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Updated FAQ/Glossary/Primer

I’ve recently updated the outdated “Primer” page at the top of the site. I included the link to background information on the site, an overview of the 20-80 scale and scouting tools, and then there are a few more advanced baseball statistics that I like to reference here. Please check this page out, and then let me know if there are other topics or items that you think could be added into the page. My goal is to make that page the one stop reference for anyone new to the site. I also addressed the topic of donations. I’ve done this before, but it seems there is still confusion, as I get a few emails a week asking me about the process. The donation button on the right side of the page, which gets way too many clicks every day (in relation to the actual number of donations), directs you to paypal. All donations go toward maintaining and running the site. The site is ad-free, I make no money off of it, and everyone who contributes here does so on a voluntary basis.

I’m closing comments on this post, if you have feedback on the primer page, please post it in the comments section of that page. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. If you have any other questions, please do shoot me an email. Thanks.

August 10 Discussion

Sorry, I dont have time to post box score links. If one of my fellow authors has time, they can edit this spot and paste in the links in the usual format.

Until then, discuss. Ill give you a topic. Brody Colvin. Go!


Lehigh Valley lost 8-1
Reading Off
Clearwater won 1-0
Lakewood won 10-6
Williamsport lost 8-7
Gulf Coast won 14-3

Also, per the Reading Phillies team site, Austin Hyatt has been promoted to Reading