy – just as I hate when the Eagles trade their first round pick to the Cowboys and he ends up ruining their season 3 years later.

  187. Glad to see we’re stocking up on 2B, SS, 3B. Oh nevermind, we have Troy Hanawaza (sp?) and um uh Freddy Galvis. Is there such a thing as a high-risk, high-reward toolsy SS/3b type (don’t say Hewitt).

  188. I agree on Gauntlett…I retract my earlier criticism. Lets give him a shot to hit in pro ball.

    Wilson is a very difficult sign…he’s probably demanding $$$$ to sign over Stanford.

  189. I liked his work with Pavement more….*

    *not quite same name, i know.

  190. A legitimate complaint = we currently have a dearth of middle infield prospects yet we have not drafted any yet. Let’s hope they find some diamonds in the rough in the middle rounds here…someone has to play short…

  191. One compliment: We haven’t drafted a single College senior/5th year senior yet. None of these have been pure org filler guys yet. That’s a nice sign.

  192. Malcolm’s bio at UC Irvine has him listed as a Utility IF. He pitched some but was a good hitter in college. Not sure if the Phillies drafted him as a SS/2B or as a P. I would think it was for IF.

  193. On the audio feed, the Phillies called Malcolm a shortstop, MLB.com lists him as a RHP. Which is right?

  194. Apparently Malcolm was a two-way guy, seems to have bounced around colleges: UC Irvine, Juco, was supposedly committed to go to UVA in 2010, but I guess that didn’t happen.

  195. It’s ok, we can just sign three dozen 16 year olds out of Venezuela and see who sticks at SS and 2b.

  196. Malcolm redshirted during his freshman year at UC Irvine, transferred to a JUCO for ’09 and has a scholarship to play at VA Tech in 2010-11. He has three years’ of college eligibility left

  197. catch 22 if you’re worried about who the red sox pick then you have issues (assuming you’re a phils fan). the phils play them 3 times a year at most.

    the AL teams should be an afterthought to phils fans…worry about them when and if they get to the WS

  198. from the video he looks like he is short and compact.. not the usual speedster at least.

  199. Jim, the audio feed is right. When a team drafts a player, they have a right to declare his position for which they intend to develop him. So when the Phillies say SS, they effectively make the decision.

  200. Anonymous, I had fun watching David Price make a minor league playoff start in 2006 until I saw who was in the World Series the next month.

    Besides, these prospects of ours play a LOT of AL teams in the minor leagues.

  201. At about 4, I will have to leave. Was not expecting too, nor was I expecting the first 4 rounds of today to take so long. I will not be able to update the list after that. I will do it as soon as I get home.

    Tomorrow I am here all day.

  202. “catch 22 if you’re worried about who the red sox pick then you have issues (assuming you’re a phils fan). the phils play them 3 times a year at most.”

    I’m not worried about it – I was just making small talk. There’s nothing wrong with noting when another team is drafting well – it’s not like it’s dominating the dialogue here. We’re all focused on the Phillies.

  203. Love the video of Brent Allen. Nice body, good speed. 9th round is a great time for tool shed talent.

  204. Hollins has a funky delivery but he looks huge on the mound.

  205. Allen is a UCLA recruit. His high school coach’s description of him: “Brenton is a very good two-sport athlete, and we believe that when he solely concentrates on baseball, he will become a much more polished player. He is an exceptional athlete who can hit with tremendous power from the left side.”

  206. Just stopping by so haven’t read comments or looked at video. Just commenting based on the list I see at the top.

  207. Lefty Mario Hollands the 10th rounder looks like he has a deceptive funky delivery.

  208. video showed 85-87 mph… hide the ball with an easy delivery but doesnt have much power in his arm

  209. Here is a blurb on Allen (photo in the link). The guy hit over .450 for 2 years in a row.

    Brenton Allen is a 2010 OF with a 6’1”, 192 lb. frame from Cerritos, CA who attends Gahr HS. Atheltic build, good present strength. Open to close hitting approach, quick hands, generates good bat speed, keeps swing short to ball, natural lift out front, can adjust to off speed, handled quality pitching well. 6.78 runner, good OF actions, clean to the ball, shows good arm strength, chance to play CF at the upper levels. Tools play, could get some serious draft interest. Good student, verbal to UCLA.


  210. 4 of the last 6 picks have been Cali kids

  211. From BaseballBeginnings.com:
    Left-hander Mario Hollands (UCSB) is a sinker-slider type LHP who won’t be on the top shelf of the available college left-handers, but he’s going to get drafted in 2010 and he will get a shot. Hollands has the makings of a durable organizational left-hander who could find his way to the big leagues if he gets a few breaks. He’s earned everything the hard way, rising from the junior college ranks in Southern California. Hard to discount a guy who doesn’t throw anything straight and has shown he’s willing to refute rejections and keep on pitching.

  212. Hollands seems to have a delivery that I would call ‘funky’, in case you guys were wondering.

  213. I like the Mario Holland pick- yet another big lefty who throws hard. He’s a sinker-slider type, who gets a lot of groundballs. Sounds like a reliever, but actually projects as a starter. He threw a complete game last season in which his 130th pitch was 91mph, so he can already maintain velocity late in the game. I wish we got some infielders, but at least the college pitchers they drafted have decent upside.

  214. speaking of infielders kris bryant was ranked 28th on keith law’s board, plays ss/3b and is still out there

  215. I thought “pass the dutchie” is what they’ll be doing in a Peruvian prison pretty soon.

  216. nik, how happy were you that that comment landed directly in your wheelhouse…well done

  217. ****I thought “pass the dutchie” is what they’ll be doing in a Peruvian prison pretty soon.****

    And done…post of the day right there.

  218. For some reason I find the Garrett Claypool pick the least exciting pick of the day.

    I guess the Phillies have decided to replace the 30+ year old re-tread arms in their organization with some fresh 22 year old college arms.

  219. So, I think we’ve got college pitching covered at this point. I think there’s going to be an 8-man rotation in the NYPL…

  220. wilson drafted by the cards….

    phils gets tyler kinigy… RHP louis and clark state college

  221. Mario Hollands added 15 pounds this past year and got his fastball up to 91-93, touching 95. Started striking out a lot more batters with the jump in velocity’ but prefers to induce groundballs, because its more efficient. He’s 6’5″, lefthanded, works hard, and has two avg, potentially plus pitches, so he has upside. He dominated towards the end of his college career, so this could be a sleeper pick.

  222. TYLER KNIGGE, rhp, Lewis-Clark State (Jr.)
    Big improvement in command/consistency of 92-94 mph FB, mid-80s SL; 9-0, 2.59 as L-C State ace

    Knigge flashed his raw stuff, which includes a fastball up to 94 and an 85-mph slider, in his first two years with the Warriors, but finally put it altogether as a junior. His improvement from a 3-4, 6.59 record in 2009 to a 9-0, 2.59 mark this spring (more losses himself in 2009 than L-C State had as a team this year) underscores a significant jump in his prospect value.


  223. Great draft. We all know it’s a crap shoot…but filling in a great need seems to be the Phils’ approach, not the “best player available.”

    They’ve tried to address the crying need for lefty pitchers..and others to fill out a relatively weak group of pitching prospects except for just a few.

    This was my hope, and they did it!

    And a catcher, too , who we won’t have to wait fopr 4 years to see at the ML level since he is a college guy.

    Well done!!

  224. michael goodnight just went to the indians, what a great last name for a pitcher

  225. http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=4800

    “The lone exception is righthander Tyler Knigge, who might be L-C State’s best prospect for this year’s draft. He’s a product of local Lewiston High, and was steered naturally to play baseball at his hometown college because his father played baseball for Cheff back in the 1980s and was a part of the program’s early experience at success.

    Knigge flashed his raw stuff, which includes a fastball up to 94 and an 85-mph slider, in his first two years with the Warriors, but finally put it altogether as a junior. His improvement from a 3-4, 6.59 record in 2009 to a 9-0, 2.59 mark this spring (more losses himself in 2009 than L-C State had as a team this year) underscores a significant jump in his prospect value. ”

    “PROSPECT ON THE RISE: Tyler Knigge, rhp, Lewis-Clark State. Team’s worst starter in 2009 became ace this season on 47-3 team, with better command/consistency of two solid pitches.”

  226. The Phillies have drafted a lot of pitchers, they must not be happy with the status of the current pitchers in the organization.

  227. Not only does BA rank Knigge as the top recruit from L-C State, but he is tops in all of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming! I am very excited.

  228. ok, let’s see some high ceiling prep guys now. enough college guys. bring on the tough signs

  229. Junior – that’s like being ranked the best ice hockey player in Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana, isn’t it?

  230. Seems to be a more college-oriented flavor to this draft…Does that mean that some players already in the system will be amkiung mid-season jumps??

  231. The Phillies re-drafted John Hinson. They also drafted him in the 40th round (#1210 overall) in 2007. He was a SS coming out of HS in NC.

    They must really like him.

  232. From the short video on Hinson, he’s got a really nice compact swing and some quick hands. Looks a lot like somebody else that fits that description coming out of school.

  233. Phils drafted Hinson in the 40th round three years ago but couldn’t sign him.

  234. Chace Numata, who is a Catcher , Switch-hitter in 14th. Around 6/1 170 from Hawaii. HS

  235. maybe they’ll be a run on catchers now that they’ve drafted so many arms…somebody needs to catch all those pitches…

  236. I’ve seen Numata listed as a pitcher and a SS online…but haven’t seen anything about him catching.

  237. Not bum anyone out, but this is a pretty weak draft. If we sign Frazier, I’ll give them a b-, but if not its a c grade. I like that we got a lot of pitchers with good velocity, but most of these guys are late bloomers who became prospects as finished products. At least we’ll know pretty soon if any of these college pitchers are alright, but it seems like we took a cheap approach.

  238. Numata, as a pitcher hit 94 on the gun. Didn’t say that he even played C. SS and pitched. Interesting.

  239. Hinson hit 341/401/583 with 15 HRs in the ACC. Not too shabby on the power, patience is another thing.

  240. CHASE! And a Hawaiian? What’s going on here?

    Toss Chase Utley and Shane Victorino into a blender and out comes Chase Numata. Sweet.

  241. Baxter,

    Not sure how weak this is compared to last year. One thing that I was happy about last year was getting Colvin, Stewart, and Susac and then later Brodie Greene. So what looked outstanding in June wasn’t as great in August when only 1 of the 4 signed.

    For me this draft is all about signability. The Phillies need to sign their Top 10 picks at least. Frazier is key in any final draft grade I agree.

    And we still have time for some toolshed players late.

  242. Another big righty. Holy crap, we’re assembling an army.

  243. I like John Hinson. My daughter attends Clemson and I have seen a number of their games in person and on the internet. Quick bat with power. Had the highest number of steals on the team, too, and was rarely thrown out. He is not a great fielder, though. Not sure he can make it as a pro at 3b. He sat out all of last year with a back injury so, while he is eligible to be drafted, I think he could raise his status with another full year of playing under his belt. Maybe the Phillies pay over slot to persuade him to come aboard.

  244. baxter, I’m not as down on this draft as you are. We got a bunch of guys with big tools so far, and usually a few of those pan out. Standard operating procedue. I do wish that we had a list like the Sox or the Nats with a bunch of guys to get really excited about, but if the Phils get the right people signed (so far) it looks like a solid B to me. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  245. I think the Phillies have decided that since the big club can’t score anymore they are going to have to hold everybody to less than 2 runs.

  246. Detroit has already picked the son of their manager, and the brother of one of their minor league pitchers. Kinda early for courtesy picks.

  247. I see we’ve moved into the Org Filler portion of the draft…I’m basing that off of the DOBs with 1987 in them.

  248. You really do have to wonder where the hell the middle infield prospects are going to come from. Maybe they’ve got someone they’re hiding that we don’t know about. But things in the minors are looking really thin and Utley and Rollins are both starting to show their age, not that they are done by any means (I expect both to be anywhere from good to excellent for the next 3-5 years, at least).

  249. nesseth seems to be a reliever… arm troubles but was solid when he was healthy

  250. Nesseth is already 22. He has been hurt, had tommy john surgery recently – 6’6″. As a reliever, throws in the mid 90s.

  251. I don’t think I’ve ever hated anything more than Nesseth’s little hop at the end of his delivery. He’s close enough as it is, so if he lowers his arm angle even more he could make it as a looping sidearm reliever.

  252. Here’s what I think – expect some of our upper level hard throwers to be included in some trades. Don’t be surprised if you see a mid-season trade with Scott Mathieson, Antonio Bastardo or Michael Schwimmer, or all three (when Ruben gets his mind on acquring someone, he just starts throwing prospects around – sorry to say it, but it’s the damned truth).

    Here’s what I think. This team better focus on getting a little younger. We’ve been in all-out prospect trade mode for several years. To be a healthy big league enterprise, you have to work a certain percentage of these players into your team (preferably, the true stars). One need only look at the Yankees and the Red Sox to see the wisdom of this approach (sorry to offend you “Anonymous” for referring to another team – but it’s extremely relevant). As much as those teams spend and wheel and deal, when you look up, you see guys like Lester, Youkilis, Bard, Cano, Gardner, and Hughes on TV. You got to know when to deal and when to hold. If you keep dealing and getting older, you wake up one day and find that your team has stopped stealing bases (sound familiar) and it’s hard to manufacture runs anymore. I’m not saying we should be in panic mode yet about the Phillies, just that I think the wrong approach would be to start selling most of our best prospects (as we did several times over the last few years) to satisfy the short term craving. If we do, it’s going to start catching up with us in a big way.

  253. BA’s take on Chace Numata is that teams have flirted with trying him out behind the plate, but he’s a better pro prospect as a pitcher topping out at 94 mph and sitting at 89-91 mph range, and an excellent curveball.

  254. Yikes. Well the day started promising with the first six picks, but it really tailed off terribly there. If they sign Frazier, the HS OF’ers and the college juniors then it’s a C. If not Frazier then it’s a F. Ouch. Worst draft since 07. So far.

  255. palka – 6’2″ 190 1B/OF with power from the left sign, considered a tough sign, committed to georgia teh

  256. You can’t judge a draft merely by the players you added, you need to compare your acquisitions to those of other clubs. Every team adds players, so the teams with better drafts got better. Of course we picked up some talented players, but not as many as other teams.

  257. I’ll update the picks later tonight. Not doing a full analysis until tomorrow’s picks are complete.

    Lots of really funny comments in this post though.

  258. This draft is only a little college heavy in the first 10 picks. Though they also still seem to be drafting toolsy players with upside among many of their college picks. Garner, Morgado, and Eldemire are 3 picks where tools give them a ceiling of talent above the round where they were drafted – though also each have major questions.

    2 HS players in a row now in rounds 19 and 20. Hopefully these are the start of a few flyer picks where the team already has a decent relationship with the prospect and some hope of signing them.

  259. Remember – if there are one or two gems in the entire draft and several useful players on top of that, it will be a successful draft. On the whole, it seems like there are a lot of sound gambles. Aside from the middle infield, I generally like what they are doing.

  260. Kevin Walter is BA’s #134 overall prospect

    Daniel Palka is the #94 overall prospect per Perfect Game

  261. I like that they’re loading up on pitching. I don’t like that they haven’t been going after HS players. Maybe they’re saving their money for the international market?

  262. The only thing on this planet less useful than “draft grades” are draft grades handed out on internet forums 40% into an active draft.

    Just track the guys coming in and then wish them well, that is all there is to it.

  263. i bet you alot of the Infield kids they were looking at went earlier than expected.

  264. Yeah your right, I was just pissed seeing all types of college pitchers go off the board and no IF’s.

  265. Must be a proud day for Jamie Moyer. Anyone want to bet that Jamie’s career still outlasts his son’s?

  266. Paquet just turned 18. I like this type of pick (i.e. Mathieson type). Hopefully they will sign a few of these flyers as they are taking them earlier than expected.

  267. Gotta admit, it would be pretty cool to see Moyer pitch against his son in an interleague game. Almost makes me want to see RAJ throw another multi-year deal at Jamie.


  268. Just watched an interview with Jesse Biddle and his father.
    They both low keyed the upcoming contract “negotiations”
    to the point that I put the word negotiations in quotes.
    His father said they expect to sign within 4-5 days and will be on their way to Clearwater. Obviously the Phillies management did their signability homework on this one.

  269. Dude…Talk about a boring draft. Come on fellas, how about a little variety. Wait let me guess the next pick will be a pitcher.

  270. Does anybody think they might be loading up on pitching because they think they might be trading some arms this summer?

  271. http://www.maxpreps.com/news/PLu4rWzpEd-lugAcxJTdpg/iowa-and-nebraska–prep-baseball-and-softball-just-underway-in-hawkeye-state-.htm

    In this article it states that Jonathan Musser started the year ranked No. 1 in the Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association poll. Not sure if that’s pitchers or all players but still impressive. Don’t think he dropped off as he posted a 1.02 ERA this year. I think if signed this would be a guy who could fit the bill of a “Colvin/Cosart type” player that we’ve all been looking for since the 4th round.

  272. I don’t care if they pick some 12 year old off a little league all-star team, just select an infielder would ya’….

  273. pitching is the name of the game. everybody wants it. if the phils don’t think that there any infield prospects worthy of drafting i think it’s great. most of the infielders they draft are org. filler any way. next years draft may be stronger in position players have some faith in the team. they were in the world series the last two years remember.

  274. They are loading up on pitching, (specifically RHPs) because the cupboard is bare at the middle infield position, 3B, LHP. Coincidentally, those are the main needs of the organization. Hopefully, we will have a bevy of RHP talent to use as pieces in future trades.

  275. Duffy was a finalist (one of five) for the Golden Spikes Award for top college player. How did he last this long?
    It can’t be signability as he is a senior.He had a great offensive year.

  276. There was a blurb on Chris Duffy leading up to the draft on ESPN Insider. Duffy was listed as one of their 5 College Sleepers…

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Chris Duffy, OF — Central Florida
    Duffy, a right-handed hitting senior, hit just .285 with six home runs during his junior season, but has exploded this time around, hitting .442/.518/.836 with 16 home runs this spring. He’s a big guy at 6-foot-2 and at every bit of the 240 pounds he is listed, so conditioning and future defensive position are a concern off the top.

  277. Chris Duffy is a great pick- he struggled his junior year, but absolutely raked his senior season and was a finalist for the golden spikes award. Other candidates: Bryce Harper, Drew Pomeranz, Yasmandi Grandal and Chris Sale.

    His splits in 2010:

  278. Looks like everyone had the same reaction to the Chris Duffy pick. Honestly it looks like teams forgot about him. He was a 9th round pick out of high school.

    was he the 20th round pick? we got lucky with another floridian outfielder in that round

  279. he’s like a susdorf type maybe? hit the cover off it in college but was one dimensional?

  280. More on Pointer – he’s got a schollie from Oregon St:
    As a junior, he posted 11 home runs, 41 walks, 14 stolen bases and 33 RBI. He was named first-team all-league after last season, also earning first-team all-league honors his sophomore season. Pointer is related to Allie Reynolds, who pitched in the Major Leagues from 1942-54 with the New York Yankees. His grandfather, Arnold, played football and baseball at Oklahoma.


  281. Hopefully RAJ signs a few international free agents to play the infield. He certainly loaded up on RHP’s today.

  282. BA on Kevin Walter:
    Walter is a 6-foot-6, 220-pounder committed to Boston College. But he might not end up there, as he’s getting fourth to sixth-round buzz. He doesn’t have Gausman’s pure velocity—he sits mostly 88-90 with some sink and touches 92—but he’s got a huge frame and scouts believe there’s more velocity to come. He throws two different breaking balls—a power curveball and a cutter—and both have a chance to be plus pitches.

  283. Looking at the list today, it’s amazing how many college players we took. Is this a shift in drafting philosophy or is this due to the fact that we are trying to replenish the system quickly by drafting more advanced players?

  284. Worth pointing out:

    # of high school kids drafted through day two in 2009: NINE

    # of high school kids drafted through day two in 2010: NINE

    Not seeing a huge organizational shift.

  285. catch 22, you need to get a clue bro. if you are gonna use teams as examples of producing homegrown talent the yankees are the last team you should use.

    over the last decade they haven’t produced one player that starts every day for them. joba and hughes are the only pitchers.

    so not only are you discussing AL teams, which are irrelevant to the phillies…but you’re points are just plain stupid

    how do you get a tag name on this site? If I’m gonna call people out I don’t want to hide behind an anonymous tag

  286. For anybody that has a quick comparison available, (I don’t have my draft history spreadsheet on this computer), how does this many Pitchers in the first 30 rounds compare to previous drafts?

    It seems like we took an inordinate amount of pitchers in the first 30 picks this year.

  287. tjc123,

    Actually its 10 HS players in 2009, but that an interesting point. I will say though that in 2009 there were 6 HS players of their 9 taken in the first 10 rds (the phillies didn’t have a 1st).

    Looking at the 2009 draft there were a lot of college guys taken between 15-30. In fact I count only 2 or 3 HS players in those rounds.

    2010 there are only 3 HS players taken in the 1st 10 picks.

    I guess I agree with you that maybe its not a huge organizational shift of philosophy, maybe everyone else was going young so the phils chose to get some college players since there were plenty of them available. I don’t know if I would do the same, but what the heck do I know.

  288. Anonymous – you are nasty person (I suppose you are trying to bully other people – good luck with that it sure as hell won’t work for me), and you use the tag ”
    Anonymous” (the only poster who has ever done that on this site repeatedly and intentionally) and yet say I am trying to hide behind a “handle” – you are too afraid to even give yourself a handle. What the heck are you talking about? That makes no sense.

    I was going to send a reply – but your points are so inane (good teams, even those who spend money, have a succession plan that includes minor leaguers – duh) and your commentary so mean-spirited that I’m not going to dignify what you’ve said with a response.

    Last time I ever respond to you – I’ve got a lot better things in my life than to waste my time with people like you.

  289. Nobody, I count 21 pitchers in the 2009 draft. 31 in 2008, 30 in 2007, 23 in 2006, 25 in 2005. They’re up to 19 in 30 picks this year. Maybe a little above pace but nothing extremely out of the ordinary.

  290. Anonymouse . . . duee – I just figured out that you are sitting around throwing darts at everyone and you can’t even figure out how to put your tag name into the website. Watch out everyone, we’re dealing with a pretty sharp player here.

    Oh yeah, and you forgot Cano . . . remember him . . . the best player in the American League . . . uh, yeah, I guess he counts too.

  291. Would it be good for Amaro to go hard Frazier from the get-go so that he can put in some time in the GCL or would it be alright to let this negotiation go through til the end? I feel like I’d like to see what guys like him, Allen, Palka, and Musser can do during the short time that they’d be available for the GCL season. Also Biddle but he seems like a guy that it won’t be too tough to get signed.

  292. The Phillies might get a deal set with Frazier. However, because it will likely be an above slot deal, the Commissioner’s office will hold the deal until close to the signing deadline, so he will likely get minimal GCL time if he signs this year.

  293. So the Commissioner’s office, in holding off on disclosing the deal, prevents the player from reporting to their assigned team? I’ve always wondered how that went since I knew that Bud and Co. don’t like to reveal the overslot deals.

  294. According to baseball americas top 200
    49- Perci Garner
    85-Scott Frazier
    93-Eldmire Gauntlett(what a great name)
    116- Jesse Biddle
    123- Cameron Rupp
    134-Kevin Walter
    150- Josh Mueller
    I might have missed some, but 7 of the top 150. not bad no real top end high rated guy, by everyone saying that this is a terrible draft is wrong according to BA. The Phillies obviously had a plan to improve their pitching and took guys where they thought they had to. I like the draft so far, now lets sign these guys!

  295. Notes for list: 20th round , I have Kevin Walter not Kevin Walker. 24th round is Chad Thompson not Jacob Thompson.

  296. Given about 30 teams, each team should have about 5 top 150 players. Obviously, certain websites will have significantly different top 200’s but at least it is nice to see somebody else likes some of these choices. However I doubt they sign all 7. Maybe we get 2 of Fraizer, Walter, Mueller.

    Happy about Duffy but Susdorf comparison is a tough one since I really like Susdorf for two years but seems to have topped out as minor league hitter.

  297. Why the talk about boston? who cares about them. The phillies in my opinion went with the strength of this draft, righthand pitching, everything leading up to this draft said it lacked lefthand pitching, and college bats ,weak infield draft. now it might come to be that they were wrong, but the strength of this draft was suppose to be righthand pitching and catching.Maybe the phillies just didnt want to reach for high school infielders who dont project as high end prospect.

  298. Now we have 2 Chris Duffy’s. I can see the Susdorf comparison but this guy put up monstrous numbers at Central Florida. Here’s something from the Orlando Sentinel:

    “Duffy finished his senior season with a Conference USA- and a UCF-record .447 batting average and a .850 slugging percentage. He drove in 81, had a .539 on-base percentage, walked 33 times, had 18 doubles, scored 54 runs and committed one error in left field.”

    He’s listed at 6’2″ 240 lbs. He’s a big solid kid. He’s also a senior. I’m assuming the talking heads don’t think he can hit with wood bats or can’t hit advanced pitching. Where they drafted him looks like a steal… and cheap.

  299. Nice piece on 19 yr old RHP Patrick Lala:
    Lala was a shortstop and a pitcher at Marion, with a fastball in the mid-80s. Now he’s strictly a relief pitcher at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, and his fastball has been clocked at 95. And he doesn’t weigh a buck-60 anymore.

    He weighs 195 now, with more room to grow. He hit the weights and got stronger. A lot stronger.

    Lala, 19, has a scholarship to play at the University of Iowa next year, if he wants, but Perfect Game USA considers him the No.1 junior college prospect in Iowa and the pro scouts are paying attention. He uncorked a 95 mph fastball for a couple of pro scouts at a private indoor workout this winter, and he figures “10 or 11” teams have given him questionnaires to fill out, with more appointments with major league teams scheduled this spring.


  300. Very interesting read on Brian Pointer, CF, Galena, NV. Mentioned earlier, Pointer has a scholarship to Oregon St:
    Pointer’s mother, Patsy, was an NCAA champion in track and field in 1981 for the University of Houston, and a 1984 U.S. Olympic Team alternate. His father, Gary, competed in rodeo, including as a bullrider and a roper.

    That combination blend is perfect for Pointer: he’s got the power to slam the ball out of the park and the speed to track down a line drive in center field.

    The left-hander hit 11 home runs with 14 stolen bases and 33 RBIs last season. Entering the state tournament, he is hitting .496 with 10 home runs, 10 steals and 33 RBIs.


    Some video:

  301. A blurb on Matt Payton, 2b from Western Kentucky:
    Payton has manned second base and the middle infield for WKU for much of his first three seasons. As a junior in 2009, Payton made 53 starts and led the team with five triples while hitting .307 and reaching base at a .404 clip. His infield defense is well-known around the conference, as he made just six errors in 275 chances in 2009, good for a .978 fielding percentage on a team that finished third in the nation in fielding percentage. His consistent performance and reliability in the WKU lineup has helped the team to two straight NCAA Tournament appearances and the 2009 Sun Belt Conference championship.

  302. 771st pick should be listed as “Matt Hutchison” not “Hutchinson” – here’s more on the RHP from UNLV:
    Hutchison, the 771st overall pick, started the year in the bullpen as the team’s closer before moving to the starting rotation a few weeks into the season. The 6-foot-4, 210-pound right-hander finished with a 6-4 record and four saves in 23 appearances, including 11 starts.

    A native of Palmdale, Calif., Hutchison struck out 62 batters and walked 28 in 78 2/3 innings while compiling a 4.46 ERA. He tossed a complete game at Utah on April 11.

  303. now cano is the best player in the AL. wow. according to catch 22, the yanks develop their own talent and cano is the best player in the AL. umm, wow…

    you’re definitely one of the guys that liked the Lee trade. and hated the blanton trade. loved coste and fasano.

    whatever man…keep worrying about the AL east teams. for the record, cano is the 4th best everyday player on the yanks.

    thanks for the laugh. I look forward to your future analysis on players you’ve never seen.

  304. Anonymouse –

    “For the record” – Cano’s present offensive numbers as a second baseman

    59 234 44 88 18 1 12 46 16 30 2 2 .376 .418 .615 1.033

    Yeah, he sucks.

  305. just a note – found this about Gauntlett on a Reds pre-draft blog;

    “Kyle (Oxford): What have you heard about Gauntlett Eldemire’s draft stock? Is he looking like a second round guy?

    Conor Glassey: I’m a big Eldemire fan. He’s a little raw at the plate, but has some of the best tools in the draft. He’s got a body like Domonic Brown and can really cover some ground in the outfield. The 2nd round is probably as high as he could go.”

    Dom Brown II?

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