2009 Draft Day Two

Here is your thread to discuss the day 2 picks. The Phillies will pick 27th in every round from here on out. Ill just throw some names out there for tomorrow, and at the bottom of this post I’ll post the draft pick numbers, which can be updated as the picks are made.

BA has a blog post up with the players on their Top 100 who weren’t taken here. Many of these high school guys are likely going to drop deeper because of signability issues. Jeff Malm, my wishlist guy for our round 2 pick, is still on the board. Jake Stewart, who I was kind of not a big fan of, is also still there. Ryan Buch, ranked 90th overall, has been linked to the Phillies pretty strongly, and is probably the preference in the 4th round. Luke Bailey, a prep catcher out of Georgia, looked like a first round pick before blowing out his arm. No telling how far he’ll drop or what his bonus demands are, but he’d be an awesome 4th/5th round pick if he’d sign. He has a verbal commitment to Auburn, so he clearly has other options.

Just looking at other guys who might be of interest.

Matt Graham, RHP (Oak Ridge HS, TX) – His profile kind of reminds me of Brandon Workman, BA thinks he may be signable if he goes in the first 5 rounds.

Jake Cowan, RHP (San Jacinto JC) – Phillies went the JuCo route a number of times last year, they love Texas arms, so just connect the dots.

Brian Pearl, RHP (Washington) – The Phillies really seem to trust their Pacific Northwest area guy (Mattair, Sampson, May, Hudson), and BA has Pearl ranked as the best prospect in Washington.

Jorge Reyes, RHP (Oregon State) and Erik Stavert, RHP (Oregon) are also interesting, and the Phillies had success grabbing Stutes from that area last year.

As far as addressing our SS/2B/1B/3B needs, a few more guys to consider..

Jonathon Singleton, 1B (Millikan HS, CA) – He’s a raw hitter, but has good raw power and is athletic. He’s committed to Long Beach State, but would be a Cosart-level signing in terms of the money needed, maybe a bit less.

David Nick, SS (Cypress HS, CA) – Nick is likely going to move to 2B as a pro, but is athletic and has a great bat. BA says his swing compares to Joe DiMaggio’s in his setup (no movement) and really quick wrists that create a whipping action. Sounds interesting.

We’ll see what happens.

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707 –
737 –
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797 –
827 –
857 –
887 –
917 –
947 –
977 –
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1097 –
1127 –
1157 –
1187 –
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303 thoughts on “2009 Draft Day Two

  1. I’m confident that the Phillies can still have a good draft here. Remember, they took Cisco in the 36th round last year, and he’s been quite promising since he’s stepped on the professional mound. You never know where you can find a gem.

    Even if only 4-5 of these guys ever pan out, it can still be considered a good draft. When the odds are so severely stacked against you from the start, the expectations should not be through the roof.

    Unfortunately I have to work all afternoon so I’ll miss likely all of today’s drafting, but I’ll be checking back in here as soon as I get home to see how we did.

  2. I have been reading about hudson. He was picked as one of the 38 best high school players last year, Has something changed to not like the pick, look I am not a scout but plus speed, and great athlete don’t say bad in a not so great, draft for hitter, I like him better than dugan, who might have average speed, and average arm.

  3. 917 is the 30th round pick. I think the picks after 1000 can be safely removed from the list as they will not get there until tomorrow.

  4. remember that albert pujols was drafted in the 13th round of the 1999 draft with the 402nd overall pick.

  5. “remember that albert pujols was drafted in the 13th round of the 1999 draft with the 402nd overall pick.”

    Damn, we have the 407th pick this yr. Oh well, no Pujols clone for us.

  6. FWIW, I flipped completely (in a bad way) when the picks were announced…especially our 2nd pick. I would have liked a less toolsy approach as we have limited picks. I was hoping they’d take signability guys that fell rather than a huge question mark at the plate. Dugan I am cautiously optimistic about. Just looking at his body type…he’s a 1B or LF at best. He’s only gonna fill out as he gets older. I like that he’s a switch-hitter. I believe his HS coach mentioned something about almost all his power coming from one side of the plate (I don’t remember which) but he had good contact from both sides. It’ll be interesting to see how he adjusts to wooden bats. Either way, much like Hewitt, its gonna be 4-5 years before we know if it was a good pick or not. These picks do show one fact: The Phillies LOVE their S. Cali and NW scouts…

  7. Supposedly Malm’s not signing. I’m sure someone will take him just in case he changes his mind, but don’t look for him to go to early.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Phils take Renny Parthemore. He looks to be pretty decent and is a PA kid. Christian Walker would also be nice in the later rounds.

    I doubt the Phils would want to pony up the cash but I still think Luke Bailey is going to be a premier catcher one day.

  8. I would have preferred a high end high school arm or a safer college arm with at least one of these picks. My biggest problem is not the toolsy aspect. It is that these players, especially Dugan, were selected too early. Push both of them back a round and select a pitcher with the 2nd round pick and I would have happier. Hopefully these players are not difficult signings, because that would compound the value error I believe the team made here.

  9. Am I the only one completely thrown off by the fact that it is day 2 of the draft and we’re not anywhere near the flyer stage yet? We have a lot of important, must sign picks coming up today. I need to get the taste of the Hudson pick out of my mouth.

  10. I’m on board with andyb. If you can get the same guy a round or two later, then you are not getting full value for the pick.

    Ryanhoward06, that’s a bummer about Malm. I also would like to see them pick Christian Walker, he has pretty good pop.

  11. Mike Mike all the tools in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the drive and desire to succed. This guy (Hudson) is a project to begin with who could have been taken later. If he has a poor work ethic and doesn’t even like baseball his character will not allow him to put in years of hard work to make him the best player he can be. I’ll take the low tools highly driven pete rose type over that type anyday. If the phils knew what we read about his character issues why would they still pick him? I’m very disappointed because of who we left on the board and because this seems like a wasted pick. I could have lived w/ this pick in the 5th or 6th round but not the 3d

  12. It’s on a conference call, everyone has their lists ready. Usually there’s little shuffling involved beyond crossing off a name or two.

  13. Adam Buschini, whose brother Shane played in the Padres system last year. Held back by Tommy John surgery in 2008, Buschini was healthy and able to put in a full season in 2009. He responded with a huge year, batting .412/.478/.723 with 11 homers. A 6-foot-2, 205-pound righthanded hitter, Buschini’s power and advanced hitting approach may place him in the single-digit rounds, especially after he showed versatility by moving from first base to second base after an injury to standout freshman Matt Jensen. A former prep soccer player, Buschini has also filled in at shortstop, third base and the outfield in his career.

  14. Sounds a little like Tyler Mach. Not a fan of starting to draft seniors this early, but at least he had an injury excuse for not being in last year’s draft. As with Mach, he is much less interesting if he can’t stay at 2B defensively.

  15. PP wrote: may place him in the single-digit rounds,

    Forgive my squirrelly ignorance but doesn’t that mean “He might be drafted in the 8th or 9th rounds. Thus 4th round is a reach to put it gently?

    On another related note, I happen to prefer your initial gut reactions to the picks.

  16. I used pete rose because he is a self-proclaimed over achiever who should have never made it to the majors so I don’t think it was a bad bad comparison. You look at the #’s and say wow pete had mad skills but he’d be the 1st to tell you he got there by desire. Here’s another comp. Chase utley had more skills than pete but had no glove. W/O his work ethic chase is a nice bat off the bench because even his bat wouldn’t be as good as it is today w/desire. Rollins is another guy who was driven to succeed even w/huge q marks about his ability to hit.

  17. From Scout.Com (http://calstatefullerton.scout.com/2/863511.html):

    “JR Adam Buschini (RH – .402-5-41-6) has been a utility man for the Mustangs, starting games at 3B, 1B and OF this season and he will be the 2B the rest of the season. Buschini usually hits in the middle of the lineup and leads the conf in BA and is 2nd in SLG, 3rd in OBP and 5th in RBI. He has been on fire recently and is 13-25 in his last six games. Buschini missed last season as a medical redshirt after being a starter two years ago (2007 – .294-4-29-4). He is not a good defensive player and was moved from 3B due to his struggles there and has played mostly 1B and OF this season. “

  18. The good thing is we dont have to be mad for so long between picks. This is moving at a really good speed. At some point we’ll like a pick…I promise. Those Im cool with the our 2nd rounder

  19. The good thing is we dont have to be mad for so long between picks. This is moving at a really good speed. At some point we’ll like a pick…I promise. Those Im cool with the our 2nd rounder

  20. I heard the same thing as nepp when i read this. When i heard could go in single digits i thought it sound like a much later round pick then 4th. PP im gonna over react a little too; I hate these picks especially these last two because they seem to be picking guys projected to go much later while leaving much higher projections on the board.

  21. Looks like the Phils decided to put money in the Dominican this year and focus on next years draft. Hope Im wrong and this thing gets better

  22. Seth Schwindenhammer for the Red Sox. If he reaches the majors, he’ll have the longest last name in MLB history.

  23. Washington State lefthander Matt Way doesn’t wow you when he pounds the outer half with straight 88-90 mph fastballs. He does, however, have an above-average changeup that ranked as the best in the Pac-10 this season. He grips the change with his pointer finger curled in like a spike curve, causing the pitch to appear as though it’s fluttering up to the plate, eventually taking a sharp drop down and in to lefthanded hitters. He throws it with good deception and confidence. Hailing from Sitka, Alaska, Way had a little further to go than most college players. He mostly throws his fastball and changeup, and his slider is a work in progress. He steps across his body and throws from a lower three-quarters arm slot, so he doesn’t get a lot of tilt on the pitch, making it sweepy and flat. The 6-foot-2, 185-pounder is a good athlete who swam and wrestled in high school, and a great teammate who prepares hard for his starts all week. He projects to be the first Northwest senior off the board, likely around the seventh round—much higher than when the Giants selected him last year with their 36th-round pick.

  24. My favorite part of it is this: “WSU pitching standout Matt Way did not go back out for the seventh inning due to tightness in his left (throwing) forearm. ”

    That’s from May 29th…I love it when we draft possibly injured college seniors. Woohoo!!!

  25. So by 7th round you mean 5th??? Oh well, maybe the next pick will have something to like….maybe

  26. But he has the best changeup in the Pac-10! I think he can be really succesful by pumping in 90% changeups and fooling hitters occasionaly with his sneaky fastball. That can work, right?

  27. There are a lot of rounds so I just can’t believe that this is the best it’s going to get. Come on Phils! Make us happy!

  28. I can see the headlines now, “A Game of INCHes”

    Should I be concerened that his velocity topped out at 86 on the scouting video?

  29. Is it me or is this just a bad draft, not alot of talent in it. Take high school pitchers who top out at 86 in round 6? Maybe the kid gets to 90-91 at full maturation

  30. I could see that velocity rising as he develops and refines his delivery. Looks to repeat his delivery well.

  31. He’s 6’4 190 so plenty of projection.

    Better pick then Way.

    Krol just went, another good pick for Oakland.

  32. “Depending on the current exchange rate, perhaps that 86 is actually 96?”

    I think 86 kmh translates to something like 55 mph. lol.

  33. Phils draft looks pretty weak so far, but from what I can tell, the whole draft is relatively weak. A guy like Knapp would probably go late 1st or early 2nd this year.

  34. NEPP Says:
    June 10, 2009 at 11:46 am

    Depending on the current exchange rate, perhaps that 86 is actually 96?


    That actually made me laugh pretty hard. Nice job! We don’t know much about these players but I liked the size of Inch and to hear that he may not sign because of his choice gets me even more down.

  35. I like the Inch pick more than the rest, but not sure how much I would bust slot to sign him. Hopefully they see lots of projection in him. The team has always had a fondness for projectible arms from cold weather climates (Kendrick, Mathieson).

  36. First thing I found:

    “His replacement was righthander Brody Colvin (St. Thomas Moore HS, Lafayette, La.) who entered the game by lighting up the radar gun with a 93 mph on his first pitch. Colvin is a 6-foot-4, 195 pound athlete with a smooth downhill delivery and a jumping fastball with late life. The ball comes out of his hand with ease. Colvin pitched three innings, sitting mostly between 88-91 mph but did hit 93 and 92 a few more times in the outing. He also flashed a sharp downer slurvy breaking ball and a good changeup. Colvin struck out seven batters.”

  37. Colvin throws hard for a high schooler, his motion needs a little work, could add 3-4 MPH to his 90-93mph fastball, this kid is worth busting slot for

  38. Some of these scouting videos are months to almost a year old. Teams may have gotten a different look on scouting trips.

  39. Isn’t Devon Marrero still out there?

    I would love that, of course he must want to much.

    Colvin might have been the best pick if they can sign him.

  40. From KG: Phillies make a splash with Brody Colvin, a prep righty from Louisiana who is at least a second-round talent.

  41. I guess I should stop holding out hope that we’ll sign five or six HS kids over slot in the late rounds??? Big league salaries must be influencing the selections. This is ugly.

    I’m assuming that we won’t even sign some of these guys. At what point does MLB stop giving comp picks the following year for unsigned draft picks?

  42. Perhaps the strategy of the draft was reaches in the first few rounds followed by a bunch of hard to sign HS in the middle rounds?

  43. Nepp w/ dif. does it make if he’s american? What if we exchanged that for “finally a white guy” I don’t really care about anything but if they can play, work hard and if they are good teammates.

  44. singleton looks like Howard and looks like he has a ton of potential. i also like the colvin pick and the buchini and way pick. you guys have to be patient. Dugan and Hudson have potential too. this is a risky draft and hopefully they can get a stud in one or two of these guys. draft looks solid so far

  45. To markymark…There’s a slight difference in the level of competition between a good American HS as opposed to a good Canadian HS. It has nothing to do with any of the other crap you mentioned.

  46. I like Singleton on that ESP tape. He’s not even 17 yet. They gotta bust slot for him and Colvin. (Please????)

  47. yeah its just about playing the game for 3 months versus playing it all year round. not a racial thing…

  48. Altherr will be a pro just so everyone can butcher his last name.

    Seriously though 6ft 5 and they have listed as a centerfielder?

  49. I like both colvin and singleton, colvin seems to have good makeup and singleton is a really humble kid who sounds like he wants to work hard and make it to the top…i hope they can bust slot and sign these two guys

  50. I am missing golf to follow this ——phuture —you have turned me into a nut case 🙂 I hope a few of these guys are up in Williamsport so I can take the 2 hour drive up to see them.

  51. so i guess we should never take guys from cold weather states because scouts can’t make projections based upon the fact that he might have more of an upside than he’s showing compared to guys from warm weather states.

  52. After reading up on some of these guys everyone’s getting excited about the one thing that jumps out at me as that they’re all really tough signs.

  53. And Locker goes with the last pick in the 10th round.

    One of the best talents in the draft. I don’t think he will ever sign though. Should be a top football pick.

  54. Zied only pitched 24 games or so at two colleges with era high as the sky. Someone must know something or he is going to be a position player.

  55. I noticed that also john. Is this something the kids are told to say to try and get more money? I’ve gotta believe some of these kids really have no intention of going to college but want their money. I hope we don’t overpay on every pick, just the best ones, or the ones we didn’t overdraft on.

  56. sounds like colvin has a first round arm, throws 92 with late movement and a nice curve, just lacks the polish that most 1st rounders have, sounds like a steal to me

  57. @nowheels please:

    He was once pretty highly regarded but a bad mental approach killed his college career. Kind of a flyer.

  58. “After reading up on some of these guys everyone’s getting excited about the one thing that jumps out at me as that they’re all really tough signs.”

    Anyone who fans are going to get excited about in the mid rounds is going to be a tough sign

  59. Someone asked earlier at what point a team is no longer comped for not signing a draftee.

    I thought that was just for the first round pick – can anyone confirm that?

  60. “I thought that was just for the first round pick – can anyone confirm that?”

    I am not certain, but there was a comp round after rd 3 where HOU got a pick for failing to sign their 88th overall in 2008….so maybe first 3 rounds?

  61. calvin sounds like he won’t sign. but singleton sounds like he might. just my opinion in reading some of what they said.

  62. mikemike: This was written on March 12th, in the first article I linked to: ”

    Going into this weekend’s series at No. 10 Cal-Irvine, in which he is scheduled to start Sunday, Zeid is 3-0 with a team-best 0.93 ERA.”

    Hence, he had three (minimum) good starts to the season, faced some stiff competition, and well, you see his season-ending ERA.

  63. 12th – Nicholas Hernandez U of Tennessee

    “Hernandez is a pure pitchability lefty, who doesn’t have plus stuff, but plays up what he does have with a good feel for pitching and excellent command. He won’t dominate an opponent, but he’s the type who will pitch to contact and get deep into games while giving his team a chance to win. He’s not the type who’ll go real high, but there’s always value for southpaws who know what they’re doing on the mound.”

    We’ll see, but sounds like a decent 12th round pick

  64. Andy:

    Power: 27
    Speed: 81
    Contact: 69
    Patience: 72

    Power: 53
    Speed: 64
    Contact: 82
    Patience: 72

    The first scouting report is for Bruntlett, the second for Barnes.

    Barnes appears to have more power, makes better contact, but has less speed than Bruntlett. Of course, that’s not saying much.

  65. Any players left that someone here is still looking at and hoping we land? Or did everyone ball up and toss their wish list like a lost football pool on a sunday afternoon?

  66. Barnes hit .353 with 15 HR and 70 RBI this year (.438 OBP and .655 Slugging) and was one of the top two offensive players at ND.

    Question though are the Phillies selecting some 4th year college players at middle infield positions (Buschini and Barnes) who hit well (.412/.478 and .353/.438) to fill what maybe a big org. hole at 2B and SS quickly and disregarding ceiling and potential somewhat?

    From the writing on here and stats we don’t have a lot of bats in those positions and 4th year college players should rise quicker than young prospects one would hope. Just wondering.

  67. yea just looked up hernandez stats on the baseball cube, had a 5.16 era on the season and gave up 92 hits in 83 innnings and gave up 14 hr’s, the only good thing was he only walked 9

  68. I like the sasaki pick. he put up good numbers. had one bad start that killed his ERA (still only 1.71) struck out 105 in 69 innings, walked 20. whip of 1.

  69. Sasaki got shelled in one game out of 12 starts. 6-4 W/L but he looks like he was a hard luck loser several times.

  70. Jake Stewart – OF, Rocky Mountain High School, Colorado
    Big Centerfielder. Also plays football and basketball.

  71. AB- We were linked to him at 75. He’s a toolshed that is committed to Stanford so it should be a tough sign.

  72. BA had the Rays tied to Stewart (along with a slew of other players) with the 30th pick overall, and he was #74 on BA’s top 100.

    If we can sign him, could be a nice steal

  73. Stewart is quoted as being a “baseball guy”. He also has a 4.0 GPA, so it probably takes at least $1.5 million to buy him out of college. He might be a fallback if they don’t get the Dominican guys they want (and thus have money to spend in mid-August).

  74. LOL Hernandez is related to the home plate ump Angel Hernandez. His stuff kinda sounds like Maloney

    “Hernandez has an extremely polished approach to pitching, which may not be a coincidence as his father Nick was a first round draft pick of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1978 and his uncle is veteran major league umpire Angel Hernandez. Though he won’t blow hitters away with his raw stuff and isn’t particularly athletic, Hernandez was the most consistent starter in the Cape Cod League last summer and topped the circuit in wins while going 63, 2.54. He added another victory in the semifinal round of the playoffs and appeared well on his way to pocketing his biggest win of the season in the league’s final game when he took a 10 lead to the ninth inning against Harwich, only to be lifted when he allowed the leadoff hitter to reach base and his team promptly lost a 21heartbreaker, clinching the championship for Harwich. Hernandez worked a leaguehigh 57 innings during the regular season, then added 14 more in his two postseason outings. He walked just 14 overall while striking out 62. Hernandez typically runs his fastball into the 8991 mph range and can miss bats at that velocity as he changes speed well off the pitch and has pinpoint command—a byproduct of his easy, repeatable delivery. He’s so advanced in his approach to pitching that he can finesse hitters even when he doesn’t have his best stuff. He also creates a good downhill plane on his pitches from his angular 6foot4 frame. Hernandez, a 32 nd round draft pick of the Oakland A’s in 2006 out of a Hialeah, Fla., high school, has surprisingly had limited success in two years at Tennessee, going just 69, 5.57 overall, but he showed vast improvement in his ontrol from his freshman season, when he walked 43 in 52 innings, to his sophomore year, when he walked just nine in 84 innings—at 0.97, the best walk to innings ratio in the Southeastern Conference.”

  75. If the Colvin article is correct, then the following happened:

    1) Phillies talked to Colvin before their 2nd round pick but couldn’t agree to terms
    2) Colvin wasn’t drafted Day 1 and said he’s going to LSU
    3) Phillies took Colvin in Rd 7 anyway.

    So, either they talked to him and worked out a deal before picking him in the 7th, or they’re morons. I have to hope they’re not morons and have a deal worked out with him.

  76. Another steal it looks like in Susac if they can get him to sign. Apparently he might be one of the best catchers in the draft.

  77. Susac’s dad says the want 1 mil to go, with a 500-600K offer they will go to Ore St so fast it will “make your head spin”

  78. in keith law’s top 100 on espn.com, colvin is ranked 58th overall, susac is ranked 91st overall, and hudson is ranked 93rd overall. susac, colvin, stewart, and singleton are the keys to the draft and are going to be very hard to sign

  79. “Susac’s dad says the want 1 mil to go, with a 500-600K offer they will go to Ore St so fast it will “make your head spin””

    Are you their agent?

  80. Susac is a 19 year old senior. I really hope that they sign some of these high slot guys. Without them the early part of this draft would become very very weak on first look.

    Come on Phils…be like Nike and just do it.

  81. From Susac’s high school coach. “He is well disciplined and well grounded…if he does not make it as a major leaguer, it will not be because of a flaw in his mental makeup. More than one scout has indicated that may be the best throwing arm behind the plate in this years draft class.”

    Source: Maxpreps.com

  82. It’s a good sign that they are taking a lot of Org fillers now. It could mean they are serious about the guys they took.

  83. keith law states that jake stewart will go to college unless someone pays him first round money to figure out how to hit, i assume that is the same for susac

  84. the phillies usually sign most of their picks. only a few get away.

    Stephen Batts – is my Susdorff this year.. (i.e. a man crush based on no evidence that he will be a pro).

  85. so who do we give our first round money to? Stewart? Susac? Colvin? you have to think we wont give it to all 3, maybe 2 if we’re feeing generous. Hudson and Singleton seem like they will command some money too, but maybe not round 1 money. I guess we’ll see.

  86. I think right now I’d be happy with signing Susac, Colvin and Stewart and getting comp picks for Dugan and Hudson by not signing them.

  87. Do you realize that if two-three of these guys ever make the team its good if one is a allstar that great draft

  88. Joshua (Annapolis, MD)
    Why are the Phillies in love with tool-laden athletes who can’t hit a baseball? Can you say anything nice about their draft?

    Keith Law
    They’ll definitely win the Gulf Coast League flag-football title this year.

  89. Last year’s draft is going to produce about 5 all stars and 5 more players get on the roster. You know it’s ture!

    we drafted a fun reliever.

  90. BLUES you got to be kidding I like to see any team that had ten guys make there team from one draft. even a bad team

  91. Chase Johnson looks interesting. Another big pitcher (6’5″) with a good fastball (90-94). Still young enough to have a little projection left.

  92. I think we have to accept the fact that the Phillies are in all likelyhood going to sign both Dugan and Hudson. Neither were deemed to be tough signs, I think it is all but done.

  93. What drives me nuts is why take a guy like ruf almost twenty three they should just pass instead of taking him. if you need org filler we have a enough of them already look at lehigh Valley

  94. blues…who are you kidding? We’ll *AT LEAST* 10 all-stars, as well as 18 combined MVP/CY Young awards from last years draft…and those will just be the guys we DON’T trade!

  95. Guys, I was obviously kidding. People have to relax. It was an off the cuff comment made in an attempt to lighten the mood.

    Or you can really think that I feel that we are going to have 5 all stars and 3 aces from last year’s draft.

    Your call…

  96. Christian Walker must have a really good committment to South Carolina if he isn’t picked yet. The kid has all of the power in the world and apparently has a good arm and good feet at 3rd base.

  97. So just for a discussion if we take Walker and offer him first round top money like say 2-3 million he will walk.

  98. i have no idea mikemike…. i havent heard anything about him at all on a signing standpoint. You would think that if we offered him the right amount of money, he would be tempted to sign especially with his hometown team.

  99. Austin seems to be on the board unless they list his last name under something else. Yeah, I checked “R” For Zach…

  100. From ESPN’s Jason Churchill.

    Philadelphia had a strong Day 2, tabbing RHP Brody Colvin of St. Thomas More HS (La.) in round 7 and Jesuit HS (Carmichael, Calif.) C Andrew Susac in the 17th round.

  101. Well, it looks like all of these are easy College picks. Maybe they are planning on backing a truck of money up to the risky picks. That would be sweet.

  102. There is on google a scout talking about him , he likes him mention about getting I Think a 60 in some athletic test which is suppose to be hard. He is northcalolina state bound needs work on this bat has the nice stroke, I believe that is what he was saying.

  103. Nats already signed Storen for $1.6M. Slot was a little over $2M last year, so clearly this was a signability pick for them (where they had little leverege).

  104. My connection isn’t good enough for the MLB draft tracker. Anyone able to post what our picks were today?


  105. i am thinkin the phils are starting to implement their ideals they use in latin america into the us draft…Instead of breakin the bank on high selections and put “most of their eggs into one basket” with one high cost guy, they may be opting to taking a multitude of high ceiling risk/reward signings throughout the mid to late parts of the draft hoping to catch on a few instead…With how big of a crap shoot a baseball draft is(and lets face it 1st rd selections are nothing close to sure things), i kinda like this philosophy…I also give them credit for goin after smaller college/juco players to try and uncover some diamonds in the rough…Of course this philosophy working is solely based on being able to sign these signability players…i say kudos to the phils, i love what they did on day 2(if they sign)

  106. eze or is it they don’t want to spend the money on this draft. a lot of orig. fillers. And how good is that working with the latin players, how many did we take and develop. and please no carrasco he is still in the minors, only major league players.

  107. i give them some time for latin america..lets face it the revenue streams are fairly new for the phils and since theyve become more of a “big market(spending) team theyve shown they are willing to spend it back into the team…bastardo, ruiz?i mean theyre arent a ton of huge latin amrican signing recently that are killing it..i believe inoa already has some arm issues…..i think theyre preference is the american HS kid, so i was just saying they maybe taking that philosophy that quantity over (supposed) quality will pay better dividends for them..Soin the end i think they may prefer HS over latin america for whatever reasons, i think they may have the same philosophy in both the latin market and draft…just my view of course

  108. on a side note, its a bazillion rds you have to take a large number of easy sign guys to fill out ur system…every team does it..the bigger question is not the org filler picks, its how many of the riskier picks can they seal the deal with..time will tell

  109. The Jake Stewart pick is interesting to me, seems like he could potentially be a steal in the 14th. So we know he is from CO, committed to Stanford, played football and has a 4.0 GPA, but does anyone have any info on the type of baseball player he is?

  110. CouchKing —
    The draft includes Puerto Rico. All foreign players, except Canadians, are outside the draft.

    MikeMike —
    I think you have to count Carrasco and the guys in the minors. Otherwise, you are always going back 6 or more years looking at the draft/foreign success based just on who has succeeded in majors. That doesn’t give much of a read on how business has been conducted recently, putting you back 3 years before Gillick even came to Philly. By the way, I would not lump Carrasco into the ‘lot of mid-priced guys’ category. When he signed, $300K was pretty big money in the Latin American market. Probably equivalent to $1+ million today.

  111. Based on the fact that Baseball America had him as a top 100 player, he was linked to different teams in the top 100 picks, and is a smart kid who has signed with a smart kid school, I would be surprised too. But I am still curious as to what kind of player he is. Basically is he worth making a real serious effort to sign and maybe even slightly over paying?

  112. mlb had an article on players with premium talent drafted on the second day:
    The seventh round saw Louisiana high school right-hander Brody Colvin, a 6-foot-4 hurler with a fastball in the low 90s and a hard curve, go to the Phillies.
    In the eighth round, Long Beach high school power prospect Jonathan Singleton went to Philadelphia
    In the 14th round, the Phillies picked Colorado high school outfield star Jake Stewart, an outstanding two-sport athlete who is expected to forego football to focus on baseball.
    while the Phillies used that round to take the most highly regarded remaining high school catching prospect, Sacramento-area power hitter Andrew Susac.

  113. MLB.com Talking about good picks…Phillies mentioned a few times: http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090610&content_id=5249204&vkey=news_mlb&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb
    “the seventh round saw Louisiana high school right-hander Brody Colvin, a 6-foot-4 hurler with a fastball in the low 90s and a hard curve, go to the Phillies.

    In the eighth round, Long Beach high school power prospect Jonathan Singleton went to Philadelphia, while promising Monmouth College right-hander Ryan Buch went to the Cubs.

    Baylor starter and Team USA closer Kendal Volz lasted until the ninth round after an up-and-down 2009 season, but his high 90s heat had teams interested, and Boston bit.

    South Carolina right-hander Sam Dyson, a Draft-eligible sophomore with electric stuff, went to Oakland in the 10th round. And Pittsburgh used its 12th-round pick on Stanford right-hander Jeff Inman, a starter who was slowed by a sore shoulder but has considerable upside.

    In the 14th round, the Phillies picked Colorado high school outfield star Jake Stewart, an outstanding two-sport athlete who is expected to forego football to focus on baseball. The Pirates went with Florida outfielder Matt den Dekker in the 16th round, getting a left-handed bat with raw power, while the Phillies used that round to take the most highly regarded remaining high school catching prospect, Sacramento-area power hitter Andrew Susac.

  114. Can’t wait to hear pp. to me this draft was not a strong indication of them being committed to player developement, all the college seniors 5’8 303 hitters in college, they should just say we pick org filler so and so give him a thousand and never see him again.

  115. In the Denver Post yesterday….

    “It’s a great dilemma,” said Stewart, who referred to Stanford as more than a fallback plan. “I’m definitely comfortable signing if it’s the right time. Ultimately, my dream is to play professional baseball.”

    Said Rocky Mountain coach Scott Bullock: “He may have a decision to make. He’s a freaky athlete who’s a great leader and a mature kid. He’s the whole package.”

  116. yeah the more im reading his quotes the more im thinking we may land him..found many quotes of him saying despite being a football star “i’m a baseball guy” “baseball is the best thing in the world”…well what better way to be a baseball guy than with the defending world champs Jake..cmon aboard!

  117. I wasn’t thrilled with the first pick yesterday, and like most, I hated the second pick.

    Overall, I was pretty happy with today. Sure, there were a lot of college guys with seemingly limited upside, but it seems like the Phils grabbed a good handful of high ceiling high school guys with signability issues. If the Phillies bust slot and come away with Colvin, Singleton, Stewart and Susac out of this draft, I’d be pretty happy. I realize that signing all is somewhat of a long shot, but it would be great to see them all brought into the system.

    By the way, I rarely comment, but I read the site frequently, and have really been checking a lot today. Thanks to all, especially phuturephillies.

  118. Stewart will require 1st round money, maybe around $1.5M to sign. He is not quite that level of talent IMO (more of a $1.0M guy talent-wise). That is why he is a difficult sign. He is a 4.0 student going to Stanford and it will be difficult to buy him out of that. As a baseball player he might compare to Golson, though I would throw out that he is maybe even a little less polished than Golson. He is a high risk/high reward prospect. The Phillies have not traditionally thrown money at that type of prospect. They will throw 500K around. But $1.5M is a completely different ballpark.

  119. You have to wonder Colvin’s intentions. There’s a chance his comments are just to get a better bonus.

    Right now I will put him as a long shot and Singleton, Stewart and Susac being there guys. Maybe a couple of $500,000 guys tomorrow.

  120. Stewart’s baseball talent made it to the national level a few months ago when Louisville Slugger named him to their 20008 preseason High School All American team.

    WOW..well if he signs and gets assigned to lakewood he will give new meaning to being young for his level

  121. I will take what the phills did in the second round over the college seniors with no upside they took.I would rather take a raw high school kid and take my changes over the kind of non upside players they took, and don;t start with org filler. because there is no guaranteed that they can sign any of the hs kids. so in a weak draft keep picking the hs hard to sign and hope to get some instead of the low ceiling college seniors we took.

  122. Didn’t phuturephillies say that he wasn’t really high on Stewart? Does anyone know why? Or can you tell us why PP?

    He seems like a guy with tremendous upside.

  123. quick shoutout to the forgotten(for last 2 days anyway) current phils prospects…Knapp seems to be dealin a gem thru 6

    6.0 3 0 0 0 6

  124. Okay. Good draft.

    I’m no expert on the talent, but it looks like we at least went after the hard to sign players.

    Much better than steering clear of those guys and the weak frustration that go along with that approach.

    Now, go sign these guys and make us proud.

    Maybe these blue chip prospects will like the idea of signing on together.

    Maybe they will throw around enough money to get it done.

    Overall, I’m happy enough with our draft.

  125. Way actually has some good write ups on Pgcrosschecker.com.

    SCOUTING PROFILE (3/1): Way was drafted in a late round in 2008 by the San Francisco Giants, but turned down a chance to sign and the decision could pay off as he shapes up as one of the better seniors signs in this year’s draft. After going 4-4, 4.01 with 68 strikeouts in 74 innings as a junior, working mainly in a long-relief/spot-starter role, Way was slotted in as the No. 1 starter in the Washington State rotation to start the 2009 season. He pitched impressively in the role in the early going. It’s all part of a natural progression for Way, an Alaska high-school product who has added 25 pounds to his frame and several mph to his fastball in his four years in the Cougars program. His fastball is now a consistent 88-90 mph, topping at 92, and he gets good sinking action on the pitch when he keeps it low in the zone. It’s generally effective more because of his ability to locate it than the movement he generates. But Way’s best pitch and his out-pitch is still his darting circle changeup, which he can confidently throw in any count. His third pitch is an 80-82 mph slider that has gradually evolved from a curveball. He is quick to the plate and has a long, loose arm action and creates deception with his somewhat funky three-quarters/cross-body delivery. Way spent last summer in the Cape Cod League but didn’t distinguish himself as a starter initially, which led to his being demoted to the bullpen. But he made significant strides in the fall in improving his command, and his ability to throw strikes in the early going this season was a difference-maker.—ALLAN SIMPSON
    UPDATE (5/15): Few could have predicted that Way would be the first draft pick from Washington this year, but the decision by Washington QB Jake Locker to not play baseball, the indifferent play and signability issues surrounding prep outfielder Kyrell Hudson and the inconsistent season by UW closer Brian Pearl has thrust Way into that unlikely position. Way has little of the natural talent those three possess, but he had a very solid senior season in leading Washington State to its first NCAA regional bid in the better part of two decades. Way went 8-4, 2.43 and excelled in his role as the Cougars No. 1 starter, walking 33 while striking out 124 in 107 innings. He pitched with a lot more confidence than in the past, and his pitchability was vastly superior compared to any time in his college career. He showed especially good command of his fastball and changeup. If Way is picked in the third or fourth rounds, it will be on merit, not his appeal as a senior sign.—AS

  126. The coach at Stanford said Stewart is the best high school CF in the country, but of course, he wants him to play for The Cardinal, so we’ll have to take that with a grain of salt. Denver sports columnists are saying this is the best crop of CO high schoolers ever, and Stewart is the clear-cut best. Now, CO has never really produced a solid crop of talent, but it has produced Roy Halladay and Brad Lidge.

  127. Well he won’t be the best CF in the country for long after Stanford ruins his swing. If he loves baseball so much, he should stay the hell away from that swing destroying school.

    Yes, I know the Phillies have a few Stanford Specs, still doesn’t stop me from hating what they do to young bats.

  128. i have to think with no 1st round money having to be shelled out and the selection of many college seniors(low money) the phils may have a few of these kids signed already(verbally) and if they bust slot big we probably wont have them in uniform for awhile tho(close to the deadline) but ill be just fine with that part

  129. What is the best way to track the signings? I found this blog last year when I was trying to figure out which of the players the Phillies were able to sign, and it’s been in my toolbar since.


  130. Well once they get assigned to whatever Minor League they are going to the best place to keep up with them is through the MILB boxscores and random discussions here and other places. Before that, I’m sure PP will keep track of the progress of negotiations and when they sign.

  131. John id say checkin in here daily is your best route…PP does an excellent job keeping us up to date very quickly upon new signings

  132. Joe, Michael Taylor is one example of Stanford. Jed Lowrie though performed quite well both in Stanford and outside. Carlos Quentin and Ryan Garko also excelled at Stanford. Taylor looks to be an exception, understandable given his height.

  133. Joe: sorry I was unclear, I just meant keep track of who actually signs.

    Ez e: Thanks, I hope PP keeps a list like he did for 2008, that was useful. I do remember being surprised by a few of the signings they were able to pull off last year so hopefully we’re surprised. Of course, new GM…

  134. the kid colvin from l.s.u. sounds interesting but l.s.u.,s program is now in cws. tough competition. also believe it or not i actually had barnes from n.d. as one of my dark horses. good ballplayer one of the few teams i followed. is that kid gump really the son of the inventor of the snuggie? YES ! you and your family can now become monks for a mere 19.95.

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