Daily Archives: June 4, 2009


The draft is next Tuesday, and I hope to have my mock draft polished up and published on Monday, so look for that. I wanted to make two points though in the meantime. The first point is that everyone who writes for this site does it purely because they care about the Phillies minor league system. No one here gets paid, there are no ads on this site (a service to you), and there is no money. The style that someone uses is their style, and anything they contribute is more than you’d get if it was just me writing one or two articles a week. To criticize these people for providing you a free service seems unfortunate to me. If you know of a better website out there for your Phillies minor league news, by all means check it out regularly. But please refrain from the ticky tack insults of the contributors here. 99% of the folks here are excellent, the 1% who try to stir the pot are sometimes just the loudest. If there’s something you want to know about a player or an affiliate, by all means ask the person who writes the report, but if they’re unable to find out, don’t hold it against them. That’s just silly. Check below for more…

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