Daily Archives: August 21, 2010

Marti Wolever to leave the Phillies?

Update –> Former Phillies writer Andy Martino says the Mets have no plans to interview/pursue Wolever this winter.

According to this article, by a CSN reporter I’ve never heard of, Marti Wolever is reportedly thinking about moving on to a new challenge, to one of the Phillies biggest rivals no less. The Phillies scouting network is vast, and surely there are talented people who could come in and replace Wolever, but he’s been at the heart of the Phillies ascension to the upper echelon of MLB teams, finding lots of talent in the draft, talent that has both made it to the majors and also been used in trades. The scouting director relies on his scouts, obviously, but the directive for the type of players to target, and ultimately shaping the team’s drafting philosophy comes from the SD. Losing Wolever would be a loss, one the Phillies could deal with by replacing him with an equally capable guy, but it would leave me a bit uneasy, as its tough to know what to expect from someone you’re not familiar with. This should be an interesting sub-plot to follow as we get closer to the offseason. Here’s to hoping Marti changes his mind and the Phillies throw him a bone to keep him around.