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2009 Draft, Day Three

Here’s your outlet for discussing the final 20 picks of the 2009 draft. The Phillies will pick 27th again in every round or until they decide enough is enough. I expect them to take a bunch of high school kids and some college seniors again just to round out the numbers. They took Cosart in the 38th round last year and signed him, so anything is possible. Look for high school guys from Texas and Washington in particular, and maybe even some of the midwestern states this year, as the Phillies seemed to hit Nebraska/Kansas more so than usual. Check below for more…

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Day 2 draft thoughts

I was out for much of the day today and was following some of the picks on my iPhone, so I wasn’t able to really give detailed thoughts. As you can see from my twitter update, I was a fan of the Singleton and Susac picks. I’m going to give some very brief thoughts on each individual pick, as well as the first half of the draft in general. I hope to hit on a few key points that will be worth monitoring over the next 2+ months and beyond. So lets get started.

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Draft Day is here

My favorite day of the year, other than the clinching game of the World Series of course. The Phillies don’t pick until #75, and this year, the MLB draft heads to the MLB Network, starting at 6PM. The Phillies pick probably won’t come up till 10 PM or so. I’ll be following the draft once it starts, I’ll update picks here, and I’ll also post any Phillies related news that should pop up. Use this post to discuss everything draft.

Check below the fold for updates

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2009 Mock Draft

Unlike past years, this is the only mock draft I’m doing, mainly because the Phillies don’t have a pick until #75, but also because of the strangeness of this draft. At the top you’ve got arguably the best pitching prospect of all time, then a great college hitter, and then about 20 guys who seem like they could go anywhere from 3 to 22. Instead of just throwing out random names, I’ve spent some time compiling a database of the past 5 years of picks in the first three rounds. I’m a believer in teams going with what they know, meaning that they develop a trust with crosscheckers in certain states, or they target the same type of prospect and will lean that way when in doubt. So you’ll get lots of information here. If you don’t care about the draft, that’s fine, but I know there are those that do. Please keep the discussion on topic, thanks. Lets get started…

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Phillies will get the chance to re-draft Kyle Gibson?

As everyone knows, the Phillies took a late round flier on Kyle Gibson 3 years ago before he went to Missouri, where his career blossomed, including a dynamite showing in the Cape Cod league. Prior to his junior year, he was being viewed as a surefire Top 10 pick, but his velocity reportedly dipped into the mid 80’s in his last start, and its now being reported by BA that he has a stress fracture in his arm and won’t throw for 6 weeks. Last year, if you remember, Tanner Scheppers suffered a similar fate with a stress fracture in his shoulder that eventually saw him slip from a Top 10 pick out of the first round, eventually being taken by the Pirates and going unsigned. Scheppers has come back healthy and is now again being talked about as a top 10 pick, with many teams still waiting to get clearance from their doctors on him.

I’ll have more on Gibson when I finish my mock draft, but at this point I’ll probably drop him out of the top 32. Ideally, I’d love the Phillies to take him at 75 if he gets there, follow him this summer, and if he’s able to throw before the deadline, hopefully sign him for first round money.

A note on draft risk

I’ve decided that I am actually going to do a mock draft this year, even though the Phillies don’t pick until the back part of the second round. I just love the draft and all that comes with it too much, so I’m gonna spend some time working on that, and I’ll post it sometime next week. But watching Rick Porcello today, I wanted to make a quick note on this, a topic we’ve discussed before, mainly because the Phillies are going to have to be creative with this draft because they don’t have a first round pick or sandwich round pick. My stance on the draft is well known, I’m very much in the “spend more, invest more, and you’ll get more out of it camp”, while others have argued that you’re best served by not breaking slot and keeping costs down. The bottom line with the draft is, there are no sure things. But in sports, there are no sure things. The best teams don’t always win the World Series, the ace is often times defeated by the 4A pitcher, and we know anything can happen. But at the end of the day, its the job of the GM and everyone associated with the decision making of a team to best use its resources and make every effort possible to invest as much talent as possible.

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