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Phils release Kevin Angelle

This has to be one of the most surprising moves we’ve ever made in the low minors.


He had a 1.89 ERA in 12 starts for GCL last year with a 1.05 WHIP

This year he “slipped” to a 1.36 ERA in 8 starts, and a 0.86 WHIP.  He moved his strikeouts from 6 per 9 IP up to almost 9.

At 22, he was about a year old for WMPT, maybe 2 years.  I suspect he must have stolen money from the bat boy, or set the snack stand on fire (kidding, of course).  I’m looking for more details.

Scouting the Reading Phillies

Hey everyone, I had the opportunity to see Reading last night. I am not a pro scout by any means. I actually just graduated high school and I am going to college this fall. I hope to do this one day professionally and I have been following baseball for a long time.

All of the velocities come from Readings radar gun which is typically 3 MPH slow.

These of course are just my opinion.

Drew Naylor- 84-86 FB, touched 88, 68-70 CB, 79-81 CU. Also showed a cutter/slider in the 83 range. Fastball was straight. Had decent command. Curveball looked very good. Multiple times he was tipping the pitch however. It still induced weak contact and swing and misses. Tired in the 4th, leaving many pitches up and losing sharpness. As of now he has a 45 fastball, 60 curveball, fringe 40 change, and a 35 slider. I can see him being effective out of the bullpen. If he can bump his fastball up, he can be effective. There were a few scouts there, none were watching Naylor for what it’s worth.

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Around the System–Middle Infield

A last in season look at the Middle Infield in the Minor League system

Lehigh Valley

Ozzie Chavez, 27, Reading: .218/.316/.287 in 188 AB’s. 1 HR and 18RBI; 3/7 SB. 12% bb rate, 15% k rate. LEHIGH VALLEY: .232/.263/.366 in 112 AB’s; 4 HR and 9 RBI; 1 SB; 4% bb rate, 18% k rate. Total: .223/297/.317 in 300 AB’s. 5 HR 27 RBI; 4/8 SB. Has played 84 games at 2B with 6 errors (.982), 3.99 R/F. and has played 9 games at SS without an error. Chavez is simply adequate.

Melvin Dorta, 28, .293/.330/.374 in 270 AB’s. 3 HR 24 RBI; 5/9 SB. 6% bb rate, 8% k rate..310 vs. LH, .297 vs. RH; .323 with RISP. Has played 48 games at 2B, committing 5 errors (.975), 4.10 R/F. 16 games at SS, with 2 errors (.959), 2.94 R/F; 6 games at 1B and 6 games in the OF. Dorta has been used everywhere and swings a decent bat, making contact. Average in the field, nothing exceptional.

Brian Bocock, 25, .212/.269/.290 in 293 AB’s. 4 HR 27 RBI; 6 SB, 5 CS; 7% bb rate, 22% k rate..281 vs. LH, .192 vs. RH, .203 with RISP; .309 in July.  87 games at SS, committing 7 errors (.981), 4.26 R/F. Has been simply outstanding in the field. His bat is somewhat improved but there was only one way to go. Continue reading Around the System–Middle Infield