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VSL June Update – Who To Watch

Several readers had commented that it would be a useful exercise to highlight who to watch in the complex leagues this season.  The VSL started a few weeks ago, so now we have some idea of who is playing well and, frankly, who is playing.  These leagues are developmental leagues, so the better prospects generally play the most, and play at the most demanding defensive positions (SS/CF/C).  Without detailed scouting reports and eyewitness accounts of these players, we are really relying on their statistics and the Phillies judgement over who to play to form opionions on the players.

This article will deal with the VSL with a follow-up on the DSL next week.  One note on the DSL – A number of people have noticed the production of new 18-year-old signee Nevri Jimenez who started the year 17-30 with power (7 extra base hits) and speed (4 SB).  The only thing he has not done is draw walks, though it is hard to complain about that when you are 17-30.  While he is a little old to be considered a top prospect, the fact that he is a new signee batting in a prominent lineup position (leadoff) and playing prominent defensive positions (SS/CF) is a good sign.  He is clearly one to watch this season at DSL.

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