Around the System–Middle Infield

A last in season look at the Middle Infield in the Minor League system

Lehigh Valley

Ozzie Chavez, 27, Reading: .218/.316/.287 in 188 AB’s. 1 HR and 18RBI; 3/7 SB. 12% bb rate, 15% k rate. LEHIGH VALLEY: .232/.263/.366 in 112 AB’s; 4 HR and 9 RBI; 1 SB; 4% bb rate, 18% k rate. Total: .223/297/.317 in 300 AB’s. 5 HR 27 RBI; 4/8 SB. Has played 84 games at 2B with 6 errors (.982), 3.99 R/F. and has played 9 games at SS without an error. Chavez is simply adequate.

Melvin Dorta, 28, .293/.330/.374 in 270 AB’s. 3 HR 24 RBI; 5/9 SB. 6% bb rate, 8% k rate..310 vs. LH, .297 vs. RH; .323 with RISP. Has played 48 games at 2B, committing 5 errors (.975), 4.10 R/F. 16 games at SS, with 2 errors (.959), 2.94 R/F; 6 games at 1B and 6 games in the OF. Dorta has been used everywhere and swings a decent bat, making contact. Average in the field, nothing exceptional.

Brian Bocock, 25, .212/.269/.290 in 293 AB’s. 4 HR 27 RBI; 6 SB, 5 CS; 7% bb rate, 22% k rate..281 vs. LH, .192 vs. RH, .203 with RISP; .309 in July.  87 games at SS, committing 7 errors (.981), 4.26 R/F. Has been simply outstanding in the field. His bat is somewhat improved but there was only one way to go.


Harold Garcia, 23, Clearwater: .335/.397/.492 in 179 AB’s; 3HR 32 RBI, 17 SB; 6% bb rate, 18% k rate; Reading: .333/.414/.480 in 102 AB’s; 2 HR 17 RBI, 4 SB; 8% bb rate, 24% k rate. .355 vs. LH, .324 vs. RH.  TOTALS: .333/.414//.480 in 281 AB’s; 5 HR 49 RB, 21 SB.  63 games at 2B with 2 errors (.993); 4.22 R/F. Has also played 7 games at 3B, committing 2 errors (.875). After a .291 year last year at Lakewood, Garcia has improved on that and his stock continues to rise.  Has been consistently excellent at the plate, and not far behind that in the field.  Don’t forget when looking at his stats, he also missed the first 5 weeks of the season injured.

Freddy Galvis, 20, .239/.280/.303 in 393 AB’s. 3 HR 36 RBI, 12 SB, 5% bb rate, 16% k rate..226 vs. LH, .243 vs. RH; .305 with RISP; .319 since the all star break.  108 games at SS, 8 errors (.983), 4.46 R/F. In the field, Galvis has been just as anticipated.  Outstanding.  At the plate, he is starting to show some improvement, approaching the .240 mark.  If Galvis can hit .240-.250 in the majors, he will have a long career.


Fidel Hernandez, 24, 181 AB’s; .271/.310/.309 with 1HR 14 RBI, 6 SB; 5% bb rate, 10% k rate.; .316 vs. LH, .224 vs. RH; .182 with RISP; .225 in July. 48 games at 2B with 4 errors (9.81); 4.23 R/F.  Hernandez has been ok this year, nothing spectacular but certainly serviceable at this level.  Missed 50 games serving a suspension for use of performance enhancing substances.

Korby Mintken, 24, .193/.283/.229 in 166 AB’s.  0HR 10 RBI, 12 SB, 11% bb rate, 28% k rate; .091 vs. LH, .230 vs. RH, .197 with RISP. 24 games at 2B with 4 errors (9.52); 3.33 R/F. 17 games at 3B with 2 errors (.941); 12 games at SS with 3 errors (.935).  Has been significantly overmatched at the plate all year this year.

Troy Hanzawa, 24, .226/.278/..268 in 310 AB’s; 0 HR 33 RBI; 1/4 SB; 5% bb rate, 18% k rate; .250 vs. LH, .214 vs. RH; .291 with RISP; .266 in July. 96 games at SS with 16 errors (.953); 3.61 R/F. Disappointing this year after showing some promise last year.  Needs a very good last month.


Jeremy Barnes, 23, .272/.372/.381 in 302 AB’s; 2 HR 35 RBI; 10/19 SB.; 13% bb rate, 20% k rate; .291 vs. LH, .264 vs. RH; .284 with RISP. 64 games at 2B with 10 errors (.964); 4.14 R/F; 11 games at 3B with 4 errors (.895).  Barnes is hitting just .227 since June 1st and has been slowed by injury during that time period.  He did show what he is capable of during the first two months of the season.

Alan Schoenberger, 21, .278/.353/.394 in 198 AB’s; 2 HR 30 RBI; 6/12 SB; 10% bb rate, 20% k rate. .282 vs. LH, .277 vs. RH, .367 with RISP. 42 games at 2B with 2 errors (.989); 4.36 R/F.; 13 games at SS with 3 errors (.923); 4 games at 3B without an error. Schoenberger has opened some eyes this year and is on pace to have a very nice year.


Cesar Hernandez, 20, .324/.378/.393 in 173 AB’s; 0HR 16 RBI; 15 SB; 8% bb rate, 8% k rate; 44 games at 2B with 4 errors (.983); 5.32 R/F. .378 vs. LH, .305 vs. RH, .326 with RISP. Should be a NYPL All Star when the rosters come out.  Has looked very good.

Edgar Duran, 19, .209/.243/.261 in 134 AB’s; 0HR 10 RBI; 5 SB; 5% bb rate, 16% k rate; .176 with RISP. 40 games at SS with 7 errors (.953); 3.73 R/F. Duran has not shown much at the plate in the GCL or this year at Williamsport, but still only 19.


Matthew Payton, 22, /.226/.305/.302 in 106 AB’s; 0 HR 6 RBI, 5 SB; 8% bb rate, 21% k rate; 28 games at 2B with 4 errors (.964); 3.82R/F.

Nerio Rios, 18, .213/.244/.253 in 75 AB’s. 0HR and 5 RBI, 2 SB; 22 games at SS with 6 errors (.944), 4.59 R/F.

Steven Malcolm,20,  .281/.339/.333 in 57 AB’s. 0HR 6 RBI, 5 SB; 18 games at SS with 8 errors (.890); 3.61 R/F. Phils 8th round draft choice in 2010 draft.

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  1. Went to the R-Phils game last night. Galvis had a great bunt for a hit and Garcia looked exceptional. He had a great eye and really showed promise.

  2. I am hopeful Garcia can impress over the winter… if he does, then we may have a good option in the case of a Rollins / Utley injury next year.

  3. I keep forgetting that Galvis is just 20. I have to wonder again if pushing him to reading this early was the right move for the organization. Is he really learning more as a hitter by there than he could have at a lower level?

  4. At this point, it pretty much Harold Garcia and the “other guys” (up until the end of last week it was Garcia, Villar and the “other guys”).

  5. For SS, I guess it was a question of who makes sense at CLW: Hanzawa or Galvis? Both probably should have played above Lakewood this year and I see their thought process of wanting both to be in a starting position. I would think he will repeat Reading next year, so it will be interesting to see his progress with the bat.

  6. Does anyone have a scouting report on Steven Malcom? When Villar was traded, I thought Chuck Lamarr or somebody else said that they liked/were happy with some of the SS prospects in the GCL, DSL and VSL. Is Malcom one that they like?

  7. Galvis is hitting as of late and may be getting acclimated to AA right now. There is no doubt the guy can field with the best of them. He is only 20 and has shown ability with the stick, just not consistency.

  8. I’m assuming you’ll include Carlos Perdomo in the corner infield category. He’s listed on the CLW roster as a SS but I’m not sure if he’s played anything but 3B. He was in the GCL and CLW needed an infielder fast. He was picked to go to CLW which really isn’t a move at all. He moves up a bunch of levels but he never left Clearwater.

    I’m still on the Galvis fan wagon. Being 20 and playing in AA makes him tough to gauge. I hope they didn’t stunt him or impact his confidence by moving him up so fast. He’s now played a full year in AA. If he could fill out a little and gain confidence, I think he can hit .250 in the bigs. He fields better than 95% of the Major League SS right now.

    Early in the season I was watching Hanzawa. He was 3rd on the team in RBIs and he was mostly hitting 9th (this was back in early June). He seemed to be Mr. Clutch even though his BA was so tiny. He had 21 RBIs in April and May and 12 since. It was a great example of small sample size.

  9. The way Harold Garcia has been doing, it should result in his being given serious consideration for ’11s 25. The suggestion that he play winter ball (Arizona Fall Lg) is a no-brainer.

    It appears the he has some speed on the bases, and his hitting (as a switch hitter) has been unexpectedly superior even without home run power…which could be developed over a little time in the bigs. Getting to 15 HRs/season should be enough to go along with his over .300 BA…IF he would walk a little more. Don’t know much about his defense…but it must be ok…?

    IF he could play a little SS b(arm strentgh enough?) and 3b he could not only step in those positions decently for short periods.

    Also, he could give Utley (the “dirt bag” guy whose body has taken too much punishment) some relief, allowing him to stay out of 15-20 games/season to allow him one full season with no fatigue.

    Until there is room for Garcia as a starter, he can well play the super sub role…which this team sorely misses.

    With Villar gone, the front office is putting their money on Galvis whose defense is unquestionably ML ready; and giving him time (he’s 20!) tio fill out, maturer, and learn putting the bat on the ball more often. At 20, he has at least 2 more years to round out his game at the plate with a minimum of pressure since they are hitting him near the bottom of the lineup. Sometime thereafter J-Roll will be nearing the end of his career and Galvis MIGHT be ready to fill the role.

    [IMO, J-Roll’s MVP year came at great cost. Since then he has suffered a continuing series of aggravating injuries. Not a complete injury-free season since then. Juicing can have that effect. In this off-season, he should spend much time in instructive body fitness to prepare for the rest of his career. By the way, J-Roll is MY favorite Phillie. I want him back in the lineup!!]

    I am also curious about Malcome. Any info/scouting reports on him? Drafted in the first 10 round SHOULD indicate some favorable impressions on Phils’ scouts…!? What may be there?

  10. I was curious about Garcia at SS. He did play some 3B so I thought there was some hope. Is it his range or arm that is lacking?

  11. Garcia has been a beast this year. Having the best all around season of all position players in the system, IMO.

  12. I’m sorry Art D… are you accusing Jimmy Rollins of using steroids?

    Be careful on that. There is NO evidence ever produced that says that he did this.

  13. Galvis will end up playing in the majors, I suspect. However, unless he becomes another Ozzie Smith, my guess is that he does not spend much, if any, time playing for the Phillies. I think they’ve become accustomed to serious offensive production from their middle infielders, something that will likely not come from Galvis.

  14. Just curious why would we take a guy like Garcia who projects at this point to an everyday 2nd baseman in the majors and made him a sub? I have seen Garcia play several times this year, the kid has a nice compact swing, not many holes in it,he plays a really nice 2nd base. Right now I project him as an everyday 2nd baseman who will hit 280-300, 10-15 hrs with good speed and solid defense. Nothing wrong with that. In fact I think the kid could play right now in the majors, not sure why we have to suffer through Wilson Valdez every night

  15. Valdez has been perfectly fine at what he was signed to do (give them solid defense at 3B, SS & 2B). He does that, he can bunt, and he’s even gotten an occasional hit. He’s been fine as a 25th man on a roster.

    It just sucks that Utley and Rollins have been out so much and he’s had so many ABs.

    Besides which, Garcia has all of a 123 PAs in AA…its absurd to think he could step into an MLB lineup right now.

  16. gregg, thanks for this. I like Garcia as much as the next guy, but I agree with NEPP. Let’s not forget about Cesar Hernandez in this conversation – he’s young, he makes contact, and it seems like he can field a little bit (though it’s awfully hard to tell from just the numbers).

  17. Garcia- I see he is batting for a higher average v. LHP’s than RHP’s. .355 v. 324. I see it is only in the Reading round-up, and the Clearwater and overall are not listed, I suppose. The rap had previously been that he was better as a Left Handed Batter than Right, so if that is corrected the possibility of MLB play in 2011 is enhanced, Perhaps a September call-up as a reserve if they wish to keep him, as Rule 5 eligibility is there. Playing in the Arizona Fall League is a good idea.

    Galvis- as to the must retain for another year in Reading thing, last season the call from many was “must repeat Clearwater” did not work that way. He has hit well enough to move up next season and improve during the season at the AAA level. They have advanced him at a goodly rate since they placed him at the A (Short Season) level at the age of 16. It takes great reflexes to be a great fielder, so as he gets repititions and AB’s he should develop enough to be MLB quality player.

  18. Galvis looked good last night while Garcia definitely doesn’t have the arm for ss. He’s limited to 2B which means he can’t even be a utility guy at the majors. He does have a chance to be a starting 2B in the majors although not in Philly due to Chase. He’ll be insurance and a trade chip in another year. FYI – Rizz was promoted to AAA after last night’s game.

  19. Garcia’s splits are based on 105 total at bats. Given that the lefty split in particular is 31 at bats, I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from them at all.

  20. With Garcia, Galvis, Barnes, Hernandez, and Malcolm, I am feeling just a tad better about our MIF situation.

    If all of our infielders collided on a pop-up and were out for two weeks, we could do worse defensively than having Galvis and Garcia in the MIF. And Garcia might get us a few key hits here and there.

    We have made a little progress here.

  21. Three things I like about Galvis:

    1. He is improving incrementally with the bat lately and matching his previous best year at the AA level. That is highly significant. Moving to high minors and improving even a little means a lot.

    2. He is super young for AA. Someone mentioned he has 2 years. I think he has a 4- or 5-year window to improve enough with the bat to stick in majors. With his fielding he will get that many chances at AAA to show something. It’s not a stretch to see him hitting .275 at AA or AAA at age 23.

    3. What he needs is gettable, unlike developing speed or long-ball power. He needs to talk to Rizzotti about his training regimen, find a great trainer, and develop his core, leg, and upper body strength–as much for maintaining his stamina throughout the season as for hitting the ball with authority. This is doable, so there is a path for him to get better. He has good streaks with multi-hit games, followed by long stretches of, most likely, weak grounders. That’s what I assume when I see 0-fers in the box score for several days.

    One caveat: His walk rate is about 1 per 20. Would like to see that improve to 1 per 15 or better. He needs to take more pitches and be swinging at pitches he can handle, so better pitch recognition and discipline will be a part of his growth.

  22. I like Galvis a lot. However, given that he is blocked by Rollins, likley for at least 3 years, he is indeed a likley trade candidate. Ironically, the more highly you think of Galvis, the more likley he is trade bait (assuming that such evaluation is shared by other teams). If he is only good enough for a utility role, then why trade him? If Galvis hits as well or better in AAA this year as he did at AA last year, he IMO could become a fairly valuable trade chip.

  23. Is 300 PA in a year not good development, beusace Galvis will get at LEAST that if he did come up with the big club. And while it is only spring and you cannot read too much into the numbers, I find it encouraging that Galvis has started hitting early. His approach at the plate sounds really good. Why does his projection still limit him to a utlity, especially if he can get that BA up and his walks?

    1. What are you guys..Roberta and Jhon…in a time warp? You are replying to DiaDerby from 2 1/2 years ago!

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