Daily Archives: August 30, 2010

Lakewood Weekly Report (8/23-8/29)

Recap:  Lakewood went 4-2 in the second-to-last week of the regular season.  The week left them at 36-25 for the second half, 4.5 games ahead of Greensboro in the SAL North.  Their magic number for clinching the second half title is 4 entering Monday night.  The remaining schedule is all at home, with 4 against Augusta and 4 against Kannapolis.  They are 78-53 overall and assuming they end up clinching the second half title, the ‘Claws would open the playoffs at Hickory on 9/8.  A 6-2 finish would allow them to tie the franchise record for wins in a season.  As an aside, I will finally get to my first Lakewood game of the year on Sunday, so if there’s anything anyone wants me to look for in particular, please leave it in the comments. Continue reading Lakewood Weekly Report (8/23-8/29)