Scouting the Reading Phillies

Hey everyone, I had the opportunity to see Reading last night. I am not a pro scout by any means. I actually just graduated high school and I am going to college this fall. I hope to do this one day professionally and I have been following baseball for a long time.

All of the velocities come from Readings radar gun which is typically 3 MPH slow.

These of course are just my opinion.

Drew Naylor- 84-86 FB, touched 88, 68-70 CB, 79-81 CU. Also showed a cutter/slider in the 83 range. Fastball was straight. Had decent command. Curveball looked very good. Multiple times he was tipping the pitch however. It still induced weak contact and swing and misses. Tired in the 4th, leaving many pitches up and losing sharpness. As of now he has a 45 fastball, 60 curveball, fringe 40 change, and a 35 slider. I can see him being effective out of the bullpen. If he can bump his fastball up, he can be effective. There were a few scouts there, none were watching Naylor for what it’s worth.

Harold Garcia- Was fooled badly on back to back changeups in his first at bat. Was hit in second AB. Stole second, showed good speed and stole the base easily off of a pretty quick pitcher with a good move and a plus defensive catcher in Romine. Built really solid. Looked to have a pretty quick bat.

Matt Rizzotti- Very low hands. was fooled on a changeup in first at bat to ground out to first. Didn’t see much out of him. I would like to see more of him though. Purely off of size and personality he reminds me of Jim Thome. I would really like to project him out to be a regular, but I don’t see it. I hope I’m wrong. I do like his size.

People might not car here about these two, but I figured I would include them here anyway.

Corban Joseph- Very skinny and yet to fill out. Hits ball with authority and has a very quick bat. Very good speed underway.

Austin Romine- Very good defensively. Plus arm. Didn’t see enough to form an opinion at the plate. Was struck out looking on a pitch way off the plate.

Thanks for reading. -Ryan

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  1. Rphils2010- I forgot to mention I was only there for the first 5 innings. Sorry I am still new at this. Like I said I would like to see a lot more of him to get a better handle on who he is.

    the guru- Naylor kept turning his wrist/forearm inside his glove each time before he threw a curve.

  2. Keep it up kid!! You seem to have a knack for noticing things. I would encourage you to learn all that you can. Compare your assessments to guys that have done it for a long time, and ask them questions. Again, it seems you got a passion for this, so no matter who disagrees with you or what you see, don’t get discouraged. Good job!!

  3. Excellent Report – great details – good luck to you!

    Run it through a spell checker then cut and paste it control-c control-v,
    it will project your professionalism.

    Great on the TIP OFF. Can you please take a look at Brad Lidge for us all
    and when you find how he is tipping his Fastball or Slider please tell PP.
    I think he could get the Phillies on the Phone for you.

  4. Thank you both for your support. I actually want for people to challenge me on my feelings so I can learn more.

    SirAlden- I am so embarrassed about the spelling I am always one to triple check my work. This is the first time I have written something in WordPress so I did not know that it did not spell check automatically.

  5. Didn’t mean to offend, was just pointing out the box. Good job on the analysis! Keep it up, don’t be discouraged

  6. Sounds good! Like your assessment of H. Garcia, he’s a favorite of mine. I’ve heard that Reading’s radar gun is 2-3 mph slow. Is Naylor’s velocity from Reading’s gun?

  7. Rizz was slow out of the gates last night going 0 for 3, his, lone hit in the 1st game came in the bottom of the 7th ties the game and was followed by a single by Tagg Bozied, Mahar hit the walk off single then. In the 2nd game Rizz went 2 for 4. I left because of the blow out that was occuring after watching the walk off win the second game got out of hand with Anderson on the mound.

    Side note got my Ryan Howard Garden Gnome last night, I absolutely love it.

  8. Jeremy: Will we be seeing that RHGG on ebay soon?
    Did you hear any buzz from the fans who got one; what they were going to do with it?
    I wanted to go but schedule didn’t allow it.
    Was there a long line to get one?

  9. Rick Wise- it was nuts there were 2000 people in line at 2:30 pm when I got there, they gave out 2500 of them so I was very lucky. By the time they opened the gates at 4 there were 6000 people in line and a lot of dissapointed people that had come later. People cane from philly, dc, and ny. Some people were selling them at the stadium and I had offers for mine just walking around. I checked ebay last night and saw 6 were already up there.

  10. I am keeping mine its cool and very unique, I’d only sell it if I got ryan’s sig on it as at that point it would fetch a good buck I imagine. The offers I declines ranges from 30 to 75 dollars. I saw one guy do his own auction at the stadium it ended up selling for over 100. I think on ebay I saw them as low as 22 and as high as 150 for a buy it now option I’d imagine more have been added by now, as I checked when I left the game last night. But I did hear a few people say “ebay” or “straight to ebay” etc.

  11. I was there last night, Naylor actually was throwing harder than the Stadium gun indicated. I sat behind the one scout who had a gun and Naylor was register 90-92 consistantly. Something has been up with Reading’s gun all year. Stratsburg registered 95 at the highest there, everywhere else this guy is sitting at 98-100

  12. Lapeatus- I’ve sat behind the scouts and have compared the radar gun to that of the stadiums, its usually a 3 mph difference (slower on the stadium gun) on occasion it would only be a 2 mph difference, but its usually 3

  13. A mid 80s fb cannot be 45 on the 20-80 scale without spectacular movement. If he’s really sitting in the low 90s, that sounds more in line with that grade.

  14. Baxter- Accounting for the radar gun, I have him about 89-91. Lapeatus said he saw 90-92. Being there without any movement I put him at 45. That might be too generous.

    I just realized I didn’t put in the initial post that these were off Reading’s gun. I had another piece typed up and didn’t copy the whole thing here. Changing it now.

  15. I’d be curious to see what those gnomes catch a week from now. So many people try to pick up giveaways with the intention of re-selling them that it just overwhelms the market.

  16. 3-5mph off sounds about right to me. I do agree thought his fastball was straight, however I thought his breaking stuff was pretty good. The second time around the lineup he got hit around. Projects to a reliver in the majors in my eyes.

    Rizzotti is a really nice guy BTW, Met him between the games. He stopped and took a picture with my 10 year old son and talked to him for a few minutes. I think they should have moved him to AAA several weeks ago, he clearly was dominating AA

  17. Peco Pick, that’s great news. Do you have a link reporting the transaction? I’m happy for Rizzotti, it sounds like he’s a great guy and deserves the opportunity. It also gives us a reason to check out LV’s box score on non-Worley days again.

    rgatta, thanks for this post, it really is so great to hear firsthand stuff like this. Any opinion on Overbeck?

  18. ****Something has been up with Reading’s gun all year. ****

    Perhaps its measuring the speed as it crosses the plate, not when its being released…that would explain the consistent drop-off there. (Hint: balls slow down the further they travel in the air so a 98 mph pitch is not going 98 mph when it hits the catcher’s mitt). Or judging by the amount of the dropoff, the gun is aimed near the midpoint between pitcher and plate.

    Good for Rizzotti. Lets see what he does against veteran pitchers that know a few more tricks than the prospects at the AA level.

  19. I was at last night’s game. Rizz just looked fair to me swinging very late on every fastball while he was looking for off speed stuff which is a dangerous way to hit. The Thome comparison is the same one I made. There were scouts there and they watched him and Garcia very closely. After the game, Rizz was apparently promoted to AAA finally. Could Gillies be due back soon?? Garcia looked good to me and projects as a possible major league starter but his weak arm limits him to 2B only which means he won’t play in Philly unless Utley gets hurt again next year (let’s hope not). Galvis surprised me because he looked much better than the last time I saw him. Batting lefty, he hit three balls hard to left. One was a fly ball which was an easy out but the others were line drives. Overbeck hit one out and hit a long fly to the CF wall in another at bat and looked good to me. Not much else there unfortunately (DeFratus didn’t pitch).

  20. Nepp: there is risk with some trickier pitchers. But the league not knowing him and pitching aggressively to him will be in his favor. That stops, of course, if he is still raking big time.

  21. I’ve been to Reading quite often..the radar gun is inconsistent..some nights it is accurate, other nights it records a slower velocity.

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