Phils release Kevin Angelle

This has to be one of the most surprising moves we’ve ever made in the low minors.

He had a 1.89 ERA in 12 starts for GCL last year with a 1.05 WHIP

This year he “slipped” to a 1.36 ERA in 8 starts, and a 0.86 WHIP.  He moved his strikeouts from 6 per 9 IP up to almost 9.

At 22, he was about a year old for WMPT, maybe 2 years.  I suspect he must have stolen money from the bat boy, or set the snack stand on fire (kidding, of course).  I’m looking for more details.

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  1. With those stats, he was intriguing…and we (I) hoped to see him move up in the system…soon.

    A lefty, too.

    I suspect it was performance enhancing juice. Or not.

    Who/how could we find out?

    A bit of a shock.

  2. I have a couple of these players on Facebook…maybe I can ask somebody if I get a chance.

    It certainly can’t be performance-related in terms of his prospect status. With the way the Phils are dropping 2-3 Indy ball guys on each of the Single-A rosters, you’d think they would want to actually keep a guy with upside around.

  3. even it was something horrible or he did something multiple times and did not change his ways….teams do not disregard talent unless they have committed multiple offenses or a heinous act.

  4. Good catch phillychuck. There’s obviously more to this story and I’m sure it will be revealed shortly. He’s been too good to just cut without a valid reason. Oh well.

  5. If he had an issue with the host family, they should discipline him quietly, then trade him if it was bad enough. You don’t just throw away value, unless what he did is bad enough that they’d be embarrassed trading him to somewhere else where he might be a problem again.

    These are young kids–I’d think good management could figure out a way to modify behavior without cutting ties.

  6. It does say on his bio that he has a daughter…hard to say what’s going on with this guy.

    But I agree – if he DID have something wrong with his host family, there’s a bucket-full of solutions to fix the problem. At the very least, one would be to make him the PTNBL in the Sweeney trade.

  7. Glad to hear it was his host family and not his hos family. If he has a ho I think that would answer your question…


  8. Worthy of an Agatha Christie moment.

    Youth wants to know!

    It must have been something between management and him. Host family? Was it the farmer’s daughter thing?

    Will it be revealed…or will they just let us stew in wonderment??

  9. I can’t wait to hear the “rest of the story”. This is a 6’3 lefthander who’s FB was consistently in the low 90’s and who’s numbers from last year in the GCL and this year with Williamsport indicated improvement. I hope that it wasn’t anything like Elijah Dukes’ past..well I guess it will come out eventually…could it probably be that we have that much pitching talent in A ball and rookie leagues and with the possible upcoming signings we just needed to make a roster move and he was next in line? Doesn’t sound likely..particularly with the number of indy players we signed lately.

  10. Since the “host family” is the backbone of the low minors, action must of been needed. It’s sad when all of us would of like his natural gifts.

  11. Did we ever find out details from the release of Kyle Slate? There was speculation of behavioral issues, but I don’t remember hearing anything more. Despite my disappointment of this news, (releasing Angelle) the fact the Phillies have character requirements for their organization makes the high end group we all root for.

  12. There is an intermediate step before you release a player. You can suspend him and send him home, or to the complex in CLW.

    I’m just curious as to why we wouldn’t do that first. Then trade the guy. It’s not like you couldn’t get a C-level prospect for a lefty with his stats and frame.

    To me, this reeks of management that’s in love with “laying down the law” to its players. Surely you’ve all encountered those types of people, right? Admittedly, we don’t have enough information to be sure here, so we’re all just speculating.

  13. You would not be able to trade a player, under a situation like this. You are talking about a 32nd round draft choice.
    As an example, the Braves had a 5th round draft pick who they released after repeated issues. They couldn’t trade a 5th round pick. So there would be no takers for a 32nd round pick, in Low-A ball.

  14. Sounds like from the article that he had already been disciplined previously by having his starts skipped. I doubt there was one incident that made the team up and release him. I would bet there was a pattern of behavior with escalating discplinary actions that culminated in release.

    I’m sure the team has rules and if they are broken, they are compelled to enforce them. If they do not enforce the rules, the rules will have no meaning in the eyes of the players (kind of like raising kids).

  15. Its ashame when kids (and I think that word applies) throw away their future like that. There’s probably alot going on under the surface for him to act like that. These kinds of things dont just magically happen.

  16. Agree Boston Plan. Past experience, especially with other organiztions, is that it’s repeated violations. The last thing a team really wants to do is release a draft choice who is performing well. I am sure it will be something the player really regrets down the line. He might have to go to Indy ball. That’s what happended to the player I mentioned above. No other organization wanted the player.

  17. My favorite part of that article about the release was below:

    DUGAN ON THE MEND: Outfielder Kelly Dugan became the second Crosscutter player in the last two days to be sent to the Gulf Coast League on a rehabilitation assignment. The second-round pick in the 2009 draft has played in just four games this year for the Crosscutters because of an infection he had to have surgically removed from an undisclosed part of his body.

    Undisclosed part of his body! Talk about creating an air of mystery…

  18. GMcD, totally forgot about Slate. He’s on facebook and under “Activities” it says “baseball when healthy lol…” From another comment on there it doesn’t sound like he’s playing organized ball this summer. Too bad because Nowortya said he though Slate could pitch in the big leagues.

  19. Angelle already dropped to the 32nd round of last year’s draft before the Phillies picked him up. It seems to me there are problems with Angelle despite his obvious talents, and most teams are probably aware of them. For all the posters here who stress the importance of “makeup,” here’s an example. I doubt there is serious demand for Angelle’s services, likely not enough to bother with a trade.

  20. he’s a 22yr old in wmpt and a 40th round pick

    pc should stop making this kid out to be a friggin star

  21. I’m sure releasing Angelle was the last resort, but it had to be done. I’m happy that the Phillies have a code of conduct that applies through out their farm system.

  22. PC: You are assuming/imputing a lot about the Phils organization–in the negative. I think the release is more likely a plus. Agree Phils have likely already gone through the intermediate steps you mention. If he hit on a host family’s daughter or got violent during a disciplinary conversation, you have to let him go.

  23. Nepp – Don’t bet on the talent part. That’s easy to say. Other teams generally do not want another team’s problems. Other teams know what the story was. If the tables were turned, I doubt the Phillies would reach out now sign this guy.

  24. Anybody that manages or runs a business knows the sooner you get rid of a bad egg the better. With so many young and impressionable minds I applaud the phillies for doing what they felt they needed to do.

  25. lets hope the young man learns a valuable lesson, this is America, all about second-chances.

  26. Slate will pick up with another team when he recovers from his shoulder surgery..Getting dumped by the Phils right during his rehab process definitely prolonged his rehab..hopefully we will see him some where down the road

  27. Yeah, I was really bummed by the Slate release when it happened. He was always one of my favorites. It seems he was released for much different reasons than Angelle was though. Slate couldn’t stay healthy. Angelle was pitching reasonably well, so there is something else going on that we are all speculating about.

  28. I was definitely disappointed when Slate was released, but his circumstances were different. He couldn’t stay healthy long enough to be effective. It appears Angelle has some other issues.

  29. Kevin was released for disciplinary reasons, no drugs, no sexual advances, and I am sure he knows what priced it paid…..Hopefully maybe he will receive a 2nd chance..

  30. Just because a guy is picked late (like Angelle was) doesn’t mean he lacks talent or stuff. 37th round picks are often talented “fliers” who teams think might be difficult to sign, as was the case with Angelle. And, once a player puts in two years like Angelle has, the talent assessment relies on the professional performance, and Angelle performed impressively. So let’s not denigrate the kid’s talent. He was probably a top-20 prospect if he stayed in our system.

    I agree that bad actors have to be addressed. However, it’s clear they’ve never suspended Angelle, nor sent him to the complex or home. Those are intermediate steps a good organization takes after skipping starts but before releasing a player. Releasing the guy says something about your own confidence in your organization’s ability to correct behavior problems.

    And much of my skepticism stems from how the Phils have handled previous disciplinary problems with players like Martire Franco and Heitor Correa.

  31. Phillychuck-

    Really? Are you really getting upset to the point where you are saying the organization should cater to people who screw up? I don’t care if they are kids or not. Everyone knows a certain degree of right and wrong, and if they step out of line their HAS to be consequences. And all of your speculation is laughable. For all we know the Phills didn’t suspend Angelle cause they wanted to show support to him. Furthermore you have no idea what he did. Your attacking of the organization is silly. I mean the way they handled the Myers’ situation was bad. They seemed to handle Hamels ok after his “bar incident”. I thought the Werth situation of him screaming at the fan was a dick move. We don’t know if that was addressed. Few people seem to care about that.

    But getting flustered over some dude who must have been such a swell guy cause they released him without suspending him seems foolish. I am sure he was such a class act and will be widely missed. What volumes does this speak? Have talented players shyed away form us cause our organization has “problems” with discipline?

  32. I got the scoop. I heard that he asked Schwimmer for a autograph with a just out of the box baseball, and (get this!!!) he asked to sign the ball on the sweat spot. I have heard, but haven’t been able to confirm with any other sources, that he also failed to say the magic word ‘please’. When Schwimmer complained to Phils managment, they immediatly cut Angelle, rather than risk offending Schwimmer’s delicate sense of politeness.

  33. Kevin Angelle told KOGT Sports (OC Radio) that he was release because of curfew violations. If that is the complete story..I’m sure he’ll get a second chance soon with somebody. I know rules are rules but if it was “just curfew violations” being release seems harsh. I would have thought that a suspension would be the next step (the first step was skippping his spot in the rotation). Kevin showed a lot a ability while with the Phillies organization. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite in the ass.

  34. I’m willing to bet there is a heck of a lot more to this than “curfew violations.”

  35. I’ll just go ahead and tell y’all this…IT WASN’T THE FIRST TIME HE MISSED CURFEW. Not surprised they cut him. Gotta learn sometime right?

  36. I also read that when the “violations” occurred, some of the Phillies higher management were in town. I know from personal experience that the normal rules are thrown out the window when “the big bosses” are around.

  37. If this was the third or even fourth time he violated curfew, my question still is – has he ever been suspended before? That to me would seem to be the next logical step. I think whoever made this final decision to release him was “showing off” for someone higher in the Phillies’ management organization IMHO.

  38. The logical thing barring a felony would of been to send him home to stew for while and see if he gets it.

  39. Looks like if you are given 900,000 signing bonus and a fancy lawyer you can stay in the organization. 900,000 of philly money will buy you a second chance. A 32nd round pick who I can’t find any record of ever being in trouble with the law or ever being arrested…see ya later’

    Brody Colvin arrested
    Posted on February 1, 2010 by phuturephillies
    Check it here. Sounds like he got into a bar fight. Hopefully the people within the organization get him some help in terms of anger management. They could also give him Cole Hamels’ phone number, he might be able to lend some insight. This is probably nothing to get too concerned about, hes a kid, and kids make mistakes. But its worth mentioning nonetheless.

  40. cc – are you just coming to the realization that life isn’t fair?

    of course there is a difference in how you treat star prospects that you pay a lot of money for and fringe prospects that you take a flier on. that’s how the world works. get used to it bro.

  41. Well Angelle’s first game with the Wingnuts didn’t go very well. August 11, he took the lost giving up 6 earned runs in 4.67 innings.

  42. I know a lot of people are watching this guy to blame the Phillies every time he’s done well, but if he were so good, how come no other team has picked him up?

  43. No one is blameing the Phillies. Sometimes it takes awhile for your name to be cleared .Alot that was written on these boards was not true. I hope some team will give him a second chance. Thats all he a can hope for

  44. If I were him I would hold a huge grudge and use as motivation and hopefully one day shove it right back of the phillies ass

  45. Yeah he should light the Phillies up in rookie ball. You can’t get enough 23 year olds in rookie ball, especially those that have their daddies fight internet battles on their behalf. I’m over the Cliff Lee trade, but letting this organizational nobody go is a deal breaker.

  46. Two sides to every story. I usually don’t side with “big brother”. This has all the appearances of just that. What I am trying to say is the players usually suffer when there are secrets . e.g. Ritchie Allen vs Frank Thomas and many more.

  47. “Wingnuts left-hander Kevin Angelle is still coming to grips with his release from the Philadelphia Phillies organization last week for disciplinary reasons.

    Angelle’s emotions range from anger to bitterness to regret to acceptance over the release, which came after three separate incidents that even his stellar numbers couldn’t offset.

    “The stuff I did was stupid,” Angelle said. “To me, I thought it was very minor compared to what other people in the organization have gotten away with. But it was stupid for me to do, definitely.”

    Angelle’s first offense was a verbal confrontation with a waitress in Florida during spring training. After the waitress was promoted to manager a few weeks later, Angelle said she banned him from the restaurant and wrote a letter to the Phillies outlining his behavior.

    Angelle won’t discuss the second incident, and his release came after a disagreement with his host family in Williamsport, Pa. He was suspended twice by the Phillies this season.”

    It would appear that Mr. Angelle WAS suspended several times for his behavior but didn’t get the message. As for “Big Brother”, I didn’t realize it was the Phillies responsibility to give him a job. Actually the impression I get from reading this story and his reaction is that it’s his attitude, rather than his behavior, which needs to get adjusted.

  48. Continually attempting to throw your (former) teammates under the bus does NOT help perceptions of your attitude.

  49. Its been nearly a month since anyones posted but i agree with texas2. I believe he deserves a second chance.

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